Which iPhones Support iOS 16


Ok, iPhone owners! It’s time to get up-to-speed with the blazing-fast advancements in tech. iOS 16 has just hit the market since the third quarter of 2022, and we’ve got all the deets! Read on to find out if your phone’s compatible with this operating system. Plus, unlock some pretty cool features like upgraded Lock Screens with lock screen widgets, revamped messaging options (including editing and deleting messages), improved Focus modes, shared photos library feature on iCloud for your loved ones, and supercharged Mail, Home, and Wallet apps!

Key Takeaways

  • iOS 16 brings several exciting features and enhancements to iPhone users, including upgraded Lock Screens with lock screen widgets, revamped messaging options, improved Focus modes, shared photos library feature on iCloud, and enhancements to the Mail, Home, and Wallet apps.
  • It is important for iPhone owners to ensure their device is compatible with iOS 16 to experience the best performance, access new features, and avoid app compatibility issues, slower performance, and potential security risks.
  • Unsupported iPhone models may face challenges such as app compatibility issues, security risks, and performance problems when running outdated iOS versions. Upgrading to a supported iPhone model with the latest iOS is recommended for access to new features, better performance, and improved security.


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  1. Understanding iOS Compatibility
  2. Will My iPhone Run iOS 16?
  3. iOS 16 Key Features and Enhancements
  4. Implications of iOS Incompatibility
  5. How to Find Out Which iPhone Model You Have
  6. FAQS
  7. Conclusion


Which iPhone support iOS 16

Understanding iOS Compatibility

Before you update your iOS, you must understand compatibility first. iOS compatibility is essential for Apple devices when it comes to their performance and user experience. It means how well your iPhone model can handle a particular version of iOS. Compatibility depends on several things, ranging from the device’s hardware – like its processor, storage, and other innards – to what software features and customizations are included in that update. You need both the right specs and software capabilities to make sure everything works seamlessly between your phone and the new iOS release. Nailing this key factor can truly transform your overall experience!

Apple goes the extra mile to provide a secure and hassle-free experience for its customers. They often provide software updates for older iPhone models as long as it meets their criteria. Unfortunately, due to improvements in technology, they may eventually stop supporting those older devices, instead prioritizing newer models that can make the most out of recent iOS versions. So it’s best to keep yourself in the know when it comes to iOS updates and device compatibility – that’ll help you make smart decisions about which iPhone you get and enjoy all the amazing features Apple has been rolling out recently!


Will My iPhone Run iOS 16?

Here is a list of iPhone models that are compatible with iOS 16:

  • iPhone SE (2nd gen and later versions)
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • All iPhone 11 (base, Pro, Pro Max)
  • All iPhone 12 (base, Mini, Pro, Pro Max)
  • All iPhone 13 (base, Mini, Pro, Pro Max)
  • All iPhone 14 (base, Plus, Pro, Pro Max)

That’s right, iPhone 6 (S and S Plus) and 7 are no longer receiving future software updates from Apple starting with iOS 16. They might still work, but they are more vulnerable to security threats without the regular security patches from Apple.

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iOS 16 Key Features and Enhancements

iOS 16 is a total game-changer for the iPhone experience – featuring awesome customization options, cutting-edge intelligence features, and seamless communication & sharing tools. This update brings a whole new level of personalization so you can make it your own – plus it’s packed with advanced AI capabilities to speed up your digital life. No longer will you need to hit roadblocks while trying to stay in touch with friends and family: effortless communication & sharing options make it easier than ever before!

All-New Lock Screen

iOS 16 lock screen feature
Photo by Apple

The lock screen gets a makeover with notifications moved to the bottom so your favorite photos can take center stage. On top of that, widgets now make their debut on the lock screen – you can get all the crucial stuff like weather conditions, calendar entries, and even AirPod battery life without having to open your phone!

iOS 16 has seriously stepped up its game with the new and improved lock screen customization feature. You can personalize your lock screen with animated wallpapers and effects – plus, you have the option to set up multiple lock screens for different modes. Talk about versatility! No more settling for a single design; just switch things up whenever you feel like it – without any hassle!

If you feel a little bit creative, you can pick the font and color for your time and date, plus add some awesome depth effects that let your lock screen photo peek through the graphics. Enjoy instant customization with built-in photo filters that let you swipe through and tweak the font in a jiffy. And if you’re a multitasker, the Lock screen works with Focus so you can tailor it to whatever – working, traveling, or chillin’ at home.

No more annoying ‘ping-pong’ notifications from apps like Uber Eats and Starbucks – Apple has just introduced Live Activities! This revolutionary feature puts a single, easy-to-update widget straight onto your lock screen. Whether you’re keeping track of sports scores or accessing other developer apps, these slick updates are certainly the way to go. It’s time to say goodbye to outdated notifications and hello to this rad new innovation!

More Seamless Message Management

Edit Message on iPhone with iOS 16
Photo by Apple

We can only assume Tim Cook got a text from someone at Apple that wasn’t meant for him – otherwise, why would they give us an “undo send” button on Messages? C’mon, we’ve all been there: fingers flying that accidentally sent something we shouldn’t have – thank goodness they put in this handy feature so we can breathe a sigh of relief and give our messages Bubble a good long press to make it disappear.

You can finally edit those embarrassing typos you’ve sent with iOS 16! Because if you made a mistake, all you’ve gotta do now is fix it, and that “edited” flag will appear right next to the “delivered” one.

Swipe right on any chat thread you haven’t had time to reply to and you’ll mark it as unread so ya don’t miss out. It’s like a gentle nudge -a reminder to get back in touch when life calms down.

Messages are now equipped with SharePlay, so you can get the party started in the app and watch videos simultaneously with your buddies.

Streamlined Dictation

Well, it looks like lots of iPhone owners have already given voice dictation a hearty thumbs up – and Apple’s getting ready to take it to the next level. The onscreen keyboard will stay front and center when you’re talking, so switching input types is a cinch. Plus, it’ll understand punctuation marks, and emojis too! And best of all: everything takes place right on your device so you don’t need to worry about any of your rants or ravings ending up in some remote server’s database.

The iPhone’s Neural Engine really flexes its muscles when it comes to text detection in videos – just pause a clip, select any text, and bam! Paste it into another app. Pretty cool, right? But let’s face it, most iOS users probably won’t find this feature all that useful.

Fuss-Free Family Sharing

Sick of trying to juggle the restrictions you need to set for each of your kids on their iOS devices? With iOS 16, putting limits on your little ones has become a total breeze. You can create user profiles for every kid and quickly switch on the age-appropriate settings – all from one place! Plus, you’ll have super detailed control over what ebooks, movies, TV shows, and apps they can enjoy.

If you’ve set screen time limits, but the kiddos just need like ten more minutes (swear!), you can totally extend the timer through Messages. No worries!

Finally, let the Family Checklist act as your friendly reminder to take a peek at what parental controls are currently active – and don’t forget to increase or deactivate limits as your kids get older! It’ll help keep things ticking along smoothly.

Photos for Everyone in the Family

Photo by Apple

Sharing pics with the family’s a cinch in iOS 16! Instead of sending out one photo at a time or whipping up an album, now you can set up an iCloud Shared Photo Library that everyone can add to. Just pick your favorite shots from your camera roll and – bam! – they’re available for all to see. Apple has sweetened the deal with a switch nestled right into the camera app. You can easily toggle it on/off or set it to be automatically triggered when your fam is in da hood! Now, you can effortlessly share those special snaps with a shared library.

Plus, Apple added a clever facial recognition feature that sorts people’s photos into dedicated albums. That means iOS 16 will flash up pics of friends and fam by simply searching for their names.

Finally, the Photos app provides an incredibly useful Duplicates function – a blessing for anyone who’s spent hours painstakingly deleting WhatsApp duplicates! By pressing a single button, you’ll see all your duplicates in an instant. And the best part? Saving precious storage space is made easy. Just merge those dups together and boom – both iCloud and internal storage will be freed up without needing any extra apps or sorting!

A Smarter Wallet

Apple Pay
Photo from Apple

Marylanders and Arizonians, rejoice! This is the most recent in Apple news: Wallet now supports your state driving licenses – yay! Plus, another 11 states are on the way soon. The best news? You can use them in-app without having to worry about handing over your exact date of birth information – all you need to show is that you’re of legal age to purchase whatever it is you wish to buy.

Tap-to-pay is finally making its way to the US – small business owners will be able to pay without any hardware necessary – no more card readers required! This type of tech comes straight outta the future; it’s especially helpful for those who can’t afford pricey credit card machines.

Digital keys are so much simpler to share now with Messages, Mail, and even third-party apps like WhatsApp! If you receive a virtual key in your inbox, you can add it to your Apple Wallet. At the moment though, support is still limited and available mostly at upscale hotels. But car manufacturers are coming on board too – slowly but surely!

Apple Pay Later is the cherry on top – it allows you to break up a larger purchase into chunks and pay them back in four equal installments over six weeks interest-free! The wallet will keep you organized and remind you when payments are due. Plus, if it works for you, you can always choose to pay the balance in full at any time. Right now, the service is only available to US users.

A More Accurate Map Representation

iOS 16 Apple Maps
Photo by Apple

Apple is pulling out all the stops this year with their 3D maps, now covering Las Vegas, Chicago, and all the other big cities. There’s the light theme and dark theme for the virtual aerial views – perfect for developers who want to guide users towards rental scooters, taxis, or package delivery points.

Navigation just got a whole lot easier, too! With multi-stop route planning, you can spend less time fretting over your journey and more time actually getting there. No longer do you have to endure multiple short trips – simply plot out all your stops in one go! Plus, it’ll even tell you the price of public transport and give you the option of paying with contactless payments or Apple Pay – super nifty!

Batman, I Mean, Battery Percentage Returns

Yay, iOS 16 is bringing back the oh-so-missed battery percentage in the status bar! After it was yanked away with the launch of the iPhone X, thanks to that pesky notch gobbling up all our space, we had to pull down Control Center just to get a glimpse of our juice levels. But with iOS 16, you can adjust settings so the exact percentage is always in sight – be it on an app or your Home screen.

An Improved Driving Experience with CarPlay

When CarPlay first hit the road, it was designed for horizontal infotainment screens – conventional for carmakers then. But with all-digital dashboards and vertical layouts becoming more popular, Apple isn’t missing out – they want to be everywhere! It sure is a tall order to cover that many different display shapes.

Who wouldn’t want Apple’s CarPlay to fill the infotainment screen of their ride? And get this: it’ll eventually even replace your car’s instrument cluster, showing vital info such as cruising speed, engine revs, fuel reserves and more! Gasp-inducing if you drive a gas-powered car – think oil temperature readings. Or for all the EV cruisers out there – range estimates. It doesn’t stop here either; with CarPlay at the wheel, your infotainment screen will also have control of air con and more without having to hand back to your car’s built-in UI.


Implications of iOS Incompatibility

iOS incompatibility can be a real bummer for users of unsupported iPhones! These roadblocks come into play when their device is unable to handle the latest iOS version – talk about a major drag. But, at the end of the day, ain’t nothing gonna stop true iPhone fans from staying up to date.

The Importance of Being in the Loop

Talk about feeling left out! Without access to updated iOS versions, unsupported iPhone users miss out on awesome new features and improvements. They don’t get the benefit of snazzy new interfaces and optimized performance which could really enhance their user experience. All this makes them feel they’re missing the boat when it comes to keeping up with the latest tech trends.

Challenges Faced by Unsupported iPhone Models

Unfortunately, iPhone users with unsupported models may be in for a rough time. Developers tend to focus solely on optimizing their apps for the latest iOS version, meaning compatibility issues are more likely to arise for older iOS versions. In other words, some apps simply won’t work and others might seem sluggish or act up unexpectedly.

Potential Security Risks of Outdated iPhone Models

Security is a major no-brainer. When you let your iPhone go out of date, security patches won’t be applied – opening the door to potential hackers and all sorts of nasty threats. Bottom line? Your data won’t be safe and your privacy could be exposed! Plus, it’s just plain dangerous for the overall device security. Definitely not good news!

Performance Issues with Outdated iPhone Models

Messy performance can be expected with obsolete iOS versions. Newer apps and features leveraging the latest hardware capabilities and software optimizations can put unsupported iPhone models in a tight spot – sluggishness, lagging, and compatibility issues ahoy! It’s enough to drive someone up the wall – these problems sap the device’s functionality and provide an irritating user experience.

For those stuck with an incompatible device, there are a few things to keep in mind. Upgrading to a supported iPhone model with the latest iOS may be the way to go- giving you access to awesome new features, better performance, advanced data protection, and app compatibility that will stay up-to-date. However, if you opt to stay on your unfavored iPhone model, then you may have no choice but deal with the limitations of running an outdated OS – which ain’t gonna be peachy!


How to Find Out Which iPhone Model You Have

Unsure of which iPhone you have? No prob! Locating your phone’s model is super simple. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Pop open the Settings app.
  2. Go to General > About and you’ll see the Model Name, which will identify your phone.
  3. You can take it a step further by also checking out the Model Number for more details on capacity and release year. But unless you’re an iPhone SE user, there’s no need to do that for iOS compatibility purposes.



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Wrapping it all up, iOS compatibility is essential for Apple devices to really shine. It’s all about the hardware and software possibilities, and Apple releases updates for older models until they simply can’t keep up. But incompatible iPhones are doomed to deal with a range of drawbacks – from not having access to the newest features, app-issues, security risks, and dismal performance. The way forward? Upgrade to a device that meets the latest iOS standards! You’ll be rewarded with enriched features, better performance, and robust security – or should you decide to stay behind with an outdated model, expect your device’s potential to be (sadly!) limited. Jot this down: knowing these implications will lead you in making smart decisions for an optimal user experience!