All Among Us Hats Crews and Imposters Can Wear

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Using Among Us hats for their character is one of the many ways players can show their quirkiness in the game. One of the best casual games of all time, Among Us has continued to be a popular game as it continues to receive updates and tweaks. The game has changed a lot from its early public versions, which had hats, pets, and suit colors as the first bits of crewmate customization players had in-game. New updates to the game brought suit colors from their original 10 choices to an expanded 18 color choices. Hats, meanwhile, had an even larger expansion to at least 90 different hats to choose from! To guide you through all of them, here is a list of all the hats you can get in-game focusing on mobiles!

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What Are Among Us Hats?

Photo from Innersloth.

In-game Among Us hats are purely cosmetic items that let players customize their crewmates into their unique characters. Since hats are cosmetic, these do not actually give any gameplay advantages or disadvantages. You are free to change whatever hat your crewmate wears as much as you want without worrying about stats or gameplay differences.

There is a surprisingly large variety of hats to acquire and choose from. To wear them, all you need to do is click on the crewmate button on the main menu and press the party hat (second from the left). You can also walk to and click the box with the hanger (wardrobe) when setting up your game to open up the selection screen.


Are Among Us Hats Free?

In-game photo.

So, since they don’t give you any gameplay perks and only help you identify your own crewmate, are hats free in-game? Well, some of them are, give or take a few depending on your platform. There is a large pool of free hats available on all platforms, including Android and iOS mobile versions. Because Among Us on mobile is free, players on it do not get the extra free hats, skins, and pets players on paid platform versions get. Aside from platform exclusives like Xbox’s Spartan Helmet hat or Playstation’s Ratchet’s Cap, most other hats have to be bought using in-game currency or through Cosmicube paths.


Beans, Stars, and Pods

In-game photo.

The game uses three types of in-game currencies called beans, stars, and pods which are the only things you can use to get paid hats in-game. Introduced in the 2021.11.9 update alongside new Among Us roles, these currencies are acquired either through normal gameplay or by buying them off the in-game store. Beans can be earned after every round by doing tasks, killing crewmates, and winning the round. Stars are Among Us’ premium currency and can only be acquired by buying them with real-world money. Pods, meanwhile, are received after buying and activating a Cosmicube path. These pods are used to “travel” along its path to unlock other cosmetic items in the Cosmicube. Each type of pod is exclusive to each Cosmicube and cannot be used in other Cosmicubes.


All Hats in Among Us

Basically, there are three types of hats that you can get; namely, those that are free, included in a bundle (including Cosmicube hats), and seasonal hats. Aside from these three, there are also recolored versions of each unique hat which are treated as different “objects” in-game. To help you out, we will list down these unique hats and how to obtain them.


Free Among Us Hats

In-game photo.

These free Among Us character hats are exactly that, free. The hats on this list are given to each player after registering their account and are automatically included in their wardrobes. This list of 69 is the current (as of mobile v2022.6.21a Build Number: 2007) list of free hats you can get on mobile versions of Among Us. As we mentioned earlier, two hats, namely the Spartan Helmet and Ratchet’s Cap, are free hats exclusive to Xbox and Playstation players, respectively.

Aquatic Apparatus


Stickmin Brows


I Heart U

Stickmin Rider

Bein Cheesy





Take Cover


Magical ‘Corn

Ten Gallons



The Last Wipe

Cherry on Top

My Name Chef

The New Chief

Chocolate Scoop

Mysterious Vagabond

The Ol’ Ball Game



The Wall Cap

Crewmate Suit

Noire Evening

Third Eye


OHSA Compliant

Tiny Jim

Daisy Me Rollin’

P Hat

Toppat Chief

Done D


Toppat Grunt



Toppat White Edition



Two Eggs in a Nest

Fez Up

Pompous Pompadour


Floaty Flamingo

Poor Reception

Vi King



Wall Ushanka

Freshly Showered

Safety Second

We All Float Here


Serengetti Outta Here

What is up, Doc?

Generally Speaking

Slippery When Wet

Woodland Warrior

Goggles Up


You Glove To See It



Young Sprout


Bundles and Cosmicubes

In-game photo.

The second type of Among Us hats is split between bundles and Cosmicubes. There are two types of bundles: map bundles (MIRA, Polus, and Airship) which have cosmetics related to their map, and pet bundles which have cosmetic pets for their bundle name. Cosmicubes, as we explained earlier, can be bought using stars or beans but have to be opened using compatible pods. Each Cosmicube has a theme and is only offered for a limited time. Most Cosmicubes are tie-ups with other media (like the Arcane Cosmicube, which ran from November 12 to 31, 2021) and are unobtainable after this time. If you buy a Cosmicube, though, you can continue unlocking its paths even after its time limit on the in-game shop expires. In any case, here are the hats you can currently get in alphabetical order!

A Real Wiz

Airship Bundle

Abominable Head

Polus Cosmicube


Airship Bundle

Cold One

Polus Bundle

Cool Katie

Airship Cosmicube

Crane Operator

Airship Cosmicube


Polus Cosmicube

Exotic Flower

MIRA Cosmicube

Funky Fusion

Airship Bundle

Greatest Headset

MIRA Bundle

Greatest Headset (different from MIRA Bundle)

Airship Cosmicube

Head in the Clouds

MIRA Cosmicube

I’m Burt

Airship Bundle

Ice Cap

Polus Cosmicube

Important Documents

MIRA Cosmicube

Miner Setback

Polus Bundle

Mini Crewmate

Crewmate Pet Bundle

Mr. Macbeth

Airship Bundle


Airship Bundle

Muffs for the Ears

Polus Cosmicube

Museum Security

Airship Bundle

One in the Hand

MIRA Cosmicube

Peach Drink

MIRA Cosmicube

Prototype Helmet

Airship Cosmicube

Records Recorder

Airship Cosmicube

Recruited Ellie

Airship Bundle

Recruited Henry

Airship Bundle

Red-Headed Outlaw

Airship Bundle

Right Hand Hat

Airship Bundle


Airship Cosmicube

Siberia James

Polus Bundle

Sir Wilford IV

Airship Cosmicube

Surveilance Joe

Airship Cosmicube

Sven Svensson

Airship Bundle

Thomas Top

Airship Cosmicube

Tightened Security

MIRA Bundle

Unique Specimen

MIRA Cosmicube

Vine just Vine

MIRA Cosmicube

Winter Arrives

Polus Cosmicube


Among Us Seasonal Hats

Aside from the free hats and paid hats, Innersloth also embraces the holidays and gives players a chance to celebrate it in-game too! You can have your crewmate wear several Among Us Christmas hats and Halloween hats whenever the season comes. These sets of hats are given out for free to players logging in during the holidays (October for Halloween and December for Christmas) and automatically appear in their wardrobes. Those unable to wait for the dates could change their system time to the chosen season instead. Do note that this will not always work but will not affect your current wardrobe.

Batbean (Halloween)

Batty (Halloween)

Can’tdy Cane (Christmas)

Chop-Chop (Halloween)

Evergreen (Christmas)

Frosted (Christmas)

Gift Wrapped (Christmas)

Imp-ressive (Halloween)

Lit Up (Christmas)

Mask, The Monster Mask (Halloween)

MoRawk (Halloween)

Oh Dear, Rain (Christmas)

Plagued (Halloween)

Presents Dude (Christmas)

Punkin (Halloween)

Toy Dude (Christmas)

Walk the Plank (Halloween)

Wearwolf (Halloween)

Witch One (Halloween)

What’s Next?

There you have it — a list of all the current hats you can get on mobile. While Among Us is a fun game, if you might want to try something different from social deduction games; there are a lot of other cross-platform games out there to try out.