World Flipper: Character Tiers, Best Teams, and Rerolling

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World Flipper – an odd name for a smartphone game. Compared to other games with esoteric names like Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, this might actually be one of the rare times that a game’s name fits its entire gameplay and storyline. World Flipper is a new and intriguing mobile game that uniquely combines the enthralling gameplay of pinball with the classic world-saving plot of action role-playing games (RPGs) and the modern aesthetics of anime along with the tried and tested gacha mechanics. Since the game has not been released to the international scene for long, it is a good time to jump in and take a crack at this game. Thankfully, you would have an easier time doing so with our World Flipper beginner’s guide!

For the sake of making the guide easier to read, we will split this guide into a few parts: team formation and tier lists, combat and fighting, and mana board and leveling up.


World Flipper is continuously undergoing changes. We will update this guide as new updates come in.

Inside this Article

  1. What is World Flipper?
  2. World Flipper’s Plot
  3. World Flipper Tier List
  4. How to Re-Roll in World Flipper?
  5. World Flipper Beginner’s Guide
  6. Combat and Fighting
  7. Team Formation and Equipment
  8. Mana Board and Leveling Up
  9. The Future of World Flipper


What Is World Flipper?

We did say that World Flipper was a new game, so what is it exactly? The game’s original release date was in 2019 for the Japanese market. As something that comes from the gaming giant Cygames Studio, which is well known for its games like Dragalia Lost and Granblue Fantasy, it’s not a surprise that World Flipper became a hit. After a collaboration with Kakao Games, World Flipper had a worldwide release in September 2021 on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

This wonderful anime-esque game uses detailed anime cutscenes interspersed with traditional Japanese RPG elements like character sprites, professional voice acting, and a chapters-long plot. But, what makes it unique is how its fighting elements are played.

Rather than the usual hack and slash romp through uncharted dungeons, World Flipper lets you control pinball flippers to guide your three-member party through the game world. The game is reminiscent of Microsoft Windows’ Microsoft Pinball, where your goal is to move your flippers to have your heroes’ bodies slam themselves into enemies in two to three maps.

But this does not mean that your heroes are invincible as that is where the RPG elements come in. Each hero has their own level and experience, equipped armaments, abilities, and element alignments. These factors change how strong each hero’s pinball health is and how strong their attacks would be when hitting enemies.


World Flipper’s Plot

World Flipper
Photo from the Google Play Store

Like with any JRPG, World Flipper’s plot starts simple — a hero is having their final fight against the demon lord. In a twist of fate, the hero is suddenly stripped of his power and turned into a cute and weak animal person before being banished to the core world of the World Flipper. In that world, a girl and boy pair are surprised as the ancient device suddenly boots up and spits out the hero. As the hero arrives, the two realize the dormant artifact is again active, and they can “flip” into the different worlds of the galaxy. Trying to help the hero return to his world and perhaps return their own memories, the trio leap into the World Flipper to gather allies and save the worlds!

World Flipper Tier List

World Flipper in-game Photo

Familiarizing yourself with the best units in World Flipper is tricky, especially since there’s a lot of playable characters. To help you set the right foot from the get-go, we’ve compiled the best World Flipper units in a tier list for each element type. Our list will include five and four-star characters, plus a few worthy three-star units. Although pulling them purely relies on luck, they are the most worthy to keep should you summon them.

Character Use

Fire Element Best Tier

Hanabi Fire unit attack and skill buff, fire unit heal.
Enni Own skill and party attack buff.
Clarisse Own damage and skill buff.
Rolf Party penetration and own attack buffs.

Wind Element Best Tier

Celtie Wind attack buff and combo buff.
Phiria Wind HP and attack buff.
Soushiro Own attack and skill buff.

Water Element Best Tier

Sonia Own attack buff.
Faf Own fire resistance buff, takes allies’ damage.
Cipher Enemy slow debuff, water attack and resistance buff.

Thunder Element Best Tier

Barrek Own attack up
Rams Own damage and party skill damage buff.
Renoir Own skill buff and increased enemy paralysis debuff.
Sha Susu Leader kill gauge and damage buffs.

Dark Element Best Tier

Belsidia Own attack, party attack and skill damage buffs.
Marianne Dark attack and skill damage buff.
Mormia Own attack and dark attack buff.
Vyron Own Attack and allied penetration buffs.

Light Element Best Tier

Ellya Own attack, skill gauge, and skill damage buff.
Nephtim Increased “fever” duration, Light attack buff.
Dia Increased “fever” duration, Light character HP regeneration.
Razelt Party attack and own HP buff.


How to Re-Roll in World Flipper?

World Flipper
Photo from the Google Play Store

We’ve repeatedly mentioned that World Flipper is a gacha game, which means you can’t be too sure of the quality of units you can pull. If you are not happy with the items you get, you can reroll the game and start over. But, we do not recommend doing this if you have already been so far in the game. Rerolling is ideal early in the game when you are figuring out what characters to keep in the long run. You can complete the current chapters of the game without re-rolling, but you would save yourself a lot of needless trouble if you start with a strong team.

You can easily reroll in World Flipper if you have just registered for a guest account upon first launching the game. After going through the tutorials and claiming free summons and pre-registration rewards, you can simply uninstall and reinstall the game to start over. But if you already have a registered account, you can re-roll by de-registering your game. De-register your game and delete your saved data by doing the following:

  1. Boot up World Flipper and press the “Menu” tab on the bottom right.
  2. Click on “Account Info.”
  3. Select the “Unregister Game” text on the pop-up window. It should then unregister your saved game and delete it in 24 hours from all your connected accounts (Facebook, Google, and Apple) after you confirm it.


World Flipper Beginner’s Guide

World Flipper
Photo from the Google Play Store

If you are satisfied with re-rolling, you should get as far as you can with the available chapters in the game. Aside from the loot, doing this lets you open up the different parts of the game. These include the in-game shop, the portal (gacha summoning), and the events & boss battles tabs.


1. Accomplish Daily Grinding and Missions

World Flipper in-game Photo

Players who want to get the most out of their playtime and grinding should establish a daily routine when playing the game. All players get a set amount of free things daily, which are usually replenished at 5 AM. These include three Kaleido Boosts, three Boss Battle tokens, and a fully refilled stamina bar. It is up to you to properly balance these resources, but you should try to use up all of them in a day.

2. Make Good Use of the Stamina Bar

The yellow bar on the top left of the screen is the stamina bar; it shows how many actions you can do at any given time. The amount reduces whenever you deploy your characters to fight. These deployments include story chapters, boss battles, and dungeon quests. Compared to the other two resources, the stamina bar replenishes itself after a few hours.


3. Embark on Daily Quests

World Flipper in-game Photo

Kaleido Boosts, meanwhile, serve as passes you need whenever you want to delve into the game’s “daily quests” in the labyrinth. Found in the events tab, these quests are split into different dungeons that give out loot corresponding to the six elements and a seventh for unassigned experience points (XP) and mana.


4. Get Silvers with Boss Battles

World Flipper in-game Photo

Boss Battle tokens are similar to the boosts, except they allow you to go into the “Boss Battle” mode instead. This tab lets you fight against previously defeated chapter bosses with increased difficulty. Compared to going through the chapter or playing on EX mode, this mode rewards you with Silver [Boss Name] Denarius instead. Each type of boss Denarius has a different exchange pool under “Boss Coin Exchange” in the shop menu.


5. Join Seasonal Events and Specials

World Flipper in-game Photo

World Flipper has seasonal events that offer limited time drops and characters. You should try to finish these limited events as soon as they come out. There are times when that is impossible for your level and equipment, though. A compiled spreadsheet list by the World Flipper subreddit explains what weapons and characters are part of which events and when they happened.

These events also coincide with “banner” specials that offer limited time gacha characters and equipment. We will talk about that more in the team formation and equipment segment.


6. Explore In-Game Shop

World Flipper’s in-game shop is one of the most common visuals any player will see. It has seven different categories that use in-game “currencies” or items that you barter. The first and most important is the adventurer’s shop, as it lets you buy packs and Lodestar Beads with real money. Other in-game shops include the trading post, the trove, the bundle marketplace, the boss coin exchange, the event item exchange, and the star silver exchange. These shops usually have different items they want in exchange.

While you can get a lot of good stuff from trading in the shop, it is entirely optional, and you could get by with the chapters in-game without having to trade for anything. You would have to use the portal (gacha) to fortify your equipment and get new characters, though.


Combat and Fighting

World Flipper
Photo from the Google Play Store

There are a few important points to combat and fighting in World Flipper. These are power flips, fevers, and character skills. The three affect how your characters will perform on the field and will change depending on which characters and equipment you have in your party.


Power Flips

Power flips are activated after a set number of attack combos are made against enemies and are dependent on the type of weapon your party’s leader is equipped with. These power flip effects are the following:

Sword Damages all enemies near the leader while moving. The radius of the power flip increases according to level.
Melee (Fist) Deals extra damage against the first enemy hit. The number of hits and damage increases according to level.
Shooting (Bow) Attacks straight ahead in your launch direction. Gains more beams as the level increase with increasing width.
Support Grant Penetration, Float, and ATK Up buffs to all party members. Duration of buffs increases according to level.
(Lv.3: Deals damage to all enemies on the screen)
Special Damages all enemies surrounding the first enemy hit. The radius of the power flip increases according to level.

Table from @Neмι#0420’s World Flipper Progression Guide



Fevers only apply to boss battles. During boss fights, the fever gauge slowly fills up whenever the boss constantly gets attacked but depletes when time passes without it getting attacked. Your three main party characters have their own effects whenever you enter fever mode, making some parties stronger than usual.


Character kills

Related to fevers are character skills that charge whenever you move during battle. The activation of these skills is dependent on your three main party members. This means that your sub or unison characters’ abilities will also get activated at the same time as the main party members. One good strategy is to have main characters that have quick skill activation paired with unison characters that have skills that have large skill gauges.

You can review each character’s skill, leadership bonus, abilities, and other character data by clicking on their unit picture in the “Units” tab and pressing the “up” icon to see its statistics.


Team Formation and Equipment

World Flipper in-game Photo

As we said earlier, special events usually bring with them banner portal events. These events focus on either gacha summon characters or armaments and equipment. Again, the World Flipper subreddit has created a handy scored list of past and current banner events for both the global and Japanese releases of the game. You should be alert whenever these banners come out as future global releases will follow the trend of Japanese releases. This means that you would know which banners are worth your Lodestone Beads since it shows which strong characters are available per banner.



Equipment or armaments in World Flipper can be gained by going through the story chapters, as loot in events, or from the portal. Each item is unique and has its own statistics and rarity, but you can only equip three of them per team. You also cannot equip the same item twice at a party.

Players who want to collect all the characters and armaments can use the World Flipper Collection Tracker website to keep track of their progress.


Team Formation

There are two ways to make a team in World Flipper. You can either create an element-focused team that buffs up its elemental power or a “rainbow” team that buffs up general stats instead. Aside from the team members, you also have to look at which armaments would properly strengthen the three paired characters in your team.

Since we already included a short World Flipper tier list in our re-rolling guide, we will show you some team examples formed around these characters (from Pecan Of Pies#8173 and Neмι#0420’s Team’s Guide).

Table from Pecan Of Pies#8173 and Neмι#0420’s World Flipper Teams Guide

Remember, these are only example teams, and there are a lot of different ways to set up your team. If you are still unsure how to create your team, the game also has an automated “Recommended” team created from the summons and armaments you currently have. You can create one by going to the team creation page and clicking the “Recommended” button on the center-left side.


Mana Board and Leveling Up

World Flipper
Photo from the Google Play Store

Choosing a team is not reliant only on which characters and equipment you use in a team. Due to the game’s RPG elements, you also have to level up your characters and unlock more of their abilities.

Mana Board

Every character has their own individual Mana Board (accessed through the “Units” tab) that can be opened up by spending the mana you get as loot. The mana board appears as a path with monoliths that you can unlock. Each of these unlocks either a new episode on that character’s story, a totally new ability or skill, or an upgrade to their skills or abilities.


Levels and Level Cap

Each character also has a level cap dependent on their “rarity.” One star characters are locked at level 40, two stars at 50, three stars at 60, four stars at 70, and five-star characters at level 80. You can level up a character in two ways: either by taking them out on missions or by using your free XP on them through the “Raise Level” tab in the Units tab. A character’s maximum level can also be raised through the “Uncap” tab in the same “raise level” screen. You may need Astral Gems to upgrade a character’s level, however.

After you pick your team, you should go through your team’s mana board and levels as far as possible to have a strong team.


The Future of World Flipper

Hopefully, we have given you at least some idea of how World Flipper works with our guide. You should know, though, that the game is a lot more complicated than what we have written down, and the best way to understand it is to continue playing and experimenting with the combinations and teams you can make.

There is a lot to expect from World Flipper in the future as well since the global release of the game follows a few years behind the Japanese version. This means there are a lot more story events, characters, and chapters still to be released and enjoyed!