Top 20 Poker Games For Mobile

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Before the advent of mobile technology and the internet, people went to casinos to play their favorite betting games. Today, we can experience the fun and enjoyment of online casino games anywhere and anytime. Online casino games like poker can be played using laptops and desktops, but mobile apps have emerged as well.

Playing casino games on our smartphones have proven to be exponentially enjoyable and leisurely. All you need is your phone and an internet connection. You can play it at home, while waiting at the airport, at a coffee shop – basically anywhere. And if you play well enough, you can win prizes and challenge different players from across the world.

Best Poker Games For Mobile
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Ready to put your poker face on? Here are the top 20 poker games for both Android and iOS.


Top 20 Poker Games For Mobile


1. Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker
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Dubbed as the best poker app, Zynga Poker offers a real table experience with its brilliant graphics and simple interface. It has tons of features that will excite the poker player in you: World Poker Tour, VIP programs, various poker games, poker leagues, and the classic Texas Hold ‘Em. It offers a social experience as well so you can meet and interact with fellow players from all over the world.

Download the authentic Zynga Poker app developed by Zynga. Players must be 21 years of age and above to play.


Free for Android and iOS


2. Poker Arena

Poker Arena
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If you’re new to Texas hold ‘em, don’t worry. Poker Arena is the best Texas hold ‘em app for both beginners and pros alike. You can polish your poker skills and play with thousands of players every day. If you’re not confident with your skills yet, there’s a single player and a training mode available offline. And when you’re ready to compete, you can join in the Weekly Texas Hold ‘Em Tournaments.

This app is developed by MY.COM and can be played online and offline.


Free for Android and iOS


3. PokerStars

Poker Stars
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Want to enjoy other poker variations aside from the classics? PokerStars features plenty of innovative poker games for you to enjoy. This is one of the best poker apps iPhone and iPads have. New games such as Spin and Go, Power Up, Showtime Holdem, Knockout Poker, and Zoom will make you enjoy poker in a different way. You can also win challenges, top the leaderboards, and play simultaneously on your phone or tablet.

Players must be at least 18 years of age to play with PokerStars. This app is developed by Stars Mobile Limited.


Free for Android and iOS


4. Live Holdem Pro Poker

Live Holdem Pro Poker
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Get that Las Vegas casino feeling while playing with Live Holdem Pro Poker. Its attractive and easy-to-use interface will give you hours of enjoyment. You can play Texas Holdem cash games, poker tournaments, and jackpot lottery draws with this free poker app. Best of all, it has 50 million poker players per month so there will always be tournaments up ahead.

Developed by Scientific Games Interactive (IL), Live Holdem Pro Poker can only be played by those 21+ years of age.


Free for Android and iOS


5. Poker Heat

Poker Heat
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If an intense game of poker is what you’re looking for, then you should download Poker Heat. This mobile app has league-based competitions which truly test your poker strategy. You can start playing at the Newbie Court, progress into the Promotion Zone, and compete in 10 leagues to win huge prizes. There are nine different stadiums to play in to get your competitive juices flowing.

This poker app Android and iOS has is developed by Playtika. Players must be at least 21 years of age to use this.


Free for Android and iOS


6. Governor of Poker 3

Governor of Poker 3
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No internet connection? No problem! Governor of Poker 3 is one of the best offline Texas holdem poker apps out there. It’s also a great mobile app to start learning poker in. There are 7 different Texas hold ‘em games, as well as multi-table modes. Invite your friends to play with you or play live with other users from around the world.

Download this poker app by Youda Games Holding BV and start becoming a poker master now!


Free for Android and iOS


7. Poker Championship

Travel around the world’s best poker cities to play in – all in the comforts of your mobile phone. Poker Championship lets you play in tournaments in Moscow, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, London, New York and more. Plus, they don’t offer a chat feature, which “won’t put you in a bad mood” according to the developers.

Despite being free, there are no pop-up ads in this game. It can also be enjoyed offline as well.


Free for Android and iOS


8. Wild Poker

Wild Poker
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One of the best-rated mobile poker games, Wild Poker puts a twist in the classic hold ‘em poker games. You’ll be playing in animal avatars, such as lions, deer, owls, chimpanzees, sharks, and dogs. You can create your own team of animal power-ups and become a master of tables. If you want a fun variation to Texas hold ‘em poker, Wild Poker is perfect for you.

Wild Poker is developed by Playtrex and can only by used by players 21 years old and up.


Free for Android and iOS


9. WSOP Poker

WSOP Poker
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WSOP stands for World Series of Poker, one of the most-played mobile poker app. Aside from gracing the leaderboards or winning a trophy, you can collect the most prestigious prize in Texas hold ‘em and Omaha poker: the WSOP bracelets. You can also earn additional chips when you connect your account to Facebook.

WSOP Poker also features mini slot games while you wait in between poker tournaments. This mobile poker app is developed by Playtika.


Free for Android and iOS


10. Poker Online

Win international tournaments and play against poker pros worldwide with Poker Online. You can choose to take part in the Singapore Carnival, French Joust, English Tourney, or American Series. It also features the original graphic style of Texas hold ‘em and it’s easy to use as well. It’s one of the best-rated poker app Android and iOS has.

Poker Online is developed by T-Bull and is intended for use by players aged 21 and up.


Free for Android and iOS


11. Poker Offline

Poker Offline
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Learn how to play poker without the pressure of competing in tournaments yet with Poker Offline. Master the poker rules and polish your skills without the use of internet. And if you’re ready to play the real deal, you can choose their VIP poker rooms for an authentic poker experience. The smooth animations and graphics also make it worth the extra megabytes on your phone.

This app is developed by Red Rocket Games and available for users 21 years old and up only.


Free for Android and iOS


12. Poker Omaha

Poker Omaha
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Done with Texas hold ‘em? Poker Omaha is the natural next step for every poker player. It’s the best poker game for iPhone and Android to play with once you become a poker pro. Poker Omaha offers a welcome bonus, free chips every day, various tournaments, and 4 available tables to play in.

Make sure to download this mobile poker game developed by GameDesire.


Free for Android and iOS


13. Celeb Poker

Celeb Poker
Photo by Celeb Poker

Rub elbows with famous celebrities in Celeb Poker. It’s like playing with popular movie starts and showbiz icons with this mobile poker app. It features the usual games that classic poker apps have: Sit-n-Go, multi table tournaments, and promo tournaments. The hand strength meter also helps you “leave the math behind and concentrate on the game itself.”

This app is developed by WizPlayOS Cyprus Limited and can only be played by users aged 21 and above.


Free for Android and iOS


14. TX Poker

TX Poker
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One of the best free poker apps for iPhone and Android, TX Poker is perfect for those who love a simple poker app. It features the classic Texas Hold ‘Em, Sit-n-Go tournaments, Jackpot Slot, Dash Poker, Casino Buddies, and Stars Journey. It’s also fairly easy to earn free chips and rewards. There are thousands of players that you can compete with every day, so you’ll be a poker pro in no time.

Download this game by Murka Games Limited now, but make sure that you’re 21 years old and above.


Free for Android and iOS


15. World Poker Club

World Poker Club
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One of the best poker apps to play Texas hold ‘em is Poker Games: World Poker Club. Developed by Crazy Panda Mobile, you can play with your friends and compete in their Weekly Club Tournament. You can complete themed collections in different casino rooms and exchange them for game currency.

It also offers Omaha poker games, Sit-n-Go tournaments, player ratings, and plenty of bonuses. The app features a stylish interface and has touch-based gestures for controlling the game.


Free for Android and iOS


16. PokerUp

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A poker game and a social app rolled into one? Sounds cool! PokerUp is the only mobile poker app that lets you play with your phone contacts. You can chat with each other before, during, and after the game. It’s also extremely simple to use, so you won’t have to worry about complicated interfaces. Left-handed? No problem! Play using the left-handed mode with ease and comfort.

Developed by UpGames Limited, this app is intended for adult use only (21 years old and up). 


Free for Android and iOS


17. Poker Extra

Poker Extra
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Want to practice become a real professional poker player? Poker Extra will help you make your poker dreams become a reality. This free, easy to use Texas hold ‘em poker app lets you play with friends, connect to Facebook, join online tournaments, and experience official cash games. Start as a rookie, finish as a pro with Poker Extra.

This mobile poker app is developed by Digitoy games. Practice success at mobile poker apps does not imply future success in real gambling.


Free for Android and iOS


18. PPPoker

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Made by poker lovers for poker lovers, PPPoker is a professional-looking poker app for everybody. Whether you’re just a casual player or a poker master, PPPoker will give you a deluxe poker experience. You can choose between a small home game or with a big group. PPPoker has thousands of players that you can challenge to poker games every day.

This mobile poker app is developed by PPPoker and should be played by adults aged 21 and up only.


Free for Android and iOS


19. Jackpot Poker by PokerStars

Jackpot Poker by PokerStars
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If you want a non-stop casino action, Jackpot Poker will keep you entertained for hours on end. Their fast-paced 3-player poker games gives way to new players every few seconds. You can win endless chips if you play well, as well as regular chip bonuses every 4 hours of your game. There are even poker riddles and questions you can answer to earn more free chips!

This game is developed by Stars Mobile Limited. Players must be 21 years old and up to use this app.


Free for Android and iOS


20. Turn Poker

Turn Poker
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A free Texas hold ‘em poker app, Turn Poker doesn’t offer much glitz and glamour when it comes to features. It’s the perfect starter app for beginners who are looking to improve their poker skills. With simple graphics and animations, Turn Poker is great for an afternoon of quiet poker time with friends.

This mobile poker app is developed by Turn Games and intended for players aged 21 and up.


Free for Android and iOS