How to Call UK from the US: Phone Plans and Area Code Guide

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Contacting people in the UK might seem quite simple in the internet age. However, what do you do if you need to call someone through more traditional means? If this is what you must do, don’t fret. Here’s how to call the UK from the US using a mobile device or landline.

Learn how to call the UK from the US
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  3. How Much Does Calling the UK Cost?
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  5. How to Reduce Cost of UK Calls
  6. What Is the Ideal Time to Call the UK?


How to Call UK from the US (Mobile)

Call the UK from the US via mobile
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Unlike in the past, learning how to call the UK from the US on mobile is now straightforward. All you need is access to the cheapest talk and text plans with international calling. You can also have international calling capabilities on your landline number.

Afterward, learning how to call the UK from the US is just a matter of knowing the right process. You’ll simply need to memorize your country’s exit code (011) and the UK’s country code (44). Dialing these numbers will help your carrier understand your call will exit the US and enter another nation.

Additionally, dial the mobile code (7), so the phone knows you’re calling a mobile number. If you’re on a landline, you’ll need to replace this code with a specific city code. We’ll get to that part later. For now, here’s how to call a UK number from the US using your smartphone:

1. Open your mobile phone’s number pad.
2. Type in the country exit code (011) or use the plus (+) symbol.
*You can use either the code or the plus sign if you’re using a mobile device, but you can only use 011 if you’re calling using a landline.
3. Dial the UK’s country code (44).
4. Input the mobile code (7).
5. Dial the mobile number you wish to reach.
*Make sure it contains nine digits.


How to Call UK from the US (Landline)

Call the UK from the US via landline
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Learning how to call the UK from a US landline number is just as straightforward as the previous process. That is because you’ll only need to keep a landline somehow handy on your mobile device. Furthermore, you can call a landline number easier if you have a landline with international calling at home.

Apart from these, the steps for how to call the UK from the US are pretty much the same. You only need your phone and the right area codes. Likewise, you’ll need to dial the same exit (011 or +) and country codes (44) first. Afterward, dial the specific city or area code of the number you’re connecting to. Here are all the steps in detail:

1. Type the exit code (011) on a landline or plus (+) symbol on a mobile device.
2. Dial the country code of the United Kingdom (44).
3. Key in the city code.
4. Enter the person’s landline number.

If you’re unfamiliar with the UK’s area codes, don’t worry. Here are the area codes of the UK’s most prominent cities. If your city isn’t on the list, you can always do a quick Google search to find the area code.

Location Area Code
Aberdeen 1224
Belfast / Northern Ireland 28
Birmingham 121
Blackburn 1254
Blackpool 1253
Bolton 1204
Bournemouth 1202
Brighton 1273
Bristol 117
Cambridge 1223
Cardiff 29
Colchester 1206
Coventry 24
Derby 1332
Dundee 1382
Edinburgh 131
Glasgow 141
Gloucester 1452
Leeds 113
Liverpool 151
London 20
Manchester 161
Newport 1633
Nottingham 115
Oxford 1865
Preston 1772
Sheffield 114
Southampton / Portsmouth 23
Sunderland 1915


How Much Does Calling the UK Cost?

For the most part, learning how to call the UK from the US isn’t the hard part of international communication. That is because most people will have more trouble dealing with the financial side of things than dialing numbers.

So, how much does calling between the two countries cost? Here, we’ve broken down exactly how much you should expect to spend based on your plan.

Mobile Plans

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Not all mobile plans allow you to call international numbers. Hence, learning how to call the UK from the US might be fruitless if you don’t have the right phone plan. With that said, here are some of the most prominent mobile plans that allow you to call internationally, plus their rates and inclusions.

Plan Rate Inclusions
Google Fi 0.01 to 2.50 USD per minute Calls to UK landline or mobile numbers per minute
T-Mobile Stateside International Talk 15 USD monthly Unlimited calls from the US, Mexico, and Canada to international landline and mobile numbers with unlimited texts
T-Mobile Pay Per Use 3 USD per minute Calls to international landline and mobile numbers are charged per minute with unlimited texts
AT&T 15 USD monthly Unlimited calls from the US to 85+ countries
AT&T 3 USD per minute Calls to the UK

Google Fi

If you’re on a Google Fi plan, international calls won’t be a problem. However, they will cost you a per-minute fee of anywhere between 0.01 and 2.50 USD. Most landline numbers should only cost 0.01 USD, while mobile and other numbers (like toll-free numbers or pagers) vary more.

With that said, Google Fi’s per-minute international calling rates are the least expensive on our list so far. You don’t need to pay too much to call a landline number because it only costs about 0.01 USD per minute.

However, the downside to Google Fi is that it doesn’t offer a postpaid plan that inherently includes unlimited calls. You’ll need to shell out money per minute every time. Hence, Google Fi is ideal for one-off or emergency calls but not the best for regular communication.



T-Mobile’s plans are flexible because you can opt for a pay-per-use model or purchase an add-on. The former allows you to call UK numbers for 3 USD a minute — whether landline or mobile. Meanwhile, the latter will cost you 15 USD monthly but is more beneficial to people who make frequent international calls.

However, both options are subject to T-Mobile’s country limitations. That is because it only allows you to call landlines in a little over 70 nations and mobile numbers in more than 30 destinations.

Moreover, keep in mind that T-Mobile also varies its international rates depending on your plan. For example, having a 50 USD monthly T-Mobile Magenta Max plan has a lower 10 USD global voice add-on for international calls.



On the other hand, AT&T subscribers can also opt for the carrier’s international calling add-on. Like T-Mobile, it also costs only 15 USD monthly — but this time, you can call over 85 countries worldwide.

Moreover, the add-on includes discounted rates for international calls in over 140 countries. That said, keep in mind that this is only applicable for postpaid wireless plan holders that include unlimited talk. Additionally, the service is not applicable for commercial use purposes.

Finally, you can opt for AT&T’s pay-per-use category if you don’t want to purchase a monthly add-on. This is beneficial if you’re only learning how to call the UK from the US to call just once. It also costs 3 USD per minute, so there is no difference whether you choose this or T-Mobile.


Landline Plans

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As for the landline plans, here are their rates and inclusions.

Plan Rate Inclusions
AT&T Basic Rates 3.50 USD per minute Calls to the UK
AT&T Worldwide Value Calling 0.08 USD per minute / 6.99 USD monthly Discounted rate for direct-dialed international calls
AT&T Worldwide Occasional Calling 1.06 USD per minute / 2.99 USD monthly
Verizon World Plan 300 10 to 15 USD monthly + 0.08 USD per minute 300 international call minutes per month
Verizon World Plan 500 15 to 20 USD monthly + 0.08 USD per minute 500 international call minutes per month
RingCentral 0.04 USD per minute Per-minute outbound calls


If you don’t opt for a plan with international calling, AT&T charges you a basic rate of 3.50 USD per minute to the UK. However, opting for a plan with international calling significantly decreases your per-minute calling rates to only 0.08 USD.

Unfortunately, AT&T’s international calling plans don’t give you free calls. You’ll only get to call at discounted rates. Nonetheless, opting for AT&T’s plans is the better option, even if you call infrequently. That is because calling with discounted rates can save you as much as 30 to 70 USD on a call.



Verizon offers much better deals when it comes to international call plans. That is because it has two landline plans that provide a limited number of free international call minutes.

These include Verizon World Plan 300 and Verizon World Plan 500. The names only distinguish either plan based on how many international monthly minutes you have (300 and 500, respectively).

Each plan’s base tier costs 10 or 15 USD, depending on how many minutes you opted for. However, these plans are further subdivided into two categories. The first includes a Triple Play with an unlimited phone plan and the second omits this feature.

As you might expect, the plan that includes Triple Play costs more than the one without it. Hence, the 300 plan with Triple Play will bump up to 15 USD while the 500 plan goes up to 20 USD.

Regardless of the plan chosen, you’ll be charged a flat per-minute rate if you exceed your allotted minutes. Exceeding the plan’s minutes will then cost you 0.08 USD per minute.



In contrast to traditional carriers, voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) phone systems offer a low-cost alternative to regular international landline calls. RingCentral is one such company, and it offers some of the lowest per-minute UK rates.

With RingCentral, you can make calls for only 0.04 USD per minute. Hence, it’s certainly a solid option if you plan to make frequent calls to the UK. It’s also a good choice if your main priority is calling for business or commercial purposes.

However, you will have to buy a calling credits package before you can make international calls. International calls are considered part of your outbound calls and can roll over each month.

Meanwhile, if you make international calls more often, you can purchase the International Calling Credit Bundles. With these, you can select from multiple minutes packages that can suit your needs.

Alternatively, you can choose the RingCentral Global MVP Unlimited plan. This is great for companies with heavy volumes of international calls. However, it does require a minimum of 250 users.


How to Call the UK from the US for Free

Now that you know how to call the UK from the US and how much it costs, you might be taken aback. After all, while the rates are somewhat reasonable, they’re not exactly cheap. That is especially true if you’re a minimum wage earner who needs to call a relative in London.

As such, you might be asking about how to call the UK from the US for free. Unfortunately, there is no real way you can call UK numbers for free. Most phone plans — whether landline or mobile — will cost money.

Moreover, memberships that promise free international calls also cost a subscription fee. While your international calls might have no extra charge, the subscription itself will not be free.

With that said, you might be asking if WiFi calling is a good alternative to regular international calls. After all, downloading a free WiFi calling app is easy.

However, like regular international calls, WiFi calls made using your phone will base your rates on your international calling plan. They will also use your carrier’s per-minute calling rates if you aren’t subscribed to international call plans.

With that said, the only way to make completely free calls to the UK is by using online apps. For instance, you may easily call any user without charge using Facebook Messenger. This is also true for apps like Skype, Telegram, or even Snapchat.

Of course, these apps cannot call mobile or landline numbers in other countries. Nonetheless, they are completely free, provided the recipient is on the same platform. You’ll only need to add them as a friend or contact in the app, and you should be set.


How to Reduce Cost of UK Calls

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Reducing the cost of international calls can be easy. The fastest way is to purchase an add-on or get a plan that includes free international minutes by default. This lessens the amount you would have to pay compared to direct-dialing a UK number without a plan.

In fact, even without free minutes, a discounted rate will save you a good amount every month if you’re a frequent caller. However, we recommend going for services that have better rates and free minutes if you call UK numbers often.

Furthermore, you may shift from a regular landline number to a VoIP service. It is handy for those who must learn how to call the UK from the US for business purposes. Why? VoIPs like RingCentral offer much lower international calling rates than traditional landlines.

Moreover, VoIPs include other services. For example, some offer international numbers and can even extend international calling capabilities to your team. With them, you can even find a good communication solution to bridge you and your customers.

Finally, if you’re a regular individual calling another average person, we suggest using apps instead. That is because calling international users using apps doesn’t often cost money. The only barrier is that both callers must use the same app.


What Is the Ideal Time to Call the UK?

Time zones
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Learning how to call the UK from the US on a mobile or landline isn’t difficult. However, getting the timing right can be quite tricky. You can’t simply send a message and hope the other person reads it later like a chat.

If you must communicate with someone directly, you’ll have to consider time zone differences. Moreover, you must be aware that certain states don’t observe daylight savings. Hence, the time difference might also change depending on your location.

In the US, each state will generally find itself in six different time zones. These are Alaska, Central, Eastern, Hawaii, Mountain, and Pacific Times. Here is a list of the time differences between these time zones as compared to the UK:

Time Zone UK Time Difference UK Time at Noon
Alaska Time +9 hours 9 p.m.
Central Time +6 hours 6 p.m.
Eastern Time +5 hours 5 p.m.
Hawaii Time +10 hours / +11 hours (daylight savings) 10 p.m. / 11 p.m. (daylight savings)
Mountain Time +7 hours / +8 hours (daylight savings in Arizona) 7 p.m. / 8 p.m. (daylight savings in Arizona)
Pacific Time +8 hours 8 p.m.

As you can see, the best time to call residents in the UK will vary by your time zone. Moreover, things will change if your state observes daylight savings time. Apart from memorizing these time differences, you can use third-party services.

For example, the website Time and Date allows you to view the time difference between your location and another area. You can also download apps or add widgets to your smartphone’s home screen to track different time zones.


Final Word

Learning how to call the UK from the US is fairly simple. In contrast, the more complicated part of the process is figuring out the right phone plan to choose. Moreover, you must keep time zones in mind before making any call. After all, you wouldn’t want to call a UK business only to find out it is already past work hours there. If you’re mindful of all these considerations, making international calls should be a breeze.