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In an era where technology reigns, we are in a constant quest of finding the latest budget phones in the market. Every year, new phones emerge with improved features from its predecessors. As a result, we are bombarded with too many options, making it challenging to choose which one should land in our pockets. If you are looking for the best smartphone that gives a bang for your buck, consider switching to a realme phone.

Launched in 2018, realme phones are a newcomer in the competition. However, these phones are among the best-sellers when it comes to value and function. If you’re wondering what options this new smartphone brand has for you, here are the ten budget-friendly realme phones that render impressive performance.

You don’t have to spend over $800 just to achieve a flagship phone with ultimate features. If you switch to realme X50 Pro, you’ll get not only the topnotch Snapdragon 865 chipset but also a 5G connectivity that lends faster speed and more excellent reliability than 4G.

X50 Pro touts a vibrant 6.44-inch 90Hz AMOLED HDR10+ screen, rendering fluid and crisp images no matter the brightness level. Also, it’s bordered with Corning Gorilla glass both front and back, ensuring top-grade protection along the way. The battery covers 4,200 mAh with a 65W SuperDart charger out of the box. You can choose from different model specs: 4/6/8 GM LPDDR5 RAM and 128/256 GB of internal storage.

As for the photos, you’ll get a quad-camera system with rear lenses of 64-MP primary, 8-MP ultrawide, 12-MP telephoto, and 2-MP depth sensor. On the front, a dual camera of 32-MP and 8-MP awaits you. In-display fingerprint scanner and facial recognition also work well on this device. Another thing you need to know about the handset — it’s the first phone in the world incorporated with NavIC, India’s satellite navigation system.

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Great phones don’t need to be expensive. Need proof? Check out Realme X2 Pro. It shelters the best features you can find from a premium phone, minus the pocket-burning cost. Whether you’re a tech junkie, hardcore gamer, mobile photographer, or someone looking for a nifty phone under USD 400, X2 Pro is the best bet at all costs. Besides, it’s super rare to find a hidden gem considering there are hundreds of phones in the market.

X2 Pro runs in Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset, which is considered as the flagship processor as of late. That means running apps and playing games are extraordinarily seamless and fluid. It also supports amazing quad-camera technology for livelier photos. Capture your subjects in varied angles using the 64-MP main, 13-MP telephoto, 8-MP ultrawide, and 2-MP depth sensor. Likewise, the selfie camera boasts a hefty 16-MP that works well in both daylight and low-light settings.

This is rare among mid-range devices, but with X2 Pro, experience a one-of-a-kind display with its 90 Hz Super AMOLED panel. What’s more, you can watch Netflix all day long and not have to wear earphones with its Dolby Atmos Dual Speaker. Considering the features and price, this device is already a notch above other realme phones on the list.

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Realme XT has plenty of similarities to Realme 5 Pro. However, we can conclude that the unit is an upgraded version of the latter for many reasons. Robust display, solid design, strengthened performance, and a significant focus on its quad-camera technology — Realme XT is a competitive mid-range device in the dynamic smartphone market. 

Geared with Snapdragon 712 chipset similar to 5 Pro, regular tasks run smoothly without any fuss or lag. Also, games like Mobile Legends and PUBG are playable in high settings. The camera is what sells the device the most. With 64-MP main, 8-MP wide, 2-MP portrait, and macro, images have plenty of details. Not to mention, the 16-MP selfie cam works well even in low-light settings.

You can never go wrong with XT. Aside from its incredible performance, it also boasts an excellent build with corning Gorilla Glass 5. It’s coated with a durable plastic frame with a metallic finish and a glass back, which better equips to prevent fingerprint smudges, especially at the back. Unlike Realme 5 Pro, XT operates with a responsive in-display fingerprint sensor and a Super AMOLED display, which makes viewing experience unique and punchy.

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At first glance, you may be wondering how to pronounce its name. Is it the alphabet “X” or the Roman numeral for 10? You’ll find the answer in the company’s reason for release — the 10th phone on the line. Realme X borders excellent features as an anniversary model of the company. It sports remarkable performance for a flagship device, let alone a mid-ranger. While you 0ay expect some issues about the software and haptics, that doesn’t stop the phone from being the best yet affordable realme phones in the market. 

Unlike the previous models, Realme X has a larger display. In fact, it’s the company’s first phone to embrace the AMOLED display feature. That means images and videos appear in more vibrant and crisp quality, allowing you to enjoy more of the screen’s entirety. There’s no fingerprint scanner here. However, it utilizes an in-display fingerprint sensor that’s pretty quick with minimal failure across periods. 

Realme X has a pop-up front-facing 16-MP camera that elevates in 0.7 seconds. The rear camera, on the other hand, captures photos in 48 MP with Sony Sensor similar to Oppo Reno. It has Snapdragon 710 chipset with 4/6/8 GB of RAM, and 64/128 GB of internal storage. The sapphire glass covering the entire phone adds to the overall reliability of the unit. As for the battery, you’ll get 3,765 mAh, which lasts for almost the whole day.

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Dubbed as the Quad-Camera Battery King, 5i is the perfect realme phone for people who don’t like charging their phones at the end of the day. The phone model is part of the 5-series. So there are only minimal improvements added to the unit. Those include a different design with additional color options and a distinct front and rear camera settings. Other than that, the phone doesn’t make much of an impression from its predecessors. 

For only USD 137, you’ll get a mid-range phone with baseline 5-series features such as a Snapdragon 665 chipset, quad-camera setup, and 6.5 inch LCD. When it comes to the battery, it comes with a hefty 5,000 mAh with micro-USB charging. Moreover, there are two nano-SIM card slots and a dedicated microSD slot in the SIM tray. For daily use, there’s no problem with the UI. However, the Face Unlock feature may not work well in dimly lit surroundings.

As for the camera, 5i sports a 8-MP selfie shooter that renders amazing photos provided that the scenery is well-lighted. On the back, 12-MP main, 8-MP Wide-angle, 2-MP portrait, and macro lenses capture good images in daylight. However, the photos become utterly dull and noisy in low-light settings.

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The resemblance of 5 Pro to 3 Pro is almost uncanny. However, the former has impressive upgrades in terms of cameras and performance. It follows a bezel-less display with a waterdrop notch, including a 6.3-inch FullHD display. The panel is already a notch at this price point: images are clear, and colors are punchy along the way. When it comes to the design, this unit showcases laser patterns on the back panel along with a polished finish. 

5 Pro has four rear sensors: 48-MP primary, 8-MP ultra-wide, 2-MP macro, and 2-MP depth sensor. These shooting options come with different modes such as Nightscapes for low-light photography, and Chroma-boost for enriching colors. Moreover, the selfie camera touts a 16-MP resolution along with beauty tweaks for enhanced portrait appearance.

For USD 256, you’ll get Snapdragon 712 chipset, which packs a punch for a mid-range device. You can also choose from different variants: 4/8GB RAM and 64/128GB of internal storage. With only 10 mAh short of 3 Pro, 5 Pro’s battery of 4,035 mAh runs the extra mile combined with its fantastic build and performance.

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Back in 2019, realme was known to produce a smartphone every two months. Every new release entails added and improved features over its predecessor, and Realme 3 Pro is no exception to the feat. So, what makes Realme 3 Pro unique over Realme 3? Apart from entering the “Pro” moniker, this phone touts excellent performance for daily use and gaming.

Equipped with Snapdragon 710, the device doesn’t slow down despite daily hard use. It’s capable of multitasking and can launch apps without significant delay. UI animations are also optimized and gives a smooth run for every application. What you’ll love about Realme 3 Pro is that it has a substantial emphasis on gaming. Playing heavy games doesn’t only give you reasonable frame rates, but it also goes the extra mile compared to Redmi Note 7 Pro. 

Realme 3 Pro has a responsive fingerprint scanner mounted on the back. The 4,045 mAh battery sports whole-day longevity and comes with VOOC 3.0 fast charging. Also, the cameras do not disappoint. It has a 16-MP primary camera with a 5-MP depth sensor. The selfie cam works great as well at 25-MP. However, there are some caveats you need to keep an eye out for: poor speaker quality, and the micro-USB port.

As you can see, there are many things to love about realme. One of which is the Realme 5. As the front-runner of the 5-series, you can expect a range of features that works well for daily and heavy use. 

Realme 5 has a 6.5-inch HD+ screen with a waterdrop notch on the top. While it has a thick chin, the side bezels are thin. The large display renders incredible viewing experience, and the colors it presents are sharp and punchy. The location of the buttons and the camera setup are akin to other realme phones. 

This device comes with Snapdragon 665 processor. You can also choose from different variations, such as 3/4 GB RAM and 32/64/128 GB of internal storage. When it comes to the camera, Realme 5 touts four rear shooters. Unlike the “Pro” model, the primary lens of Realme 5 is 12-MP. Also, you’ll get a 13-MP front-facing camera good for selfies. You can get Realme 5 for around $170, depending on your preferred model.

If you’re looking for a basic realme phone, Realme C3 is a great pick. It doesn’t boast much when it comes to features and specs. However, the price is undoubtedly up on your alley, considering the unit is capable of exceeding the basics of everyday activities. 

Upfront, the phone is designed with a 6.5-inch HD+ mini drop fullscreen. Also, it’s lightweight and easy-to-grip for one-hand use. That makes it ideal for streaming online videos and movies with great ease. C3 is the first device to come with Realme UI out of the box. Paired with Heli0 G70 chipset with HyperEngine technology, there’s no problem scrolling through the apps, as well as multitasking. However, the phone heats up when launching heavy apps simultaneously.

As for the camera, the device uses dual rear sensors: 12-MP primary, and a 2-MP portrait lens. The shooting experience with both cameras is pretty good for the daylight setting. However, images tend to pixelate when zoomed in. It also has a 5-MP selfie shooter that can blur backgrounds when the subject is detected. You can get this handset for under $120 on eBay.

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Launched in September 2018, Realme 2 Pro is the company’s first handset to be sold outside of India. You can find it in tech stores around the globe, including in Asia and Europe. 

What makes Realme 2 Pro special among other realme phones in this list is that it’s a mixed bag of specs and features. So if you prefer the right balance between specs and price, 2 Pro is a good option. It’s powered by Snapdragon 660 chipset and runs ColorOS 5.2 operating system based on Android 8.1 out of the box. While the software may seem outdated, the device renders fluid performance in terms of multitasking and heavy gaming. However, you may expect a battery drop when heavy apps and games are run simultaneously.

It also doesn’t skip the 6.3-inch FHD+ fullscreen display. Realme 2 Pro is lightweight and easy to hold, with a quick rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and face-unlock feature. The speakers can also deliver a sweet sound that can fill up a whole room. When it comes to photos, the device serves a 16-MP primary and 2-MP depth sensor. The selfie shooter also has a 16-MP resolution.

You can get the device under $50 from realme stores worldwide.


Bottom Line

As technology becomes more affordable and accessible every year, flagship features such as 64-MP rear cameras, FHD+ displays, fingerprint, and facial sensors are starting to land under $800. Hence, it’s not surprising to see a lifestyle shift as mobile phones emerge with amazing features for less. 

As you can see, realme phones are a great brand candidate in terms of value and function. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from plenty of variations ranging from an all-rounder realme phone to a flagship-killer one. With its latest release of realme X50 Pro, 5G transforms into a convenient upgrade without denting everyone’s pocket. Realme is still starting the trend, and we can expect more upscale devices at a lower price in the years to come.