How To Get Russell Westbrook In NBA Live Mobile

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If you’re a fan of basketball and mobile gaming, you’ve probably heard of NBA Live Mobile. This popular mobile game allows players to build their own team of skilled NBA athletes and compete against others in exciting basketball matches. One player who is highly sought after in NBA Live Mobile is Russell Westbrook, the dynamic and explosive point guard who commands the court with his incredible athleticism and relentless drive. In this article, we will explore how you can add Russell Westbrook to your NBA Live Mobile team, unlocking his game-changing skills and giving you a competitive edge. So if you’re ready to take your team to the next level, let’s dive into the world of NBA Live Mobile and discover how to get Russell Westbrook on your roster.

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Welcome to the exciting world of NBA Live Mobile, where you have the opportunity to build your dream basketball team. One of the most coveted players in the game is none other than the explosive point guard, Russell Westbrook. With his incredible athleticism and relentless drive, Westbrook is a force to be reckoned with on the court. In this article, we will guide you on how to acquire this superstar in NBA Live Mobile.

Obtaining Russell Westbrook in NBA Live Mobile requires a combination of hard work, strategizing, and a little bit of luck. There are two main avenues you can pursue to add Westbrook to your roster: collecting NBA Tokens and completing sets.

NBA Tokens are essential for acquiring top players in NBA Live Mobile, and they serve as a currency within the game. You can earn NBA Tokens by participating in various game modes, including live events and completing sets. These tokens are the key to unlocking exclusive rewards, including the opportunity to obtain Russell Westbrook.

Playing live events is a fantastic way to earn NBA Tokens and get closer to obtaining Russell Westbrook. Live events are special game challenges that refresh regularly and offer different objectives to complete. By completing these events successfully, you can earn a substantial number of NBA Tokens, bringing you one step closer to your goal.

Completing sets is another method to acquire NBA Tokens and eventually Russell Westbrook. In NBA Live Mobile, sets are collections of specific player cards or items. By gathering the required cards or items for a particular set, you can complete it and earn NBA Tokens as a reward. Keep an eye out for sets that provide opportunities to obtain Westbrook’s player card.

Collecting NBA Tokens

If you’re a fan of the NBA and enjoy playing NBA Live Mobile, then you know how important NBA Tokens are for acquiring star players like Russell Westbrook. NBA Tokens are virtual currency in the game that can be used to unlock various features, including player packs and sets. To make sure you have enough NBA Tokens to bring Westbrook into your lineup, here are some tips and strategies for collecting them:

1. Complete Daily Objectives: One of the easiest ways to collect NBA Tokens in NBA Live Mobile is by completing your daily objectives. These objectives are refreshed every day and often reward players with NBA Tokens upon completion. So don’t forget to check them regularly and complete the required tasks to earn those valuable tokens.

2. Participate in Head-to-Head Matches: Engaging in head-to-head matches against other players is not only a great way to test your skills but also a great opportunity to earn NBA Tokens. Each victory in head-to-head matches will reward you with a certain amount of tokens, so aim to win as many matches as possible to accumulate those tokens faster.

3. Complete Season Games and Live Events: Participating in season games and live events is another effective method to collect NBA Tokens. By completing season games, you not only get to enjoy the thrill of playing full games but also earn tokens as rewards for your performance. Additionally, keep an eye out for special live events that offer token rewards. Take advantage of these events and complete them to boost your token count.

4. Exchange Collectibles: Many sets in NBA Live Mobile require certain collectibles to be exchanged for NBA Tokens. Make sure to keep an eye on the sets that offer NBA Token rewards and collect the required items to complete the sets. Once you have the necessary collectibles, exchange them for NBA Tokens and move one step closer to acquiring Russell Westbrook.

5. Participate in Promotional Events: NBA Live Mobile often introduces promotional events tied to real-life NBA events or celebrations. These events can provide extra opportunities to earn NBA Tokens. Keep an eye on the game’s events section and participate in any promotional events that offer token rewards.

With the above strategies in mind, you can start collecting NBA Tokens in NBA Live Mobile and work towards adding Russell Westbrook to your team. Remember to stay active, complete objectives, participate in matches and events, and exchange collectibles for tokens. With dedication and smart gameplay, you’ll soon have enough NBA Tokens to bring a superstar like Westbrook to your roster.

Playing Live Events

Playing Live Events in NBA Live Mobile is a great way to earn rewards and improve your team. Live Events are short challenges that are available for a limited time and refresh regularly. These events allow you to showcase your skills on the court and earn valuable resources to upgrade your team.

To access Live Events, simply navigate to the Live Events tab in the game menu. Here, you will find a variety of events to choose from, ranging from quick drills to full games. Each event has its own set of objectives and rewards.

When playing Live Events, it’s important to pay attention to the difficulty level. Higher difficulty levels offer better rewards but also pose a greater challenge. If you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to begin with the easier events and gradually work your way up.

As you complete Live Events, you’ll earn various rewards such as coins, experience points, and player cards. These resources can be used to improve your team by purchasing better players, upgrading existing players, and unlocking new features in the game.

One important aspect of Live Events is energy. Each event requires a certain amount of energy to play, and your energy pool is limited. Energy regenerates over time, so it’s important to use it strategically and plan your gameplay accordingly. You can also use NBA Cash, the premium currency in the game, to instantly replenish your energy.

Some Live Events are time-limited and only available for a specific duration. It’s a good idea to regularly check the game for new events and take advantage of the limited-time opportunities. These events often offer exclusive rewards that can give your team a significant boost.

Playing Live Events not only helps you earn rewards and improve your team but also provides a fun and engaging gameplay experience. It allows you to test your skills, compete against other players, and progress through the game. So, make sure to regularly participate in Live Events to maximize your NBA Live Mobile experience.

Completing Sets

Completing sets is an essential aspect of acquiring Russell Westbrook in NBA Live Mobile. Sets are collections of player cards or other items that, when combined, offer unique rewards. In order to complete sets efficiently, you’ll need to strategize and dedicate some time to collecting the required items.

First, familiarize yourself with the specific sets that can grant you Russell Westbrook. These sets may require a combination of player cards, trophies, jerseys, or other in-game items. Once you know what is needed, you can focus your efforts on obtaining those specific items.

One way to acquire the necessary items is by participating in live events. These events often reward you with player cards or other set items upon successful completion. Take advantage of these events to boost your collection and inch closer to completing the sets.

Another method is to trade or buy items from other players. Utilize the in-game auction house or online communities to connect with fellow gamers and negotiate trades or purchases. This can be a quicker way to obtain specific items, especially if you are missing a crucial piece to complete a set.

Don’t underestimate the power of patience and persistence. Set completion can take time, as you may need to play multiple live events or wait for certain items to become available in the auction house. Keep checking regularly and keep an eye out for bargains or opportunities to exchange unwanted items.

Lastly, be sure to manage your resources wisely. Some items required for sets may have value outside of completing sets. Consider whether it’s worth parting with a valuable card or item to complete a set, or if it’s more advantageous to hold onto it for other in-game objectives.

Remember, completing sets requires dedication and a bit of luck. Keep grinding, keep collecting, and sooner or later, you will have all the necessary items to claim Russell Westbrook in NBA Live Mobile.


In conclusion, getting Russell Westbrook in NBA Live Mobile can be a challenging task, but with the right strategy and dedication, it is achievable. By understanding the different methods of acquiring players and maximizing your resources, you can increase your chances of adding this superstar point guard to your lineup. Whether through packs, auctions, or sets, each approach has its pros and cons, so it’s important to assess your options and make the best decisions based on your current situation.

Remember to keep an eye on the market trends, be patient, and stay active in participating in events and challenges. Building a strong team requires both strategic planning and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the game. With persistence, skill, and a bit of luck, you’ll be able to secure Russell Westbrook and create a formidable squad that will dominate the virtual basketball court in NBA Live Mobile.


Q: How can I get Russell Westbrook in NBA Live Mobile?
A: To acquire Russell Westbrook in NBA Live Mobile, you can follow these steps:

  • Begin by opening the NBA Live Mobile app on your mobile device.
  • Navigate to the Market section, where you can buy and sell players.
  • Search for Russell Westbrook in the player search bar.
  • Check the available listings for Russell Westbrook and compare their prices.
  • Once you find a suitable listing, make sure you have enough coins or player tokens to make the purchase.
  • If the price is within your budget, go ahead and make the transaction to add Russell Westbrook to your team.

Remember, player prices in the market can fluctuate, so be sure to check regularly and act swiftly if you spot a good deal!

Q: Are there any specific requirements to obtain Russell Westbrook in NBA Live Mobile?
A: There are no specific requirements to obtain Russell Westbrook in the game. However, since he is a highly sought-after player, he might be more expensive compared to other players in the market. Make sure you have enough in-game currency or player tokens to complete the purchase.

Q: Can I acquire Russell Westbrook through in-game events?
A: Yes, NBA Live Mobile occasionally features special events where you can earn player cards, including Russell Westbrook. Keep an eye out for these events and participate actively to increase your chances of obtaining him through gameplay rewards.

Q: Is there a chance to pull Russell Westbrook from card packs?
A: Yes, NBA Live Mobile offers different types of card packs that have a chance to contain elite players like Russell Westbrook. You can try your luck by purchasing these packs from the in-game store or participating in specific events that offer such rewards. However, keep in mind that pulling elite players from packs is generally rare and dependent on luck.

Q: Can I trade for Russell Westbrook with other players?
A: NBA Live Mobile does not currently have a player trading feature. Therefore, you cannot directly trade for Russell Westbrook with other players. Your best bet is to search for him in the marketplace and make a purchase using in-game currency or tokens.