Clash Royale Celebrates 6th Birthday With Epic Challenges

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Clash Royale is turning six this month and as part of the celebration, they are hosting the biggest community event they have ever had in their history. The event, which will run on March 12-24, is called “The Royale Crown Down”, fitting for the epic prizes and rewards that are up for grabs. During the two-week event, players can participate in challenges together with the team of their choice and a content creator team captain.

On March 8, Supercell — also the creator of Clash of Clans — has already revealed the 12 participating content creators and their respective teams for the event. They were Artube Clash, Ouah Leouff, BENIJU, SirTagCR, ClashArt, Jo Jonas, Grax, Kent, Orange Juice Gaming, YoSoyRick, JUNE, and Clash With Ash.

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Clash Royale: The Royale Crown Down Challenges and Schedules

Players have three challenges to participate in, which will be happening on staggered dates during the anniversary event. Aside from milestones and rewards that can be earned, joining these events will help each player’s team to expand and dominate the Clash gameboard. Supercell will update the global team ranking on a daily basis until the final day of the event.

The Royale Crown Down will kick off with the “Royal Tournament” on March 12 at 9:00 UTC and end on March 17 same time. For this in-game challenge, players have to get as many victories as possible with individual awards to collect along the way. Entry is free, but there’s no retry once you reach the maximum of 5 losses.

A 2v2 challenge will follow on the 17th of March at 9:00 UTC and will last until March 21st at 9:00 UTC. In this challenge, a team of two players will go against another team for a good ol’ classic 2v2 battle. Players don’t have to partner with a friend; they can be random strangers. The goal is to get 9 Wins and players only have three maximum losses. There’s a retry for 50 gems, but it’s free for Pass Royale holders.

The Clash Royale sixth-year anniversary will culminate with Legendaray’s Infinite Elixir Challenge happening on March 21-March 24 9:00 UTC. In its special comeback, players can get Elixir at 7x the rate for every win. The goal is to get 9 wins and players can only lose three times. Similar to the 2v2 challenge, retry is worth 50 gems except for  Pass Royale holders.


Rewards That Await You

Clash Royale rewards
Photo by Clash Royale

In a teaser video, Clash Royale said that super unique rewards are waiting for players in the event. Players can get an exclusive emote for winning one battle in the Royal Tournament. They did not specifically say what this emote is, but it’s something to look forward to. Taking five cells in the game board will also earn players a surprise from their team captain. Finally, players can earn magic coins for winning 5000 crowns with their team. You can register on The Royale Crown Down official website to join and know more about the event.