Oppo R7 And R7 Plus: News, Rumors, Features, Release

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The Oppo R7 and R7 Plus are highly anticipated mobile phones in the market. With rumors swirling and fans eagerly awaiting their release, there is a buzz of excitement surrounding these devices. Oppo, known for their innovative smartphones, is set to deliver another set of premium handsets packed with exciting features and cutting-edge technology.

The Oppo R7 and R7 Plus are expected to offer sleek and stylish designs, stunning displays, and powerful performance. Rumors suggest that both devices will come equipped with high-quality cameras, ample storage options, and impressive battery life. These phones are likely to run on the latest version of Android, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience.

So, if you are in the market for a new phone, the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus might just be the devices you have been waiting for. Read on to discover all the news, rumors, features, and release information about these highly anticipated smartphones.

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Oppo R7: News and Rumors

Oppo R7, the latest flagship smartphone from Oppo, has been making waves in the mobile industry with its impressive features and sleek design. As the release date approaches, there have been several intriguing rumors and exciting news surrounding the device. Let’s take a closer look at what the buzz is all about.

One of the most talked-about rumors is the Oppo R7’s display. It is speculated that the device will sport a stunning 5.5-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. This would provide users with an immersive viewing experience and vibrant colors that truly pop. Whether you’re watching videos, playing games, or browsing the web, the Oppo R7’s display is rumored to deliver crisp and clear visuals.

Another rumor that has caught the attention of tech enthusiasts is the Oppo R7’s camera capabilities. It is rumored to feature a 13-megapixel rear camera with advanced optical image stabilization, allowing you to capture stunning photos even in low-light conditions. Additionally, there are speculations about a high-resolution front-facing camera for amazing selfies and video chats.

Furthermore, there have been whispers about the Oppo R7’s processing power. It is rumored to be equipped with a powerful octa-core processor, ensuring smooth performance and seamless multitasking. Whether you’re browsing multiple apps or playing graphics-intensive games, the Oppo R7 is expected to handle it all with ease.

In terms of storage, rumors suggest that the Oppo R7 will come with ample internal storage capacity, along with the option of expandable storage via a microSD card slot. This would allow users to store all their photos, videos, and apps without worrying about running out of space.

One of the most exciting pieces of news surrounding the Oppo R7 is the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor. With the rise in popularity of biometric security, this feature is expected to provide users with added security and convenience. Unlocking your phone and authorizing mobile payments will be a breeze with the Oppo R7’s fast and accurate fingerprint sensor.

Last but not least, there are rumors about the Oppo R7’s battery life. It is speculated to be equipped with a generous battery capacity, ensuring that you can use your phone throughout the day without constantly worrying about running out of power. Additionally, there might be fast charging technology included, allowing for quick recharges when needed.

While these news and rumors have generated excitement among smartphone enthusiasts, it’s important to note that they are still speculations until verified by the official announcement from Oppo. Nonetheless, if these rumors turn out to be true, the Oppo R7 is shaping up to be a powerful and feature-packed smartphone that will surely turn heads in the mobile market.

Oppo R7 Plus: News and Rumors

Are you eagerly waiting for the release of the Oppo R7 Plus? Well, you’re not alone! News and rumors about this highly anticipated device have been swirling around the tech world, and it’s time to dive into all the juicy details.

One of the most exciting pieces of news is the rumored camera setup on the Oppo R7 Plus. According to insiders, this smartphone is expected to feature a dual-camera system that will take mobile photography to a whole new level. Imagine capturing stunning landscape shots or taking flawless selfies with ease.

Speaking of selfies, there have been whispers about an impressive front-facing camera on the Oppo R7 Plus. Rumor has it that it will have a high-resolution sensor and advanced imaging capabilities, allowing you to capture crystal-clear and vibrant self-portraits.

In terms of design, the Oppo R7 Plus is said to sport a sleek and premium look. It is rumored to have a slim profile, complemented by an all-metal body that exudes elegance and durability. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or a tech lover, this smartphone is sure to turn heads.

Another exciting rumor is the inclusion of a powerful processor in the Oppo R7 Plus. It is speculated to come equipped with a high-performance chipset, ensuring smooth multitasking and fast app launches. Combined with ample RAM and storage, you can expect seamless performance and a lag-free user experience.

When it comes to the display, the Oppo R7 Plus is rumored to feature a large and immersive screen. Get ready to enjoy your favorite movies, games, and apps on a stunning display that offers vibrant colors and sharp details. Whether you’re browsing the web or streaming videos, the Oppo R7 Plus promises to deliver an exceptional visual experience.

As for the battery life, the Oppo R7 Plus is rumored to have a sizable battery capacity. This means you can stay connected all day long without worrying about running out of power. Whether you’re a heavy gamer or a frequent traveler, this smartphone is expected to have enough juice to keep up with your demanding usage.

Now, for the release date of the Oppo R7 Plus. While the exact date is still shrouded in secrecy, industry insiders suggest that it will hit the market in the near future. So, keep your eyes peeled for official announcements, as this powerful and stylish device could be arriving sooner than you think.

Features of Oppo R7 and R7 Plus

The Oppo R7 and R7 Plus are two highly anticipated smartphones in the market. These devices come with a range of innovative features that set them apart from their competitors. Let’s take a closer look at the notable features of the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus.

1. Design and Display: Both the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus feature a sleek and stylish design that is sure to catch the eye. The R7 boasts a 5-inch AMOLED display, while the R7 Plus takes it a step further with a larger 6-inch display. The screens have vibrant colors and sharp details, offering an immersive visual experience.

2. Camera: One of the standout features of the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus is their impressive camera capabilities. They both come with a 13-megapixel rear camera that can capture stunning photos even in low light conditions. The cameras also have features like HDR mode, Panorama, and various filters to enhance your photography experience.

3. Performance: Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and paired with ample RAM, the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus deliver a smooth and lag-free performance. Whether you’re multitasking, streaming videos, or playing games, these devices can handle it all with ease.

4. Battery Life: The Oppo R7 and R7 Plus come with impressive battery capacities to keep you powered throughout the day. The R7 has a 2320mAh battery, while the R7 Plus boasts a massive 4100mAh battery. Both devices also support fast charging technology, allowing you to quickly juice up your phone.

5. Expandable Storage: Both the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus offer expandable storage options to accommodate your growing collection of apps, photos, and videos. With the support of a microSD card slot, you can easily add extra storage space as per your needs.

6. Connectivity: The Oppo R7 and R7 Plus come with various connectivity features, including 4G LTE support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. These devices also have a dual SIM slot option, allowing you to use multiple SIM cards for different purposes.

7. Operating System: Oppo R7 and R7 Plus run on the Android operating system, customized with Oppo’s ColorOS. This ensures a unique and user-friendly interface that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate.

8. Security: Both devices feature a fingerprint sensor on the back, adding an extra layer of security to protect your data and information. This allows for quick and convenient unlocking, as well as secure transactions.

The Oppo R7 and R7 Plus offer a range of impressive features that cater to the needs and preferences of smartphone users. Whether it’s the sleek design, powerful cameras, or long-lasting battery life, these devices are certainly worth considering.

Release Date of Oppo R7 and R7 Plus

The release date of the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus has been highly anticipated by smartphone enthusiasts around the world. After months of speculation and rumors, Oppo has finally revealed the official launch date for these highly anticipated devices.

According to Oppo’s official announcement, the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus will be released on [insert release date]. This date marks a significant milestone for Oppo as it showcases their commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality smartphones to consumers.

With the release of the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus, fans can expect a range of advanced features and capabilities. These devices are expected to come equipped with powerful processors, stunning displays, and cutting-edge camera technology.

One of the key factors that has contributed to the anticipation surrounding the release of these smartphones is Oppo’s commitment to providing a seamless user experience. The company has focused on optimizing the software and hardware integration to ensure that users can enjoy a smooth and efficient performance.

Additionally, the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus are expected to offer a sleek and stylish design, incorporating premium materials for a premium look and feel. With the integration of Oppo’s signature design elements, these devices are set to make a statement in the smartphone market.

As the release date approaches, it is advisable for fans and potential buyers to stay updated with the latest news and announcements from Oppo. This will allow them to be among the first to purchase the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus and experience the innovative features and functionalities that these devices have to offer.


In conclusion, the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus are highly anticipated smartphones that offer a host of advanced features and impressive specifications. With their sleek design, powerful processors, and generous storage options, these devices are sure to appeal to tech enthusiasts and smartphone lovers alike.

While there are still some rumors surrounding the exact release date and pricing details, it is clear that Oppo is aiming to make a significant impact in the mobile phone market with the R7 and R7 Plus. Whether you are looking for a device with a stunning display, outstanding camera capabilities, or an excellent battery life, these smartphones are designed to meet your needs.

Overall, Oppo has established itself as a reliable and innovative player in the mobile industry, and the R7 and R7 Plus are prime examples of the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality devices. As technology continues to advance, Oppo is sure to continue pushing boundaries and delighting users with their cutting-edge smartphones.


1. When will the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus be released?
The Oppo R7 and R7 Plus were released on (insert release date here). Both models are readily available for purchase.

2. What are the key features of the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus?
The Oppo R7 and R7 Plus boast an array of impressive features. Some key highlights include a sleek design with a metal unibody construction, a vibrant and immersive display, superior camera capabilities, fast charging capabilities, and strong performance powered by a reliable processor.

3. Are the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus compatible with 5G networks?
No, the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus are not compatible with 5G networks. They are designed to work with 4G LTE networks and offer excellent connectivity speeds within this range.

4. How long does the battery of the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus last?
The Oppo R7 and R7 Plus are equipped with powerful batteries that provide long-lasting usage. On average, the battery can last for up to a full day with regular usage, including web browsing, social media, and moderate app usage.

5. Do the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus support expandable storage?
Yes, both the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus feature expandable storage options. They have a dedicated microSD card slot, allowing users to supplement the built-in storage with additional memory cards.