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Credo Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that stands out in the crowded telecommunications industry. As a socially conscious company, Credo Mobile has carved a unique identity by aligning its business model with progressive values. This sets it apart from traditional carriers, as it actively supports various causes and organizations through its business operations. Understanding the ownership of Credo Mobile is essential to grasp the ethos and motivations behind the company. In this article, we will delve into the ownership structure of Credo Mobile, shedding light on the individuals or entities that hold influence over its operations and strategic direction. By gaining insight into the ownership of Credo Mobile, we can better comprehend the driving forces behind its commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Let's embark on this exploration to uncover the ownership dynamics of Credo Mobile and how it shapes the company's mission and impact.

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History of Credo Mobile

Credo Mobile, formerly known as Working Assets, has a rich history deeply rooted in social activism and progressive change. The company was founded in 1985 by Michael Kieschnick, Laura Scher, and Peter Barnes, with a vision to create a business that could serve as a force for good in the world. The founders were driven by a desire to leverage the power of commerce to support causes they believed in, such as environmental protection, human rights, and civil liberties.

From its inception, Credo Mobile set itself apart by offering a unique proposition to consumers: the ability to support their values through everyday purchases. This innovative approach resonated with a growing segment of socially conscious individuals who sought to align their spending with their beliefs. As a result, Credo Mobile quickly gained traction and established itself as a pioneer in the realm of socially responsible business.

In the early years, Credo Mobile focused on providing long-distance telephone services, allowing customers to contribute a portion of their monthly bills to nonprofit organizations working on various social and environmental issues. This model effectively transformed everyday transactions into a means of supporting positive change, empowering consumers to make a tangible impact through their communication expenses.

As technology advanced and the telecommunications landscape evolved, Credo Mobile adapted its offerings to encompass a broader range of services, including mobile phone plans and activism-driven products. The company's commitment to activism remained unwavering, and it continued to allocate a percentage of its revenue to support nonprofit organizations and progressive causes.

Over the years, Credo Mobile has actively engaged in advocacy efforts, leveraging its platform to champion key issues and mobilize its customer base in support of social and environmental justice. The company has been a vocal proponent of net neutrality, climate action, LGBTQ+ rights, and other critical causes, demonstrating a steadfast dedication to using its business as a force for positive change.

As Credo Mobile continues to evolve and expand its impact, its history serves as a testament to the transformative power of combining business acumen with a steadfast commitment to social responsibility. The company's journey reflects the enduring relevance of its founding principles and the enduring appeal of aligning commerce with conscience.

Ownership Structure of Credo Mobile

Credo Mobile, a trailblazer in the realm of socially responsible business, boasts a unique ownership structure that sets it apart from traditional corporations. At the helm of Credo Mobile's ownership are two distinct entities: Credo Action and Working Assets. This dual ownership model embodies the company's commitment to activism, social change, and ethical business practices.

Credo Action, the advocacy arm of Credo Mobile, plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's ownership structure. As a progressive powerhouse, Credo Action harnesses the collective power of its members to advance crucial causes and influence policy decisions. By mobilizing a passionate community of activists, Credo Action amplifies the voices of its supporters and drives meaningful change on a range of issues, from environmental conservation to human rights.

Working Assets, the other key player in Credo Mobile's ownership equation, represents the business side of the company. With a focus on providing mobile and financial services, Working Assets intertwines commerce with social impact, offering consumers the opportunity to support nonprofit organizations through their everyday transactions. This innovative approach to business reflects Working Assets' commitment to leveraging capitalism as a force for good, channeling resources toward initiatives that align with its values.

The symbiotic relationship between Credo Action and Working Assets underscores the interconnectedness of activism and commerce within Credo Mobile's ownership structure. While Credo Action drives advocacy efforts and amplifies the voices of change-makers, Working Assets channels financial resources toward supporting progressive causes, creating a cohesive ecosystem that embodies the company's ethos.

Furthermore, Credo Mobile's ownership structure reflects a deep-seated commitment to democratic principles. Through its unique business model, the company empowers its members to actively participate in shaping its direction and impact. By aligning ownership with activism and consumer advocacy, Credo Mobile cultivates a sense of shared ownership and purpose, fostering a community-driven approach to business that transcends traditional profit-driven models.

In essence, the ownership structure of Credo Mobile embodies a harmonious fusion of activism, commerce, and democratic participation. By intertwining the influence of Credo Action with the business acumen of Working Assets, the company has forged a distinctive ownership model that reflects its unwavering dedication to driving positive change and upholding progressive values. This innovative approach not only sets Credo Mobile apart within the telecommunications industry but also serves as a compelling example of how ownership can be harnessed to advance social and environmental causes.

Impact of Ownership on Credo Mobile's Values and Practices

The ownership structure of Credo Mobile, characterized by the symbiotic relationship between Credo Action and Working Assets, profoundly influences the company's values and practices. This unique ownership model serves as a driving force behind Credo Mobile's unwavering commitment to social responsibility, activism, and ethical business practices.

At the core of Credo Mobile's values is a deep-seated belief in the power of collective action and advocacy. The ownership structure, with Credo Action as a key stakeholder, amplifies the company's dedication to championing progressive causes. By aligning ownership with activism, Credo Mobile integrates advocacy into its DNA, infusing its values and practices with a resolute commitment to effecting positive change. This alignment empowers the company to leverage its platform not only as a provider of mobile and financial services but also as a catalyst for social and environmental justice.

Moreover, the ownership structure directly influences Credo Mobile's operational practices, shaping the way the company conducts business and interacts with its stakeholders. The intertwining of ownership with activism fosters a culture of transparency, accountability, and responsiveness within the organization. This, in turn, translates into a heightened emphasis on ethical business conduct, responsible resource allocation, and a steadfast dedication to supporting nonprofit organizations and progressive initiatives.

Furthermore, the ownership model profoundly impacts the products and services offered by Credo Mobile. The company's commitment to social and environmental causes is intricately woven into its offerings, with a portion of revenue allocated to support nonprofit organizations. This direct linkage between ownership and the products/services provided underscores Credo Mobile's values, as it enables consumers to actively contribute to causes they believe in through their everyday transactions.

Additionally, the ownership structure influences Credo Mobile's advocacy efforts and public stance on critical issues. The company's ownership by Credo Action, a prominent advocacy organization, amplifies its ability to drive meaningful change and influence policy decisions. This ownership-driven advocacy approach not only shapes Credo Mobile's public image but also underscores its steadfast commitment to using its influence for the betterment of society.

In essence, the ownership structure of Credo Mobile serves as a linchpin that intricately weaves together the company's values, operational practices, product offerings, and advocacy efforts. By aligning ownership with activism and ethical business conduct, Credo Mobile has established itself as a trailblazer in the realm of socially responsible business, setting a compelling example for the telecommunications industry and beyond.

Future of Credo Mobile Ownership

The future of Credo Mobile ownership holds the promise of continued innovation, evolution, and a steadfast commitment to advancing social and environmental causes. As the telecommunications landscape undergoes rapid transformation and societal expectations regarding corporate responsibility evolve, Credo Mobile is poised to navigate the changing tides while staying true to its founding principles.

Looking ahead, the ownership structure of Credo Mobile is likely to play a pivotal role in shaping the company's trajectory. The symbiotic relationship between Credo Action and Working Assets is expected to endure, serving as a cornerstone of the company's ownership model. This enduring partnership will continue to reinforce Credo Mobile's dedication to activism, democratic participation, and the seamless integration of commerce with conscience.

Furthermore, the future of Credo Mobile ownership is intrinsically linked to the company's ongoing commitment to amplifying the voices of its members and advocating for progressive change. As Credo Mobile expands its reach and influence, the ownership structure will serve as a catalyst for empowering a broader community of activists and conscientious consumers. This inclusive approach to ownership aligns with the company's ethos of democratizing participation and fostering a sense of shared purpose among its stakeholders.

In the realm of business practices, the future of Credo Mobile ownership is poised to drive continued transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct. The intertwining of ownership with activism will reinforce the company's dedication to responsible resource allocation, environmental sustainability, and supporting nonprofit organizations. This alignment will further solidify Credo Mobile's position as a trailblazer in socially responsible business, setting a high standard for ethical conduct within the telecommunications industry.

Moreover, the future of Credo Mobile ownership is expected to influence the company's product offerings and advocacy initiatives. The seamless integration of ownership with activism will continue to shape the products and services provided by Credo Mobile, allowing consumers to actively contribute to causes they believe in through their everyday transactions. Additionally, the ownership-driven advocacy approach will enable Credo Mobile to amplify its impact on critical issues and drive meaningful change in the public sphere.

In essence, the future of Credo Mobile ownership holds the promise of a continued alignment between ownership, activism, and ethical business practices. As the company forges ahead, its ownership structure will remain a cornerstone of its identity, driving its mission to harness the power of commerce for the betterment of society. By staying true to its values and leveraging its unique ownership model, Credo Mobile is poised to chart a course that not only sets industry standards but also inspires a new wave of socially responsible businesses.

In conclusion, Credo Mobile is a unique mobile carrier that stands out for its commitment to social and environmental causes. By offering competitive mobile services while actively supporting progressive activism, Credo Mobile has carved a niche for itself in the telecommunications industry. With a focus on sustainability, advocacy, and customer empowerment, Credo Mobile has demonstrated a strong dedication to making a positive impact. As consumers increasingly prioritize ethical and socially responsible businesses, Credo Mobile's model of combining mobile services with activism is likely to continue resonating with a growing audience. Whether it's through their support for various nonprofit organizations or their advocacy for progressive policies, Credo Mobile's ownership by Working Assets and its alignment with socially conscious values make it a compelling choice for individuals seeking to make a difference through their mobile service provider.


  1. Who owns Credo Mobile?
    Credo Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) owned by Credo, a progressive political and social change organization. The company was founded in 1985 as Working Assets and later rebranded as Credo Mobile in 2007. Credo's mission is to support various progressive causes through its mobile services.

  2. What sets Credo Mobile apart from other mobile carriers?
    Credo Mobile stands out from traditional mobile carriers due to its unique business model. A portion of the revenue generated from Credo's mobile services is allocated to support various progressive causes, such as environmental protection, civil rights, and women's rights. This distinctive approach allows customers to contribute to meaningful social and political initiatives simply by using their mobile phones.

  3. Does Credo Mobile offer the latest smartphone models?
    Yes, Credo Mobile provides a range of the latest smartphone models, including popular devices from well-known manufacturers. Customers can choose from a selection of smartphones that cater to different preferences and budget considerations.

  4. Can I keep my current phone number when switching to Credo Mobile?
    Yes, Credo Mobile offers the option to transfer an existing phone number from another carrier. This process, known as number porting, allows customers to retain their current phone number when transitioning to Credo Mobile's services.

  5. What network does Credo Mobile operate on?
    Credo Mobile operates on the nationwide network of a major carrier, providing reliable coverage and service quality to its customers. This network partnership enables Credo Mobile to offer extensive coverage and dependable connectivity across the United States.