13 Best Apps for Sending Anonymous Message or Text

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Have you ever wanted to talk to someone without disclosing your identity? Perhaps you want to probe about a sensitive topic or simply ask them if they have a crush on you. Regardless of the reason, sending an anonymous message is possible. You’ll only need to know what reliable services you can use. We’re here to help with that.

There are some messaging apps that can be used to send an anonymous message
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In this article, you’ll see the 13 best anonymous messaging apps and websites and how to use them.

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Inside This Article

  1. What Are Anonymous Message Services?
  2. Best Apps and Websites for Sending an Anonymous Message
    1. Freetone
    2. Hushed
    3. NGL
    4. Second Phone Number
    5. Signal Private Messenger
    6. Text Me
    7. Whisper
    8. Yolo
    9. Seasms.com
    10. SendAnonymousSMS
    11. SMSTI.in
    12. Text’em
    13. TextForFree
  3. How to Send an Anonymous Message on Facebook


What Are Anonymous Message Services?

But first, here’s a quick primer about anonymous message services. Anonymous message services are exactly as their name implies. These services, whether in the form of an app or website, allow you to send messages discreetly. They do not reveal your personal data — whether it’s your phone number or social media handle.

These apps differ from secret messaging apps that allow you to exchange messages with more privacy. That is because, unlike the latter, anonymous message services keep your very identity private. However, they do not necessarily provide encryption or cover your tracks to prevent others from viewing messages you send.

Instead, they act more like number spoofing services that disguise the message source. However, these anonymous message services aren’t limited to masking your phone number. Some can even allow you to send texts anonymously through social media apps.


Best Apps and Websites for Sending an Anonymous Message

Now, here are the top options to use for messaging someone anonymously. We’ll get to the apps first and then to the websites.

1. FreeTone

Photo from TextMe, Inc. on App Store

Are you eager to exchange anonymous text messages with someone? One of the most foolproof methods for this is FreeTone.

With this app, you can access a phone number that has all the regular capabilities of a legitimate number. You can even use voicemail features like you would on a regular device. FreeTone also lets you send MMS messages.

In addition, as the name implies, FreeTone’s services are completely free. You don’t have to purchase credits for calls or texts through various means. Moreover, what’s great about the app is that it doesn’t insist on getting your private information. That will keep the recipient from tracking you down through the servers.

On the other hand, FreeTone does have a catch; you must sign in using a different account. You can choose from either Facebook, Google, or a separate email address. Moreover, the app’s capabilities are limited to the US and Canada.

Nonetheless, it’s a decent app if you want to exchange free text messages without being traced. It even has bonus features, letting you create group chats or conduct high-quality video chats. Above all, you may use FreeTone on iOS and Android without qualms.

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2. Hushed

Hushed is a free mobile app on iOS and Android that can send any anonymous message. It offers you an extra number (US, UK, or Canada) that you may use for almost anything. You can call or send texts according to your preferences in more than 300 area codes.

With the app, you can do everything from pulling a harmless prank to using messaging for mobile marketing. You can even use it as a substitute number on online dating platforms to keep your real number private.

On the other hand, the app does have one big drawback: you have to pay to use it. However, it does have a three-day free trial you can avail of to test the waters or use during an emergency. The app also doesn’t request personal data upon signing up. Hence, you don’t need to worry about verifications or potential privacy breaches. Moreover, the app allows you to obtain more than one number at a time — convenient for different use cases.

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3. NGL


Are you looking for an app that can facilitate anonymous Instagram messages? In this case, we suggest looking into NGL on iOS and Android. With the app, you can broadcast a public link to your Instagram stories. People who access the link you send can then send you all kinds of messages.

As such, you can conduct Q&As, ask people what they think of you, or even get compliments. It’s a way to have some fun on social media. However, note that its use case isn’t exactly practical. Moreover, you can’t send messages to anyone else using the app unless they post their own link.

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4. Second Phone Number

Second Phone Number
Photo from MyPhoneRobot on Google Play Store

If you need a spare number to send texts and make calls, check out Second Phone Number. It’s an Android app that provides you with another phone number.

Through the new number, you can do almost anything you want as you would on a regular number. You may conduct calls without limits (in the US and Canada) and send texts, photos, videos, or even audio files. In addition, you can even start group chats, answer voicemail, or have video conversations. You can also receive replies from your recipients to continue the conversation.

However, the caveat is that you must purchase a phone number to continue using the app. Second Phone Number does offer a free trial with a free number. However, after the period expires, you’ll need to spend to continue enjoying its benefits.

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5. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger
Photo from Signal Foundation on Google Play Store

You might know Signal Private Messenger as one of the most secure Android and iOS messaging apps. It can replace most modern chat apps, including Messenger and Telegram. The highlight of the app is how much weight it places on privacy and security through end-to-end encryption.

On the other hand, one feature that isn’t always highlighted within the app’s promotions is its anonymous messaging capability. That’s right! With Signal, you can chat with people safely and send anonymous messages, too.

You can do so by hiding your caller ID, a feature built into Signal. However, those you text anonymously will need to have allowed the receipt of anonymous messages. Otherwise, you can’t send an anonymous message to that person.

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6. Text Me

Text Me - Anonymous message app
Photo from TextMe, Inc. on App Store

If you’re curious about how to send an anonymous text message from an iPhone or Android device, Text Me is another good choice. That is because it’s a free app that allows you to send an anonymous message without worrying about credits or bills.

With Text Me, you can contact anyone within the US or Canada without many limitations. Whether you want to contact several people simultaneously or get an extra phone number, it’ll serve you well. It also doesn’t require the recipient to download the app to send a reply.

Overall, the app itself is fairly straightforward. The interface is user-friendly and includes advanced features. These include text translations, voicemail capabilities, an integrated messaging process, and even cloud support. The app also has group chat features that let you exchange images, conduct video chats, or send audio files.

However, the app’s international calling feature does have charges. Thankfully, those don’t cost much, so you can contact international numbers without breaking the bank.

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7. Whisper

Whisper app
Photo from MediaLab.AI, Inc – Whisper on Google Play Store

Like Signal, Whisper is more of a messaging and social app that connects you with contacts. Through it, you can conduct private, encrypted messages and even have secret conversations. Moreover, you can use it like a walkie-talkie through the “distant conversations” feature.

Whisper makes it to the list because it lets you send an anonymous message and incorporates features you might want in a messaging app. It even supports a social feature that allows you to mingle with people of similar interests through groups.

The app also lets you post videos, exchange photos, GIFs, and more. It’s like an all-in-one social media and messaging app. However, you can’t use it on a desktop or a browser.

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8. Yolo

Yolo - Anonymous message app for Snapchat
Photo by Sarah Bright on Google Play Store

If there’s NGL for Instagram, there’s Yolo for Snapchat. Yolo is a dedicated app you can use to let people send you anonymous messages. With it, you can essentially do what NGL does for Instagram.

To try the feature, you have to post a link on your Snapchat. Your friends can send you an anonymous message with it. Moreover, you can engage in conversation and reply to messages within the app.

However, like NGL, Yolo doesn’t allow you to send an anonymous message to anyone else. Your friends will need to post their own Yolo link on their profiles for you to do this. Moreover, they may be able to narrow down your identity based on who their Snapchat friends are.

Nonetheless, Yolo is a good choice if you like poking a bit of fun. However, note that some users report that the app has a few glitches. Moreover, Yolo contains ads that may be annoying for some users.

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9. Seasms.com

Screenshot from seasms.com

Are you looking for an anonymous message sender that is more accessible than a mobile app? If so, look into Seasms, a website made for that specific purpose. With it, you can know how to send an anonymous text message without needing to download a separate app.

What are its main perks? The first (and one of the biggest) is its international texting capabilities. With it, you can send messages to friends and family in foreign nations without worrying about hindrances.

In addition, the website’s services are free. You can even send an anonymous message to multiple numbers at once. Seasms also allows you to message dynamically and send different texts to various contacts.

If you’re messaging others for business purposes, you can even choose to display your firm’s name to be more friendly. However, the website may ask for official documentation to approve your Sender ID. Moreover, you’ll need to verify your identity with Facebook, so it’s not completely private.

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10. SendAnonymousSMS

SendAnonymousSMS - Anonymous message website
Screenshot from sendanonymoussms.com

SendAnonymousSMS is a website that lets you send an incognito message to anyone. Like many other choices, all you must do is include the recipient’s phone number and type in the message you want in the large blank field.

However, you will need to provide the website with a spoofed number to send an anonymous message. Thankfully, you don’t need to do this so carefully as you can fake it with any convincing number.

In addition, you can use the website’s simple user interface to send an anonymous email. The website’s services are also free, so you don’t need to link any payment method. However, note that if you conduct an illegal activity with it, the site will reveal your IP address.

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11. SMSTI.in

Screenshot from smsti.in

SMSTI is a decent option you can use to send an anonymous message to other users. Like many other alternatives, it masks your identity well and shows you the real-time progress of the delivery status.

Furthermore, it doesn’t require any kind of registration to use. You also don’t have to face advertisements while using the website. However, it does have quite a few limitations you’ll need to work with.

For example, the website only allows up to 160 characters in a message. That is great if you’re sending a prank or emergency anonymous message. However, it’s not ideal if you’re a business looking to market to clients. The website’s UI also isn’t exactly pleasing to the eye — nor is it optimized for mobile platforms.

In addition, you can only send a free anonymous message if you’re texting an Indian phone number. Other phone numbers don’t apply to the website. Nonetheless, if you’re contacting someone within India, it’s a good option.



12. Text’em

Screenshot from textem.net

The website Text’em is a great way to send an anonymous message if you want to prank someone. You only need to choose a carrier available within the United States to use it. Afterward, you can enter the recipient’s number and send a text message.

What’s great about Text’em is that you can send an unlimited number of messages without character limits. It’s also free, although there are ads on the website. The outdated UI is also a little disappointing, but it doesn’t get in the way enough to be annoying.

All in all, Text’em is a good service to use if you’re in a pinch. That is especially true because it has convenient features such as number blocking. However, keep in mind that you can only exchange texts with US recipients.

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13. TextForFree

Screenshot from textforfree.net

TextForFree is a decent website if you want to send a basic anonymous message to others within the US. That is because it’s free and assigns you a distinct cell number to help you fool others. This lets you mask your identity while contacting those you know.

Furthermore, the website doesn’t give away your number to third-party suppliers so you can be assured of your privacy. It can also send texts to any SMS provider. However, be mindful of the number you text because it can only message US numbers. Moreover, it can only give you a few US mobile numbers to use.

Apart from this, the website has various restrictions. One is the 140-character cap. Also, you can only send plain text messages with it — no MMS, photos, or videos allowed. Nonetheless, it serves its purpose well if you need something quick and reliable. It’s certainly good enough for pranks or emergency texts.

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How to Send an Anonymous Message on Facebook

Unfortunately, there is no specific app or website that is dedicated to letting you send an anonymous message on Facebook. However, there still is a way to accomplish this task if Facebook is the only place your contact resides: anonymous email.

If you’d like to try sending an anonymous email, refer to the guide below:

1. Create a spare, anonymous email account via Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or any other service.
2. Navigate to the recipient’s Facebook profile.
3. In the profile’s URL, copy the name after “facebook.com/” (this is usually your friend’s display name).
4. Use your anonymous email account to create a new message.
5. Paste your friend’s display name in the To field followed by “@facebook.com”
6. Add a subject to the email.
7. Compose your anonymous message.
8. Send the email to the recipient.


The Bottom Line

There are many ways you can send an anonymous message to other people. You can do so through various apps and websites, or employ different processes to get the job done. Most of the services are reliable and free to use. However, keep in mind that they might have some restrictions regarding character count or location. Nonetheless, they should be good enough to help you accomplish the task.