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Any video game aficionado would say hack and slash games bring brazen gameplay reminiscent of the primal style of classic video games. This genre is also one of the oldest in the gaming world, dominating alongside board and strategy games.

hack and slash games: dungeon hunter dungeon crawl
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If you ask what hack and slash games are, we might end up with more questions than answers. Questions like what games would fit in the definition and what games could fit in the category. But to give a general overview of what this genre often entails, one only has to look at the characteristics of the gameplay in each game that falls under its umbrella.


Common Gameplay in Hack and Slash Games

To put it simply, hack and slash games are adventure and action-filled video games, a genre that’s been around for a while now. The term “hack and slash” was used initially to describe gameplay usually employed by tabletop role-playing games before the term was used in other genres like multi-user dungeons (MUDs) and massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPGs). From hacking and slashing melee-based weapons against your enemies to causing a range of damages, these games are also hailed for the inevitable boss fight.

In a broader sense, hack and slash games feature characters that specialize in combats. They usually wield a range of close-combat weapons like swords and daggers, although you can also find guns to be quite a common option. Depending on the plot a game could employ, the common goal is to come out victorious against the advances of a common enemy.


Types of Hack and Slash Games


Let us explore some of the common genres that fall under this category to give you a better understanding of what games could fit as hack and slash at the least.


Role-Playing Games

Role-playing games or RPGs consist of real-time combat where the player has full control of the characters while maintaining focus on the character’s relative strengths and abilities. This usually follows a plot to make the game more engaging, with usual plots being fantasy, medieval England, and combats. And if it is not obvious yet, one can expect extreme thrill, adventure, and action out of these games.


Dungeon Crawler Games

Dungeon crawler games are distinguished by a hero who faces labyrinthine challenges and needs to slay enemies along the way. This game, unlike role-playing games, does not always follow a plot. But it does go with the need to accomplish a mission.

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Action Games

Weapon-based action games share this categorization after experts say that hack and slash games aren’t always about swords and melee-based weapons. And this has not left the mix, especially after games like  Sengoku BASARA, Devil May Cry, and Dante’s Inferno, among others, employed the hack and slash combat styles in their respective gameplay.

These are the most common genres of games that often incorporate hack and slash in their gameplay. Of course, there are other genres that do so but not as much as the ones we have above.


24 Hack and Slash Games to Play on Mobile

In random order, below is a list of hack and slash games for Android and iOS to play and satisfy your cravings for full-on bloodletting. By the end, we hope these games can bring out the primal fun when playing video games.


1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) that rose to prominence back in 2016 because of the playable characters, game modes, and the intense, fast-paced gameplay that has been optimized for handheld devices. It closely resembles the elements found in League of Legends, but following an issue with Riot Games, ML developers Moonton has made changes in the elements of ML to separate it from LoL.

ML has a robust touchpad control that seamlessly works for mobile interfaces. This results in a better gameplay experience when customizable options are also factored in. The game is monetized through in-app purchases for characters and skins.

Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for iOS

Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for Android


2. League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift resembles the PC version of the game. However, Wild Rift is specifically designed from the ground up and designed for handheld platforms. Regardless, the gameplay employs the same elements of dense, competitive play. Additionally, players get to choose champions from a roster to fill a role and engage in a 5v5 battle with a goal to destroy the enemy’s base.

Many players say Wild Rift captures the majority of the elements they came to love about the PC version of the game. Additionally, the way Wild Rift has been designed makes it as accessible as the PC version of League of Legends.

Download Wild Rift for iOS

Download Wild Rift for Android


3. Beat Street

Available for both Android and iOS devices, Beat Street is a 2D side scroller hack and slash game that employs a wide range of playable characters. Each character has his/her own abilities accessible through single-handed controls. Players will find a good pace in the gameplay and one that follows a plot, enough to keep a player playing forward. This old-school beat-em-up game will surely put your stash of hack and slash games a run for their money!

Play Beat Street on iOS

Play Beat Street on Android


4. Eternium: Mage and Minions

Face a dark wizard called Ragadam in this third-person RPG game. The gameplay in Eternium is quite similar to other hack and slash games for mobile devices — tap and attack using specialized character gestures and crafted weapons to cause damage against enemies. Additionally, characters level up after each mission, earning new skills for your characters. Unfortunately, this game’s distribution is limited to Android devices only.

Play Eternium on iOS

Play Eternium on Android


5. Dungeon Hunter 5

Battle your way to glory through five realms and countless dungeons on a single-player campaign game that is Dungeon Hunter 5. The goal? Be the most notorious Bounty Hunter. Employ your friends to be your Allies as you ground your way through the realms and seek vengeance against those who turned their backs on you.

Recent updates on this hack and slash game enabled the best gaming multiplayer experience. On top of this, the game’s animations and controls have been revamped to deliver the best action on a video game.

Play Dungeon Hunter 5 on iOS

Play Dungeon Hunter 5 on Android


6. Blackmoor 2

This game is a dead-ringer for much of the hack and slash games released in the 90s and also features some RPG elements. Follow the hero through challenges and a plot that can be played on co-op multiplayer and PvP multiplayer modes. What we like about this game is the ability to create your own dungeon, share them, and play with friends through the in-app level editor.

Play Blackmoor 2 on iOS

Play Blackmoor 2 on Android


7. Brawl Stars

A take on the classic variant 0f hack and slash games, this beat-em-up game takes players on a battle royale against other players online. Brawl Stars is mainly a PvP mode game, but players have the option to play this game in a few different variants. These variants employ classic arcade action and MOBA elements. Get this game, gather your friends, and embark on a variety of game modes in under three minutes.

Play Brawl Stars on iOS

Play Brawl Stars on Android


8. Honkai Impact 3

Genshin Impact players might find this game a little familiar in terms of elements and gameplay. This Genshin Impact tie-in ARPG game brings forth a squad of girls to save humanity and be beacons of hope against a mysterious force that forced humanity to the brink of extinction. Honkai Impact 3 brings classic hack and slash games gameplay but incorporates a modern action plot, which will surely make players hooked more than they ought to.

Play Honkai Impact 3 on iOS

Play Honkai Impact 3 on Android


9. Taichi Panda

Taichi Panda has impressive 3D animations that scream goofy and colorful art styles. Similar to other well-known games of this type, it follows a fast-paced plot leading to boss battles and challenges. But what we like with this game is the dopamine high this game promises, so gather your friends and embark on a multiplayer game mode that is nothing short of fun!

Play Taichi Panda on iOS

Play Taichi Panda on Android


10. Dan the Man

One of the well-known beat-em-up games on the list, Dan the Man is an action-filled game that has thrills along the way. Players will find themselves navigating through levels and defeating quite a number of bad guys along the way. Think you can get enough of a mobile game? Think again. This game allows player customization and a few different game modes, which include an endless survival mode.

Play Dan the Man on iOS

Play Dan the Man on Android


11. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot follows an underwear-wearing Knight that has to defeat as many bad guys as possible before reaching his goal. Despite the pun on the main protagonist, the game promises many bad guys to slay, mechanics that would satisfy players, and many more. Moreover, the game works well on mobile controls, and players have a PvP online option as well.

Play The Mighty Quest on iOS

Play The Mighty Quest on Android


12. Nonstop Knight 2

If you have already played Nonstop Knight and Nonstop Chuck Norris, this hack and slash game should be a no-brainer. This game is perfect for anyone who just wishes to kill time but doesn’t want to get caught up with similar strings one would find on its predecessors. Nonstop Knight 2 is a step up from its predecessors. It follows similar gameplay where a hero slashes as many bad guys as possible and upgrades his gears after each round. Lastly, the grinding in this game comes sooner rather than later, which is something unexpected for games of this type.

Play Nonstop Knight 2 on iOS

Play Nonstop Knight 2 on Android


13. Darkness Rises

Hack and slash games: Darkness Rises banner photo
Photo by NEXON Company on Google Play Store

This free-action RPG mobile game is hailed for its groundbreaking gameplay, impressive graphics, and for employing action-filled dungeon crawler raids and boss battles. However, some players reported a downside, which is related to the in-app purchases they have to make. But that is the extent of negative reviews for Darkness Rises. The rest of the game is what classic hack and slash should be — one that brings out the primal fun experience when playing video games.

Play Darkness Rises on iOS

Play Darkness Rises on Android


14. Arcane Legends

Staying true to the basic elements of MMORPGs, Arcane Legends starts off similarly with other games of this type. This is one of those hack and slash games that promises a total gain experience. From creating your own heroes, battling it out of dungeons, and defeating a handful of enemies to collecting goods along the way before facing an epic boss battle, this game has it all. Some players also likened this game to Diablo, which means if you are a fan, you should get the same dopamine high when playing Arcane Legends.

Play Arcane Legends on iOS

Play Arcane Legends on Android


15. Kritika: The White Knights

Kritika is an Editor’s Choice on the Google Play Store. It is hailed for its impressive combat and the visual art style combined with RPG elements. Players are up for a treat with this game not with its anime-style attacks, individual character progressions, and abilities to come out victories in every combat. Hop in for an action-filled adventure through single game mode or PvP with friends with Kritika!

Play Kritika: The White Knights on iOS

Play Kritika: The White Knights on Android


16. MARVEL Future Fight

Here is another Google Play Store Editor’s Choice hack and slash game that Marvel fans will find just as fun as any other Marvel franchise. What we like about this game is the availability of playable characters that cover the entire Marvel Universe. If you are a hardcore Marvel fan, this game will surely be the one for you to unleash the powers of your favorite Marvel characters.

Play MARVEL Future Fight on iOS

Play MARVEL Future Fight on Android


17. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an adventure-action third-person hack and slash game based on a manga of the same name. It has a number of playable characters that take any players through a fantasy world teeming with creatures and epic adventures. It is also noteworthy to know that this game can only be played solo. But that doesn’t mean this game does not check all the boxes for a game that offers a blood-rushing experience.

Play Genshin Impact on iOS

Play Genshin Impact on Android


18. Hero Siege: Pocket Edition

Be a daredevil and stop Satan from taking over the world! Hero Siege boasts impressive gameplay coupled with good graphics for a 2D dynamic game. Similar to other hack and slash games, this game’s mechanics include defeating a mob of enemies along the way to victory. Initially, this game was only available in single-player mode but has slowly gained popularity right after it introduced a multiplayer mode where up to four people get to enjoy epic battles and combats.

Play Hero Siege on iOS

Play Hero Siege on Android


19. Evertale

Hack and slash games: Evertale photo banner
Photo by Evertale from Facebook

This game does give off some Pokemon vibes coupled with adventure and sexy Japanese animations. This game follows a plot and will require players to create and build characters to move forward with the game. Moreover, this game also employs classic turn-based tactical RPG elements, which makes this game more fun. However, this game does not offer an online PvP option, but it does not limit the fun you can get.

Play Evertale on iOS

Play Evertale on Android


20. Way of Retribution: Awakening

Game reviewers have likened this hack and slash game to Souls. This game comes with character customization and combats that go all out in epic proportions. This game is a bit heavy that players need to always keep their guards up as enemies are pretty deadly; players have to utilize every option and skills available to defeat the enemy. Unfortunately, this game still does not support external controllers, but developers are working to make this happen in upcoming updates.

Play Way of Retribution: Awakening on iOS

Play Way of Retribution: Awakening on Android


21. Pocket Rogues

This retro-style RPG game employs some of the best heavy Rogue-like elements a game could have. From permadeath, procedurally generated levels, to a leveling up system, one can surely get the best gaming time with Pocket Rogues. This game is a treasure trove of some kind as there are many classes and things to try all throughout the game, which will take time before one grows bored.

Play Pocket Rogues on iOS

Play Pocket Rogues on Android


22. Postknight

Postknight is a simple hack and slash game designed just to kill time without you necessarily committing to anything complex. This game follows a postman character that delivers messages from point A to point B. Staying true to the basic elements of games of this type, the hero faces bad guys along the way. Get your postman through the hoops and loops, level up, and acquire skills along the way to make your postman tougher!

Play Postknight on iOS

Play Postknight on Android


23. Brawlhalla

If you like a game that challenges you to the core–one whose gameplay involves psychologically playing your opponents–then Brawlhalla might just be for you. Brawlhalla is a hack and slash, platformer game that has amassed a huge following over the years since its release. Many players are drawn into playing Brawlhalla primarily because of its gameplay that involves exploiting the damages your opponents get in order to further knock them out of the stage. A single attack on your opponent can send them flying back and knocking them off the game. It’s made even more fun because of the cute characters who are brutal in the field.

Download Brawlhalla for iOS

Download Brawlhalla for Android


24. Smash Legends

Smash Legends is another platformer, hack and slash game that closely resembles Brawlhalla. This game is a fast-paced multiplayer game that features bright graphic characters brawling it out for supremacy. Additionally, the has solo and team-based modes where characters’ ultimate goal is to keep the opposing team out of the arena by the time runs out. Speaking of characters, you might encounter characters from classic fairy tale stories but with a twist (e.g., Alice from Alice in Wonderland, only she is a scientist with a robo-bunny sidekick).

Download Smash Legends for iOS

Download Smash Legends for Android


Final Thoughts on Hack and Slash Games

Hack and slash games are not just designed to kill time — they are here because of their noteworthy characteristics, gameplay, and offerings that stand out among others. These hack and slash games are developed to keep you hooked, entertain, and be drowned in as much adrenaline and dopamine as possible. Get your fingers tapping, get your friends hacking and slashing, and embark on an all-time high by playing these games.