Among Us Is Coming to VR Soon, Innersloth Announced

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Among Us is getting a virtual reality (VR) version! The exciting news came from Innersloth itself, the developer of the betrayal-filled party game, just after Among Us arrived on PlayStation and Xbox. There is no exact date for the release yet, but it will reportedly arrive on Meta Quest, PlayStation VR, and SteamVR. Innersloth is developing this VR experience in collaboration with Robot Teddy and Schell Games.

In a 27-second teaser video, Innersloth gave us a glimpse of how Among Us VR would look like. It shows the inside of the spacecraft from the first-person point of view when suddenly the camera lens shifted to the attacking imposter. The video is short, but it pretty much summarizes what the experience will be when it finally arrives.


Among Us VR Mechanics

According to Innersloth, they will not change the gameplay on Among Us VR, and that the core mechanics will be the same as the original game. They added that the goal of the project is to let players “see life on the Skeld through the Crewmate’s visor”.

Among Us moving to 3D experience places players inside the Skeld alongside the sinister imposter. Teamwork and betrayal will still be the main narrative of the game. Players have together to get their spaceship in working order by accomplishing tasks. For its part, the imposter tries to sabotage and kill off the whole crew. The game will eventually lead to accusations and deceptions as players try to eject the suspicious spacebean from the airlock.

Among Us VR edition will also support a multiplayer experience but will be exclusive for VR players only. Players on the 2D version can also team up among themselves.


About the Development

Innersloth reportedly first tapped on Robot Teddy as early as 2020 to help them bring the game to additional platforms. For the VR side, Schell Games will work with both companies to make fully immersive Among Us a reality.

The original Among Us is currently available on Steam, Switch,, Epic Store, Windows Store, iOS, and Android. It also arrived on PlayStation and XBOX more recently.