20 Mobile Games Like Candy Crush for Android & iOS

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Candy Crush has gone a long way since its release in 2012, garnering millions of players making it one of the biggest franchises in mobile gaming history. It has since expanded into different versions, including spin-offs with different themes. It remains to be on-trend to this day, and one of the biggest contributions to the popularity of Candy Crush and games like it is the challenging appeal of puzzles.

Now if you’ve been playing the game for a long time, you might be wondering if there are any good puzzle games like Candy Crush out there. And that’s what we’re here for. Below, we’ve listed 20 of the best alternatives to the classic Candy Crush.


1. Bejeweled Blitz

A game like candy crush that match up some gems to rake up points
© Photo from Bejeweled Blitz on Google Play Store

Developer: PopCap Games
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

Bejeweled is one of the classic puzzle games that, in fact, came earlier than Candy Crush. As the name suggests, Bejeweled Blitz is more into jewels. It puts players in a fun casual match-three game where you score points by matching identical gems.

The main screen has an 8×8 grid that is filled with gems. In order to match identical colors, players must swap the adjacent gems to place the desired colored gems next to similar ones. Proper planning on gem-swapping can lead to continuous combos and large multipliers.


2. Jewel Mania

A games like candy crush and go crazy with this match three gem game
© Photo from Jewel Mania on Google Play Store

Developer: Storm8 Studios
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

This popular puzzle game is from Storm8 Studio, the team behind the Bubble Mania games. There are over 600 puzzle levels to complete in Jewel Mania. It involves smashing glass, digging treasures to rake up more scores, and making more combos to increase the score. When making combos, there is a chance for players to get rare magic diamonds and rainbow stars.


3. Zookeeper Battle

A game like candy crush that party up and battle with cute animals
© Photo from Zookeeper Battle on Google Play Store

Developer: KITERETSU inc.
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

With over 9 million downloads, Zookeeper Battle is gaining a lot of traction as one of the most addictive games like Candy Crush. The game adds a unique twist to its very familiar puzzle game mechanics; you must challenge other competitors with your animal companion as you match different animals on-screen. The player with the highest score after the timer ends wins. The battle continues in successive rounds until one of you gets knocked out from the score. There is a slew of power-ups available that can aid your battle and a new level of strategy.


4. Two Dots

A game like candy crush that trace lines in this complex puzzle game
© Photo from Two Dots on Google Play Store

Developer: Playdots, Inc.
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

The appearance may look somewhat minimalistic, but Two Dots can be a complex game as you progress further. The game’s levels feature different worlds, each with unique mechanics and objectives. All you have to do is connect the dots to progress in the levels; you win the level if you connect all the dots. There are several mechanics that will add a level of difficulty to your playthrough, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to finish it in no time. Since Two Dots has no time limit on each level, you will be able to play it at your own pace and without any pressure.


5. Pokémon Shuffle

Another game like candy crush that gotta catch ‘em all in this fun puzzle game
© Photo from Pokémon Shuffle Mobile on Google Play Store

Developer: Genius Sonority
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

Based on the legendary video game franchise that is all about catching them all, Pokemon Shuffle puts players in the role of a trainer, but instead of battling Pokemons and gym leaders, you are to match the same Pokemons a la Candy Crush.

Originally launched for the Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon Shuffle features a campaign-mode level progression where you can unlock more levels as you complete the initial levels of the game. The Pokemons add some unique game mechanics that are similar to the battle system in the original games, where you can catch Pokemons when you beat them in their levels.


6. Puzzle & Dragons

A game like candy crush that go on an epic adventure with monsters
© Photo from Puzzle and Dragons on Google Play Store

Developer: GungHo Online
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

One of the best-selling mobile games like Candy Crush in Japan, Puzzle & Dragons combines the elements of puzzle, JRPG, and gacha mechanic that made this the most addictive game around the world. You form a team of monsters that will aid you in battle. They possess unique abilities that can help improve the difficulty of the levels. You acquire these monsters through the gacha-like system, which is like a lottery. Getting the ultra-rares can provide a highly significant improvement to your team. Puzzle & Dragons also has a series of brand collaborations where you can recruit characters from other games or anime franchises.


7. Threes!

A game like candy crush that combine and match three puzzles
© Photo from Threes! on Google Play Store

Designer: Asher Vollmer
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

Instead of the usual matching of identical images, Threes! adds a unique twist of using math in solving puzzles. Players slide tiles with numbers where you must get the multiples of three, hence the game being called Threes! The level has a 4×4 grid and once you merge the tiles together to get the multiples of three, the score gets higher, it’s game over when you cannot slide any more tiles and the final scores get tallied.

The idea of having math as the main element of the game could turn off any players who prefer reflexes rather than quick thinking, but once they get to try the game, they will surely get hooked on it.


8. Triple Town

A game like candy crush that build your town and complete levels in this puzzle game
© Photo from Triple Town on Google Play Store

Developer: Spry Fox
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

This game like Candy Crush was originally released for the Amazon Kindle a decade ago, then it became available to social networks and other mobile devices. Triple Town managed to get much popularity despite the mainstream reception of Candy Crush Saga, by adding a twist to the classic match-three mechanic. Players must upgrade the grid as a developed settlement or town. Each tile starts with grass, and when matched with two other identical tiles, it evolves into a bush, then as a tree, a hut, a house, and so on. The level ends when all of the fields on the grid are filled and the final score will be tallied.


9. Match Land

A fun RPG puzzle game mash up
© Photo from Match Land on Google Play Store

Developer: Race Cat
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

Match Land is an RPG set in a medieval world mixed with puzzle elements. It may sound like a generic game, but its actual content is more of a grand adventure. The game has a pixel art style of visuals for that eye candy feel. In the game, you form your team of pixel heroes and embark on an adventure. Battle foes in a turn-based match-three game. Unleash a series of combos in a single turn by matching multiple icons. There are over 700 levels to conquer with 70 legendary bosses to slay, and 60 unique heroes to recruit to your cause.


10. Dungeon Raid

A classic RPG puzzle game that is still playable up to this day
© Photo from Dungeon Raid on Google Play Store

Developer: Fireflame Games
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

Another game like Candy Crush and one of the early match-three RPG hybrids for the mobile game platform. is Dungeon Raid. It features a very simplistic visual to prevent players from being distracted with flashy effects and let them focus on the action.

Match the adjacent tiles by tracing a line. Identical tiles will be triggered, which results in either defeating a monster, collecting treasure, or upgrading your gear. The more you connect identical adjacent tiles, the better the score. With over 400 unique items to collect and 10 character classes to unlock and master, Dungeon Raid will keep you busy for hours.


11. Hexbee

Help build the honey comb in this puzzle game about bees
© Photo from Hexbee on Apple App Store

Developer: Clueless Little Muffin
Mobile platform: iOS

Here’s another addictive puzzle game like Candy Crush that you can start playing immediately since it is free to play. Hexbee puts you in charge of a flower field, where instead of matching three identical flowers or items, it is now five; though the difficulty does not change from a standard match-three game. The grid is larger and gives you more chance to land multiple combos. It has three game modes to play and enhanced visuals thanks to the Retina display support on iOS.


12. Frozen Free Fall

Help Elsa on your journey in this fun puzzle game
© Photo from Frozen Free Fall on Google Play Store

Developer: Disney
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

Based on the newest Disney film, Frozen Free Fall is another game like Candy Crush that lets you go on an epic adventure with Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. You can meet other characters from the movie as you slide and match icy puzzles. With over 1,000 levels to complete along with addictive gameplay and colorful characters, Frozen Free Fall is a kid’s and kid-at-heart’s favorite. You can unlock more characters to play when you progress further in the game, as well as earning coins and other rewards that you can use to decorate your plaza.


13. 10,000,000

Escape the dungeon in this addicting puzzle game
© Photo from 10,000,000 on Apple App Store

Developer: EightyEight Games LTD
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

This game like Candy Crush is also an RPG with a hint of a dungeon-run system. You play as an unnamed adventurer who must escape the dungeon before you get trapped forever. To do so, you must slide tiles to match three icons to trigger an effect. It can be a treasure loot or a melee or magical attack to defeat any foes blocking your path as you try to escape the dungeon. Your main goal in order to escape the dungeon is to reach 10,000,000 points in your run. You can also spend the gold you earned for upgrades and other powerful spells that help you in your dungeon run.


14. Marvel Puzzle Quest

It’s Marvel meets fun match three puzzle
© Photo by Marvel puzzle quest on Google Play Store

Developers: Demiurge Studios, WayForward
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

There are some puzzle games like Candy Crush that are not into fantasy or eye-candy themes, as there are some with superhero tropes. Marvel Puzzle Quest is based on the popular Puzzle Quest series, which features a campaign where you embark on an adventure, and each encounter puts you into a battle. You can form a team of three superheroes or villains and fight against another group of three in a turn-based battle. Every time you match three identical gems, you can inflict damage until you wipe out the enemy team, you can use special powers depending on the colored gems that you matched.


15. Angry Birds Match

The crazy birds are back for a whole new puzzle adventure
© Photo by Angry birds match on Google Play Store

Developer: Rovio Entertainment
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

The Angry Birds franchise is no doubt one of the biggest in the mobile game scene, and the developers are now experimenting with their bird mascots in the puzzle game genre. Featuring simple yet fun mechanics, the game requires you to match things and collect sweets, and clear out obstacles like mud. If you manage to match four or more identical objects, you can call out the big birds and help you in clearing out obstacles. If you continue to play the game, there are seasonal events that provide week-long activities that will keep you hooked.


16. Magic: Puzzle Quest

Become a Planeswalker in this RPG puzzle game
© Photo by Magic: Puzzle Quest on Google Play Store

Developer: D3 Publisher
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

Still another game like Candy Crush is Magic: Puzzle Quest, this time focusing on the popular tradable card game Magic: The Gathering. It still has the familiar puzzle mechanics, but it is now mixed with card game mechanics. As you match identical gems, you can use your cards from your deck and cast spells to summon creatures or dish out damage. You can build your own deck, just like in the actual card game, but the card effects will play differently to have it complement the puzzle mechanics. As you progress further in the game, you can obtain more cards and have the option to purchase packs of random cards via microtransaction.


17. Cookie Jam

Match identical cookies in this Candy Crush Saga inspired game
© Photo by Cookie Jam on Google Play Store

Developer: Jam City
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

Cookie Jam has proven that mixing food and puzzle can make a game really successful, especially when it involves delicious-looking cookies! With over a thousand levels to complete, the game features familiar gameplay and still has that addicting feel of completing levels as you aim to advance to the next one. Earn rewards and participate in monthly events for some exclusive prizes that you can put in your collection.


18. Juice Jam

Create refreshing juice in this addicting puzzle game
© Photo by Juice Jam on Google Play Store

Developer: Jam City
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

From the same team behind Cookie Jam, Juice Jam now focuses on making juices from fruits. With over a hundred levels and with new and unique power-ups to help in completing levels, Juice Jam offers a new coat of paint if you are getting tired of seeing cookies or candies. And just like its sister game, Juice Jam is free to play.


19. Gardenscapes: New Acres

Build your dream garden in this puzzle game adventure
© Photo by Gardenscapes New Acres on Google Play Store

Developer: Playrix
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

Swap, match, and decorate your garden in this fun puzzle game like Candy Crush. Gardenscapes features a campaign where you can journey through the story with surprising twists as your goal is to return your garden to its former glory. It has hundreds of levels to complete and dozens of characters that you can interact with. You can also explore different areas of your garden that have different themes.


20. WWE Champions

Be the best wrestler in this unique and fun match three puzzle game
© Photo by WWE Champions 2019 on Google Play Store

Developer: Scopely
Mobile platform: iOS | Android

Match three and wrestling; two unrelated things merged together in a very unusual yet fun game. Challenge other superstars in this puzzle game where you can slam and beat your opponents when you match three identical gems. This game comes with RPG-like elements to make it unique and fun, but it’s still playable to any casual players. So, you can also challenge other players in PVP battles or join in a tag team battle with multiplayer.


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