Free Fire Updates New Age Chapter for an Icy Turn of Events

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Despite continuously going off the radar in the past few years, Garena tirelessly gives its patrons a new way to play Free Fire – the latest of which is the New Age chapter. Two weeks after the latest update, Garena announces that a new campaign is coming to Free Fire on December 17. It will end on January 9.

The change in climatic conditions for a chilling experience is the highlight of this Free Fire update, according to Garena. The upcoming New Age campaign will also feature a permanent map, a resource management style activity, and a new ranked system for Lone Wolf mode. There will be rare costumes to look forward to as well.


What’s New in Free Fire New Age

in-game photo with characters shooting fire with each other
Photo by Garena

Garena gave us a preview of the New Age campaign prior to its release. Players will step into the new map, Alpine, which was seemingly ravaged by a snowstorm, freezing everything in it to ice. Wolfrahh, Misha, and Mr. Waggor – or what we know as the Team Elite – are on a mission to deliver an energy core in hopes of warming up the island. Unfortunately, they came across a villainous group who stole the energy core. As survivors, it will be the players’ task to fend for themselves in the hostile, icy-cold Winterland.

Along with the uncharted territories to explore in the snow-covered map, Garena has also brought in new ways to play Free Fire. In a press release, they said that they are adding “a lineup of new activities, modes, and features for players to enjoy New Age to the fullest”.


Here are the Things to Look Forward To

  • Resource management. During the campaign, players can participate in resource management where they build a base camp and stack supplies for the residents of Alpine. Exclusive themed items await players who can successfully complete the event.
  • Ranked System and a Mode. A ranked system for the Lone Wolf mode will follow on December 20, shortly after the New Age campaign launch. There will also be a rerun of the 2v2 and 1v1 battles in a larger Iron Cage.
  • Snowball Feature. Players can engage in snowball fights with other players in Spawn Island — the spot where you will wait for the match to begin.
  • Rare Seasonal Items. The new Free Fire update will allow players to gear up in a winter ensemble using rare seasonal items, skins, and a new pet.


You can experience Free Fire: New Age by downloading it on Android and iOS for free. You may also explore similar First Person Shooter games on this list.