15 Best Wrestling Games WWE Fans Should Play

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The champion stands atop the beam, ready to smack down the challenger via his signature finisher… Bam! Like a scene that came straight out of fighting games, there was a thud and within seconds, the opponent lies weak on the ring. The champion then pins down his rival and together with the crowd you go wild, chanting “one, two, three!” as the referee makes the final count. That is the excitement you get from the best wrestling games, bringing WWE-level action to your mobile device.

If you are a WWE or wrestling fan looking for a game that features John Cena, The Undertaker, and other legends of the sport or something that has new features, we got you covered.


Top Wrestling Games on Android and iOS

Without further ado, let us enter the ring of the best wrestling games on mobile. Here’s what we have picked for you:

1. WWE Undefeated

WWE Undefeated adopts fighting game and RPG mechanics
Photo from nWay Inc. on Google Play Store

There is no better way to tackle the best wrestling games for WWE fans than to start with WWE titles. The first of the series that made it to this list is WWE Undefeated.

The WWE-based release showcases a fighting game with RPG elements. In WWE Undefeated, you can wrestle with the mobile AI or another player. Make your wrestler perform complex moves as his hype meter fills up to empty the opponent’s health bar, Tekken- or Street Fighter-style. By winning more matches, you can improve your wrestler’s skills and moves.

Roster-wise, the game features wrestlers from different WWE generations, so even your retired all-time favorites will be there.

WWE Undefeated is one of the best wrestling games you can play for free on Android or iOS, although it has optional in-app purchases.

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2. WWE Mayhem

WWE Mayhem stays true to the sport
Photo from Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Pvt Ltd Action on Google Play Store

If you want a more authentic WWE experience, WWE Mayhem might top the list of best wrestling games for you.

Unlike in WWE Undefeated, the action in Mayhem happens in a setting that resembles the WWE set – the official ring and props are there. Additionally, the challenges are named after the iconic WWE series: RAW, Smackdown, NXT, and WrestleMania. If you are a die-hard WWE fan, you might appreciate this game more than the first one featured.

Even female fans will like WWE Mayhem because of its wrestler lineup. Charlotte Flair, Alexa Bliss, Bayley, and Asuka are some of the strong women joining John Cena, The Rock, Randy Orton, Steve Austin, and other legends in the game.

WWE Mayhem is free for all mobile device users and has optional in-app purchases.

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3. WWE Champions 2021

WWE Champions features match 3 mechanics
Photo from Scopely on Google Play Store

Here comes the best WWE game for casual gamers — WWE Champions 2021. We are saying it suits you if you do not play mobile games too much because of its gameplay.

WWE Champions’ mechanics are as simple as those in tile-matching games. You are presented with a grid of multicolored gemstones, and you have to match at least three of those of the same hue. Once you clear out tiles, the action translates into a successful wrestling move done by your WWE superstar – which you will see on the match shown on top of the grid.

That does not mean WWE Champions cannot contend with the rest of the WWE game series. You can enjoy some aspects of mobile hits WWE Undefeated and WWE Mayhem in the game. For example, the fighting game-inspired health meters, wrestler experience (XP) upgrade system, and a big roster of male and female wrestlers.

WWE Champions 2021 can be obtained at no cost on your smartphone or tablet PC. You can decide to purchase offers anytime within the game.

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4. WWE Supercard – Battle Cards

WWE Supercard features deck building and matchups
Photo from 2K, Inc. on Google Play Store

WWE Supercard might be the last WWE-based entry in this list, but it is not the least because it has a twist. As you might have guessed already, it is a collectible card game.

To give you a gameplay overview, WWE Supercard is like Hearthstone but set inside WWE’s ring. The better card drawn will be able to “smash” the opponent card down the mat. The mechanics will be fun for you if you are a casual gamer who loves building your decks and testing them out against other players.

Ready to collect thousands of cards based on your favorite wrestlers? Download WWE Supercard on mobile. It is free with optional in-app purchases.

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5. Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D is not WWE-based but great
Photo from MDickie on Google Play Store

Now, let us put the spotlight on the best wrestling games that are not WWE but equally thrilling, starting with Wrestling Revolution 3D.

The game is career-based. That means you have to win as many matches as you can throughout your in-game fighting years to climb up the ranks and become a legend.

If being a wrestler is not your thing, maybe you will be more interested in the game’s booking mode. Booking simply means wrestler management. Choose it so you can be like a pro wrestler’s career planner and promoter who has to make sure your fighter succeeds and gets enough love from the fans.

Wrestling Revolution 3D is free to download. It has in-app purchases for unlocking custom rosters, rules, and more.

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6. Wrestling Empire

Wrestling Empire lets you build a professional career
Photo from MDickie on Google Play Store

From the creator of Wrestling Revolution 3D comes another game with career progression as its greatest strength – Wrestling Empire.

In Wrestling Empire, you can create your wrestler from scratch and experience humble beginnings to stardom. Before you reach the top, there are plenty of challenging matches.

Do you have what it takes to beat 350 opponents and stand tall on the wrestling ring? If yes, get Wrestling Empire for free or its paid pro version on Android or iOS.

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7. Bad Girls Wrestling Game

Bad Girls Wrestling Game has female fighters
Photo from Fighting Arena on Google Play Store

Women in wrestling? Yes, they can. Bad Girls Wrestling Game lets you play as the strongest female wrestler.

Just like the best wrestling games featuring male fighters, Bad Girls Wrestling Game is action-packed. From the amateur to legend wrestlers in the game, characters are capable of astounding combos.

But behind every playable fighter should be a great backstory, right? If you agree, you will love that Bad Girls Wrestling Game has a story mode instead of only knockout matches. As you progress through the narrative and face-offs, you can upgrade your female wrestler’s skills for more wins.

Bad Girls Wrestling Game is free on mobile. Its in-app offers are optional.

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8. Rowdy Wrestling

Rowdy Wrestling is a treat for retro fans
Photo from Brad Erkkila on Google Play Store

The best 3D wrestling games of the present day owe their advancements to the success of retro beat ‘em up games. So, let’s throw it back to the great past of the said genre by playing Rowdy Wrestling, a pixel-style mobile wrestling game.

The game mechanics are easy to grasp. You, as the wrestler of your choice, have to beat up and throw your opponents out of the wrestling ring. To do these, you have to perform smashing and kicking techniques or pummel your enemies by using chairs and other props.

Rowdy Wrestling offers three exciting modes: Solo, Tag Team, and Rumble. If you are up for the single or multiplayer challenge, obtain the free game now.

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9. 80s Mania Wrestling Returns

80s Mania Wrestling Returns is a throwback to classic games
Photos from Checkmate Creative LLC on Google Play Store

One more blast to the past of wrestling games is 80s Mania Wrestling Returns. It is a collectible card game and wrestling management simulator mash-up.

The game’s best aspects are its graphics and interface that resemble comic books and pixel-style retro games kids of the 80s to early 90s loved.

If you are ready to feel nostalgia, get 80s Mania Wrestling Returns on your mobile device today. It is free with optional digital purchases.

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10. PRO Wrestling: Super Fight 3D

Pro Wrestling allows your wrestlers to team up
Photos from S Tanveer Hussain on App Store

Double the wrestlers, double the fun. Wrestling can be more exciting if you have someone to back you up, be it in a real sport or a game. You can experience that through PRO Wrestling: Super Fight 3D.

Focusing on tag teams, the game allows another player of your choice to substitute your main man if he gets tired. That means you can witness and play two intense matchups in one fight.

Pro Wrestling: Super Fight 3D is free on iOS, although you might be offered optional purchases in-game.

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11. BodyBuilder Ring Fighting Club: Wrestling Games

Bodybuilder Ring Fighting Club has cage and tag team modes
Photo from Fighting Gamerz on Google Play Store

Bodybuilder Ring Fighting Club is another wrestling game that can match WWE-based games, graphics- and gameplay-wise.

In this Android exclusive, the wrestlers look realistic and you get modes not offered in many wrestling games: Cage Match and Tag Team. The former and latter modes will remind you of WWE Hell in a Cell and WWE Raw Tag Team Championship, respectively.

Bodybuilder Ring Fighting Club is free with in-app purchases.

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12. Cage Wrestling Games: Ring Fighting Champions

Cage Wrestling Games is action-packed and immersive
Photo from Mini Sports on Google Play Store

Long hours of fun or quick play? No matter what your choice is, Cage Wrestling Games got you covered.

The game has three modes: Story, Career, and Knockout. Every match you win gives you the chance to improve your wrestler’s moves, accuracy, and speed. The attacks will feel realistic once you try them, thanks to the immersive sound effects.

Cage Wrestling Games can be obtained for free by Android users. In-app purchases are not required.

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13. Pro Wrestling Stars Revolution

Pro Wrestling Stars Revolution highlights matches that are exciting from start to finish
Photo from Fighting World on Google Play Store

From picking your wrestler to kicking off the matches, Pro Wrestling Stars Revolution sets you up for a thrilling path to becoming a champion.

What is good about this Android exclusive is that you get to know your character’s personality and move sets early on. There is a selection interface that shows teasers of each wrestler’s signature moves. Also, the fighters’ entrances are full of swagger. Like the pre-fight moments, you can also expect the matches to get you on the edge of your seat.

Pro Wrestling Stars Revolution is a free game that offers in-app purchases.

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14. Tag Team Wrestling Superstars Fight

Tag Team Wrestling Superstars Fight is great for beginners
Photo from World Sports Arena on Google Play Store

If you are new to two-versus-two matches, Tag Team Wrestling Superstars Fight is a good starting ground. It is easier compared to other multiplayer options out there but equally enjoyable.

Additionally, the in-game teams you wrestle with are stars hailing from different parts of the world, so you get to experience diverse fighting styles. Prevail against your opponents to bag the recognition of being a world champion.

Tag Team Wrestling Superstars Fight is only available for Android gadgets as of this writing. It is free and you get to decide what to do with in-app offers.

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15. Wrestling GM

Wrestling GM is a different take on wrestling games
Photo from Sicko Games on Google Play Store

Behind every world-class wrestler is a skilled manager. If paving the path for a future champion is your dream role in wrestling, try Wrestling GM.

Wrestling GM might be the most comprehensive management game in the wrestling category on mobile. It lets you choose the wrestling company you want to work under, your fighters, and the promotion strategies for each of them. Wrestling GM also allows you to put in the books your milestones.

Ready to become part of the wrestling management hall of fame? Get the game. It is free with in-app purchases.

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‘Pin Down’ Your Wrestling Game Now

That’s it for the best wrestling games for the best fans of the sport. We hope you got excited about smacking down or outperforming your rivals in-game to be the top wrestler or manager. If you liked any of our recommendations, pin down that wrestling game on your bucket list today!