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Among Us has become one of the most successful social deduction games to have ever made it to mobile devices. It’s the perfect party game for you and your friends to have fun over drinks and snacks. However, this game has also put friendships to the test considering it requires playing an act of deception. This is because you or someone else in the group must be ready to hack and stab other players in the back. Being immersed in that subtle brutality and comical gameplay and having a desire for something new, you would probably like to scour the internet to try other games like Among Us.

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If you loved the adrenaline, drama, and the chance to plot against other players, Among Us is still the best game of its kind for you. But if you are looking for other games with almost the same gameplay but with a twist every once in a while, you have come to the right place. Cellular News has listed 15 games like Among Us that you can try with friends on your Android and/or iOS devices at home.

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Games Like Among Us to Play

Here is a list of 15 games like Among Us that the internet endorses. The featured games are all available for mobile but are also cross-platform in nature. Meaning, some can be played using your PS4 or PC.

Town of Salem Suspects: Mystery Mansion
Wolvesville – Werewolf Online Hide Online — Hunters vs Props
Secret Neighbor Hide.io
Triple Agent Mafia City
Undercover: The Forgetful Spy Granny’s House: Horror Escapes
Out of the Loop Impostor for Roblox
Betrayal.io Overboard!
Secret Hitler


1. Town of Salem

The main difference between Among Us and Town of Salem is on role appointments. Town of Salem allows you to choose your character, which Among Us doesn’t. The former has a pool of 33 characters you can choose from throughout the game. Moreover, Town of Salem has a bigger scope in contrast to Among Us, and this is a recipe for a better game time where players can enjoy being the good or bad guys.

Essentially, the good guys in the Town of Salem are tasked to protect the townspeople from the bad guys (mafias and killers). However, no one knows who is playing a double-life. In the end, a team wins when it successfully eliminates members of the other team. This can be a challenge considering you and your friends are given limited information about the other team in the game. In all, this social deduction game like Among Us will surely put any friendship to the test or simply strengthen it.

Download Town of Salem for Android

Download Town of Salem for iOS


2. Wolvesville – Werewolf Online

In Wolvesville, you have to collect resources that are essential to protect the village and, by extension, the survival of the people in it. However, in an act of deception, evil people lurk among the townspeople, ready to sabotage the good efforts of those tasked to protect the village. The end goal is to have the members of the other team ejected from the village before the deception and plotting get the best of the good guys in the game.

Wolvesville supports up to 16 players in multiplayer game mode, making it yet another party game like Among Us.

Download Wolvesville for Android

Download Wolvesville for iOS


3. Secret Neighbor

This social deduction game on iOS (also available for PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One) will not disappoint if you are on the hunt for games like Among Us. The gameplay is simple: six players enter a neighbor’s house with the group not knowing one of them is the actual neighbor himself. The neighbor’s goal is to earn the players’ trust and ensure none of them gets to enter the locked basement door. The game bursts into chaos when you and who you’re playing with realize the player pool is slowly thinning—sparking the hunt for the one responsible for the turn of events.

Download Secret Neighbor for iOS


4. Triple Agent

Triple Agent is a game that oozes deception tactics, which is a common theme in games like Among Us. Unlike Among Us, though, Triple Agents is a game that you can play using one device only. With a team composed of nine players and a game session running for 10 minutes, you get to play out a role and fulfill responsibilities. Each round of the game brings new and unique challenges that will surely keep players engaged.

Additionally, the gameplay is quite simple. If you are assigned as the VIRUS agent, your work involves turning Service agents from another without getting caught. The catch? The VIRUS agents know who is on which team. Will you be able to spot who is who and whether you are being played at?

Download Triple Agent for Android

Download Triple Agent for iOS


5. Undercover: The Forgetful Spy

Among Us is a game wherein you must uncover the identity of who you suspect to be the imposter. That is a tricky objective especially if the imposter is good at not being suspicious to avoid getting caught. Undercover adopts the same concept; you must uncover the identities of other players thereby eliminating them before it’s too late. The game gets pretty intense as the number of players thins out and the hunt for the so-called Mr. White ramps up. This game would be a good entry point if you want to engage someone into social deduction games.

Download Undercover for Android

Download Undercover for iOS


6. Out of the Loop

Games Like Among Us: Out of the Loop
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Among Us is popular for letting players vote for who they think is the imposter in their ranks. Following unanimous voting, a player can be kicked out; the game ends if the player voted out is an actual imposter or the game continues following a mistake voting. This part of the gameplay is what makes Out of the Loop similar to Among Us in a matter of speaking. Players will have their turns to ask questions about a word. They can’t be too vague or too obvious of their answers as this is a ground for being kicked out. A player who gets to figure out the mystery word wins the game.

Download Out of the Loop for Android

Download Out of the Loop for iOS


7. Betrayal.io

Betrayal.io is like Among Us, re-imagined. The gameplay of the said two games is pretty similar. However, the scope at which the game is played varies. Essentially, players in Betrayal.io take roles. You can choose to be one of the crewmates and help the crew win by identifying the imposter. Of course, there’s the imposter who needs to spread mischief and have members of the crew eliminated without being too suspicious at best, getting caught at worst. Like in Among Us, crew members have tasks to fulfill and get to vote who they think the imposter is among their ranks.

The game can be played cross-platform. However, the iOS version is yet to be released.

Download Betrayal.io for Android


8. Secret Hitler

If you have a knack for politics and history, you will surely enjoy this game like Among Us called Secret Hitler. You get the chance to experience how it is to live life during the Reichstag of the Weimar Republic in ’30s Germany. The game is composed of two teams — the Liberals and the Fascists — and a third role as Hitler himself. The gameplay is not that easy, but it gets interesting as each player gets the hang of the entire game. Form a team and play this game with your friends and see whether you will be able to survive, considering the many challenges this game has to offer.

Download Secret Hitler for Android

Download Secret Hitler for iOS


9. Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is a multiplayer game that can be played by up to nine real players. The gameplay involves you and other players solving a given puzzle before the killer lurking within your ranks could eliminate someone from the game. Moreover, pretty much like Among Us, you would convene in a meeting with the other players to decide who among them is the killer responsible for the disappearance of other players. In the end, all of you will vote on who the killer is, thereby either winning the game or losing it. With trust and treachery as the theme, will you be perceptive and cunning enough to win the game?

Download Suspects: Mystery Mansion for Android

Download Suspects: Mystery Mansion for iOS


10. Hide Online – Hunters vs Props

Imagine the classic game hide and seek — a pretty easy child’s game to play. However, games should no longer be that easy to play with nowadays. That is the basic concept of Hide Online. In this game, each player gets to play a role — you either do the hiding or the hunting. The catch here is catching those who are hiding; these players can turn into anything during the game making it hard for the hunter to catch them. But a hunter can purchase a weapon that could detect anyone hiding within range. Do you think you can hide better?

Download Hide Online for Android

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11. Hide.io

Hide.io is similar to Hide Online, except that the former supports real-time player communication. Like in Hide Online, you can choose a role you wish to play — victim or hunter. You win by being able to hide for three minutes undetected or if the hunter is able to find all the players hiding during the same timeframe. Finally, the game allows hunters to use auxiliary weapons to help them hunt down the ones hiding.

As regards the graphics, it is pretty different from Hide Online, giving the game its own character. If you like Minecraft, though, you’ll find a sense of familiarity with the art style of Hide.io.

Download Hide.io for Android

Download Hide.io for iOS


12. Mafia City

Will you survive the Mafia war as a civilian in this strategy social deduction mobile game? Mafia City challenges you to find a traitor within a mafia’s ranks and battle other clans to come out as the best mafia there is. You can play with other players around the world that will surely add crunch to the whole gameplay. This game gets chaotic once all characters are deployed in a battle to come out supreme among others while trying to survive every twist and turn of the general gameplay.

Download Mafia City for Android

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13. Granny’s House: Horror Escapes

Welcome to Granny’s house! You and your friends should locate and retrieve Dorothy, the abducted little girl, inside Granny’s house where she will try to haunt you. The game has different modes that you can enjoy. It becomes like Among Us on Escape Mode where two players among your group get to be the grannies while the rest try to free the kidnapped babies. All of you can choose roles to play among the six options available. The ultimate goal is to not allow Granny to win. You will surely find this game engaging and immersive — the perfect option as a party game.

Download Granny’s House for Android

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14. Impostor (Roblox)

Games Like Among Us: Impostor on Roblox
Photo from Roblox

Impostor on Roblox is one of the free survival games like Among Us. The characters in the game are almost the same when compared to each other, but the creators chose to mimic the official Among Us gameplay through 3D visuals. Similar to Among Us, you need to perform individual tasks in this Roblox version of the game to continuously power the spacecraft you are aboard with while in your ranks lurk two impostors ready to spread mischief. However, the impostors don’t get to hack and slash you and other players in the game; anyone could immediately call a meeting to vote out who they suspect is the impostor.

Get the official Roblox app for Android and iOS then download Impostor here.

Download Roblox for Android

Download Roblox for iOS


15. Overboard!

Wrapping up our list is this murder mystery game like Among Us, online and free. The game starts with you committing murder and trying to get away with it. Given the small amount of time, you need to plant evidence to save yourself from being suspected, find accomplices, and frame other players or characters in the game. Your decision will impact the outcome of the game as well as how other players will carry out their actions. In addition, each decision you make will also affect the general time of the game so you need to make quick and realistic decisions. Do you think you can get away with murder in Overboard?

Download Overboard! for Android


Imposter Games Everywhere!

Impostor games, especially free games like Among Us, are pretty fun games to have on your devices to enjoy with friends. These games employ some of the common gameplay you have already gotten used to, such as turn-based, hack-and-slash, mystery, etc. However, the difference in storylines and plots makes these games more palatable and unique in their own way. If you enjoyed Among Us, try one of these games and see whether you’ll have a similar or better experience. Then, let us know!