30 Best Apple Watch Apps to Pair With Your Smart Watch

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If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably purchased an Apple Watch. From Apple Health to Spotify, there are just so many apps you can download. Thus, you’re probably thinking about which Apple Watch apps would be useful in your daily life. Well, worry not because we’ve got you covered. In this article, we list down not 10, not 20, but 30 of the best Apple Watch apps you must try out. 


1. 1Password

1Password, Apple Smart Watch app
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If you’re the type to worry about privacy, then 1Password is perfect for you. As its name suggests, it is a password manager. Password manager apps are scarce on any smart watch, so 1Password is a lifesaver. It lets you have separate passwords for different apps or one password for everything. 

This app has a trial period of one month, but after that, you’ll need to pay $3 a month. You can opt to get a family plan, which is a lot more worth it, costing only $5. If you’re skeptical about getting this app, then perhaps give it a shot for a month.

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2. AutoSleep

AutoSleep smartwatch, Apple Smart Watch app
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AutoSleep is an app you can download to track how well you sleep. Once you download it, you don’t even need to activate it. All you need to do is keep your watch on when you sleep, and it’ll automatically turn on and track your sleep. 

When you wake up, you’ll get a report on your sleep. This report will contain information on how long you’ve slept and the quality of your sleep. It shows you your average resting heart rate as well. 

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3. Apple Pay

apple pay, Apple Smart Watch app
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Don’t have cash on you? Want to pay online without using your phone? Apple Pay does this perfectly and is the best banking app for your Apple Watch. All you need to do is set it up with your iPhone and you’ll be able to pay using only your watch. 

Using Apple Pay is simple. You simply need to press the side button twice and hold your watch near a contactless reader. You’ll hold it there until you feel a soft tap, which shouldn’t take long at all. With Apple Pay, contactless payments have never been easier.

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4. Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather, Apple Smart Watch app
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Carrot Weather is a weather app that tracks the weather wherever you go. Unlike other Apple Watch apps that forecast the weather, Carrot Weather has a lot of personalities. For instance, it’ll give you a snarky remark whenever it’s raining. Everything about it is unique and quirky.

Like any good weather app, Carrot Weather tracks the chances of rain. It will also give you a timeline of when during the day that it’s most likely to rain. You can also opt to purchase more addons, allowing you to further personalize the app to your liking.

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5. Citymapper

Citymapper, Apple Smart Watch app
Photo by Citymapper

Citymapper only supports a few cities, but if you live in one of them, it’s a good app. It’s one of the best apps to help you get around the town. It quite literally tracks you as you take a train or walk from street to street. Citymapper tracks you in real-time with little to no delays and even tells you where to go next.

The best thing about Citymapper is the fact that it can even track the estimated time of arrivals of buses and trains. It’ll tell you how long it might take to get to your destination and informs you of exactly how to get there. 

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6. Currency

Currency, Apple Smart Watch app
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Do you hate going to Google just to look up foreign exchange rates? Well, worry not because you can download Currency, and it’ll do just that. You can find out foreign exchange rates just by looking at your Apple Watch.

Currency is extremely useful and every currency with available information will be displayed on your screen. You can easily tap a currency and find out how much it’s worth in other currencies. It has a minimalistic design perfect for functionality, and best of all, it’s free.

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7. ETA

ETA apple watch apps
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If you need to navigate a city, then use Citymapper. But, in case you already know where you’re going, then ETA might just be for you. This app tells you how long it might take for you to get to your destination. It also tells you how much traffic there will be on your way there. 

ETA is incredibly useful. It’ll even tell you if there’s anything that might delay you. Additionally, you can also see how long it’ll take you to get home. ETA will also tell you how long it’ll take you to get to your destination via walking, by car, or by train.

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8. Headspace

headspace apple watch app
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When you buy an Apple Watch, you probably have an active lifestyle. But, if you want a break from this lifestyle, then Headspace is for you. Headspace is the perfect app if you want something to take your mind off things. 

It offers you activities like breathing exercises. These activities can help boost productivity and can overall help you sleep better. Should you need to take a breather, then Headspace is the perfect app for you.

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9. iTranslate

iTranslate apple watch apps
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iTranslate is essential if you’re into traveling. Whenever someone speaks a foreign language in front of you, iTranslate will automatically translate it for you. It makes communicating in other countries a lot easier.

There are numerous languages available on this app. And although it doesn’t work for everything, it’ll at least help. So, if you have an Apple Watch and are in a foreign country with a different language, then keep this app in mind. After all, it’s completely free.

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10. Lose It

Lose It apple watch apps
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Lose It is a calorie counter good for anyone looking to lose weight. It’s one of the premier Apple Watch apps for fitness. It will track the food you intake as well as the exercise you do.

With this app, you’ll be able to log the food you eat and track the nutrients you get. You can sync your smartwatch with Lose It as well. On top of all this, you can learn your eating and exercise patterns too.

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11. Moodistory

Moodistory apple watch apps
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Moodistory is just like every other tracker out there. The difference is that Moodistory isn’t a fitness tracker or goal tracker — it tracks your moods. 

This mood tracking app will allow you to track how you feel every day so you can figure out your mood patterns. It’s great for people with strong emotions and mental health problems. You can compile the information from this app and show it to your counselor if you have one.

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12. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal apple watch apps
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MyFitnessPal is one of those Apple Watch apps that go above and beyond. Not only is it a fitness tracker, it even gives exercises for you to perform. It also lets you keep track of all the weight you lose.

On the Apple Watch, MyFitnessPall will give you a daily calorie allowance based on how many calories you want to lose. It’ll give you a recommended calorie intake and track what to do in order to lose weight. It’s the perfect app for staying in shape. 

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13. Night Sky

Night Sky apple watch apps
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Available on both the iPhone and iPad, Night Sky gives you a beautiful view of constellations and planets. It allows you to identify stars and planets for you to build your own personal planetarium. On the Apple Watch, you can simply point your watch to the sky and it’ll find constellations and planets.

Night Sky offers you not only information on star systems, but even tells you if the time is good for stargazing. You also have the option of syncing up the app with your iPhone and Mac. Night Sky is also free but has some in-app purchases.

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14. Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club apple watch apps
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Nike Run Club is one of the best running apps out there. It helps you track all your running exercises. It will track your pace as well as how long you’ve been running, and even the number of miles you’ve run so far. Additionally, it keeps a record of all your past runs and uses this information to give you suggestions.

On top of all this, Nike Run Club even gives you the option of listening to audio guides as you run. It even offers you challenges to keep you motivated. If that’s not enough, you can share your progress with friends as well. 

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15. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club, Apple Smart Watch app
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Nike Training Club is much like Nike Run Club in terms of tracking the things you do. However, instead of running exercises, it functions as a workout app. It will recommend a good workout to do based on your physique. Nike Training Club also tracks your heart rate and calories lost during the workout.

You can plan your workout on your phone, and then track your workout on your watch. Nike Training Club is among the top when it comes to Apple Watch apps for working out. All of the workouts on this app are also readily available and aren’t locked behind paywalls.

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16. PB Lost Phone Alert

PB Lost Phone Alert apple watch apps
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Some people just can’t live without their phones. If you’re the type to worry about wherever your phone is, then fear not. PB Lost Phone Alert will track your phone and tell you when your phone is lost.

This app will track your phone but cannot track it all the time. Since it cannot track your phone all the time, it will instead tell you when your phone is out of its tracking range. It will also tell you if your phone alerts are enabled. You can even play a ringtone from this app so you can find your lost iPhone quickly.

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17. Peloton

Peloton apple watch apps
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Peloton is a fitness app like any other that will assist you in staying fit. It’s a fitness app perfect for running and yoga. Like Nike Run Club, it will give you the distance you’ve covered as well as your heart rate. 

It will also give you a collection of workouts to do and show you how much time you’ve spent working out. Moreover, this app will track your heart rate and other different stats as well. If you want, you can even use it in tandem with Apple Health to track all your stats.

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18. RocketBody

RocketBody apple watch apps
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This app is just like any other fitness tracker out there. It tracks heart rate, the duration of your workout, and counts your calorie loss. But, what’s different about RocketBody is the fact that it even predicts when you’re most likely to recover from a workout. 

RocketBody’s watch app is incredibly simple and you can use it on your phone in tandem. However, if you want to unlock all of its features, you’ll have to buy them all. Other than that, RocketBody is a solid option for anyone who is taking their health seriously. 

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19. Slopes

Slopes apple watch apps
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Slopes is quite a unique tracker. It’s a tracker for snowboarding and skiing which can track speed and distance. While you’re snowboarding, it’ll track all your progress and send all the data to your phone so you can analyze them later.

You also have the option of integrating Slopes with Apple Health for better tracking. It’s free to download on your Apple Watch, but you do have the option of a premium subscription for more features. 

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20. Spotify

Spotify apple watch apps
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When it comes to music, you just can’t beat Spotify. It is at the apex of all music apps, whether it be on your computer or on your phone. And now, you can listen to your Spotify playlists on your watch. It has quickly become one of the most distinguished Apple Watch apps since its release on smartwatches.

Spotify’s watch version is an excellent app as an add-on to the iPhone app. You can freely control the music you listen to on your watch and listen to podcasts when you run. It’s perfect for anyone, really.

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21. Start With Yoga

Start With Yoga, Apple Smart Watch app
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At $3, Start With Yoga is an app that helps you get into doing yoga. However, the main problem with most yoga apps is that they require you to use your phone at the same time. Start With Yoga fixes this problem since it only needs you to use your watch.

You can use the app on the iPhone to start off your routines, and then your watch will do all the tracking. The best part about this app is that you can customize the routines you want to do and how long you want to do them.

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22. StepDog

StepDog apple watch apps
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StepDog is by far one of the most unique entries on this list. It’s a cute app with has animals on your screen that encourages you to exercise. It tracks the number of steps you have taken, as well as how long you’ve been exercising.

StepDog is like the modern-day Tamagotchi pet, except the more you exercise the happier it gets. When you accomplish something, the pet is happy for you, and when you’re having trouble, it’ll encourage you. 

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23. Strava

Strava apple watch apps
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Strava is one of many Apple Watch apps that are good at encouraging you to work out. It’s a running app that can track whether you’re running outdoors or indoors. But, it doesn’t end there because Strava is quite a flexible app.

The Strava app has been hailed as one of the top apps for runners, swimmers, and cyclists around the globe. By using it, you can share your progress and potentially even get advice from professionals. It’s free but does come with in-app purchases.

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24. Streaks

Streaks apple watch apps
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Streaks is a tracking app unlike any other. Its primary function is for you to become more productive overall. If you want to read books, pay more attention to your dog, or eat more vegetables, this app is for you. 

Streaks can be a life-changer if you follow through with your goals. With Streaks, you can remind yourself to study more regularly, break your smoking habits, and brush your teeth. At $5, it’s an app completely worth it if you want to change your lifestyle into a more productive one.

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25. Swing Tennis Tracker

Swing Tennis Tracker, Apple Smart Watch app
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Swing Tennis Tracker the ultimate progress tracker for all of your tennis needs. It will show you how many shots you’ve taken, what kind of serves you’ve done, and how fast your average hits are. There are even match stats like first and second serves won.

This app also gives you progress reports for you to stay motivated in playing tennis. It’s likely the best app for people who are serious about tennis. 

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26. Things

Things apple watch apps
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Things is a compact and easy to use to-do list app on your Apple Watch. The words on it are clear, the design is simple, and it’s incredibly useful. To use it, you just need to input the things you want to do on the app on your iPhone and sync it to your watch.

Things is the perfect app to make daily reminders. However, it does come at quite a hefty price. Coming in at $10, it’s quite expensive for an Apple Watch app. Nonetheless, it’s completely worth it if you have an active and busy lifestyle. 

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27. Tiny Armies

Tiny Armies apple watch apps
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The Apple Watch has a pretty small screen. This is precisely why there aren’t a lot of games on it. But, Tiny Armies solves this problem, as it’s an excellent strategy game where all you need to do is swipe the screen. 

If you want to kill time and are tired of holding your phone in your hand, Tiny Armies is just for you. It’s a deceptively simple strategy game but is also quite difficult. It’s the perfect game to play if you’re waiting in line or are waiting for someone.

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28. Uber

Uber, Apple Smart Watch app
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Yes, you can now call an Uber from the comforts of your Apple Watch. No longer will you have to pull your phone out to call an Uber. Uber on your smartwatch is really easy to use and it’s really convenient too.

There are some problems with Uber on the Apple Watch, though. For instance, you can’t view how long it might take your driver to get to you. Despite this, the Uber app is still great for the Apple Watch.

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29. Walkmeter

Walkmeter, Apple Smart Watch app
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If you walk frequently, then Walkmeter is for you. This app was designed for one simple purpose — to track your walking. It’s easy to understand and just as easy to use. Walkmeter allows you to start and stop a walk whenever you want to. It does have a pro version which requires you to pay $10.

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30. WebMD

WebMD, Apple Smart Watch app
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WebMD is perhaps one of, if not the most, useful app on this list. It allows you to make detailed schedules to take your medications. It even reminds you to take them and details whether or not there are side effects to the medicine. WebMD also tells you if you need to take your medicine with some food.

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Take Your Pick

Apple Watch apps are incredibly useful. Some function as fitness trackers, others are to-do lists, while some are just for fun. Nevertheless, having some of the apps we’ve listed will surely spice up your Apple Watch experience. Now that we’ve shown you all the apps you should use, all that’s left now is for you to download and explore them.