Heroes of Valhalla Is Available on Early Access on Android

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A new role-playing game based on tower defense and city-building is hitting the town. Argentinian game development company, Games Station Studio, launches on November 25 its new Vikings-inspired game “Heroes of Valhalla” on Google Play Store for early access. Only parts of the game are available, so huge changes to its gameplay might happen upon its official global release.


Heroes of Valhalla Gameplay Overview

Heroes of Valhalla is a mix of role-playing and strategy genres with elements of tower-defense and city-building games. In short, it’s a game pretty much like Clash of Clans.

It kicks off by sending you to a rural settlement by the coast of Kattegat where you have to build an army of ancient Norse heroes and create a Viking village from the ground up. Whilst making an effective game plan to fend off invaders, you must also expand your territory by launching raids on enemy clans. Your destinations are medieval France, Germany, and the English. After all, you have to fulfill your goal of becoming the Jarl of the North in the ancient European civilization.

Players have 25 lore-threatened abilities to start with. There are also over 30 hero characters to collect whose abilities you need to upgrade to turn the tide of the game. To fight powerful enemy heroes and waves, you have to strategically build defenses around your village. You can place watchtowers, buildings, and castles on your kingdom’s entry point to stall your enemies. Chest rewards come daily for additional resources.


Heroes of Valhalla Is a Work in Progress

The game has pretty basic and incomplex mechanics. But as with other games that are on early access, it is expected to carry major tweaks once its final version fully arrives. Feedbacks from the trial period will help Heroes of Valhalla to be the fun game it ought to be; as early as now, players already have their opinions. One thing that they are in consensus is that it should improve on graphics and animations.

You can download Heroes of Valhalla on Google Play Store.


About Games Station Studio:

Games Station Studio is an Argentina-based game development company. Prior to Heroes of Valhalla, it has at least two tower-defense games on its portfolio, namely the Grow Empire: Rome and the Game of Warriors. They consider them as hits with more than 20 million combined installs on Android.