Disney Heroes Tier List For New and Veteran Players

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If you’ve been playing Disney Heroes: Battle Mode for a while, you’d know the importance of making the right team. That’s because picking the right or wrong character can make or break your strategy and determine much of the outcome. Hence, looking for a Disney Heroes tier list for reference can be crucial to winning the game. So, which Disney heroes are the best based on their role? Let’s find out.

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  1. What Is Disney Heroes: Battle Mode?
  2. Why Is a Disney Heroes Tier List Important?
  3. Role-Based Disney Heroes Tier List
    1. Damage Tier List
    2. Tank Tier List
    3. Support Tier List
    4. Control Tier List
  4. Tips & Tricks to Form Your Disney Heroes Team


What Is Disney Heroes: Battle Mode?

Ralph Disney Heroes
Photo by Disney Heroes

At first glance, Disney Heroes: Battle Mode feels like it was made to cater to hardcore Disney fans. It has everything a Disneyphile would love, including nods from older movies like Atlantis and The Black Cauldron. Moreover, the (over a hundred) characters you can collect and even the environments are all callbacks to beloved Disney franchises. Not to mention the character interaction in certain storylines can feel fresh and fun, especially when different worlds collide.

While the game does feel like an attempt to milk Disney’s IP, the tactic works for many fans. For one thing, you get a rush of adrenaline when you finally get to unlock your favorite Disney character. Moreover, it’s a good enough idle mobile role-playing game if you prefer that style of mindless gameplay.

With all that said, Disney Heroes: Battle Mode simply plays like any old hero collector/idle RPG. You start by jumping into the main story and then fighting off a bunch of bad guys with your team. However, you don’t actively play a part in the fighting like other RPGs. Instead, you simply have a hand in choosing and curating the team you go into battle with.

Of course, this isn’t the only thing that goes on within the game. You can also level up your team by finishing various quests and campaigns. The more you boost your team’s level, the higher your heroes’ peak level will be. This opens more opportunities for you as a player because it also unlocks multiple game features.

Lastly, there are tons of game modes you can choose from that provide different rewards and experiences. Some are more beneficial (or fun) to play and each one has different mechanics you need to work with.


Why Is a Disney Heroes Tier List Important?

Disney Heroes is very much a game that’s all about the characters you take with you into battle. This, in large part, is because of the nature of the idle RPG genre. All you usually do is manage your team, so you don’t truly make decisions about which actions they make. Hence, the most important part of Disney Heroes is getting the best characters and leveling them up.

This, my friends, is exactly why a Disney Heroes tier list is important. After all, you can’t assemble the best Disney Heroes team without knowing which characters will be beneficial. Moreover, you’ll usually have to create more than one team, as some game modes require strong backup teams to progress. As a result, having good knowledge of each character’s strengths will aid you greatly in making multiple teams.

Lastly, having a Disney Heroes tier list is convenient because it categorizes all the available options. Hence, you’ll know which ones to strive for, which ones aren’t as worth getting, and which ones are decent. Moreover, a Disney Heroes tier list will also help you make wise choices about which characters to use per challenge.

In this article, we’ve assembled the best Disney Heroes tier list just for you. It should help you create the best teams and narrow down which characters, though fun, aren’t worth it. Moreover, we’ve segmented each character by role and tier, ranking them as SS, S, A, B, or C. Naturally, the SS tier is the highest, providing you with the strongest possible characters within that role. The rest of the rankings (S to C) gradually decrease in power/utility, regardless of their abilities.


Role-Based Disney Heroes Tier List

Party-based RPGs usually have different roles for different characters. Distinctions in roles make each character unique and let them serve a specific function in the team. In Disney Heroes, these roles are divided into four: Damage, Support, Tank, and Control. We’ll be discussing the Disney Heroes tier list per role in the following sections.


Disney Heroes Tier List: Damage

Disney Heroes Damage

Characters with the Damage role in Disney Heroes are exactly what they sound like. They are best for dealing the most amount of damage, in the most efficient way possible, to the enemy. However, their excellence in dealing damage makes them weak in other areas, such as how little damage they can take.


SS Tier – Disney Heroes Damage Roles

Name Abilities/Effects
Beast Rage of the Beast, Brutal Blow, Leaping Claw, Battle Instincts, Beastly Brawl
Peter Pan Air Parry, Blinding Light, Neverland Rally, Fairy Dance, Happy Thoughts
Miss Piggy Hi-Ya!, It Is Moi, Hands Off!, Power Punch, What About Moi?
Randall Boggs Scream Selection, Disappearing Act, Monster Punch, Color Changer, Winds of Change

S Tier – Disney Heroes Damage Roles

Name Abilities/Effects
Duck & Bunny Carney Clash, Plush Rush, Laser Eyes, Extra Fluffy
Duke Stunt Spectacular, Pop a Wheelie, Oh Yeah, Stunt Double
Kida Crystal Heal, Spear Block, Skillful Swipe, Hard as Crystal, Mask of the Warrior
Megavolt Ecstatic Charge, Shocking Strike, Say Watt?, Shock Absorber, Bright Idea
Stitch Plasma Blast, Slobber, 626 Shuffle, Feel the Groove, Cute and Ferocious

Tier A – Disney Heroes Damage Role

Name Abilities/Effects
Anger Boil Over, Rage Against, Fired Up, Berserk, I’ll Show You
Barbossa Scan the Horizon, Apple of my Eye, Chain Shot, Hot Shot, Unquenchable Appetite
Elsa Snow Strike, Cold Snap, Icy Blast, Getting Colder, Frosted Over
Jack Skellington Master of Fright, What’s This?!, Jack-O-Lantern, Trick-or-Treats
Merida Gaelic Volley, On Target, Pride of the Clan, Focus, Be Brave
Scrooge McDuck Coin Collection, Working Overtime, Flying Fortune, Money To Be Made, Pile ‘o Gold
Simba & Nala Tussling Twosome, Making Faces, Ado-roar-able, Savanna Shuffle, Double Trouble

Tier B – Disney Heroes Damage Role

Name Abilities/Effects
Aladdin Sabre Slash, Energy Steal, One Jump Ahead, Magic Carpet Ride, Gotta Keep Up
Eve Hand Cannon, Shield Directive, Ion Shock, Combat Efficiency
Madam Mim Wizard Duel, Ugly Old Creep, I Make The Rules, Mad Energy, Magnificent and Marvelous
Moana Oceanic Shield, Into the Fray, Love and Protection, Wayfinder, Powerful Wave
Nick Lemming Rush, Shuriken Pops, Charming Fox, Proper Reinforcements, Lemming Daze
Quorra Disc Spin, Light Cycle, Disc Ricochet, Grid Power, Disk Damage
Scar Long Live the King, A Matter of Pride, Be Prepared, The Lion’s Share, On the Prowl
Zurg Ion Blaster, Zurg Fury, Energy Heist, Evil Genius, Unparalleled Power

Tier C – Disney Heroes Damage Role

Name Abilities/Effects
Buzz Laser Action, Anti-Gravity Cage, Pulsar Push, Power Up, Intergalactic Infiltration
Calhoun Laser blast, Dynamite Gal, Cybugeddon, Sweet Revenge
Darkwing Gatling Fun, Shadow Stalker, Knockout, Shadow Speed
Dash Swift Strike, Getting Punchy, Rapid Guard, Confidence Boost, The Dash
Elastigirl Iron Fist, Element of Surprise, Roundhouse, Stretch Goals, Super Stretch
Jack-Jack Bouncing Baby, Snack Break, Rock A Bye, Jack-Jack Attack, Extra Bounce
Jessie Hootenanny, Sonic Yodel, Cowgirl Boogie, Kick Up a Row
Jack Sparrow Avast!, Acting Dodgy, Pirate Code, Hearty Crew
Mike Sonic Belch, Canister Toss, On A Roll, Fight or Fright, Let It Roll
Robin Alms for the Poor, On Target, Hard Nocks, Reinforced Bow, Sure Shot
Vanellope Lollipop Slammer, Soda Geyser, Minty Fresh, Sharing is Caring, Racing Ahead


Disney Heroes Tier List: Tank

Disney Heroes Tank

Tanks are sort of your team’s defense or protective character that shield the rest of your team. They’re mostly good for taking tons of damage so that the other members can focus on their roles. However, because this is their main role, they’re not that great at inflicting damage.

Name Tier Abilities/Effects
Eeyore SS Home Sweet Home, Gloomy Face, Paddle Ball Projectile, Black Rain Cloud, All for Naught
Goofy Bust a Move, Two Left Feet, How to Goof, In the Groove
Bo Peep S Deflection Spin, Billy, Goat, and Gruff, Field Training, Projectile Wrangler, Not Toying Around
Olaf Head’s Up!, On A Roll, Build A Snowman, Snowed In, Glide and Pivot
Baymax A Healthcare Companion, Blast Off, Scan, Optimized Armor, Protective Programming
Gonzo Chicken Run, My Next Act, Raise The Stakes, Gonzo The Great, Talent Search
Hades Burning Rage, It’s A Small Underworld, Dismal Damage, Lord of the Dead, Almighty Flame
Hercules True Hero, What Goes Around, Pommel Strike, Wonder Boy
Oogie Boogie Quite A Fright, Snake Eyes, Weak With Hunger, Spooky Shadows, Unfair Play
Bogo B Serve and Protect, Criminal Charge, Blinding Justice, Heal Up, Stand Guard
Felix Nicelander Stampede, Fix It, Felix!, Honey Glow, Power of Positivity, Healing Hammer
Mr. Inc Grand Slam, Pound Quake, Super Duper, Hale and Hearty
Sally Deadly Nightshade, Frog’s Breath, Something in the Wind, Stronger Than She Seams, Fog Juice
Maui C Shark Bite, Take Flight, Psych Up, Hooked, Faced with Greatness
Queen of Hearts Majesty’s Orders, Temper, Temper, Off With Their Head!, Royal Highness, My Way
Ralph Wreck It, Shouting Match, Grand Slam, Big Duty, Heavy Handed
Rex Stampede, Mighty Roar, Dino Might, Shield-Eating Dinosaur, Terrifying T-Rex
Shank Final Lap, Toughen Up, Piston Slam, Road Warrior, Shifting Gears
Sulley Scaring is Caring, Healing Laughter, Toy Tantrum, Scream Power, Scream Quota


Disney Heroes Tier List: Support

Disney Heroes Support

As the name implies, the “Support” role provides, well, support to your team. These characters do this through various means, whether through the defense, offense, or a mix of both. Moreover, each “support” character will have a unique role in the game and are good for different things. Hence, each ability will serve you differently and will be useful depending on your chosen strategy.

Name Tier Abilities/Effects
Joy SS Happy-go-Lucky, Cheer, Joy Bubble, Radiance, Positive Thinking
Launchpad Flare Up, Fiery Crash, Autopilot, Smooth Landing, Flying In To Fight
Megara Witty Riposte, Self Sufficient, Silence is Golden, Deep Link, Silent Treatment
Animal S In The Groove, Blast Beasts, Tempo Tantrum, Double Time, Keeping The Beat
Gizmoduck Signal Boost, Suit Scan, Powerful Pull, Calculated Move, Gaggle of Gadgets
Rapunzel Frying Pan Pummel, Healing Hair, Sun’s Gift, Saved by a Hair, Golden Glow
Timon & Pumba Bug Run, Hakuna Matata, Bombardier Beetle, Glorious Grub
Rafiki A Healing Breath, Martial Mandrill, The Past Hurts, Asante Sana Squash Banana, Lesson Learned
Woody Giddy-Up, Lasso, Favorite Deputy, Bullseye, Round ‘em Up
Judy B Bunny Hop, Deputize, Testify, Play Dead, Officer’s Cheer
Mickey Team Cheer, Silly Symphony, Apprentice Sorcery, Oh Boy!, Hot Diggety Dog
Miguel Crescendo, Sharpen, Flatten, Serenade, Uplifting Music
Violet Secure Squad, Invisibility, Shield Roll, Force Field, Unseen Advantages
Alice C Eat Me, Flood of Tears, Tantrum, Giant Boost, Curious Change
Kevin Flynn Power Cleanse, Weakest Link, Data Shield, Admin Privileges
Yax Natural Healing, Flower Power, Body Odor, Chill Vibes, Total Relaxation


Disney Heroes Tier List: Control

Disney Heroes Control

The last role in our Disney Heroes tier list is none other than the role of “Control.” Simply put, these characters are the ones “in charge.” They influence the battle and how everything goes by disturbing or disrupting the flow of the fight. In essence, control characters are somewhat of a wild card with varying abilities.

Tier List for Controls

Name Tier Abilities/Effects
Captain Hook SS Cold Steel, Hooked, Map Study, A Pirate’s Life, Pirate Parry
Jafar Snake Charmer, Sands of Time, Whirling Dervish, Sultan Vile Betrayer
Magica Wand Zap, Shadow Cast, Under a Spell, Stunning Surprise, Magical Mayhem
Donald S Fly Into a Rage, Hopping Mad, Ruffled Feathers, Short Tempered, Aw, Phooey
Facilier Seeing Green, The Cards Will Tell, Shadow Snake, Conjuring A Curse, Tip of the Hat
Hiro Megabot Call, Megabot Spin, Microbot Stun, Analyze, Robot Evasion
Maleficent Dragon Fire, Forest of Thorns, Fog of Doom, Mistress of All Evil
Yzma Push Your Luck, Llama Drama, Scary Beyond All Reason, Alchemy, Wardrobe Change
Colette A Onion Blind, Carrot Chop, Split Potato, Chef’s Special, Order’s Up
Finnick Remote Controller, Pummel Pop, Jumbo Slam, Sticky Situation, A Good Hustle
Flynn Rider Roguish Strike, Thief’s Opportunity, The Smolder, Stolen Goods, Done Deal
Gaston Wrestling Match, Burly and Brawny, Five Dozen Eggs, King Pin
Huey, Dewey, & Louie Dematerializer, Woodchuck Trap Badge, Woodchuck Travel Badge, Triple Stack, Spring the Trap
Jasmine Tiger Strike, Fast Learner, Energy Vortex, Tiger Boost, Striking Out
Merlin Teacher’s Pet, Viral Defense, Medieval Muddle, Mentor Might
Hatter B Beat the Clock, Mad Tea Party, Sweet Tooth, Oblivious, Pass the Tea
Wall-E Extinguish, Solar Power, Compactor, Energy-in-a-Cup, Robot Reflection
Frozone C Stay Frosty, Cold Front, Arctic Chill, Frostbite, Freeze!
Genie Three Wishes, Makeover, Cosmic Power, Energize
Tia Dalma Bitter Storm, Mystic Charm, Tidal Rush, Mystic Curse, Dark Curse
Ursula Poor, Unfortunate Souls, On the Hook, Ruler of All the Ocean, Something for Nothing, A Trifle Toll


Tips & Tricks to Form Your Disney Heroes Team

Having a good Disney Heroes tier list is, of course, essential when playing the game. After all, building the best team isn’t easy and you’d need the highest-ranking ones you can obtain.

However, it isn’t always just about the characters you select in your primary and secondary parties. There are tactics and tricks that you can employ that can also increase your chances of success. In fact, using these techniques can even boost your performance despite having a less-than-ideal team. Without further ado, here are some of the ways you can improve your gameplay in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.


Stamina & Summoning

While it’s true that Disney Heroes is a free-to-play game, it certainly doesn’t shy away from encouraging you to spend. The in-game currency, known as Diamonds, is extremely difficult to come by — but also incredibly useful to progress. That’s why knowing the most effective way to use them is key to advancing faster and further into the game.

So, how exactly should you spend your Diamonds? Two main ways will be most beneficial: through summons or stamina. As you may have guessed, summoning several characters is certainly crucial to winning battles. Some characters are stronger than others, as seen in the Disney Heroes tier list, and are, therefore, better to have.

However, this method is only useful for beginners who don’t have a large library of unlocked characters. Once you’ve gained enough, Diamonds will become more useful to spend on stamina. This way, you can avoid wasting Diamonds on duplicates and instead focus on clearing more levels in a day.



The Disney Heroes tier list is certainly handy for knowing which characters to get to make a strong team. However, having raw power can only carry you up to a certain point. You’ll have to work hard to boost each character’s stats to get the most out of them during battles. Moreover, even the most powerful SS-tier characters will need to have some gear to fight even stronger enemies.

How exactly can you improve your Disney Heroes characters then? There are multiple ways to do so. The first is the most straightforward, and that is through gaining experience by finishing stages and challenges. This will boost your team’s main stats and, as a result, make them stronger.

On the other hand, experience isn’t the only thing you have at your disposal. You can also equip badges to give your character bonuses and stat boosts. This is slightly more complicated but, at the same time, is much more effective. That’s especially true if you equip all six badges on a character and promote them, providing them a permanent boost.

Apart from these two methods, your character can also power up by using gold and skill points. These points can upgrade a character’s skills to make them even more powerful. Moreover, there are also special passive abilities characters can obtain by using memory disks from friend campaigns.


Boost Your Characters Equally

A Disney Heroes tier list may provide you with knowledge of the strongest characters but it is not a panacea. You have to put in the work to make your characters strong through power-ups as we previously mentioned. However, while powering up one strong character may yield some benefit, your priority should be boosting your entire team.

This is because Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is a team-based game. Hence, one overpowered character won’t be enough to make progress (at least, not for long). Moreover, it’s also unlike other gacha games where you can simply stick to one team to “power through” every level. That’s because Disney Heroes is more nuanced and each challenge you face will require a different set of skills. Hence, you’ll need both power and diversity to advance further.

This is why we highly recommend powering up several characters equally. If you have equally strong characters, you won’t have problems facing various challenges that require you to switch.


Power through the Story

If you’ve been playing Disney Heroes for a while now, then rushing the story might not benefit you much. For beginners, however, it’s something we highly recommend. This is because the main missions provide great rewards and materials that can help you power up quickly. Moreover, they’re a great source of team experience (XP) that will help you access more game features.

Of course, this advice will only apply up to a certain point. You’ll eventually hit a wall — a stage that’s so difficult for your current level that you can’t progress. That’s completely fine, as it indicates it’s time for you to upgrade your characters with the rewards you’ve earned. Afterward, simply try again and power through the main missions to get even more XP and rewards.

In addition, remember to collect the free 2-star hero that you get after the tutorial. This is important for new players as getting good characters is one of your biggest priorities, especially in the beginning.


The Bottom Line

Playing Disney Heroes: Battle Mode can be tons of fun for casual mobile gamers. It provides real-time action-packed idle RPG goodness with a dose of nostalgia for 90s kids and Disney fans. However, because of the game’s nature, it’s important to consult a Disney Heroes tier list to form the best team.

Of course, this will take time for beginners because you’ll need to collect characters and boost your stats first. Nonetheless, once you’ve made progress, you can create a great team by referring to a Disney Heroes tier list. We hope this list has been helpful for you. Good luck!