Among Us Drops Major Update, Adds New Roles and Skills

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Among Us, the social deduction game that rose to fame in 2020, drops what they consider as the biggest update to the game so far. The recent update, which rolled out on November 9, brings new playable roles that are set to expand the game’s mechanics. It sees the addition of four roles namely the Scientist, Engineer, Guardian Angel, and the Shapeshifter — all of which with their unique abilities.

The first three are roles crewmembers can choose to play out while the last one is for anyone who get to play the impostor. Innersloth, the game’s developer, says the addition of new roles is for players to enter a whole new level of deception in the game.

Additionally, the update comes with brand new customization options such as visor cosmetics, nameplates, plus additional hats, skins, and pets. Moreover, players can unlock cosmicubes and cosmetics in the game by gathering resources and completing tasks.

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New Roles and Skills in Among Us

News: Among Us Update Is The Biggest Yet
Photo from Epic Games

Crewmates have three new playable roles to choose from. Playing as a Scientist gives access to the team’s Vitals interface at any time on the map. The Scientist can recharge the battery of the portable Vitals monitor by completing tasks. Players assuming the role of an Engineer will have the ability to travel through vents, although for a limited time only. Lastly, Guardian Angels are dead crewmates who can cast a shield on living players that will protect them from a single death.

On the other hand, Shapeshifter is a role for the impostor, giving it the ability to morph as a crewmate. Its main goal remains the same — that is to kill the crewmates by hacking-and-slashing, deception, and sneaking.

The host has the ability to customize these roles in the settings upon the lobby to determine how many people get to play the role or to disable them altogether.


The Role of Cosmicubes

The gatcha element in the recent Among Us update spells new things for the game as well. For one, players can simply collect a large number of Beans in standard gameplay to be able to have a roll for cosmetics, cosmicubes, purchase other items, and bundles.

Cosmicubes is a dead-ringer for the game Battle Pass. Players have to navigate through by accumulating Pods through standard gameplay to be able to unlock content in the Cosmicube. Moreover, Cosmicubes can either be bought through Stars or be rolled for free using a player’s Beans. The items players unlock through these Cosmicubes are goes to the player’s collections of cosmetics.


Looking Back in the Past Updates

The last Among Us update, Among Us v2021.6.30, saw the addition of a vent cleaning task for crewmates to complete. On top of this, the update also saw added language support for Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Irish. Essentially, nothing major in terms of gameplay and added patches/packs. The update also goes to fix the startup screen for the iOS version getting stuck, or the screen going black for the Android version among others.

With this context, it does make Among Us v2021.11.9 the biggest update to roll out yet, factoring in the addition of roles and a new way to level up the gatcha element in Among Us.

You can get Among Us from Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.