Motorola Takes A Dig At Samsung’s IPhone Parody With ‘Up-upgrade’ Ad

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Motorola recently released a hilarious ad, taking a playful dig at Samsung’s recent iPhone parody. The ad, titled ‘Up-upgrade,’ showcases Motorola’s witty approach to marketing as they highlight the benefits of their latest mobile phone offerings. This tongue-in-cheek video cleverly addresses the common dilemma of upgrading devices and pokes fun at the often over-the-top features and promotions of major smartphone brands. With its catchy jingle and humorous visuals, the ‘Up-upgrade’ ad showcases Motorola’s ability to stand out in a crowded market and capture the attention of consumers. Let’s dive into this entertaining ad and discover why Motorola’s approach is winning over mobile phone enthusiasts everywhere.

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  3. Motorola’s Response: A Clever and Humorous Ad Campaign
  4. Highlighting the Limitations of Samsung’s ‘Next Big Thing’ Perspective
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Motorola’s ‘Up-upgrade’ Ad Takes a Dig at Samsung’s iPhone Parody

Mobile phone giants Motorola have recently released a new advertisement campaign that cleverly takes a swipe at Samsung’s iPhone parody commercial. In this ad, titled ‘Up-upgrade’, Motorola showcases their own unique perspective on smartphone upgrades, highlighting the limitations of Samsung’s ‘Next Big Thing’ perspective.

In Samsung’s original commercial, they poked fun at Apple’s iPhone and its loyal following. The ad depicted long queues outside an Apple store, with people eagerly waiting to get their hands on the latest iPhone model. Samsung positioned themselves as the superior alternative, offering customers a ‘Next Big Thing’ that was supposedly better than the iPhone.

Motorola’s response to this commercial is both humorous and insightful. In their ‘Up-upgrade’ ad, they challenge the notion of constantly upgrading to the ‘Next Big Thing’. They propose a different perspective, suggesting that customers should prioritize smartphones that are designed to last, rather than constantly chasing the latest trend.

The ad starts with a group of consumers lined up outside what appears to be a Samsung store, eagerly awaiting the release of the ‘Next Big Thing’. As the doors open, they rush in, only to be met with disappointment as they are handed yet another smartphone that looks nearly identical to their previous model.

Motorola’s clever twist comes when a young woman walks past the Samsung store, holding a Motorola phone that she proudly declares as her ‘upgraded upgrade’. The commercial then goes on to showcase the durability and long-lasting features of Motorola phones, emphasizing the idea of investing in a device that can truly stand the test of time.

The ‘Up-upgrade’ ad not only takes a dig at Samsung’s iPhone parody, but it also resonates with consumers who are tired of constantly feeling the pressure to upgrade their phones. It highlights Motorola’s commitment to creating devices that are built to last, with innovative features and functionalities that can withstand the test of time.

With this brilliant ad campaign, Motorola successfully grabs the attention of smartphone users, offering a refreshing perspective on what truly matters when it comes to selecting a mobile device. By emphasizing durability, Motorola sets itself apart from the competition and positions itself as a reliable choice for those who value longevity over fleeting trends.

The Context: Samsung’s iPhone Parody Commercial

In the ever-competitive world of mobile phones, marketing strategies play a crucial role in capturing the attention of consumers. In recent years, one of the notable rivalries in the industry has been between Samsung and Apple. Known for their creative and often controversial advertising campaigns, Samsung has not shied away from taking shots at its competitors, especially Apple.

One of the most memorable instances of this rivalry was Samsung’s iPhone parody commercial. Released in 2011 as part of their “Next Big Thing” campaign, the commercial aimed to highlight the perceived limitations of Apple’s iPhone compared to Samsung’s Android-powered devices.

The commercial featured a queue of people waiting outside an Apple store, eagerly anticipating the release of the latest iPhone. As each person in line showed off key iPhone features, such as the longer screen or faster network speeds, they were met with sarcastic comments from passersby using Samsung devices. The commercial concluded with the tagline, “The next big thing is already here,” implying that Samsung devices were already superior to the iPhone.

This iPhone parody commercial generated significant buzz and sparked a debate among mobile phone enthusiasts. While some found it amusing and appreciated Samsung’s boldness, others criticized it as a cheap shot at Apple and a desperate attempt to gain market share.

Nevertheless, the Samsung iPhone parody commercial garnered attention and showcased Samsung’s marketing prowess. It exemplified their ability to tap into the competitive landscape of the mobile phone industry and position themselves as a viable alternative to Apple’s offerings.

Motorola’s Response: A Clever and Humorous Ad Campaign

Motorola has always been known for its innovative approach to marketing, and their response to Samsung’s iPhone parody commercial is no exception. In a stroke of creative genius, Motorola came up with a clever and humorous ad campaign that not only pokes fun at Samsung’s commercial but also effectively promotes their own brand.

The ad starts with a group of people eagerly lining up outside a store, with the text “Up-upgrade” prominently displayed. This immediately grabs the viewers’ attention and sets the tone for what’s to come. As the ad unfolds, several comedic scenarios play out, highlighting the limitations inherent in Samsung’s ‘Next Big Thing’ perspective.

One of the standout moments in the ad is when a customer excitedly receives their new phone, only to be handed a bulky accessory as part of the “upgrade.” The expression on their face is both comical and relatable, as it reflects the frustration many consumers feel when they realize that a seemingly innovative feature is actually more of a hindrance than an improvement.

The humor continues as the ad showcases a weather-dependent feature that fails miserably when faced with a slight drizzle. This not only serves as a humorous moment but also draws attention to the importance of reliability and durability in a mobile phone, qualities that Motorola’s phones are known for.

Throughout the ad, Motorola cleverly weaves in their own tagline, “Hello Moto,” emphasizing their brand identity and establishing a sense of familiarity with the audience. By seamlessly integrating their message into the comedic storyline, they successfully capture the viewers’ attention and leave a lasting impression.

What sets Motorola’s response apart is its ability to take a lighthearted approach while still effectively conveying the strengths of their brand. By highlighting the limitations of Samsung’s ‘Next Big Thing’ perspective through humor, Motorola positions themselves as a more practical and reliable alternative.

The ad concludes with a powerful message: “Don’t get fooled by the hype, upgrade smarter with Motorola.” This straightforward yet impactful statement serves as a call to action for viewers, encouraging them to consider the practicality and reliability of Motorola phones when making their next upgrade.

Overall, Motorola’s response to Samsung’s iPhone parody commercial is a masterclass in clever and humorous advertising. By combining comedy with a clear brand message, they have not only effectively countered their competitor’s commercial but have also successfully promoted their own brand as a smart and reliable choice in the world of mobile phones.

Highlighting the Limitations of Samsung’s ‘Next Big Thing’ Perspective

When it comes to marketing, there is often a fine line between effective advertising and over-promising. Samsung’s long-running ‘Next Big Thing’ ad campaign, which aimed to position their Galaxy smartphones as superior to Apple’s iPhones, is a prime example. While the campaign initially gained traction with its witty and humorous approach, over time it became clear that Samsung was not delivering on their promise of constantly revolutionizing the smartphone industry.

Motorola, a rival in the mobile phone market, saw an opportunity to highlight the limitations of Samsung’s ‘Next Big Thing’ perspective and took a humorous dig at their competitor’s approach with their own ad campaign.

In their ‘Up-upgrade’ ad, Motorola cleverly mocks Samsung’s exaggerated claims and pokes fun at the constant cycle of upgrades that the industry seems to be caught up in. By presenting an over-the-top scenario where a customer is offered a never-ending stream of phone upgrades, Motorola highlights the absurdity of the ‘Next Big Thing’ mentality.

The ad showcases the frustration and confusion that can come with frequent phone upgrades, as well as the impact it has on people’s lives. Instead of constantly chasing the ‘next big thing’, Motorola suggests that consumers should focus on what truly matters – a phone that meets their needs, is reliable, and provides a great user experience.

This clever ad campaign from Motorola strikes a chord with consumers who are tired of the constant cycle of phone upgrades, and it underlines the importance of making informed choices when it comes to purchasing a mobile device.

While Samsung’s ‘Next Big Thing’ campaign initially grabbed attention and generated buzz, the reality is that innovation in the smartphone industry is incremental rather than revolutionary. This is something that Motorola effectively highlights in their ad campaign.

The ‘Next Big Thing’ mentality perpetuated by Samsung sets unrealistic expectations among consumers and creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) that drives unnecessary phone upgrades. Motorola’s ‘Up-upgrade’ ad effectively highlights the limitations of this perspective and encourages consumers to take a step back and evaluate their true needs before succumbing to the hype.


In conclusion, the ‘Up-upgrade’ ad from Motorola serves as a playful dig at Samsung’s iPhone parody. The ad cleverly highlights the advantages of Motorola phones, emphasizing their innovative features, fast performance, and exceptional value for money. By taking a lighthearted approach, Motorola has managed to catch the attention of consumers and showcase the unique selling points of their devices.

With this ad, Motorola demonstrates their commitment to staying ahead in the competitive smartphone market. By embracing humor and creativity, they effectively differentiate themselves from their competitors and appeal to consumers looking for a fresh and exciting smartphone experience.

As the mobile phone industry continues to evolve, it is refreshing to see companies like Motorola thinking outside the box and delivering engaging advertisements that resonate with consumers. It will be interesting to see how Samsung responds and if other brands will follow suit in this new era of playful smartphone marketing.


1. What is Motorola’s ‘Up-upgrade’ ad?

Motorola’s ‘Up-upgrade’ ad is a playful dig at Samsung’s iPhone parody commercial. The ad highlights Motorola’s commitment to innovation and the advantages of their smartphones compared to other brands in a lighthearted and clever manner.

2. Why did Motorola create this ad?

Motorola created the ‘Up-upgrade’ ad as a response to Samsung’s iPhone parody commercial. This was a strategic move to promote their own brand, showcase their unique features and specifications, and differentiate themselves from competitors in the highly competitive smartphone market.

3. How does the ‘Up-upgrade’ ad compare to Samsung’s iPhone parody?

While both ads take a humorous approach, they have different objectives. Samsung’s iPhone parody focuses on mocking Apple’s iPhone and positioning their own devices as superior. On the other hand, Motorola’s ‘Up-upgrade’ ad aims to highlight the strengths of their smartphones without directly attacking any specific brand. It showcases Motorola’s commitment to innovation and presents their features in a fun and engaging way.

4. What are the advantages of Motorola smartphones?

Motorola smartphones offer several advantages, including:

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • High-quality cameras
  • Fast and efficient performance
  • Durability and resistance to water and dust
  • Cutting-edge features and software enhancements

These advantages make Motorola smartphones a great choice for individuals who prioritize functionality, performance, and reliability in their mobile devices.

5. How can I upgrade to a Motorola smartphone?

Upgrading to a Motorola smartphone is simple. You can explore and purchase the latest models from authorized retailers, online marketplaces, or directly from the Motorola website. Most carriers also offer upgrade options, allowing you to switch to a Motorola device and transfer your data and services seamlessly. Additionally, keep an eye out for exclusive deals and promotions that may make upgrading to a Motorola smartphone even more enticing.