2022 Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone Cases

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OtterBox Symmetry Case

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Spigen Rugged Armor Case

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FYY Samsung Galaxy S10 Luxury Case

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The Samsung Galaxy S10, although not new anymore, remains competitive in the market because of its impressive functionality and build. In terms of the latter, the S10 is one delicate slab of mirrors and metals, featuring a bezel-less display and glass back. And that is why users have to invest in a good phone case to put on it. If you are one of the many buyers looking for Galaxy S10 cases, you’ve come to the right place. This article has your needs covered.

Photo of Samsung Galaxy S10
Image by adrian x from Pixabay

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Best Galaxy S10 Cases to Buy

We have compiled here many of the market-favorite Galaxy S10 cases for you to consider buying in 2021. These accessories range from simple to decorative, including releases that are sleek and rugged. Even though the style varies, one thing you can be sure of about these cases is that they do well in giving your Samsung Galaxy S10 the protection it needs.

OtterBox Symmetry Case Catalyst Case for Galaxy S10
Spigen Rugged Armor Case Ringke Fusion-X Case
FYY Samsung Galaxy S10 Luxury Case Encased Galaxy S10 Belt Clip Case
Presidio Pro Samsung Galaxy S10 Case Tech21 Evo Check Case
Samsung Galaxy S10 LED Back Case OtterBox Strada Series Case


This case from the Symmetry Series of OtterBox protects a Samsung Galaxy S10’s front and back and has cuts that precisely match the device’s delicate camera panel. By indication, it does seem the very case you will need to give your S10 the TLC it needs.

The Galaxy S10 case is clear and thin to showcase the beauty of the gadget but is durable. In fact, it can absorb and withstand shocks as a result of bumps or falls. And in case you are wondering whether you still need to get a screen protector after getting this case, you do not have to buy that extra accessory unless you really want to. The raised edges around the screen already protect the front display and absorb any damage when the device is dropped.


The rugged matte black look of this Spigen armor case should be enough reason to consider this as your top pick. There is more to it worth highlighting, though. The Galaxy S10 case can optimize wireless charging on your Galaxy S10 phone.

As regards durability, the case is made from flexible TPU and has raised lips around the screen that absorb the impact from a fall or bump. On top of that, it offers the best protection among many market rivals due to the Air Cushion Technology infused in the design.

In terms of versatility, using other accessories such as a pop-up stand is not a problem with the Spigen armor case. The socket will stick well to prevent your phone from falling when driving or watching a video in bed.


This Galaxy S10 case from FYY almost always never goes wrong, especially if you are looking for a case that combines great aesthetics and functionality.

The accessory’s leather finish gives it its evergreen appeal to anyone, but more so for professionals. The folio, meanwhile, serves as a cover that can be clasped and a kickstand for hands-free viewing. The inside of the folio has three pockets where cards and IDs can be stored.

Apart from what is mentioned, what makes the FYY Samsung Galaxy S10 Luxury Case the best choice for a luxury case is its RFID function that keeps sensitive information from being stolen.


This Presidio Pro case is very simple yet sleek. It gives your phone a professional look, if not an elegant appearance.

The product combines a polycarbonate outer layer and an impact-absorbing inner layer for complete Galaxy S10 protection. The outer layer’s soft rubber ridges make the case soft and easy to hold. More importantly, the raised bezels protect the front screen, covered buttons, and sides from incurring damages due to falls or bumps.

The Presidio Pro has one more noteworthy feature, which is not common and used only by top-of-the-line Galaxy S10 case producers – Microban antimicrobial technology. If you are not familiar with the technology, it is one that “inhibits the growth of bacteria on the case,” as stated on the case’s Amazon page.


This Samsung Galaxy S10 LED Back Case has become the best iteration of quirky and fun cases seen in the 2000s. That is because the LED lights on its back switch on to signal an incoming message or a phone call.

Overall, the case still has the right balance of simplicity and flashiness thanks to its shell-type design, which has improved since the previous model.

Moreover, it is versatile. You can pair other accessories with this case, be it a pop-up or ring stand. If you are adding the latter to the case, though, stick it a little lower from the center of the case to not obstruct the LED lights.


The main feature of the Catalyst Case is its bumpers. The design is comprised of raised bezels to protect the screen and cameras from sustaining damages.

The Catalyst Case is not like other bumper cases that tend to be too thick for the hand. The accessory adopts lightweight rubber, so you will not feel that it is bulky. Moreover, a lanyard can be attached to it, so your phone won’t fall or be snatched.

Additionally, the case is labeled as shockproof and has passed military standards with a rating of MIL-STD 810G-516.6. According to the official Amazon posting, it can protect your phone from a 20-ft drop and a two-pound steel ball bearing.


The Ringke Fusion-X Case is one of the Galaxy S10 cases that passed military standards, having a rating of MIL-STD 810G-516.6. That means it is very sturdy and rugged that your phone can sit tight and not sustain any screen or camera damage.

The case is made from a polycarbonate material and is transparent at the back, showing the phone’s color enhanced by its glossy finish. And to complete the look, the case boasts a shock-absorbent TPU bumper on the sides.

Additionally, the case can optimize Qi wireless charging, so you do not have to remove it when powering up the smartphone.


The Encased Galaxy S10 Belt Clip Case, which is made of polycarbonate and lined with felt, is one of the most versatile options among the Galaxy S10 cases in this list.

The product features a holster and a built-in kickstand. The former clips the case to your belt keeps the smartphone in place and is adjustable the way you want it. The latter is perfect for viewing videos hands-free.


Here’s another decent option for Galaxy S10 cases, the Tech21 Evo Check Case. This accessory is remarkable because of its smoky black color and flexible and lightweight TPU body that absorbs shock.

Additionally, the Tech21 Evo Check Case is a Galaxy s10 fan favorite not only because of its impressive features. It’s a part of a fleet of accessories from a company that delivered some of the best Samsung Galaxy cases in the market.


The Strada Series Case is another accessory offered by OtterBox. Like the featured release from the Symmetry Series, this accessory gives the Galaxy S10 strong protection from bumps, falls, and damages. It also does not make it difficult for you to press the side buttons of the smartphone.

What makes the case different from the Symmetry Series model is that it is made of genuine leather and has a folio. The folio has a single pocket that can hold a credit card or ID, but it cannot double as a kickstand and does not have RFID features. Nevertheless, the product is great if you are fond of keeping all your valuables together.


Which Galaxy S10 Cases Should You Get?

Choosing Galaxy S10 cases can be challenging because you might prefer style more than versatility or vice versa, or a balance of beauty and functionality. On the bright side, this buying guide has the accessories for you no matter what your taste is.

If you want cases that highlight complete device protection and ease of use, pick the rugged or kickstand versions from the list. If you want cases that look professional or quirky, then we recommend the luxury leather or LED variants, respectively.

Cases should not be the last accessories you buy for your smartphone. Get the featured Galaxy S10 cases now to give your devices the protection they need!