How To Do A Crossover In NBA Live Mobile

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Are you a fan of basketball? Do you enjoy the fast-paced, high-flying action of the NBA? If so, then you’ve probably heard about the popular mobile game, NBA Live Mobile. This game allows you to take control of your favorite NBA team, build your own roster, and compete against other players from around the world.

One of the most exciting moves in basketball is the crossover, a dribbling technique that allows a player to quickly change direction and leave their defender in the dust. Mastering the crossover in NBA Live Mobile can give you a competitive edge and help you score points with style.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of performing a crossover in NBA Live Mobile. From the basic techniques to advanced strategies, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to become a crossover superstar. So grab your virtual basketball and let’s get started!

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  1. Understanding the Basics of Crossover in NBA Live Mobile
  2. Mastering the Controls for Crossover Moves – Learning the swipe and tap controls – Using the virtual joystick effectively
  3. Executing Basic Crossover Moves
  4. Advanced Crossover Techniques and Strategies
  5. Practice Drills to Improve Crossover Skills- Solo drills for dribbling and crossover techniques- Partner drills for developing quick reflexes and reaction time
  6. Common Mistakes to Avoid When Performing Crossovers
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQs

Understanding the Basics of Crossover in NBA Live Mobile

When it comes to playing NBA Live Mobile, one of the most exciting and effective moves to master is the crossover. A crossover move is a dribbling technique where a player quickly changes the direction of their dribble from one hand to the other while moving forward. This deceptive maneuver is crucial in NBA Live Mobile as it allows players to create separation from defenders, break ankles, and drive to the basket or create scoring opportunities for themselves or their teammates.

One of the main reasons why the crossover is important in NBA Live Mobile is its ability to create mismatches and exploit defensive weaknesses. By executing a well-timed and well-executed crossover, players can catch their opponents off guard, leaving them vulnerable and out of position. This opens up opportunities for easy baskets, assists, and can often lead to high-scoring plays.

Additionally, the crossover adds a layer of excitement and flair to the game. It showcases a player’s skill and ability to maneuver through defenders with finesse and precision. The crossover has become a signature move for many NBA players and has even become a part of their personal brand.

In NBA Live Mobile, mastering the crossover is essential for players who wish to excel and dominate their opponents. Whether you’re playing against AI-controlled teams or challenging real players in multiplayer mode, having a strong crossover game can give you a significant advantage.

Now that we understand the importance of the crossover in NBA Live Mobile, let’s delve into the controls and techniques needed to execute this move effectively.

Mastering the Controls for Crossover Moves – Learning the swipe and tap controls – Using the virtual joystick effectively

Mastering the controls for crossover moves is crucial in NBA Live Mobile. It allows you to effectively perform different crossover techniques and make your way past defenders with ease. There are two primary control methods in the game: swipe and tap controls, and the virtual joystick.

Learning the swipe and tap controls is essential for executing crossovers accurately. To perform a basic crossover using these controls, swipe your finger in the desired direction. For example, swiping from left to right will make your player perform a crossover from left to right. This move can help you create space to get past defenders and make a drive to the basket.

On the other hand, using the virtual joystick effectively can also enhance your crossover abilities. The virtual joystick is located on the screen and allows you to control your player’s movement. By quickly changing the direction of the joystick while dribbling, you can execute crossover moves smoothly and surprise your opponents.

To effectively use the virtual joystick, practice maintaining a good balance between speed and control. Avoid making erratic movements, as it may result in losing control of the ball or exposing yourself to turnovers. Instead, focus on making precise and deliberate changes in direction to throw off defenders and create scoring opportunities.

Experiment with different combinations of swipe and tap controls along with the virtual joystick to discover the most effective crossover techniques for your style of play. Practice these controls in various game situations, such as one-on-one matchups or against computer-controlled defenders.

Remember, mastering the controls for crossover moves takes time and practice. Be patient and give yourself room to make mistakes and learn from them. With dedication and practice, you’ll soon be able to execute dazzling crossovers and leave your opponents in awe.

Executing Basic Crossover Moves

Mastering basic crossover moves is essential for any NBA Live Mobile player looking to outmaneuver their opponents on the virtual court. Two popular and effective crossover techniques are the between-the-legs crossover and the behind-the-back crossover. Let’s take a closer look at how to execute these moves.

The between-the-legs crossover is a versatile move that can be used to deceive defenders and create separation. To perform this move, start by dribbling the ball with your dominant hand. As you approach the defender, quickly and smoothly transfer the ball between your legs, reaching across your body with your non-dominant hand. This motion should be fluid and swift, allowing you to change direction and move past your opponent.

The behind-the-back crossover is another useful technique for leaving defenders flat-footed. Begin by dribbling the ball with your dominant hand. As you approach the defender, reach behind your back with your non-dominant hand, transferring the ball to your other hand in the process. This move adds an element of surprise and can catch your opponent off-guard, giving you an advantage to attack the basket or create space for a jump shot.

When executing both the between-the-legs crossover and the behind-the-back crossover, it’s important to maintain control of the ball. Practice the moves slowly at first, focusing on accuracy and coordination. As you become more comfortable, gradually increase your speed and fluidity.

Remember to keep your head up and stay aware of your surroundings while performing these crossover moves. Be mindful of your opponents’ positioning and use the crossovers strategically to outmaneuver them.

By mastering these basic crossover moves, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a formidable opponent in NBA Live Mobile. Take the time to practice and refine your technique, and soon you’ll be breaking ankles and leaving defenders in the dust.

Advanced Crossover Techniques and Strategies

Mastering the basic crossover moves is just the beginning. To take your skills to the next level in NBA Live Mobile, you’ll need to incorporate advanced crossover techniques and strategies. These moves will help you deceive defenders, create scoring opportunities, and become a more formidable player on the court.

Utilizing hesitation moves to deceive defenders: One effective way to throw off your opponents is by incorporating hesitation moves into your crossovers. By briefly pausing or slowing down your dribble, you can lull the defender into a false sense of security before exploding past them with a quick crossover. This change of pace will catch them off guard and give you an advantage to attack the basket or create open passing lanes.

Incorporating crossovers into pick-and-roll situations: The pick-and-roll is a popular offensive play in basketball, and by adding crossovers into the mix, you can create even more scoring opportunities. As the ball handler, you can use a crossover move to quickly change direction and confuse the defender guarding the screen. This misdirection can open up space for your teammate to roll to the basket or for you to take a jump shot or drive to the hoop.

Creating space for open shots or drives to the basket: The ultimate goal of any crossover move is to create separation from the defender. By executing crossovers with precision and speed, you can create space for open jump shots or driving lanes to the basket. The key is to use your body and footwork to create angles that allow you to explode past your defender. Practice different variations of crossovers to keep your opponents guessing and improve your scoring opportunities.

Remember, mastering these advanced techniques and strategies takes time and practice. It’s important to be patient and persistent in honing your skills. Incorporate these moves into your training regimen and gradually implement them into your gameplay. The more you practice, the more effective and natural these crossover moves will become. So, go out there, dazzle your opponents, and dominate the court with your newfound advanced crossover techniques.

Practice Drills to Improve Crossover Skills- Solo drills for dribbling and crossover techniques- Partner drills for developing quick reflexes and reaction time

Improving your crossover skills in NBA Live Mobile requires dedicated practice and honing your dribbling techniques. In this section, we will explore some solo and partner drills that can help take your crossover abilities to the next level.

1. Solo Drills for Dribbling and Crossover Techniques:

One of the most effective ways to enhance your crossover skills is through solo drills. Here are a few drills you can practice on your own:

  1. Stationary Dribble and Crossover: Stand in a stationary position and dribble the ball with your dominant hand. Focus on performing crisp crossovers by quickly shifting the ball from one hand to the other. Repeat this drill for a set number of repetitions on each side.
  2. Figure 8 Dribbling: Place cones or objects in the shape of a figure 8 on the ground. Move around the objects while dribbling the ball, alternating between crossovers and between-the-legs dribbles as you navigate the figure 8 pattern. This drill helps improve your coordination and dribbling control.
  3. Speed Crossover Dribble: Set up a designated distance and practice dribbling the ball as quickly as possible while performing crossovers. Focus on keeping the ball under control and maintaining speed throughout the drill.
  4. Shot Fake Crossover: Stand near the basket and practice performing a shot fake, followed by a quick crossover move. This drill will help you develop the ability to deceive defenders and create openings for shots or drives to the basket.

2. Partner Drills for Developing Quick Reflexes and Reaction Time:

Practicing crossover drills with a partner adds an element of unpredictability and helps you improve your reflexes and reaction time. Try the following partner drills:

  1. Mirror Drill: Stand facing your partner, both of you holding a basketball. One player will initiate a crossover move, and the other player must mirror the movement and react accordingly. This drill improves your defensive instincts and helps you develop quick reactions to offensive moves.
  2. Defensive Crossover Reaction Drill: Have your partner start dribbling the ball towards you, and as they perform a crossover move, you must quickly react and try to defend against it. This drill simulates real-game scenarios and sharpens your defensive skills.
  3. Pass and Crossover Drill: Stand facing your partner, and take turns passing the ball back and forth. After each pass, the receiver must perform a crossover move before passing the ball back. This drill improves your ability to transition smoothly between receiving a pass and executing a crossover move.

Remember to practice these drills consistently and focus on improving your technique and speed. The more you practice, the more fluid and confident your crossovers will become in NBA Live Mobile.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Performing Crossovers

When it comes to executing crossovers in NBA Live Mobile, it’s important to be mindful of certain mistakes that can hinder your performance. By avoiding these common pitfalls, you can elevate your crossover skills and become a formidable force on the virtual basketball court.

One of the most prevalent mistakes is over-dribbling. While it’s tempting to showcase your fancy dribbling moves, excessive dribbling can lead to turnovers and make you an easy target for defenders. Instead, focus on making quick and efficient moves that effectively deceive your opponents.

Another mistake to steer clear of is being too predictable. If your crossover moves become repetitive and predictable, defenders will be able to anticipate your next move and easily defend against it. Keep your opponents guessing by mixing up your crossover techniques and varying the timing and direction of your moves.

It’s essential to maintain control and avoid losing the ball during crossovers. This can happen when you try to execute complex maneuvers without mastering the fundamentals. Practice your dribbling skills and develop a strong handle on the ball to minimize the risk of losing control and giving away possessions.

To avoid these common mistakes, focus on perfecting the timing, speed, and execution of your crossovers. Practice different variations of crossovers and incorporate them into game-like situations to enhance your decision-making abilities on the court. Remember, consistency and precision are key to successful crossover moves.

By avoiding over-dribbling, being unpredictable, and maintaining control during crossovers, you’ll increase your effectiveness as a ball-handler and become a more formidable presence in NBA Live Mobile. Keep practicing, stay confident, and watch your crossover skills elevate to new heights!


In conclusion, knowing how to perform a crossover in NBA Live Mobile can greatly enhance your gameplay and give you an edge on the court. By mastering this elusive move, you can easily get past defenders and create scoring opportunities for yourself or your teammates. Practice and timing are key when executing crossovers, as well as understanding the player attributes and ratings that contribute to your success.

Remember to utilize the virtual control stick or swipe gestures to execute the crossover move effectively. Stay aware of your player’s positioning and keep an eye on the defender’s movements to anticipate the right moment to make your move. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different crossover techniques and find the one that suits your playing style best.

So, go ahead and start practicing your crossovers in NBA Live Mobile. With dedication and skill, you’ll soon be leaving defenders in your dust and making highlight reel plays on the virtual court. Take your gameplay to new heights and become a true crossover master!


1. What is a crossover move in NBA Live Mobile?
A crossover move is a fundamental basketball skill that involves quickly changing direction by dribbling the ball from one hand to the other, making it difficult for defenders to anticipate and react to your movements.

2. How do I perform a crossover move in NBA Live Mobile?
To perform a crossover move in NBA Live Mobile, you need to swipe your finger from right to left or left to right on the screen, depending on your player’s dominant hand. This will initiate the crossover animation and change your player’s direction.

3. When should I use a crossover move in NBA Live Mobile?
You should use a crossover move in NBA Live Mobile when you want to create separation from your defender, evade a close defender, or change direction quickly to attack the basket. It is also an effective move to create space for a jump shot or a drive to the hoop.

4. Are there different types of crossover moves in NBA Live Mobile?
Yes, NBA Live Mobile features a variety of crossover moves for you to choose from. These include basic crossovers, between-the-leg crossovers, behind-the-back crossovers, and spin move crossovers. Each type of crossover offers a different level of effectiveness and style to your gameplay.

5. How can I improve my crossover skills in NBA Live Mobile?
To improve your crossover skills in NBA Live Mobile, practice the timing and execution of the move in different game situations. Experiment with different crossover variations to keep your opponents guessing. Watch professional players and tutorials to learn new techniques and strategies that can enhance your crossover game.