Galaxy S22 Ultra Leaks and Rumors: What We Know So Far

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Samsung never ceases to amaze its patrons with its new releases. Known for its variety of smartphones and tablets, Samsung continues to innovate its gadgets with each one better than the last. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is no exception. Set to wow audiences with a bold design and unique features, it’s going to be hard to miss out on this phone. Some of the features to look out for are its 6.8-inch AMOLED screen and its unusual “P” shape camera. The phone also marks a first for Samsung phones. Contrary to its other models, this phone might just be the first to run on the Exynos with an AMD GPU. There are a lot of expectations for this phone and its release can’t come any faster.

With the phone’s release rumored to be sometime in early 2022, we’ve compiled what we know so far about the Galaxy S22 Ultra to keep you hyped up. This article will give you a rundown of what you need to know about this new Samsung phone from the display down to some of its rumored features.

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  3. Galaxy S22 Ultra: What Else to Look Forward To


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Release Date and Price

There is no exact release date for the Galaxy S22 Ultra just yet. However, the smartphone is said to make its debut sometime in 2022.

If we’re referring to the release of its predecessor, the Galaxy S21, the phone might be released in the first few months of 2022. While the S-series phones usually launch in March, the company made a bold move to release the Galaxy S21 in January 2021. With this, there are speculations that the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the S22 series will launch sometime in January or February 2022.

Samsung usually releases its flagship phones with a 12-month difference. If the S22 Ultra comes out in early 2022, it would still allow the S21 models to have a breather. It would also provide audiences with ample time to anticipate the release of the new line of Samsung’s flagship phones.

As for the price, the device might go for somewhere between $800 and $1,000. It might not be as affordable as the S21 but it won’t be as expensive as the S20 either. The price will be just between those two phones as the sales of the S21 were better than the S20 because of its affordability. But of course, don’t expect the prices for the phone to be low either as the S22 Ultra packs a lot of features and an even bolder design to boot.


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Specs to Expect

To date, Samsung is one of the brands with the best specs in the market. With each release, Samsung finds ways to innovate its previous designs and make them better. The specs of the Galaxy S22 Ultra are far from confirmed, but the leaks give us an idea of what to expect from this phone. From its design down to the additional features, there is a lot to look forward to with the phone and we can only hope that the device truly delivers.

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Design and Form Factor

The S22 Ultra might debut with two other phones in the S22 line. However, this device has a bolder design than the two other models that will look similar to the phones from the S21 line. The S22 Ultra aims to wow audiences with its curves and flat lines that make it notably different from other Samsung phones.

Its design and form factor is reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with its curved glass and flat top and bottom. The device also has a uniquely shaped back camera housing for its quad cameras. There are rumors of the phone having an integrated S Pen, which reminds us of the Note line that we didn’t see in 2021. This will make the phone highly distinguishable among the other devices in the Samsung S line.

s22 ultra s pen
© Photo by Technizo Concept from Youtube

The S22 Ultra might measure roughly around 163.2 x 77.9 x 8.9mm. It will also be 10.55mm thick. It is a significantly larger phone than the other phones in its product line. While there is still no confirmation to these claims, the Galaxy S22 Ultra looks like a phone that’s fit to become one of the best phablets in terms of its design and form factor.



In terms of performance, the S22 line is set to come out with two different chips. One of the devices will have the standard Qualcomm SoC while the other will be powered by Samsung’s Exynos chip.

Samsung phones with the Exynos chip aren’t new to the market. There are existing phones that have the chip, but these were only released in Europe. The Galaxy S22 Ultra might just be the first to contain RDNA 2 GPU cores because of the brand’s partnership with AMD. If the leaks about the S22 Ultra containing the new Exynos chip are true, then users will be treated to a better performance that can run games at a better rate. Not only will the S22 Ultra be great for productivity but it’s looking like a great gaming phone that gamers will enjoy.

Apart from the news about the Exynos chip, there are no further leaks about the phone’s performance at present. However, it’s looking to be a promising phone that is notably more powerful than some of Samsung’s previous phones.


Display and Graphics

As mentioned, the S22 Ultra might come with a new Exynos chip that will significantly boost the phone’s graphic quality. Not only will it run games better but it’ll also provide users with a better, brighter, and more crisp display quality.

S22 Ultra display
© Photo by Technizo Concept from Youtube

The device could have a 6.81-inch screen with a bright and beautiful AMOLED screen. It’s bigger than the other phones that it might debut with. This makes the phone a great substitute for a Galaxy Note since we might not see a release from that line next year.

Apart from that, there is no further news or developments when it comes to the S22 Ultra’s display. However, you can expect that its overall quality will be better than other Samsung phones because of the Exynos chip that it might come with.



These days, camera specs are important to most users and the S22 Ultra does not disappoint with its rumored camera specs.

The device is set to impress patrons with a 108 MP primary camera with improvements in focus and optical image stabilization. Contrary to the S21 Ultra which has the same sensor, this phone will have more stable autofocus and a better camera set-up. Apart from the primary camera, the phone will also come with an ultra-wide camera with optical image stabilization. The device will also have telephoto cameras. Further upgrades include 12 MP sensors from the previous 10MP and 3x to 10x zoom lengths.

s22 ultra camera
© Photo by Technizo Concept from Youtube

In terms of the selfie camera, you have a 40 MP sensor with improved lens quality. A leak also states that the device will have the traditional hole-punch cutout rather than the under-display tech on the Z Fold 3. This will allow for better photo and display quality.

If you’re fond of taking photos, the Galaxy S22 Ultra might provide you with one of the best qualities that a phone can offer. But don’t forget to take this information with a grain of salt as there are still a couple of months to the device’s release and none of the leaks has been confirmed as of writing.



Leaks state that the Galaxy S22 line will have smaller batteries. We might see 3,800- and 4,000-mAh batteries in this line. However, there are also leaks that S22 Ultra will retain the 5,000-mAh batteries. This makes the phone a better choice for users who need devices with longer battery life. The phone would also have better performance if you’re looking for a device that won’t run out of batteries easily.

Generally, you can get about 50 hours from a 5,000-mAh battery. You can easily make the most of the phone for an entire day depending on your usage. Nonetheless, the retention of the 5,000-mAh battery is a good choice if it’s going to be on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Apart from that, not much is known about the battery of the S22 Ultra. There are no further leaks that confirm whether the phone will also have fast charging. We can only anticipate its release and see just how strong the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be in terms of battery life.


Galaxy S22 Ultra: What Else to Look Forward To

Apart from its impressive camera, rumored chipset, and design, the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a couple of more features to look out for.

First, many leaks claim that the phone will have an integrated S Pen slot. As seen on a dummy model of the phone, there is enough room for the phone to have an S Pen slot which might just confirm the leaks. We can never say for sure yet but if the S22 Ultra does have an integrated S Pen, it will allow for more productivity and will certainly make the phone a cut above the rest.

Apart from that, the phone might also have a speaker grille that’ll provide an extra layer of protection for the phone’s speaker. The phone might also have a USB-C port which isn’t new for most phones these days.

Many users are still waiting for further developments when it comes to updates for the other features as most of the leaks are geared towards the S Pen slot. We might just need to wait a bit more before we can get news about more of the phone’s other features.



Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra looks to be a very promising phone. As a part of the brand’s flagship, the phone is set to wow its audiences with more improvements and upgrades from its predecessors. With the leaks about the S Pen slot, it will also be a great substitute for the Galaxy Note, which is reportedly phasing out. As all of the news about the S22 Ultra are still rumors and leaks, it’s best to take them with a grain of salt and to manage your expectations when the phone comes out next year. However, that doesn’t diminish the excitement that enthusiasts have for the phone. Nonetheless, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is looking to be one of Samsung’s most awaited flagship phones to date and we cannot wait for its release to come any faster.