Is Samsung Care Plus Worth It? Here’s the Truth

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Samsung Care Plus is the company’s extended warranty coverage for Samsung owners who want extra support for their phones. However, just because something is theoretically a good idea doesn’t mean it’s always needed in the real world. Is Samsung Care Plus something you should consider for your next big Samsung purchase? Here’s everything you have to know before you get the tech giant’s premium warranty service.


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  1. What Is Samsung Care Plus (Samsung Care+)?
  2. What Does Samsung Care Plus Cover?
  3. Samsung Care+ Vs Manufacturer Warranty
  4. How Much Is Samsung Care Plus?
  5. How Long Does Samsung Care+ Last?
  6. Where to Get Samsung Care Plus?
  7. Where to Get Your Samsung Device With Care+ Fixed?
  8. How to File a Samsung Care Plus Claim?
  9. Does Samsung Care Plus Have a Deductible?
  10. How to Track Your Repair?
  11. How to Cancel Samsung Care+?
  12. Why Should You Get Samsung Care+?
  13. Is Samsung Care Plus Worth It?


What Is Samsung Care Plus (Samsung Care+)?

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Samsung Care Plus is essentially a device and cell phone insurance that covers more than your regular manufacturer’s warranty. It applies to almost any Samsung device including tablets, laptops, desktops, appliances, TVs, and more. The warranty was initially called “Samsung Premium Care” but rebranded sometime in 2020.

Like regular insurance, Samsung Care+ makes speedy repairs and replacements available to the user. However, there are two attributes to the service that distinguishes it from a regular warranty. The first is that it applies after your manufacturer’s warranty runs out. Hence, folks who avail of Samsung Care Plus can expect more long-term support than what regular warranties can offer.

The second distinguishing feature lies in its coverage. We’ll talk more about the detailed coverage Samsung Care+ provides later. For now, just know that the service covers more than what your average manufacturer’s warranty does.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Samsung Care Plus covers every possible source of damage you can think of. For example, it doesn’t account for loss or theft, although a separate Samsung Care+ with Theft and Loss insurance will. Furthermore, it doesn’t cover cosmetic damages like scratches or dents (although cracked screens are included).

Nonetheless, Samsung Care Plus is the ideal solution for Samsung owners who want to be extra careful with their purchases. It’s also especially useful for devices that are a bit more fragile than others. Above all, what makes it great is that you can pay for it monthly and cancel any time.


What Does Samsung Care Plus Cover?

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Samsung Care Plus covers many unforeseeable circumstances that could potentially damage your device. These include power surges, accidental damages, wear and tear, dropping your phone, spillages, and phone cracks. Moreover, the warranty lets customers avail of replacements and even covers the shipping of damaged devices.

Of course, Samsung Care Plus also has limitations to coverage. For instance, you can only have your device repaired from accidental damages up to 3 times yearly. Moreover, while Samsung Care Plus does cover many things, it doesn’t cover everything. Some of these include damages due to negligence, theft, abuse, rust, loss, power fluctuations, and weather damage. In addition, it won’t repair or replace your device if the loss is already covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Lastly, even though Samsung Care Plus has a monthly fee, it still costs money to repair your device. The only silver lining that makes the service worth it is that repairs are more affordable than the average price.

For example, you’ll have to pay $249 if you need to have your phone repaired because of an accidental drop. Water damage and cracked screen repairs also cost about the same amount through the service. If you have your phone repaired without Samsung Care Plus, these will likely cost $400 or more.

With all that said, the restrictions Samsung places on the coverage aren’t too bad. That’s because the limit to the number of yearly repairs only applies to certain situations. Some repairs don’t have restrictions like battery-related issues or those concerning faulty parts. There’s also no service fee attached to these kinds of repairs so not everything will cost you.


Samsung Care+ Vs Manufacturer Warranty

Most Samsung devices come with a one-year warranty that covers mechanical damages. Hence, if your phone’s battery or the screen breaks within a year, you can avail of repairs. Both labor and the cost of spare parts are covered and won’t cost you anything. You can also get repairs or replacements for original accessories that are damaged within 6 months.

However, unlike Samsung Care+, the manufacturer’s warranty won’t cover accidental damage or spillage. Wear and tear issues are also not included in the repairs so you’ll need the extended warranty for that. Moreover, the cost of the repairs under the manufacturer’s warranty isn’t fixed at certain prices.


How Much Is Samsung Care Plus?

Samsung Care Plus varies in its annual price depending on which device you’re getting it for. For example, if you have an A-Series phone, the coverage will cost you about $159 on average. If you decide to swap a damaged phone, you’ll have to pay an extra $149. For S and Note Series devices, coverage will cost roughly $249 with the swap fee staying the same.

If you get an even higher-end device, like the Z Fold and Flip Series, coverage jumps up to $399. This will, in turn, cost $299 per swap in case you swap your devices down the line. Moreover, prices vary if you avail of the service from other countries like the UK or Australia.

Regardless of the price, however, Samsung Care+ will renew automatically every month. Unless you or the company cancels the subscription, the extended warranty will be in effect until the time runs out.


How Long Does Samsung Care+ Last?

This will depend on the service plan you have picked on the date of purchase. You have 2 term options for this: 12 months or 24 months. Once the term is exhausted, you can no longer avail of Samsung Care Plus services.


Where to Get Samsung Care+?

Samsung Galaxy Fold
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There are multiple ways to get Samsung Care+ with your new Samsung device. The first one is through asking for it as an add-on to your purchase when you buy a new device. Through this method, you can gain immediate coverage for your item without having to go through additional processes.

However, if you have failed to get covered upon purchase, you can still get covered through the online store. Simply register an account and enter your information on the Samsung Care Plus website. Afterward, add the package to your cart and enter the IMEI of your newly purchased device. Then, simply enter your payment details and your device should be covered.

With that said, do note that you can only purchase Samsung Care+ within 14 days from your purchase date. Afterward, your device will be disqualified from getting coverage.

Check Your Eligibility Here


Where to Get Your Samsung Device With Care+ Fixed?

Cellphone Repair
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Samsung Care Plus holders can have their devices repaired through authorized service centers like uBreakiFix. Simply open the website and key in your home location’s ZIP code. Alternatively, you can also bring your device to the service center physically or through the curbside service. There’s also provision for house calls or mail-ins.

Samsung delegates the task of repair to Asurion, a 3rd-party company that provides consumer electronics insurance. It is this company that decides whether your damages are covered by the Samsung Care+ contract. Moreover, whether your phone is repaired or replaced is also under their prerogative.


How to File a Samsung Care Plus Claim?

To file a claim, head to the closest Samsung service center within 14 days after the incident. Doing so will let you register your claim with Samsung so they can take a look at your specific case. If there’s no service center nearby, you can also call the Samsung Care Plus hotline and ask for assistance.

After filing a claim, Samsung will get back to you within 3-8 working days. Of course, the time frame will depend on your state and country. Nonetheless, it will take a few days before Samsung can assess the damages and get back to you.

Once they do, Samsung will send a replacement device after your request has been approved. However, you have to note that you’re required to return the faulty device within 10 days of receipt. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay Samsung an uncovered equipment fee.


Does Samsung Care Plus Have a Deductible?

Yes — there is a Samsung Care Plus deductible you have to pay if you’re repairing certain devices. These include phones under the Galaxy Fold lineup. However, most other device repairs, like that of the A and S Series, don’t have deductibles. You can head to their website for a full list of Samsung Care Plus fees.


How to Track Your Repair?

Whether you’re waiting for a phone, tablet, or laptop, it can be nerve-wracking when you have to wait for repairs. After all, some repairs can take days while others can last weeks or even months. Hopefully, that won’t be the case. Regardless, you can track your request and the status of your repair for more peace of mind.

You can do this by calling the Samsung Care+ hotline and asking about your device’s repair status. Alternatively, you can also correspond with their service team through email, text, or call.

Usually, Samsung’s service team will be the one to do this and update you on the status. They’ll tell you whether your request was received, picked up/delivered, or if your device has been repaired. Moreover, the company should contact you when it’s time to deliver your repaired device or if it’s available for pick-up.


How to Cancel Samsung Care Plus?

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You can cancel the service by calling 1-866-371-9051 at any time. The cancellation service is available round-the-clock, so you don’t need to worry about timing. Alternatively, you can also cancel the service by mail or through the Samsung website using your Samsung account.

Simply navigate to and go to My Account > My Subscriptions — you can cancel your active plans here. You can also simply email them at and request cancellation. If you cancel through these methods within 30 days of the warranty’s start date, you can get a full refund.

Do note that Samsung can also choose to cancel your plan anytime within the 12 or 24-month term. However, the company will only do so under certain conditions. For example, Samsung may cancel your plan if they detect any fraudulent or attempted fraudulent activities on your part. Moreover, the company can terminate the contract if you alter or delete your IMEI number. They can also cancel the service if you ever choose to repair your phone through an unauthorized repair shop.


Why Should You Get Samsung Care+?

Most modern smartphones and tablets have been built pretty well. That’s especially true if you’re buying from a trusted manufacturer like Samsung. With that said, you might wonder why you even need Samsung Care+ at all, and you might be right. However, some devices – particularly the new folding phones – are more prone to damage because they’re more fragile. This is where Samsung Care Plus truly shines as a service.

That’s because if you ever break your Galaxy Fold or Flip accidentally, the cost of repair is much lower. For example, the $249 cost of repairing a screen crack is inclusive of both screens in a dual-screen device. Hence, if you crack both screens on your Galaxy Z Fold, both of them will be repaired for only $249.

In addition, Samsung Care Plus is simply a good safety precaution to have once your regular warranty expires. It’s especially handy because modern phones usually have glass on both the front and back. Regardless of whether your phone is foldable or not, Samsung Care Plus provides a pretty good safety net.


Is Samsung Care Plus Worth It?

For most people, getting insurance for your phone or tablet can feel too much. After all, most folks end up replacing their devices in two or three years, right? But if you prefer the Galaxy Z Flip or Fold, chances are you’re better off getting Samsung Care Plus. That’s because these high-end phones are not only expensive but also extremely fragile. Thus, the likelihood of them breaking after a light fall is higher than most other phones.

With that said, Samsung Care+ seems like a worthy investment overall. It’s not that expensive and affords you the most important thing: peace of mind. Moreover, even if you don’t have a folding device, it’s still worth it because of the affordable screen repair prices. Like any insurance, Samsung Care+ is something nice to have but you won’t wish to use.  However, it’s especially handy if you’re the type of person who drops your phone regardless of how careful you are.