The Best 360-degree Camera Apps For IOS And Android

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The advent of smartphones has transformed the way we capture and share our precious moments. Gone are the days when we had to rely on bulky cameras to record our memories. Now, with just a few taps on our mobile screens, we can capture stunning panoramic views with 360-degree camera apps. These innovative apps allow us to immerse ourselves in a virtual reality-like experience, where we can explore every angle of a scene.

Whether you’re an avid traveler looking to capture breathtaking landscapes or simply want to add a unique touch to your social media posts, 360-degree camera apps are a must-have. In this article, we will dive into the world of these apps, exploring the top options available for both iOS and Android devices. From seamless stitching to advanced editing tools, we will highlight the features that make these apps stand out. So, grab your smartphone and get ready to embark on a visual journey like no other!

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  1. Insta360: Features, Compatibility, User Reviews
  2. Google Street View
  3. Pano – Features, Compatibility, User Reviews
  4. Theta – Features, Compatibility, User Reviews
  5. Conclusion
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Insta360: Features, Compatibility, User Reviews

When it comes to 360-degree camera apps, Insta360 is a name that stands out in the crowd. Known for their high-quality cameras and innovative technology, Insta360 offers an impressive range of features that make capturing and sharing immersive 360-degree content a breeze.

One of the standout features of Insta360 is its advanced stabilization technology. This ensures that your videos and photos are smooth and steady, even when capturing fast-paced action or in challenging environments. Additionally, Insta360 offers a variety of shooting modes, including photo, video, time-lapse, and bullet time, allowing you to unleash your creativity and capture stunning moments.

Compatibility is another strength of Insta360. Whether you’re an iOS or Android user, you can enjoy the benefits of this fantastic app. It seamlessly integrates with your smartphone, providing a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls that make capturing and editing your 360-degree content a seamless experience.

Now, let’s take a look at what users have to say about Insta360. The app has received rave reviews for its impressive image quality, ease of use, and advanced features. Many users have praised the app’s ability to capture immersive and engaging content with minimal effort. The intuitive editing tools and options for sharing your creations on social media platforms have also been highly regarded.

Overall, Insta360 is a top-notch 360-degree camera app that offers a wide range of features, excellent compatibility, and positive user feedback. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a seasoned professional, this app is definitely worth considering to elevate your photography and videography game.

Google Street View

Google Street View is one of the most popular 360-degree camera apps available for both iOS and Android devices. It offers a range of features that allow users to capture stunning 360-degree photos and create immersive virtual tours.

One of the key features of Google Street View is the ability to capture photos in 360 degrees using your smartphone’s camera. Whether you’re exploring a city, hiking in nature, or even inside a building, you can capture every angle and create a seamless panoramic image.

Compatibility is not an issue with Google Street View as it is available for both iOS and Android devices. Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, and you’re ready to start capturing your own 360-degree photos.

As for user reviews, Google Street View has received positive feedback from users around the world. Many users praise the app for its ease of use and the high-quality images it produces. The ability to share virtual tours with others and explore famous landmarks virtually has also been highlighted as a standout feature.

Overall, Google Street View is an impressive 360-degree camera app that offers a user-friendly interface, compatibility with both iOS and Android devices, and the ability to capture stunning panoramic photos. With its positive user reviews and powerful features, it’s definitely worth considering for anyone looking to explore the world of 360-degree photography.

Pano – Features, Compatibility, User Reviews

Pano is a popular 360-degree camera app that offers a range of advanced features, making it a favorite among both iOS and Android users. With its intuitive interface and robust functionality, Pano allows you to capture and share stunning panoramic photos and videos with ease.

One of the standout features of Pano is its ability to automatically stitch together multiple images or videos to create a seamless 360-degree view. This eliminates the need for manual editing, saving you time and effort. Additionally, Pano offers a variety of shooting modes such as fisheye, spherical, and VR, allowing you to experiment and unleash your creativity.

Compatibility is another strong suit of Pano. It supports a wide range of devices, including the latest iPhone and Android models. Whether you’re using a high-end smartphone or a budget-friendly device, you can enjoy the full functionality of Pano and capture breathtaking panoramic shots.

User reviews of Pano have been overwhelmingly positive. Many users praise the app’s user-friendly interface, noting that it makes capturing and sharing 360-degree content a breeze. The automatic stitching feature is also highly acclaimed, as it produces seamless and high-quality panoramic images. Users also appreciate the variety of shooting modes and the ability to control exposure and white balance settings.

Overall, Pano is a top choice for anyone looking to delve into the captivating world of 360-degree photography and videography. With its impressive features, wide device compatibility, and positive user sentiment, Pano has solidified its position as one of the best 360-degree camera apps for both iOS and Android.

Theta – Features, Compatibility, User Reviews

When it comes to capturing stunning 360-degree photos and videos on your mobile device, Theta is a popular choice among photography enthusiasts. This app offers a range of features that make it easy to create immersive content and share it with others. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Theta stand out.

One of the standout features of Theta is its ability to capture high-resolution 360-degree photos. Whether you’re exploring a breathtaking landscape or capturing a panoramic shot of a bustling city, Theta ensures that every detail is crystal clear. With its advanced image stitching technology, this app seamlessly blends multiple images to create a seamless and immersive experience.

Compatibility is another key aspect to consider when choosing a 360-degree camera app. Theta is available for both iOS and Android devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android phone, you can easily download and install Theta from the respective app stores.

When it comes to user reviews, Theta has received overwhelming positive feedback from its users. The app is lauded for its user-friendly interface, making it easy for beginners to navigate and capture stunning 360-degree shots. Users also appreciate the app’s ability to instantly share their creations on social media platforms, allowing them to showcase their immersive content to a wider audience.

Furthermore, Theta offers various editing tools that allow users to enhance their photos and videos. From adjusting exposure and contrast to applying filters and effects, users have the freedom to customize their 360-degree content to their liking. This flexibility adds an extra level of creativity to the app’s functionality.

Overall, Theta is a top choice for capturing and sharing immersive 360-degree photos and videos. Its high-resolution image capture, broad compatibility, positive user reviews, and editing tools make it a standout app in the realm of 360-degree photography. Give Theta a try and unlock a new level of creativity with your mobile device.


360-degree cameras have revolutionized the way we capture and experience moments. With the advancements in technology, smartphone users can now enjoy the benefits of 360-degree photography without investing in expensive equipment. The availability of innovative apps for both iOS and Android has made it easier than ever to capture immersive 360-degree photos and videos.

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or just looking to add a unique touch to your social media posts, these 360-degree camera apps provide a whole new level of creativity and engagement. From features like live streaming to customizable editing tools, there is an app out there to suit every need.

So, don’t limit yourself to traditional photography. Embrace the world of 360-degree cameras and unlock a whole new realm of visual storytelling. Capture the world from every angle with these incredible apps and let your creativity soar!


1. What is a 360-degree camera app?
A 360-degree camera app is a mobile application that allows you to capture photos and videos in a 360-degree format. These apps use the device’s camera to capture images from all angles, creating an immersive and interactive visual experience.

2. Can I use a 360-degree camera app on any smartphone?
Most 360-degree camera apps are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. However, it is important to check the app’s system requirements before downloading to ensure compatibility with your specific device.

3. Are 360-degree camera apps easy to use?
Yes, 360-degree camera apps are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. They usually offer simple interfaces with easy navigation, making it accessible for both amateur and professional photographers to capture stunning 360-degree content.

4. Are there any free 360-degree camera apps available?
Yes, there are several free 360-degree camera apps available for download. While these apps may offer basic features, they still provide the opportunity to capture and share immersive photos and videos without spending any money.

5. Can I edit my 360-degree photos and videos within the app?
Many 360-degree camera apps come with built-in editing capabilities. These features allow you to enhance your photos and videos by adjusting colors, adding filters, and applying other effects. Additionally, you can often trim and merge videos, add text or captions, and even add soundtracks to your creations.