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T-Mobile is one of the most recognizable brands in the world of mobile communications. Established in 1999, T-Mobile is among the top mobile providers in the United States. With more and more people starting to switch to smartphones, the demand for T-Mobile has never been higher. Fortunately, smartphone manufacturers have been ramping it up as well, which is why there are a lot of T-Mobile phones for sale that people can easily choose from.

In the next sections, you will find out the best smartphone finds offered by T-Mobile. You’ll also learn the benefits of getting your phone from T-Mobile and the possible drawbacks.

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Best T-Mobile Phones for Sale

Get ready to own the best smartphones in town offered by T-Mobile. Check out what will suit your needs and style.


Display 6.1″ Super Retina XDR (2532 x 1170 pixels)
OS version iOS 15 and higher
Memory 4 GB of RAM
Storage 128GB / 256 GB / 512 GB / 1TB
Camera Triple 12MP Ultra Wide + Wide + Telephoto, 12MP True Depth Front Cam
Battery capacity Built‑in rechargeable lithium‑ion battery

The iPhone 13 Pro is perhaps the most powerful smartphone as of this writing. In many respects, it is one of the most advanced handheld devices of its class primarily because of the A15 Bionic chip under its hood. This chip allows the device to possess artificial intelligence capabilities not seen on other smartphones. Due to this chip, Apple says the iPhone 13 Pro blurs the line between reality and augmented reality.

On top of this, the iPhone 13 Pro has an impressive camera system that can rival even professional cameras today. In a nutshell, the Pro 12MP camera system allows a user to take pictures and videos using Telephoto, Wide, and Ultra Wide cameras. Essentially, this device has more capture capabilities in contrast to the previous generations of iPhone.

Even more impressive is its storage capacities expanding from 128 GB up to 1TB. This is an impressive bump for iPhone fans as they’d be able to store all important files and bring them wherever they go — access them whenever they need to.

The iPhone 13 Pro is probably one of the high-end T-Mobile phones for sale today. You can get this handset for $33.34/mo over 30 months with a $0 down payment from T-Mobile. However, you can buy it in full from Apple for $999.


Display 6.4″ FDH+ Display (2340 x 1080 pixels)
OS version Android 12
Memory 6GB and 8GB RAM options
Storage 128 GB and 256 GB
Camera 32MP Front Facing Camera, 12MP (Wide) + 8MP (Tele) + 12MP (Ultra-Wide) Rear Camera
Battery capacity Li-Ion 4500 mAh, non-removable

For Samsung Galaxy fans, here’s what T-Mobile offers for sale. For $29.17/mo over 24 months with a $0 down payment, you’ll be able to get the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. Rivaling the impressive camera system of the iPhone 13 fleet, the S21 FE 5G boasts a triple-lens camera + portrait mode system that takes impressive and visually dynamic images.

Furthermore, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor profoundly makes the S21 FE 5G a phone of choice whether you are a gamer, social media influencer, or someone who’s constantly glued to their work. This is because the handset is jam-packed with features that we never saw coming in any Galaxy unit couple of years back.

Finally, there’s a lot to unpack when it comes to connectivity using one of these T-Mobile phones for sale, considering it is 5G ready. Get the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G from T-Mobile.


Display 6.7″ LTPO QHD+ Smooth Display (3210 x 1440 pixels)
OS version Android 12
Memory 12GB of RAM
Storage 128GB / 256 GB / 512 GB
Camera 50MP Wide + 12MP UltraWide + 48MP Telephoto Lens, 11MP Front Facing Camera
Battery capacity Li-Ion 5003 mAh, non-removable

If the iPhone 13 Pro and Samsung S21 FE 5G simply didn’t resonate with you, perhaps you can try the Google Pixel 6 Pro. This T-Mobile phone for sale is as impressive in terms of feature as the first two ones we have featured so far. Its display size is, without a question, one of the widest in the market today. This allows for better media viewing and even gaming.

Under its hood is the proprietary Google Tensor processor, which powers the entire unit. With this chipset, Google says the Pixel 6 Pro is 80% faster than Pixel 5. In addition, Google developers promise the Pixel 6 Pro will give “a new experience from Google that’s all about you.” A few features to suggest the Pixel 6 Pro gives a new experience are the following:

  • Pixel Camera system
  • Display can refresh to 120Hz for easy scrolling and responsive gaming
  • TitanM2TM security chip helps protect the user and user data

Pixel phone fans can get their hands on this unit for  $31.25/mo. for 24 mos. with $149.99 down from T-Mobile.


Display 6.1″ Super Retina XDR (2532 x 1170 pixels)
OS version iOS 15 and higher
Memory 4 GB of RAM
Storage 128GB / 256 GB / 512 GB / 1TB
Camera Triple 12MP Ultra Wide + Wide + Telephoto, 12MP True Depth Front Cam
Battery capacity Built‑in rechargeable lithium‑ion battery

There are only a few differences between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. For one, the camera systems between the two are slightly different. The iPhone 13 is shy of telephoto capabilities — a feature responsible for taking visually dynamic and robust images using the new generation of the iPhone. In addition, the iPhone 13 is shy of the shooting range; it can only go as far as 2x optical zoom. In contrast, the iPhone 13 Pro has a 6x zoom range.

In terms of battery life, the iPhone 13 is as impressive but not robust as the iPhone 13 Pro. The former can go up to 19 hours of video playback. Meanwhile, the latter has a 22 hours video playback capability under its belt.

Lastly, the iPhone 13 only has three storage capacities; it’s shy of the 1TB capacity seen in both iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Nonetheless, the iPhone 13 is one of the best T-Mobile phones for sale. You can get this device for $26.67/mo. for 30 mos. with $0 down from T-Mobile.


Display 6.4″ FHD+ Smooth Display (2340 x 1080 pixels)
OS version Android 12
Memory 8GB of RAM
Storage 128GB / 256 GB
Camera 50MP Wide Lens + 12MP Ultra Wide Lens, 8MP Front Facing Camera
Battery capacity Li-Ion 4614 mAh, non-removable

As is with any base model of a phone, there are differences and similarities between the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro. When these two were released, the stark difference is the price range; the Pixel 6 has a $300 difference from the Pixel 6 Pro.

The Pixel 6 base unit is smaller in display size standing at 6.4″ only. It also has watered-down storage and memory capacities in contrast to the Pixel 6 Pro. While the camera system of the Pixel 6 is impressive, it’s shy of the telephoto lens that we see in the Pixel 6 Pro. Nonetheless, users can expect visually dynamic images from the base Pixel 6 unit.

You can get the Pixel 6 phone from T-Mobile for $25.00/mo. for 24 mos. with $0 down.


Display 6.1″ Super Retina XDR display (2532 x 1170 pixels)
OS version iOS 15 and higher
Memory 4 GB of RAM
Storage 128GB / 256 GB / 512 GB
Camera Triple 12MP Cameras: Ultra Wide + Wide + Telephoto, 12MP TrueDepth Front Camera
Battery capacity Li-Ion 2815 mAh, non-removable (10.78 Wh)

Uncompromising — this is how the world would describe the iPhone 12 Pro. It’s uncompromising in terms of functionality, design, and features. While it does not run with the A15 Bionic chip, the A14 chip under its hood enables the device to function top-notch.

Essentially, the iPhone 12 Pro has some of the best technologies and features one can hope to get out of an iPhone. With the exception of not having a 1TB unit option, the cinematic mode in 1080p at 30 fps camera option, and smaller display dimension, this device can still outperform other smartphones of its class.

Additionally, the iPhone 12 Pro is capable of up to 17 hours of video playback. While that is not as long playback time as its counterparts like the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max, the 17 hours of playback is still robust in contrast to its competition.

Get the iPhone 12 Pro from T-Mobile for $30.00/mo. for 30 mos. with $99.99 down.


Display 6.5″ HD+ LCD Infinity-V (1600 x 720 pixels)
OS version Android 11
Memory 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB of RAM
Storage 64GB and 128GB
Camera 48MP Main Camera, 13MP Front Camera
Battery capacity Li-Ion 5000 mAh, non-removable

Among the Samsung Galaxy fleet, the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is the most affordable unit and one that has the best offerings from Samsung. One of its main strengths is its display dimension. The pixels in this Samsung Galaxy unit produce bold and crisp colors that expand edge to edge, giving users a different experience of viewing pleasure.

Moreover, its camera system is another beauty to exploit. The images produced by the next level, five-lens camera will surely capture the best frames and memories. On top of this, with the Android 11 running on an octa-core processor, the device is expected to perform without disappointments.

For those who are looking for an impressive smartphone without punching a hole in your wallets, the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is one of the best T-Mobile phones on sale.


Display Fluid AMOLED, 6.55 inches (1080 x 2400 pixels)
OS version Android 10 + OxygenOS 10.0
Memory 8 GB of RAM
Storage 128 GB or 256 GB without External slot
Camera Triple Camera (48 MP wide, 2MP macro, 16 MP ultrawide), 16 MP front camera
Battery capacity Non-removable Li-Po 4300 mAh  (30W Fast charging)

The OnePlus 8 is one of the T-Mobile phones for sale from OnePlus. In terms of specifications, the OnePlus 8 pretty much has the same numbers as the 7T. The only noticeable difference between the two are the batteries and the camera. Also, the 5G capability gives OnePlus 8 the advantage over its previous reincarnations.

Apart from the 5G ability, one of the phone’s biggest assets is its battery. The OnePlus 8 has a 4300 mAh battery that passed developer tests with flying colors. At 90Hz, this phone could last up to 10 hours of LTE surfing with a maxed-out brightness. Much like recent OnePlus phones, the OnePlus 8 also features the OxygenOS, which is one of the most visually appealing UIs out there today.

You can get the OnePlus 8 on T-Mobile for $29.17 per month on a 24-month plan. The full price of the phone is $699.99. If your budget is around those prices, you might want to include this phone on your shortlist.


Why Should You Get T-Mobile Phones?

Mentioned above are eight of the T-Mobile phones that you can buy today. But then you might take a pause and ask yourself, why should you get your next phone from them? Well, this article can help answer that.

T-Mobile is one of the leading mobile network companies in the US. That alone is a good reason already to trust this company. If that’s not enough, maybe one of the unlimited data network plans can win you over. Furthermore, T-Mobile plans can also come with Netflix or Quibi without any extra charges. Now that’s a budget-saver!

T-Mobile phones also have Wi-Fi Calling, which allows users to call or text for free using their T-Mobile phone number. To add to that, T-Mobile phones for sale right now will work in Mexico and Canada without roaming. There won’t be any setup needed as well. Pretty cool, right?

Just recently, T-Mobile also released the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. With this, users could enjoy free stuff and other deals. Think of it as an exclusive membership in a fancy organization that gives you better deals from places like Pizza Hut or Adidas.


Things to Consider Before You Buy T-Mobile Phones

Phone Use

Before you rush off to buy one of the T-Mobile phones for sale mentioned above, you have to think about your phone-to-be’s use first. Are you looking to use it for gaming? If so, you might want to consider phones with larger RAM and perhaps a large screen. The iPhones have always been great gaming phones. If you are more into Android phones, the Note and the S20 can be your next buy.

If you are the type to use your phone endlessly to binge-watch movies, you should get a phone with a larger and better display. Now, for simple and casual users, the budget smartphones above should be good enough.



Another thing that you should consider before buying a T-Mobile phone is the price you are willing to pay. Not everyone is willing to invest in a flagship phone with flagship prices. In line with that, these high-end phones are not needed by everyone as well.

To determine your budget, it is important to specify the purpose of your phone first. After that, you can check your finances if you could break the bank a little bit or if you would have to stay strictly within a tight range. What’s good about T-Mobile is that you could easily talk to them about your needs and they will offer your suggestions in return.


Network Needs

T-Mobile phones come with T-Mobile network plans. With the tons of options under the said network, it won’t be too hard to look for a plan that will cater to your needs. A good way to prepare for this is to track your consumption first before getting a new phone.


Reasons Not to Get T-Mobile Phones

Of course, there are some cons to getting your phone from T-Mobile. One of the biggest drawbacks of getting your phone from them is their price list. As one of the largest cellular networks in the world, T-Mobile plans do not come at a cheap price. Budgeting and financing your way through this may get a little more complicated than buying unlocked phones.

To add to that, T-Mobile’s coverage can be a little iffy as well. Despite having that amazing Canada and Mexico reach, the carrier can be shaky in some parts of the US. This is, of course, in relative comparison to other carriers.


Final Word

The best T-Mobile phones for sale today are the best smartphones you can list down as well. T-Mobile has done a great job of including the top smartphones in the market, from flagship units to budget phones.

With the many options for the phones and plans under T-Mobile, creating the right budget can be a headache. It is one step you really could not skip, though. Your network needs and your phone use are also important. If you are having a hard time, you can always ask T-Mobile for suggestions.

In the end, the choice will be yours and as long as you think the phone will make you happy, everything will be good.