How to See Deleted Reddit Posts: 5 Best Ways

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Reddit is a gold mine of online conversation topics. You can quickly see Reddit posts about nearly everything and interact with them or not. However, like how fast you can find them and delete your Reddit browsing history, the posts may be gone all of a sudden. When it happens, it is usually because the poster or moderator took them down. Thankfully, there are various ways to see deleted Reddit posts. Revisit lost Reddit posts with ease as you read on.


Inside This Article

  1. What Happens to Deleted Reddit Posts?
  2. How to See Deleted Reddit Posts
    1. Via Wayback Machine
    2. Using Reveddit
    3. Through Google Chrome Cache
    4. Via Resavr
    5. Using Unddit


What Happens to Deleted Reddit Posts?

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But first, what happens when Reddit posts get deleted? The answer is that their content is gone and not searchable anymore on Reddit. That is why the workarounds you will see later on involve third-party platforms. The links to the missing posts stay, which makes it easier for you to see deleted Reddit posts.


How to See Deleted Reddit Posts

How do you find or see deleted Reddit posts, then? Get your mobile or web browser ready and try the methods below.

1. Via Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine not only helps you watch deleted YouTube videos; it even lets you see deleted Reddit posts. The website archives other web pages at different times; therefore, you might see them even if they are gone now. The likelihood that Wayback Machine will show you the content you are looking for is high if the source account or web domain is popular. Here is a quick rundown of steps to find a deleted Reddit post using Wayback Machine:

1. Access Wayback Machine’s site, which is
2. Locate the search bar afterward.
3. Enter the deleted Reddit post’s URL on the blank search field. If you don’t have the post URL, you can try the subreddit or profile link.
4. Wayback Machine will either show a calendar or tell you it hasn’t archived the page. Proceed to the next step if you see the former; move on to another solution if not.
5. Press the year, date, and then the timestamp the archive was taken to check it out. You’ll know the Reddit page containing the deleted post was archived at a certain year, date, and time if there is a bar graph on the year, a blue highlight on the date, and at least one timestamp when you click the date.

Wayback Machine is one of the best ways to see deleted Reddit posts
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Wayback Machine should now show you the lost post. Repeat the steps if you want to see more deleted Reddit posts.


2. Using Reveddit

Reveddit not only lets you search and see deleted Reddit posts by link. You can type on the website the subreddit where the content belongs or the username of the Reddit user to find a lost post. Reveddit even indicates if the post was removed by the user or moderator by highlighting it in blue or red — great for the more curious Reddit users out there. To use Reveddit to see a deleted Reddit post, follow these instructions:

1. Head to
2. Input the link, subreddit, or username relevant to the deleted Reddit post.
3. Hit the go button beside the search field.

Reveddit can be used whether you know the post link or not
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After following the procedure above, you will see the deleted Reddit post or all recently deleted posts from the subreddit or user. If you see a Restore button on an archived post, that means the content was removed before Reveddit’s latest archiving attempt. The button can be clicked more than once to see previous archives of the post.


3. Through Google Chrome Cache

Google Chrome captures a web page for easy visitor access whenever the page isn’t loading properly. That archived version of the page is the cache. To see the cached version of a Reddit post via Google Chrome, do the following:

1. Make sure you’re using Google Chrome’s web version, even if you’re on mobile. On Chrome mobile, hit the three-dot icon and then tick Desktop site.
2. Search for the deleted Reddit post via its link or the poster’s Reddit username.
3. On the correct search result’s entry, press the three-dot icon.
4. On the side menu, hit Cached.

Chrome cache can be used to view pages with loading issues
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You will see the deleted Reddit post if Google archived it before the deletion and the deletion was recent.


4. Via Resavr

Resavr is ideal for when you want to see deleted Reddit comments on posts. It shows two types of deleted comments: those recently erased on the platform and those deleted ones you search for by post title or Reddit user. The comments the site usually crawls are the short ones (under a thousand words). Here’s how to use Resavr:

1. Head to via your browser.
2. Enter the post title or Reddit username on the page’s top-right search bar.
3. Click on a search result.

Resavr finds deleted Reddit comments
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Alternatively, you can browse random deleted short comments by clicking on them on the Resavr homepage’s list.

Whether you search by title, username, or randomly, Resavr will show you when the comment was posted and how long the comment stayed accessible before being taken down. You will be able to read the entire comment, too.


5. Using Unddit

Unddit is another online tool for seeing deleted Reddit comments. It is ideal to use on a web browser because you can use it as a bookmark. Here’s a quick walkthrough:

1. Head to

Unddit can also show deleted Reddit comments
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2. On the About section, hit the Ctrl+Shift+B bookmarks shortcut.
3. Hold the web page’s red Unddit button, and while doing so, move it to the browser’s bookmark bar.
4. Access an existing Reddit post where the deleted comment was before.
5. Press the Unddit bookmark.

Alternatively, you can replace “” with “” in a URL string, and Unddit should show you the deleted comments for a Reddit post.

Like Reveddit, Unddit color-codes deleted Reddit comments in blue and red. The colors mean deletion by user and moderator, respectively.


Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments Now Found

Even if moderators or posters think some Reddit posts should be taken down, someone in the Reddit space might want to see those again. That is why internet archive tools have emerged and are widely used nowadays. Now you know how to use them to see deleted Reddit posts.

If the workarounds were effective on your end, feel free to share this article with other Reddit users who might be looking for missing posts and comments too!