12 Best Squid Game Roblox Experiences to Play

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Squid Game is a hit Korean Netflix series that took the world by storm, so it’s not surprising that a lot of games that took inspiration from it started rolling in. You can find many of them on Roblox. Aside from horror games and adventure games, Squid Game Roblox experiences are all the rage these days because they let players experience what it feels like to be inside the deadly competition. There are several Squid Game Roblox experiences to choose from, not just one, so we picked the best ones.

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Inside This Article

  1. Best Squid Game Roblox Experiences
    1. Fish Game by GOODJUJU
    2. Hexa Game by @princeelf
    3. Impossible Squid Game (Glass Bridge) by Burning Hot Games
    4. Red Light-Green Light by slugfo
    5. Squid Challenge [Red Light-Green Light] by Time Only
    6. Squid Game – Be a Guard by 9TAIL INC.
    7. Shark Game by Idol Games East
    8. Squid Game by Pingy
    9. Squid Game by Trendsetter Games
    10. HONEYCOMB by Rocul Studios
    11. Squid Game Infinity RP [Roleplay] by Ryanblaze
    12. Squid Game X by Redifi
  2. How to Start Squid Game Roblox Experiences?


Best Squid Game Roblox Experiences

Here are the best Squid Game Roblox experiences to play right now. Most of the servers in this list emulate multiple, if not all, challenges on the actual series. However, there are also a few who focus on a single children’s game.


1. Fish Game by GOODJUJU

squid game guards that look like Roblox avatar

Are you looking for a Roblox Squid Game with high ratings? If so, we recommend Fish Game by GOODJUJU. It’s one of the most played Squid Game Roblox experiences out there – and we can see why.

That’s because the game is straightforward and doesn’t add too many frills to the base experience. Hence, you don’t need to brace yourself for paid power boosts. Instead, all you must do is focus on the game and try not to die in the playground.

The games included in Fish Game are similar to that of the famed Netflix series. These include Red Light-Green Light and Shapes. However, what distinguishes Fish Game is its third, more original game, called Blood Rising. We won’t spoil the game mode for you but just know that it’s fairly tough, even for skilled Roblox players.

Play Fish Game on Roblox


2. Hexa Game by @princeelf

Hexa Game

Hexa Game is another Squid Game Roblox experience that’s sure to eat up tons of your time. That’s because it’s one of the biggest Squid Game experiences available, allowing for 185 players on each server.

Furthermore, the Hexa Game doesn’t limit itself to just a select few iconic games. Instead, you can play six full games. These include Tug of War, Red Light-Green Light, Shapes, Glass Tiles, Marbles, and Squid Game.

Best of all, it’s a fairly complete experience so you shouldn’t encounter too many stops or bugs while playing. In fact, the developer’s main focus now is just improving the experience and adding refinements to the gameplay.

If you want to add to the gameplay, you can get Squid Game Roblox codes from @princeelfdev on Twitter. You can also visit Roblox Discord servers that might have some for newbies.

Play Hexa Game on Roblox


3. Impossible Squid Game (Glass Bridge) by Burning Hot Games

Roblox avatars in squid game outfit

Burning Hot Games has created the Impossible Squid Game (Glass Bridge) and it’s one beautiful experience. Like the famous series, your goal is to reach the end of the glass bridge.

It’s fairly challenging and, as such, equally satisfying when you do finish the game. Moreover, what’s good about this game is that the creators are continuously improving it. In fact, the developers recently fixed certain mechanics through an update. They also added more items that you can buy in the shop to make the experience more fun.

Best of all, you can play the experience in just 15 minutes to unlock the radar. You can also join as a group member and reduce the time to 13 minutes. However, do note that sometimes, it does cost money to play if you want power-ups. Nonetheless, it’s worth a try if you can’t get enough of Squid Game Roblox experiences.

Play Impossible Squid Game (Glass Bridge)


4. Red Light, Green Light by slugfo

A doll wearing a black dress

Red Light, Green Light by slugfo is widely regarded as the best Squid Game in Roblox. That’s understandable considering its 86% positivity rating and large popularity. In fact, it’s gotten so big that many other creators have started emulating the game.

What’s this Squid Game Roblox experience like? Firstly, know that it’s one of the most complete games out there, providing you with 5 out of 6 games from the show. The final one is still in development, but you’ll likely see it go live pretty soon.

However, what sets it apart is that it can host up to 175 players at once. Moreover, it has similar mechanics to the show as you’ll need to complete each task as fast as you can. You have only one chance at each and cannot respawn, so the stakes are high.

These mechanics make the experience much closer to the show’s original games. It’s tons of fun to play and you can certainly go for hours without feeling bored of the experience.

Play Red Light, Green Light on Roblox


5. Squid Challenge [Red Light Green Light] by Time Only

a doll wearing a yellow dress

Now, many of the best Squid Game Roblox experiences provide you with more than one game. However, while Squid Challenge provides only one minigame, it’s certainly polished enough to try out. That’s especially true if you can’t get enough of Red Light Green Light – one of the most iconic games in the series.

Why is it so good? Firstly, there are in-game cash prizes you can win. You can even win an easy 1,000 cash if you sign up as a Premium member. In addition, the developers are actively updating the current game.

It has even recently allowed you to play as a Squid VIP and place bets. This allows you to spectate instead of being a fool on the battlefield fighting for your life. In this sense, it certainly provides a unique Squid Game Roblox experience. What’s more, the developers are hard at work in creating the other iconic games.

Play Squid Challenge on Roblox


6. Squid Game – Be a Guard by 9TAIL INC.

Miniature versions of Squidgame Guards

Squid Game – Be a Guard by 9TAIL INC. is one of the more unconventional Squid Game Roblox experiences available. That’s because, as its name implies, you can play not just as a player, but as a guard as well. Hence, there are tons of other things you can do instead of just fighting for your life in the games.

In addition, items from the store allow you to even become a VIP or play for more money. As such, the fun never ends with this game because of the wide variety of game modes it offers. Best of all, the game provides you with eight games instead of the traditional six.

Sure, you can play all the iconic ones from the Netflix show. However, the developers also added some twists of their own, allowing for a more unique experience compared to the rest. This means you can play however many times you want. Although, we can’t say this Squid Game Roblox age rating is great for kids, given the game’s violent inspiration.

Play Squid Game – Be a Guard


7. Shark Game by Idol Games East

animated version of Squid Game Red Light, Red Light

Shark Game is another Squid Game Roblox experience that offers you classic games from the show. However, it’s a little different in that some mechanics in certain minigames are different from the show. For example, you can push other players out of the game within Marbles.

On the other hand, what truly distinguishes Shark Game is its fast load times. Other games take several minutes before they fully load, but Shark Game will always only take up a few seconds. Hence, you can play and shift between rounds and minigames more quickly than in other games.

Finally, it is unique in that you can vote for which game you want to play next. The games aren’t randomized so you’ll never be surprised about what comes next. If you like having a little control, it’s certainly a good choice. It also offers more minigames than just the classic six, so there’s more variety.

Play Shark Game on Roblox


8. Squid Game by Pingy

Squid Game Guards roblox avatar

If you like smaller games, then Squid Game by Pingy is one of the best Squid Game Roblox experiences available. It allows for only 40 players per server, so you’re not overcrowded or overwhelmed by the number of competitors.

What’s great about it is that it already provides five out of six games. You can play Red Light-Green Light, Honeycombs, Tug of War, Marbles, and Glass Stepping Stones. Once you win each game, you can gain a spot on the leaderboards if you’ve done well. It also provides you free coins if you join Pingy.

Play Squid Game by Pingy on Roblox


9. Squid Game by Trendsetter Games

Squid Game players and guards

The best Squid Game Roblox experience could very well be Squid Game by Trendsetter Games. That’s because, instead of simply surviving, it adds more mechanics to the games.

For example, the game allows you to focus on nabbing and improving the weapons you get in the game. You can also purchase loot crates, win cash, and play most of the games in the show. Apart from this, it closely imitates the Netflix series so it’s great for big fans of the show. For instance, you start with Red Light-Green Light and progress through each minigame.

Moreover, the game is full of tension because you see corpses lying around as fellow players die on the battlefield. There’s also a haunting night mode that doubles the intensity and makes the game even more nerve-wracking. Finally, it’s also just the most polished, providing you with cutscenes and dialogue boxes to enhance the ambiance.

Play Squid Game by Trendsetter Games


10. Squid Game HONEYCOMB by Rocul Studios

Animated playground

Despite what the name implies, you can play more than just Honeycomb in Squid Game HONEYCOMB. That’s because it offers game modes including Red Light-Green Light. However, the game is unique in that you can purchase an item that lets you play as the killer doll.

Apart from this, this Squid Game Roblox experience provides you with RPG-like elements. You can build alliances, support or betray teammates, and more. There’s also a big prize pool at the end you can win so there are stakes involved.

However, the server size is quite small – around 50 people per server. Hence, it’s more intimate than other games listed here. Nonetheless, if you find smaller sizes more appealing, then it’s certainly one of the best out there.

Play Squid Game Honeycomb on Roblox


11. Squid Game Infinity RP [Roleplay] by Ryanblaze

Roblox avatars in squid game outfit

Are you more into roleplaying than playing as a feeble player character who needs to win cash? If so, then Squid Game Infinity RP [Roleplay] by Ryanblaze is the best Squid Game Roblox experience for you.

That’s because, unlike in other games, you can choose to roleplay as other people here. You can play as a regular player, detective, frontman, manager, VIP, or even the Mastermind. Of course, many of the non-player roles are paid items you can purchase from the store. Nonetheless, it adds more to the experience compared to servers that only allow you to act as a regular player.

However, do note that the game is still very much incomplete. The developers are constantly working on it so you should see more updates (and discounts for item updates) eventually. Moreover, it hosts more intimate sessions and allows for only 50 players at once.

Play Squid Game Infinity RP


12. Squid Game X by Redifi

3 roblox avatars and a character in a hoody holding a gun

Squid Game X by Redifi is one of the most popular Squid Game Roblox experiences available. It’s incomplete, but it’s certainly one of the best because the developers constantly add quality-of-life improvements. The gameplay is smoother and more polished, with fewer bugs compared to other games.

Moreover, not only can you act as a player character but also as a guard in this game. It also has four game modes out so you still have some variety in each round. Once you complete a minigame, you can get skill boosts, skins, and other rewards. Sure, this mechanic might discourage new players because veterans will have more perks. Nonetheless, it’s rewarding if you’re loyal and like to stick around.

Play Squid Game X on Roblox


How to Start Squid Game Roblox Experiences?

Perhaps you’ve already settled on the Squid Game Roblox experience you want. Now, what do you do? Firstly, you’ll need to register an account with Roblox. Afterward, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Squid Game Roblox experience you want through the links provided in the list above.
  2. Click the green Play button.
  3. If you do not have the Roblox Player app, you’ll get a prompt to download and install it.
    • Note: simply click Download and Install Roblox if you don’t have it yet.
  4. Run the installer and wait until it finishes installing Roblox.

After this, you should be able to play the games without a hitch.


A Wealth of Options

There are several Squid Game Roblox experiences you can try. Most of them feature the same iconic minigames from the famous Netflix show. Hence, you should be able to fight for your life in classics like Red light-Green light, glass bridge, and marbles.

However, some are more unique in that you can play as the guard, VIP, and other characters. Thankfully, you’re not limited to only one game and you can try each one listed here. With that, we hope this was helpful and you’ll enjoy the rest of your Roblox experiences.