Top 20 Shoot ‘Em Ups For Mobile You Should Be Playing Now

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There are several reasons why Shoot ‘Em Ups for mobile are currently among the most popular games that many gamers prefer to play. Firstly, shoot ‘em ups come with gameplay which is easy-to-play yet very exciting. Secondly, playing shoot ‘em ups in mobile devices allow the players to experience the same amount of fun and excitement that the PC versions of these games provide. Third, shoot ‘em ups for mobile are designed to be taken on the go.

Thus, this can be played while traveling. Finally, those who are interested in playing shoot ‘em ups for mobile have a long list of game options to chose from and the top 20 of these are the following.


Top 20 Shoot ‘Em Ups For Mobile

1. Sky Force 2014

Sky Force 2014
Photo on App Store

Sky Force 2014 is currently one of the popular shmups for mobile enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. The original and the succeeding versions of the game make use of the vertically shooting platform. Also, these shoot ‘em ups series were developed by Infinite Dreams Inc., a Polish game developer. 

The 2014 installment to the Sky Force marked the release of the game versions that are compatible with the Android and iOS devices. Additionally, the 2014 variant comes with the polygonal 3D graphics that replaced the 2D graphics used in the first two titles. Sky Force 2014 is among the free-to-play shoot ‘em ups that are presently available for download.


2. Tyrian 2000

Tyrian 2000
Photo on GOG

Tyrian 2000 is one of the latest versions of the shoot ‘em ups games created by Eclipse Software. The 2000 version, along with its other shoot ‘em ups siblings make use of the scrolling shooter and arcade-style platform. The game allows the players to control a space ship that is armed with a range of weapons and other battle equipment. The rule of the game involves battling a variety of enemies (which includes those that are flying, the fixed ones as well as those that are on rails) and bosses. The battles included in the game makes the players feel entertained since these come with fixed and indestructible obstacles.

Compared to the other shoot ‘em ups bearing the same title, Tyrian 2000 features additional space ships and these are the likes of Phoenix II, Red Dragon, Storm, and Pretzel Pete Truck. Also, the game is available for download by Android and iOS users for free.


3. Thunder Legend X

Thunder Legend X is one of the favorite shmups by millions of mobile gamers across the globe. Many gamers prefer this over the other shoot ‘em ups since its gameplay is pretty straight forward yet very challenging. The game comes with a range of space ships that are loaded with multiple features, tons of challenging enemies and several alien worlds to conquer. Also, this game is praised for its realistic explosions, dog fights, and cross-fire. Finally, Thunder Legend X is offered for Android devices and can be downloaded for free.


4. Raiden Legacy

Raiden Legacy
Photo by Apple App Video on YouTube

Raiden Legacy is a series of challenging yet exciting shoot ‘em ups. The series is composed namely of the shoot ‘em ups dubbed as Raiden, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2 and the latest Raiden Fighters Jet. In this game, the player is allowed to play the role of a brave pilot that makes use of the Raiden Supersonic Attack Fighter to battle the enemies. Each title included in the series comes with three modes which includes the Arcade, Mission and Training modes. The game can be downloaded in exchange for a one-time fee and works in iOS and Android devices.


5. Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity
Photo by GetJar

Escape Velocity is among the famous shoot ‘em ups that makes use of the single-player role-playing space trading platform. The game is part of the shmups video game series that was first introduced by Ambrosia Software in 1996. The gameplay of the game is in space, and the player assumes the role of flying a ship using the third-person overhead perspective.  When playing, the player is allowed to engage in combat and trade. The player is also allowed to navigate and explore hundreds of star systems that are interconnected to each other. The game can now be downloaded for free by Android and iOS users.


6. Danmaku Unlimited 2

Danmaku Unlimited 2
Photo by Pocket Gamer

Danmaku Unlimited 2 is a worthy member of the top shoot ‘em ups for mobile for 2019. Many shoot ‘em ups enthusiasts liked this game since it is challenging yet fair. The gameplay is very exciting yet requires focus. It is played in a typical bullet hell fashion. Not only that, the game boasts of its fantastic backgrounds and graphics. The players are also allowed to compete with other players to obtain higher scores. The game is presently offered in iOS and Android versions. This can be downloaded in exchange for a minimal fee.


7. Super Crossfighter

Super Crossfighter is among the most entertaining as well as challenging shoot ‘em ups currently offered for download on Android and iOS devices. Just like most shmups, Super Crossfighter features an old-school arcade shooting setup combined with energetic music and dazzling graphics. The game is guaranteed to make every player have fun while playing. Thanks to its available ship upgrades, 19 achievements and tons of bonuses. Also, the game is currently offered as a paid app.


8. Glorkian Warrior

Glorkian Warrior
Photo by Boing Boing

Glorkian Warrior is one of the shmups that make use of a unique combination of simple platforming action and Galaga-style shoot em up. Like the other shoot ‘em ups in its genre, Glokian Warrior allows the player to help a warrior in the game in defending its domain against alien invaders. To do this, it is expected that the player will be exposed to tons of shooting campaigns. As of the present, the game is available in versions that are compatible with iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded after the payment of a minimal fee.


9. Plasma Sky

Plasma Sky
Photo by App Advice

Plasma Sky is one of the most downloaded shoot ‘em ups that mobile gamers love to play. Just like the other shoot ‘em ups that belong to the same genre, Plasma Sky is regarded as a fast-paced space shoot-em-up. It is offered in iOS and Android versions and can be downloaded for free. Lastly, the game also features 100 levels, multiple game modes and lots of power-ups.


10. Steredenn

Photo on Steam

Out of the hundreds or probably thousands of shmups that are available for download, Steredenn is probably among the most liked. This is because the game comes with exciting gameplay that makes it very entertaining. Unlike the other shoot ‘em ups, Steredenn does not easily bore its players. Instead, the twists and challenges included in the game make it a very likable application for most shoot ‘em up enthusiasts. Steredenn can now be downloaded on iOS and Android devices in exchange for an affordable fee.


11. Neon Chrome

Neon Chrome
Photo by TouchArcade

Neon Chrome is an interesting twin-stick shooter video game. Unlike the other shoot ‘em ups, this game comes with a cyber-punk theme and has very simple gameplay. To play the game, the player is required to control remote-controlled human clones. The game’s primary goal is to guide the clones to eliminate the so-called Overseer and prevent him from inflicting harm to the population. Neon Chrome is available in versions that work for iOS and Android. Also, this can be downloaded after the payment of a 1-time fee.


12. Super Hydorah

Super Hydorah
Photo by Abylight

Super Hydorah is one of the shoot ‘em ups that were released and then perfected after a few years by its developer. The game is classified to be among the side-scrolling shoot ’em ups. It was first developed by Locomalito and was released as freeware in 2010. The game eventually gained a commercial release, and this happened in 2017. Super Hydorah has simple gameplay. It is centered on Delta Lance, a popular space fighter with a pilot who is tasked to fight and defeat the Meroptian alien race as well as saving humanity. The game is presently offered in versions that are compatible with Android and iOS devices.


13. AirAttack 2

AirAttack 2
Photo by TouchArcade

Air Attack 2 is one of the modern shoot ‘em ups that were offered to the gaming public for download. Just like the other similarly-themed shoot ‘em ups, Air Attack 2 is played from the top-down perspective and makes use of a three-dimensional environment. When playing, the players are given a chance to select and use one of the three planes, that respectively resembles the F4U Corsair, P-40 Tigershark and the P-38 Lightning. The game revolves around the player’s quest to finish the available level and remain alive throughout the game. Air Attack 2 is available on versions that are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Also, this game can be downloaded for free.


14. Stellar Wars

Stellar Wars
Photo by Polygon

Stellar Wars is among the modern shoot ‘em ups games that are now available for download by iOS and Android users. This is one of the shoot ‘em ups that are loaded with a lot of exciting features. First, it allows the player to fly a space ship that is equipped with weapons that can be modified to be able to battle a massive alien fleet. Second, the game enables the player to build their robots and the 20 available custom upgrades. Third, the game offers the opportunity for players to test their skills. As of the present, Stellar wars can be downloaded in exchange for a minimal fee.


15. Operation Dracula

Operation Dracula
Photo by Pocket Gamer

Operation Dracula is among the shoot ‘em ups that make use of the arcade shooter platform. To play this game, the player is allowed to use one of the characters and control the spaceship to shoot enemies. Shooting the enemies also allows the players to get some items that will help improve their health, get power-ups to boost the spaceship’s performance and get a high score. Just like most shoot ‘em ups, Operation Dracula can be downloaded by iOS and Android users in exchange for an affordable fee.


16. Phoenix II

Phoenix II is regarded as one of the shoot ‘em ups that come with jaw-dropping graphics. The new installment to the Phoenix  series features more than 70 different ships for the player to collect, upgrade and use for daily missions. Also, the second installment is designed to allow players to share and compare their scores with other users via the game’s leaderboards. Finally, Phoenix II is presently offered for download by iOS and Android users for free.


17. Inferno 2

Inferno 2 is among the paid shoot ‘em ups that are offered with the twin-stick adventure-shooter platform. This game is the second installment developed by Radiangames. Many games liked Inferno 2 since it comes with 80 plus atmospheric levels with varying levels of difficulty. Also, this features a new game mode, a lot of enemy types and customizable gamepad. The game is offered in versions that are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Also, this can be downloaded after the payment of a few dollars.


18. Bullet Hell Monday

Bullet Hell Monday
Photo by Pocket Gamer

Bullet Hell Monday is one of the shoot ‘em ups released by Masayuki Ito. Just like similarly-formatted games, Bullet Hell Monday offers a lot of excitement and challenging levels that mobile gamers will surely enjoy. Also, the game comes with a range of new and exciting features. This is available for download by iOS and Android users. Also, the game is offered for download free of charge.


19. Downwell

Photo by Downwell

Downwell is one of the few shoot ‘em ups that make use of the roguelike and vertically-scrolling shooter platform. Just like most, Downwell is designed for use by players who are on the go. The game is centered on a man who got involved in a shooting duel with monster enemies. Also, Downwell features three simple controls that include moving from left to right and jump while the character is on a solid surface. The game is available in versions that work with Android and iOS devices. Also, this game is offered as a paid app.


20. Kick Ass Commandos

Kick Ass Commandos
Photo by Pocket Gamer

Kick Ass Commandos is considered as one of the shoot ‘em ups that come with an old school theme. The game allows the players who prefer shoot ‘em ups over the other game types to play as commandos and fight tons of enemies. Moreover, the game offers a lot of explosives and weapons that most trigger-happy players love. Also, it comes with lots of weapon options and 4 difficulty settings. Also, Kick Ass Commandos works with Android and iOS devices and offered as a paid download.


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