Clash of Clans: Tips, Tricks, and Gameplay (Ultimate Guide)

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Clash of Clans is not the same as the standard strategy game, such as EA’s Command & Conquer, where you can easily find your tempo in the game. With Clash of Clans, gamers can play through different levels with ease. However, you’ll eventually realize that you need well-trained troops and a better base. Aside from that, you’ll find out how crucial it is to use your defenses and troops in the right strategy.

If you’re a newbie in the Clash of Clans game, it’s normal to easily trip up at the start of a new village. For instance, you’re easily tempted to perform specific actions that you think may benefit you sooner. To provide you with an overview, here are Clash of Clans tips, strategies, and must-knows so you can start building a new village like a pro, enjoy early triumph, and become a more effective player without spending a hefty amount of money!


What Is Clash of Clans?

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Clash of Clans is categorized as a massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy-based mobile game created by Supercell, the same developer that also made two popular mobile games – Hay Day, and Boom Beach.

Since Clash of Clans’ release in 2012, it continues to dominate the Apple App Store with 1.8M ratings. This MMO game from Supercell is the #1 highest-grossing mobile game, earning 5.5M per day.

Despite landing in 12th place in Google Play Store’s Strategy Games category, Clash of Clans remains one of the top-grossing apps on Android. In highly-rated free mobile games, Clash of Clans trails behind popular classics – Crossy Road, and Candy Crush Soda Saga. As of July 2021, it garnered more than 50M downloads in the Play Store.

Although Clash of Clans adheres to the standard principles of strategy mobile games, learning how to play this mobile game is often challenging for newbies. As mentioned, new players must master the basics of creating an army before leading their clan to triumph against opponents until they achieve the Champions War League.


Compatible Devices

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Clash of Clans can be downloaded and installed on iOS devices running on iOS 10.0 or higher, and Android smartphones and tablets with Android OS 4.4 or higher. For smooth gameplay, a stable network connection is required. To check your device compatibility, you can visit Clash of Clans’ official app page on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Download on iOS

Download on Android


Clash of Clans Tips For Beginners

Before we describe the actual Clash of Clans tips, let’s get to know the five types of sources in the game and how to receive them:

  • Dark Elixir – Dark Elixirs can be earned by attacking other opponents or participating in Dark Elixir Drill. Some troops and Heroes will be upgraded through Dark Elixir.
  • Elixir – Players garner Elixir either by attacking other opponents or the Elixir Collectors and preserve them in the Elixir Storage.
  • Gems – Gems are considered premium currencies in the game. Players can earn them by eliminating obstacles, cutting trees, and completing challenges and achievements.
  • Gold – Similar to Elixir, Gold can be earned by attacking opponents or from Gold Mines, and storing them in the Gold Storage. It is often used for improving Elixir Buildings, Walls, and defenses.
  • League Medals – Medals are exquisite tokens earned through Clan War Leagues. If the Clan Leader registers you to Clan War Leagues, you can obtain League Medals at the finale.

Ultimate Clash of Clans Beginner’s Tip: It is highly recommended that you use Gems only to obtain Builders. After earning five of them, you can purchase Training Potions from time to time. That said, do not use Gems for acquiring Dark Elixir, Elixir, or Gold as well as avoid using them on Buildings.


Clash of Clans 3-Day Tips For Beginners

Although you may be excited to immerse yourself in battle immediately, you should invest in the right resources so you can have strong foundations and strategic gameplays. Here are easy-to-follow Clash of Clans tips and recommendations to help you get started in the first three days of the game.


Day 1: 

When you’ve initially launched Clash of Clans, a tutorial appears to provide you with pieces of information regarding the mechanics or aspects of the game. Although the Clash of Clans tutorial is useful, there’s no need for you to spend resources on building an army of wizards to overthrow the goblins or purchase every item to speed up construction.

As a best practice, wait for the base to gather resources and construction to complete on its own. Next, position two wizards next to the cannon. With wizards, you’re safe since they are already powerful on their own. However, they also require additional support since they can’t take much damage.


Day 2: 

During the initial three days, your base is secured except if you start attacking other players. The protective feature is called a Shield.

After this phase, the Shield remains once the enemy starts attacking your base. However, you can purchase a new one using Gems. The extent of the Shield’s effectiveness will depend on the amount of destruction accumulated during the attack of buildings and raids.

One of the recommended Clash of Clans tips at this stage is to not panic about getting ready to attack. Spend more time establishing resource buildings and improving your defenses. Moreover, be prepared to defend against the first attack.

Next, upgrade Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors as soon as possible and improve storage facilities for both resources. Once you’ve accomplished them, start upgrading your Town Hall for defense. 

Once the Town Hall achieves Level 4, the next defense strategy is to build air defenses and upgrade Cannon, Archer Tower, and Mortar.

Another best practice for Clash of Clans beginners is to avoid building second resource storage facilities within the first week. After a week, build as many storage facilities as possible to maximize storage capability.


Day 3: 

On the third day with familiarizing Clash of Clans, you can perform the following steps:

  • Create defenses for your bases. Build walls around resource storage facilities and Town Hall.
  • Put storage facilities and Town Hall near your base’s center, allowing you to enclose these buildings with less significant structures to slow down attacks from opponents. Upgrade your walls to a minimum of Level 2.
  • Set up strong defenses by enclosing buildings. For bigger groups of buildings, surround them with walls, including sneaky traps in specific locations where you anticipate enemies to attack.
  • Purchase a mortar and place it near the base’s center behind walls. Ensure that the mortar covers all crucial areas and buildings of the compound.
  • Build Cannons and Archer Towers, and put them within range of critical structures.
  • Despite Clash of Clans’ simple and comical aesthetics, it is a unique strategic base-building mobile game that features a comprehensive and rigorous combat system. For interested Clash of Clans gamers, there are many things to learn and it’ll take some time before you get the ins and outs of the game. Clash of Clans also features complex systems and combat strategies throughout the gameplay, making it more challenging for beginners to get used to it without playing the actual game.
  • Due to the Archer Towers’ excellent range, they’re best within the perimeter of your base.
  • Since Cannons can’t attack air units, ensure that they are protected from aerial attacks.
  • Be consistent in upgrading your defenses until they reach their maximum level.


Clash of Clans Tips For Building Your Base

Build your base
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Clash of Clans is a game of offense and defense. Hence, your priority is to build a stronger Clash of Clans base. You must establish a Clash of Clans base and build defenses and buildings to safeguard it from raids by other opponents.

The essentials of creating a stronger Clash of Clans base depends on three major things – build walls, build stronger defenses, and protect the Town Hall. Missing one out of three will lose time and resources rebuilding your base after every raid. Your base’s center is the ideal position of the Town Hall; place weapons to surround all buildings and build walls to keep opponents busy while weapons get rid of them.

You can also observe the type of defenses of the bases you attack. However, you are limited by the number of buildings and resources you can create. As you progress, you can create bases to facilitate Clan Wars, farm resources, defend, or all of them. The quality of the base is influenced by the level of your Town Hall.

Don’t forget to train and build while raiding opponents. You must not focus on offense or defense solely. You should also train more troops and upgrade your bases while attacking rivals. It’ll take some time to upgrade buildings and bases. Training more troops will take approximately 20 minutes or even longer. Make sure you are regularly monitoring your troops and base so you won’t end up getting stuck and waiting to play.


Clash of Clans Tips For Attacking

Building Your Base
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Despite Clash of Clans’ comical aspects, it is a fast-paced MMO with intense combat and action system. Once you already have a barbarian army, you must find the right base to attack.

After sending the first troop to raid the opponent, immediately start training new troops in the barracks. By the time the first raid is done, they will be ready to attack the next ones.

When choosing the first base to invade, take your time. During the first part of the game, many players will start and immediately leave the game. As a result, you can find bases with poor defenses and attack them so you can earn 3-star trophies. 

Players with less than 500 trophies are less likely to be attacked. Once you obtain more trophies, attacks become more common. More trophies mean a tougher rival is chosen during the matchmaking process. 

Find a base with weak defenses, such as an exposed mortar or Town Hall to attack or poorly placed walls. Look for a base also with trophies and good resources that you can exploit to continue the momentum. Winning the first attack will elevate your spot on the leaderboard and boost your confidence to win.

Eliminate the opponent’s mortar as soon as possible. Mortars have blind spots where barbarians can easily attack. Locate the blind spot, get rid of the mortar, and your barbarians can eliminate the rest of the defenders.

Once you have built units, you can no longer control them. That said, put them near the target. Every unit has a corresponding unit it prefers to attack. However, it often attacks the nearest opponent. Once the clash is done, you won’t retrieve the units back. As a best practice, use only the units where you’re guaranteed to win. 


Every troop will attack specific structures:

  • Walls – Wall Breakers
  • Resources – Goblins
  • Defenses – Bats, Giants, Hog Riders
  • Nearest Building – Archers, Barbarians


Clash of Clans Tips For Looting

Clash of Clans Tips For Looting
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Clash of Clans has corresponding loot mechanics. The game has three types of resources that can be stolen via looting, namely Treasury, resource collectors, and resource storages (Town Halls). The loot system in Clash of Clans features different calculations, percentages, and caps. You can also check Clash of Clans Wiki for the detailed figures of the Looting Mechanics.

A Loot Penalty is also in place to discourage higher-level gamers from raiding lower-level players. The penalty involves reducing the amount of loot obtained from rivals with lower-level Town Halls.

Although it is tempting to upgrade your Clash of Clans Town Hall as soon as you have ample resources, it’s not yet the perfect time. The higher level you achieve for your Town Hall, the less loot you receive from raids. If you attack other opponents, you obtain less loot as well if they have a lower Town Hall level than you. The amount you can loot in the first five levels of the game is half the amount of what you can loot when you have a Level 10 Town Hall.

Once you’ve started, upgrade your buildings to their maximum level before upgrading the Clash of Clans Town Hall. Once you’re done upgrading the buildings, upgrade the Town Hall when you get the chance. Take note that you won’t have any penalty for upgrading until Level 5. After Level 5, you must carefully decide the perfect timing for upgrading your Clash of Clans Town Hall in the succeeding levels.


Clash of Clans vs. Similar Games

Are you getting bored with Clash of Clans? Perhaps, you are interested to try out other games similar to Clash of Clans? Here are some of the à la Clash of Clans games that you can see for yourself:


Boom Beach

Boom Beach
© Photo by Supercell

Made by the same game developers of Clash of Clans, Boom Beach features the same aesthetics as COC. However, it integrates with a variety of breathtaking game components that make it an entirely different game. This mobile game offers a more in-depth understanding of the game mechanics and storyline and is more vibrant compare to Clash of Clans.

With Boom Beach, players can develop customized weapons and allow them to command their troops throughout the competition. If you prefer the same aesthetics and game developer of COC, Boom Beach is one of the best alternatives to Clash of Clans.


Age Of Empires: Castle Siege

Age Of Empires Castle Siege
© Photo by Age Of Empires Castle Siege

Microsoft’s Age of Empires: Castle Siege offers a similar vibe to Clash of Clans. The game provides you with the opportunity to loot a diverse range of urban areas, refurbish safeguards, strengthen dividers, and gather and train your own troops. Unlike Clash of Clans, Age of Empires gives you the option to order battle units within the war zones.


Vikings: War Of Clans

Vikings War Of Clans
© Photo by Vikings War Of Clans

If you’re looking for a better substitute for Clash of Clans, Vikings: War of Clans is one of the best alternatives. Developed by Plarium, Vikings: War of Clans is another MMO strategy game with PvE and PvP battles. With Vikings: War of Clans, you can frame and train an invincible army, expose the sneaky traps of your opponents, and emerge as the most powerful conqueror among different gamers. The mobile game features massive combats, a compelling storyline, and stunning graphics.



Now, you’re ready to rumble! Although we don’t want to bombard you with too many details, we hope you have learned something new out of our all-in-one Clash of Clans tips, tricks, and gameplay guide. Given the plethora of Clash of Clans tips we’ve provided, you can work towards being part of the Champions War League with your strategic and impressive gameplay.

Do you have any Clash of Clans tips that we’ve missed out on in this guide? If yes, feel free to comment below for our fellow readers’ reference.