10 Best Samsung Phones to Get in 2022 (Reviews & Comparison)

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

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Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

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There are various Samsung phones now available in the market and they have different prices and features, which make your decision of getting one a bit hard. So, to help you find the best Samsung phones, we have reviewed and compared here noteworthy models you should get today. We considered the phones with the best cameras, battery power, display, storage space, and security. Read on to see what models made it to our top picks!


Comparison of the Best Samsung Phones to Get This 2022


Phones Weight Dimension OS Screen Size
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 183g 166 x 72.2 x 6.9mm (open); 86.4 x 72.2 x 15.9-17.1mm (folded) Android 11 6.7 inches
Samsung Galaxy A52 5G 189g 159.9 x 75.1 x 8.4mm Android 11 6.5 inches
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G 177g 155.7 x 74.5 x 7.9mm Android 12 6.4 inches
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 227g 165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9mm Android 11 6.8 inches
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 169g 151.7 x 71.2 x 7.9mm Android 11 6.2 inches
Samsung Galaxy S20 163g 151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9mm Android 10 6.2 inches
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 183g 167.3 x 73.6 x 7.2mm Android 10 6.4 inches
Samsung Galaxy A51 172g 158.5 x 73.6 x 7.9mm Android 10 6.5 inches
Samsung Galaxy A80 220g 164.8 x 76.4 x 8.4mm Android 9.0 (Upgradable to Android 10) 6.7 inches
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G 205g 164.2 x 76.1 x 9.1mm Android 11 6.5 inches


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is a marvelous piece of technology. Combining the nostalgia of vertical-flip phones and the advancement of foldable screens, the smartphone is worth its hefty price tag.

That’s not only what you’ll like about the device. If you always need to stay connected, you’ll appreciate that the foldable phone can give you better cellular connectivity using 5G. If you love capturing memories, you’ll be happy it can shoot at best 4K videos at 60fps. And if gaming is your thing, you’ll be thankful that the gadget uses Snapdragon 888 chipset to run even data- and storage-heavy games smoothly.

Perhaps the only downsides of the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G are its 10MP selfie and 12MP main cameras, and 3,300mAh battery life that are subpar compared to the other best Samsung phones. Nonetheless, this is an iconic smartphone to have due to the screen technology and elegant looks.


Samsung’s Galaxy A line of smartphones continue to prove that mid-range devices can pack a punch. Among the current best Samsung phones in the series is the A52 5G. Of course, it being a 5G device despite being half the price of a flagship is primarily what makes it popular. But there’s more about the said gadget that might interest you.

The A52 5G boasts impressive quad cameras (one 64MP, one 12MP, two 5MP) and a great selfie camera (32MP) that are more than enough to get you clear snapshots and 4K videos no matter the angle. Also, inside it is a Snapdragon 750G chipset that can run big programs and games with ease. And to support the powerful functions it has, the smartphone features 128GB storage and adopts a 4,500mAh battery that charges fast over 25W.


The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G is among the best Samsung phones in 2022. That’s not surprising. It has the looks and impressive specs list to back that up.

As regards appearance, the smartphone comes in colors you don’t usually see on gadgets: olive and lavender instead of only the classic black or white. And its metallic accents make it look premium. The screen, meanwhile, is Dynamic AMOLED 2x that is known for being vibrant. Toughened using Gorilla Glass Victus, the display is scratch- and drop-resistant.

Now, here are some of the notable powerful features of the gadget. The S21 FE 5G touts a Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100 chipset that the latest flagships use to perform impeccably. You’ll enjoy its superb performance all day thanks to the 4,500mAh battery that supports up to 25W and reverse charging.

Furthermore, the phone showcases a triple main camera setup comprised of 12MP ultrawide, 12MP wide-angle, and 8MP telephoto shutters which are decent. The selfie camera is great at 32MP, perfect for today’s generation of shutterbugs.


The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is one of the best Samsung phones that work with a stylus. That isn’t everything that makes it great, though. In fact, this model is a very powerful camera phone.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G has a jaw-dropping 108MP wide-angle camera paired with its 12MP ultrawide, and 10MP telephoto and periscope telephoto lenses. Plus, it can shoot videos with up to 8K resolution and zoom up to 100x. Of course, it won’t be that impressive if its power source is so-so; therefore, the device is fitted with a 5,000mAh battery you can charge fast over 25W.

The camera specifications highlighted are more than what the average joe needs, but if you’re on the hunt for back-up professional photography devices, the S21 Ultra 5G is for you.


If the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is too big for you or you don’t need the best Samsung phones with styluses, you can go for the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G instead.

This 5G iteration of the brand’s flagship smartphone has a slightly smaller screen (6.2 inches) than the S21 Ultra 5G (6.8 inches). Thus, it’s easier to grip. Internals-wise, it still bears a Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100 chipset and a fingerprint sensor under the display, so expect the same optimum performance and security.

By choosing this over the S21 Ultra 5G, though, you get a 64MP version of the telephoto camera instead of a 108MP shutter and can only zoom in 30x instead of 100x. But that shouldn’t matter that much if you’re only into casual photography; the 108MP camera is geared at professional shutterbugs anyway.

Although not the current flagship anymore, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is still among the best Samsung phones ever. It has a display size of 6.4 inches. Under the hood, the Galaxy S20 adopts a Snapdragon 865 or Exynos 990 CPU, which is still impressive nowadays.

The cameras of the Galaxy S20 isn’t that powerful as the S21 Ultra 5G’s but are reliable. To elaborate, the front camera is 10MP, while the triple rear camera system includes a 64MP telephoto camera. They are also capable of recording videos in 8K. 

Apart from what’s mentioned, the Galaxy S20 supports a single take. That means it allows you to shoot for up to 10 seconds and gives you the best styles to choose from without needing to reshoot.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 too pricey for you? You can still get for yourself the original version, the the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. With it, you’ll save a bit and be able to join the flip phone craze. The phone has a foldable hinge in the middle that runs horizontally like the Flip3.

Inside the Galaxy Z Flip is a Snapdragon 855 chipset that’s still good in today’s standards. It also comes with 8GB RAM, which is actually large enough for whatever task you plan on doing with your phone.

All in all, the original Z Flip is still a great and iconic flip phone to get your hands on.

The Galaxy A51 is one of the best Samsung phones you can get on a small budget. Despite its low price, the performance, camera, and battery are very much on point. It has a screen size of 6.5 inches, which lets you multitask without any interruption. Its screen is powered by AMOLED technology. This phone also features an Android 10 and from Samsung, the latest One UI updates. 

The Galaxy A51 has one heck of a glossy finish which adds the perfect touch to its slim, sleek body. It features a 48 MP main camera which makes it always capture crisp, and clear photos at all times. It also features an ultrawide 12MP camera which makes sure the phone is capable of capturing more of any landscape view.

The Samsung Galaxy A80 is still one of the best Samsung phones with flair in the mid-range segment, although it has already been a few years since its release. It features a unique rotating camera that allows you to be able to slide up the back of the phone. Also, the rear camera spins to become the one facing forward (front). This trick makes your selfies look as good as your other snaps.

The Galaxy A80 has a 6.7-inch super AMOLED screen and delivers a resolution of 1080x2400p. It runs Android 9.0 (Pie) but can be upgraded to Android 10, and uses a Snapdragon 730 CPU. Storage space is 128 GB while RAM is 8GB. This Samsung Galaxy phone’s battery power is up to 3,700mAh.

Want 5G technology from Samsung but on a tight budget? The best phone you can get that fits the bill is the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G.

This under-$280 smartphone lets you do more on the web thanks to its speedy 5G connectivity. And to support those tasks, it has a 5,000mAh battery you can power up quickly over 15W.

Of course, the low price does have tradeoffs. Among those is that you don’t get an under-display fingerprint scanner, but a traditional side-mounted one. Also, the bezels are a bit thicker than those of the latest models from Samsung.

Nonetheless, the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G remains a popular option among the brand’s A series.

Consider These When Buying Samsung Phones

Need more help choosing the best Samsung phones for you? Here are some of the things to take note of when you want to buy one.



When picking Samsung phones, the first thing to consider is your budget. And as you know, the best Samsung phones have different price ranges. If you’re looking for a low-budget phone, you can go for one of the mid-range Samsung phones from the A Series. 



If you’re the type of user to have tons of apps open simultaneously or you love video-streaming or gaming, it is more than likely that your phone battery would drain faster. This means that you need to go for a phone with a long-lasting battery. Go with the best Samsung phones with 4,500 to 5,000 mAh power.



Phones have RAM and ROM. The RAM determines the phone’s speed as well as its ease of operation, while the ROM is the storage. It is used to store apps, videos, OS, and basically all your files. 

With this, you can understand that phones with higher ROM and ROM simply mean more storage and speed respectively. Thus, pick from Amazon the version of the Samsung phone that has sufficient storage (e.g. 8 GB RAM + 128 GB ROM or better) whenever applicable. You can also decide to extend your ROM with a MicroSD card. 



It is always ideal that you buy a phone with a 5.5 to 6-inch display. The reason for this is that you’ll get to enjoy a rich media experience like that of a tablet PC.


Final Word

Now, you won’t have to ask which Samsung phone is the best again. We gave you not only an insight into the best Samsung phones in 2022 but also a guide on how to buy Samsung phones. We hope it’s now easy for you to pick one that matches your needs.