IPhone 12 May Not Come Bundled With Free Headphones

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The highly anticipated iPhone 12 is just around the corner, and with each passing day, the rumors and speculations continue to swirl. One of the latest reports suggests that the iPhone 12 may not come bundled with free headphones, marking a significant departure from its predecessors. This news has sent shockwaves through the tech world, where consumers have grown accustomed to receiving a pair of Apple’s signature EarPods along with their new iPhones in the past. While this decision may disappoint some, it is worth noting that Apple has made similar moves in the past, such as removing the headphone jack from its devices. As we await the official unveiling of the iPhone 12, let’s delve deeper into the rationale behind Apple’s potential decision and explore the implications it might have on the overall mobile phone market.

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# iPhone 12 May Not Come Bundled With Free Headphones

There is speculation that Apple may break tradition with its upcoming iPhone 12 release and no longer include free headphones in the box. This move comes as a surprise to many, considering that Apple has been including a pair of its iconic EarPods with every iPhone purchase for years. However, with the latest rumors suggesting that the iPhone 12 series will not come bundled with free headphones, Apple seems to be shifting its strategy.

One of the main reasons behind this potential change is Apple’s effort to reduce electronic waste. By eliminating the inclusion of free headphones, millions of sets might be saved from ending up in landfills or going unused. This aligns with Apple’s commitment to environmental sustainability and their goal to become a carbon-neutral company by 2030.

Another factor contributing to this decision is Apple’s push towards the adoption of wireless audio technology. The market has seen a surge in popularity of wireless headphones, and by removing the free headphones from the iPhone 12 package, Apple may be encouraging users to invest in their AirPods or other wireless alternatives. This move could potentially boost sales of Apple’s wireless audio products and further solidify their dominance in the wireless audio market.

However, this change may have implications for consumers. For those who rely on the free headphones included with previous iPhone models, this move means they will either have to purchase a separate pair of headphones or consider investing in wireless options. This additional expenditure may not sit well with some users who have grown accustomed to receiving headphones with their iPhone purchases, and might even prompt them to explore other smartphone brands that still offer free headphones as part of the package.

Why Apple may not include free headphones with iPhone 12

One of the longstanding traditions of purchasing a new iPhone has been the excitement of unboxing and finding a pair of free headphones nestled neatly inside the packaging. However, rumors have been circulating that Apple may break this tradition with the release of the iPhone 12, opting to exclude the complimentary headphones.

The decision not to include free headphones with the iPhone 12 is likely driven by a combination of factors. Firstly, Apple has been making a strong push towards wireless audio with the introduction and success of their AirPods lineup. By removing the free wired headphones, Apple may be encouraging customers to invest in their wireless audio products.

Another reason behind the decision could be the growing environmental concerns. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on reducing electronic waste and promoting sustainability. By excluding the free headphones, Apple is eliminating the need for additional packaging materials and reducing their carbon footprint.

Moreover, the removal of free headphones allows Apple to potentially lower the price of the iPhone 12. The cost of manufacturing and including headphones may ultimately be passed on to the consumer. By excluding them, Apple can offer a more competitive price for their latest flagship device.

Additionally, it is worth noting that most consumers who upgrade to a new iPhone already own a pair of headphones. Whether it’s the previous iPhone’s headphones or a preferred third-party option, the majority of users have a set of headphones they prefer to use. By excluding the complimentary headphones, Apple is recognizing this and reducing redundancy for many customers.

While the decision not to include free headphones with the iPhone 12 may disappoint some users, it is important to consider the reasoning behind Apple’s choice. These factors, from the focus on wireless audio to sustainability and cost considerations, all contribute to a strategic decision that aligns with Apple’s long-term vision.

Potential implications for consumers

Apple’s decision to potentially exclude free headphones with the iPhone 12 has several implications for consumers. Let’s take a closer look at what this means for iPhone users:

1. Cost consideration: One of the most immediate implications is the cost for consumers. By not including free headphones, Apple may be able to offer the iPhone 12 at a slightly lower price point. However, this also means that consumers will need to purchase headphones separately if they don’t already own a compatible pair.

2. Choice and preferences: Removing free headphones gives consumers the freedom to choose their preferred headphones or earbuds. Not everyone enjoys the default earphones that come bundled with a phone, so this decision allows users to pick a set that suits their personal preferences in terms of sound quality, comfort, and style.

3. Environmentally friendly approach: Apple’s decision may also have positive environmental implications. By not including free headphones with each iPhone, there will likely be a reduction in electronic waste generated from unwanted or unused earphones. This aligns with Apple’s commitment to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint.

4. Enhanced audio experience: Many consumers invest in high-quality headphones or earbuds to enhance their audio experience. By not including free headphones, Apple may encourage users to explore and invest in premium audio accessories, leading to a potentially better listening experience overall.

5. Third-party market growth: With the absence of free headphones from Apple, it creates an opportunity for third-party headphone manufacturers to fill the gap. This can lead to increased competition in the market, giving consumers more options in terms of price, features, and design.

6. Compatibility concerns: While Apple is known for its ecosystem integration, removing free headphones may create compatibility concerns for some users. Those who rely on the default earphones for phone calls, voice commands, or specific Apple features may need to purchase compatible headphones separately.

7. Personalization and self-expression: Some consumers see headphones as a means of self-expression and personalization. Without a bundled pair, individuals are free to choose headphones that match their personal style, whether it’s sleek and minimalist or vibrant and bold.

8. Awareness of headphone options: By not including free headphones, Apple may encourage users to explore the wide variety of headphone options available in the market. This can lead to increased awareness of different brands, technologies, and features, empowering consumers to make more informed choices based on their needs and preferences.

Overall, the potential exclusion of free headphones with the iPhone 12 opens up opportunities for consumers to customize their audio experience and make choices that align with their individual preferences. While there may be some initial adjustments, it ultimately allows for more flexibility and personalization in selecting headphones or earbuds that best suit their needs.

Apple’s strategy behind the decision

Apple’s decision to not include free headphones with the iPhone 12 may seem like a departure from their usual practice, but it is a calculated move that aligns with their long-term strategic goals.

One of the main rationales behind this decision is to promote the sale of their AirPods, their wireless earbuds. By not including free headphones with the iPhone 12, Apple is effectively pushing consumers towards purchasing their AirPods separately. This move not only boosts Apple’s accessory sales but also increases the adoption of their wireless technology. It’s a win-win situation for Apple.

Additionally, by excluding free headphones, Apple can effectively manage their supply chain and reduce costs. Headphones are not cheap to manufacture, and including them with every iPhone would significantly drive up production expenses. By removing the complimentary headphones from the package, Apple can focus on allocating their resources towards other components and features, without compromising their profit margins.

Moreover, this strategy allows Apple to position themselves as a premium brand. By emphasizing the value of their AirPods, Apple is targeting consumers who are willing to invest in high-quality accessories. It reinforces their reputation for delivering top-notch products while maintaining a strong brand image. Apple’s strategy is cleverly designed to appeal to premium market segments, ensuring a steady stream of revenue.

Lastly, the exclusion of free headphones with the iPhone 12 is also a response to the increasing consumer preference for wireless audio. The industry is moving towards a wireless future, and Apple wants to be at the forefront of this shift. By encouraging consumers to use their AirPods, Apple is setting the stage for a wireless ecosystem. This move syncs with their broader vision of seamlessly integrating their devices and creating a cohesive user experience.

While some consumers may feel disappointed about the absence of free headphones, it is crucial to understand Apple’s rationale behind this decision. Their aim is not only to drive accessory sales, but also to align their brand with cutting-edge technology and capture a premium market share. By embracing wireless audio and focusing on their AirPods, Apple is paving the way for a wireless future, enticing consumers to invest in their innovative products.


The iPhone 12 may not come bundled with free headphones, signaling a change in Apple’s approach to packaging its devices. This move is likely driven by a combination of factors, including the desire to reduce environmental waste and the increasing popularity of wireless headphones. While some customers may be disappointed by the lack of included headphones, others may appreciate the opportunity to choose their preferred audio accessories. Additionally, this change may incentivize users to invest in Apple’s wireless AirPods or explore other headphone options on the market. As technology continues to evolve, it’s important for consumers to stay informed about the latest trends and adapt accordingly. Whether or not the iPhone 12 includes headphones, it remains a highly anticipated device with its cutting-edge features, sleek design, and powerful performance.


Q: Will the iPhone 12 come bundled with free headphones?
A: No, the iPhone 12 may not come bundled with free headphones. Apple has made the decision to remove the headphones from the packaging of their latest iPhone models.

Q: Why did Apple decide to remove the headphones?
A: Apple has taken this step to reduce electronic waste and promote their wireless earbuds, AirPods. They believe that many users already own headphones or prefer to use wireless options.

Q: Can I still use my existing headphones with the iPhone 12?
A: Yes, you can still use your existing headphones with the iPhone 12. The device comes with a lightning port to connect wired headphones or you can use an adapter if your headphones have a traditional 3.5mm audio jack.

Q: What are the benefits of using wireless headphones?
A: Wireless headphones offer greater convenience as they eliminate the need for cords. They provide a seamless user experience, allowing for ease of movement and freedom from tangled wires. Additionally, many wireless headphones offer advanced features such as noise cancellation and enhanced sound quality.

Q: Can I purchase AirPods separately?
A: Yes, you can purchase AirPods separately if you wish to have Apple’s wireless earbuds. Apple offers a range of AirPods models, including the standard AirPods and the higher-end AirPods Pro, which come with additional features like active noise cancellation.