How to Use Wireless Charging on iPhone 7

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Since Apple’s iPhone 8 family became the first generation of iPhones to include the wireless charging ability, it has become the benchmark for succeeding iPhones. Previous iPhones like the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus didn’t have this feature. But did you know that there are ways to get around this limitation and get iPhone 7 wireless charging support?

The Ups And Downs Of Qi Charging
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Apple has gone and will continue to go big on wireless charging. It started to gain more momentum following the release of the iPhone 8. And up to this point, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are reliant on power cords. However, there are accessories that could make iPhone 7 wireless charging possible.

We would assume that if you have reached this part of the article, you might be wondering what accessories would make your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus capable of wireless charging. Say no more because our team of experts at CellularNews has the catalog for you.


Wireless Charging for iPhones

With every Apple flagship mobile release comes the eventual release of accessories to match them. Wireless chargers for iPhones are usually first developed by Apple for the product itself before other manufacturers can play catchup. In the battery case marketplace, the wireless charger accessory developed for iPhone 6S is pretty much the same for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

But perhaps the most ambitious feature and development in the iPhone are seen on iPhone 12. This new generation of iPhone does not come with the all-important USB-C to lightning cable leaving everyone stunned with the question of how to charge the unit. And this is where Apple went big with an ambitious new design and feature. The iPhone 12 is the first generation of the iPhone to fully operate with wireless charging as a mainstay feature.

This did not only put the new generation of iPhone at the forefront of efficiency and comfort but also a leader in bold first moves.

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Wireless Charging Adapters and Cases for iPhone

Now, this is the part where we get to lay out the catalog of accessories to make the iPhone 7 wireless charging a reality.

Most wireless charging cases are packed with Qi charging coil and that in itself makes these products reliable. Paired with a Qi wireless charging pad, these cases not only bring comfort, efficiency, and aesthetics; they also make life convenient. Aside from working well with any Qi wireless charging pads, you can also use it on a wireless car charger whenever you are on the go.

You’ll know when the phone is fully charged in the way you’d know using a USB lightning cord. Once docked on the power pod, the screen will indicate the phone is charging. It might now automatically notify you that the phone is fully charged, but you can always press your Home button to check the charging progress.


WELUV’s wireless charging case is our second favorite wireless charging adapter for iPhone 7. Given, it effectively transforms your old iPhone into a Qi-enabled device, but what we love the most is that it serves more than a wireless charging adapter’s purpose.

Firstly, you can use it as a protective element for your device. Like your usual cell phone case, it would protect your iPhone 7 from scratches and sudden falls. Secondly, like a power bank and portable charger, it extends the battery capacity of your phone. WELUV’s wireless charging case is capable to store up to 3000 mAh of extra power that can juice up your phone when you are outside.


A wireless charging adapter that is closely similar to WELUV, Alpatronix’s BX190 Battery Case is one you should consider if you want to charge your iPhone 7 wirelessly. It features a slide-in design that would perfectly fit your phone for well-rounded protection on any given day. Battery-wise, this charging case is 3200 mAh capable that can keep your phone powered-up all day long.

BX190 battery case supports universal wireless charging and is compatible with any wireless charging pad. It has light indicators at the back that will tell you how much juice is left or when it’s time to charge your charging case.

Since we have already touched on Qi wireless charging, we think it’s fitting to include our catalog with the Qi Wireless Charging Adapter from YkingWe do not want to say that this is, by far, the easiest wireless charging accessory to use for your iPhone 7 but this definitely falls under that category.

This accessory is a no-brainer; simply plug it into your iPhone’s Lightning port and tuck the rest of it between your phone and case to keep it from incurring damage. Some users who tried using this accessory reported the efficiency of this accessory and despite themselves initially being reluctant to try it. The accessory is very compact and you wouldn’t even know it’s there. 


It is really nice to have options rather than sticking to one product brand alone. So, here’s another option when it comes to wireless charging adapters.

Nillkin iPhone Wireless Charging Receiver offers 1000 mAh of charging speed, which is almost similar to an iPhone charged using the USB Lightning cord. Moreover, it supports wireless charging for iPhone 7/6/6S/Plus/5/SE. 


Is Your Phone Enabled for Wireless Charging?

Sometimes, you would rather hear people ask if your phone is Qi-enabled instead of whether it’s wireless charging-enabled. That is because Qi is the standard that is used for wireless charging. Although there remains other technology for wireless charging, Qi is the generally accepted one and commonly used by electronic manufacturers, including Apple.

There are a number of ways to know whether your phone supports wireless charging; some are easy while some are less noticeable. One easy way to know whether your phone supports wireless charging is by looking for the Qi logo on your phone information. If you see it, then you’d be able to charge your phone using the Qi standards. In most cases, recent Apple, Samsung, and Huawei phones support Qi wireless charging.



There are two things we are absolutely positive about; first, generations of iPhones prior to the iPhone 12 do not have wireless charging. And second, iPhone 7 wireless charging is 100% possible through some of the products we have listed above.

Apple is on the frontline in the race of wireless charging technology following the release of the iPhone 12. This new generation of iPhone did not only set the benchmark for other mobile phone developers and manufacturers to follow. It also created ripples even for its previous releases. It seems Apple is showing no signs of slowing down and will continue going big.