The Best Value T-Mobile Prepaid Plans to Get Right Now

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Staying connected to the internet nowadays is already a necessity. It’s bane without a reliable connection, especially now that almost the entire world is shifting to digital. But we can’t always have the efficiency of a WiFi connection we have at home. When outside, free internet zones are not that reliable, and using a pocket WiFi is so out of fashion. The easiest access to the internet left for us is through our mobile phones. This is the perfect time to consider your carrier plan. There are good options, but T-Mobile prepaid plans offer exceptional features and benefits.

However, there are many things to consider before you get a cellular prepaid plan. Sometimes, choosing the one that fits your needs and budget is a headache. In this article, we’ll walk you through the current T-Mobile prepaid plans and help you identify the best one for you.


T-Mobile Prepaid Plans

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1. Simply Prepaid

Simply Prepaid is T-Mobile’s non-unlimited data plan. The rate of this plan depends on the number of lines. One line costs $4o and adds another $30 for every additional line. This doesn’t include taxes and additional fees yet. Each of these lines gets up to 10 GB of high-speed 4G LTE data with unlimited calling and texting. Once a user consumes all the allotted 10 GB data, the speed will decrease to 2G until the next billing cycle. The Simply Prepaid plan also includes high-speed mobile hotspot data, which is charged to the user’s monthly data allotment.



  • Unlimited calls and messaging for domestic use
  • 5G access – access to 5G with a capable phone within 5G coverage areas
  • Free music streaming – stream songs from top music services like iHeart Radio, Rapsody, Spotify, etc.
  • DataMaximizer – optimizes video streaming to prolong the data access
  • International Options – an additional 5 GB of data access and international calls
  • No Overages
  • No Contract / Credit Check – no fixed term for this plan
  • WiFi Calling & Texting – allows users to make texts and calls beyond the reach of cellular data
  • Other features – voicemail with message alert, emergency calls, call waiting, caller ID, customer care, conference calling


Recommended For:

The Simply Prepaid plan is recommended for people who do not need a huge amount of data per month. It caters to your basic needs for streaming with the exact amount of data and network speed. Out of all the three options, this prepaid plan is the cheapest.


2. Simply Prepaid Unlimited

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One of the two unlimited plans that T-Mobile offers is the Simply Prepaid Unlimited plan. If you are looking for a plan of more than 10 GB, this one might get your attention. It offers unlimited 4G LTE data per month, and it comes with unlimited texts and calls in the US. But despite being advertised as unlimited, this plan doesn’t quite give users a data cap-free internet. Once users exceed 50 GB of data usage, they might experience a slow connection because of bandwidth throttling.

The Simply Prepaid Unlimited plan costs $50 for one line. Users can add up to four lines with a $30 additional charge for each. A noticeable difference is, unlike the Simply Prepaid plan, Simply Prepaid Unlimited does not cater 4G hotspot. Instead, there is an unlimited hotspot usage with the data stream limited to 3G speeds. Likewise, the monthly charges of this plan do not include taxes and fees.



  • International Options – offers 5 GB of 4G data in selected countries
  • 5G Access – 5G access for 5G capable phones within 5G coverage areas
  • Data Maximizer – allows your data to last longer with optimized video streaming
  • HD Video option – presents an HD quality video streaming for 24 hours; costs $3/month using an on-demand pass (This excludes mobile hotspot.)
  • WiFi Calling and Texting – allows users to send and receive calls and texts with no additional pay; the calls and texts are accessible anywhere in the US
  • Other features – emergency calls, caller ID, customer care, conference calling, voicemail with message alert


Recommended For:

The Simply Prepaid Unlimited is ideal for heavy streamers. This plan is appropriate for those who are looking for a cheap unlimited plan. It has an exceptional high-speed data allowance that is helpful for HD quality video streaming. Like the previous plan, this comes with unlimited texts.


3. Simply Prepaid Unlimited Plus

With a slight cost increase, Simply Prepaid Unlimited Plus plan offers almost the same features that Simply Prepaid Unlimited does. Users get unlimited texts and calls alongside unlimited high-speed data. But there is one noticeable difference between the two plans; users will get 10 GB of hotspot data per month at 4G LTE speeds. Once this hotspot data cap is consumed, the mobile hotspot will go back to the unlimited 3G speeds.

You can get Simply Prepaid Unlimited Plus for up to five lines. The base rate is worth $60 per month, which adds $30 for every additional line.



  • 5G Access – access to 5G using a 5G capable phone inside a 5G coverage area
  • International Options – offers texts and calls to Mexico and Canada by adding up to 5 GB of 4G data
  • Data Maximizer – streaming videos are optimized so the data last longer; stream videos with DVD quality (480p or better)
  • HD Video Option – HD quality video streaming for a whole day for $3/month when you use an on-demand pass (Not available for hotspot)
  • WiFi Calling and Texting – sets automatically and needs no additional cost for calling and texting over WiFi anywhere in the US
  • Other features – voicemail with message alert, emergency calls, call waiting, caller ID, conference calling, customer care


Recommended For:

If you are a heavy streamer who at the same time needs an extra GB for emergency purposes, this plan is the best for you. Its advantage compared to the first two plans is its additional mobile hotspot usage at 4G LTE speeds.


T-Mobile Prepaid Plan Add-ons

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As you would notice, the basic T-Mobile prepaid plans don’t include international calls, texts, and data. If you want to avail of these things, you need to shell out a little bit extra. If you are travelling in Mexico or Canada and need to contact someone at home you can pay additional five dollar per month to be able to send texts and calls. This also comes with a 5GB data allowance at 4G LTE speed.

If it happens that you are anywhere the US, Mexico, and Canada and have to talk to someone from another country, you can avail of T-Mobile’s Stateside International Calling add-on. This gives you international landline calls in over 70 countries as well as unlimited mobile calls in over 30 destinations.


How to Get T-Mobile Prepaid Plans?

Now that you know some best value prepaid plans by T-Mobile, learn how to get one by following these steps. Aside from choosing a plan that will fit your interest, there are other factors that you need to consider.

1. Get a T-Mobile Phone

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For a faster and more economical setup, it’s ideal to subscribe to a T-Mobile plan using a T-Mobile phone. Aside from providing network services, T-Mobile also has the best phone units from the best phone makers like Samsung, Apple, and Motorola. They also normally offer them in bundled plans, which could be the best deals you can get.


2. Check Your Phone’s Network Compatibility

If you already have a phone and don’t wish to purchase a new one, T-Mobile also has a bring-your-own-phone program. All you have to do is to make sure that your phone is unlocked. An unlocked phone means the user gets to choose a carrier network for the device. Most of the phones sold by carrier networks are locked and tied to the network.

One way to check your phone’s compatibility is through the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. It is a 15-digit number that determines whether a mobile device is locked or unlocked. Your phone’s IMEI can usually be found in the settings under the About Phone information. Alternatively, you can dial *#06# and your phone’s IMEI should appear on your screen.

To check if it’s compatible with T-Mobile, head on to the T-Mobile resources page and enter your device’s IMEI. In a matter of seconds, it will be able to tell the status of your phone whether it’s carrier-locked or not.


3. Check the Network Coverage in Your Area

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Checking the network coverage in your area is the first thing you will want to do before getting or switching to a new carrier network. While T-Mobile has 62% nationwide 4G coverage, it’s not always safe to assume that your area has a strong reception of the network. It is still better to check than feel sorry.

You can quickly locate a cell tower map to check if your area has a strong T-Mobile coverage. On the coverage map page of T-Mobile, you can type in your location and you will know the speed coverage in your area.


4. Sign up to a T-Mobile Prepaid Plan

To be able to get a T-Mobile Prepaid plan, you must first have an existing account on T-Mobile. There are two options in signing up: online or calling T-Mobile. You can also make an account or sign in through the T-Mobile app. Through the app, users can remotely manage their accounts, subscribe to a plan, pay bills, and more. On the “Account” tab, you will see the plan you are currently subscribed to and the details. You can change your plans on the same tab or create and subscribe to a new one.


T-Mobile Alternatives

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Aside from T-Mobile, there are other major wireless carriers that you can choose from. These are some alternatives that can also provide your network needs. Check and see for yourself if the features you are looking for are present in these carriers and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs).


AT&T has several prepaid plan options. These are mainly categorized into three: unlimited, shared, or prepaid data plans. Each plan is unique and is guaranteed to provide its users with the best service possible. They offer unique features and benefits that are certainly helpful for everyone’s needs.


Verizon Wireless

Among the big four network providers in the US, Verizon has the widest and strongest coverage. In terms of prepaid plans, Verizon is also certainly up to the game. It offers functional plans whether you are looking for a single line or a family type. Moreover, users have the chance to choose perks like mobile hotspot, Apple Music, or cloud storage. Some of the best Verizon wireless plans will surely fit everyone’s needs. Whether a user is a web-surfer or someone who loves to binge-watch on Netflix, there is an appropriate plan for them.

Google Fi

Introduced and powered by Google, Google Fi is another cell phone carrier with flexible plans. It offers a feature-packed network that is greatly designed to fit your data usage. Currently, this alternative supports three mobile networks including T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular. Google Fi has simpler pricing for smarter coverage. Users can join from home without the need for activation fees, contracts, or store visits. With high-speed coverage, you can stay connected wherever you are. It has the best signal that can shift between three mobile networks and has secure Wi-Fi hotspots. With all these and more, look beyond what Google Fi is and decide if it is worth your penny.



T-Mobile is undeniably an exceptional network carrier. Besides prepaid, there are other options like postpaid and essential family plans. They come packed with great features and solid nationwide coverage. Not only that, but T-mobile prepaid plans also offer well-thought pricing. It has become so popular and useful as their unlimited plans come with all-in talk, text, and data. Network carrier competition is tough, but T-mobile’s awesome perks and features are still the ones to beat.