10 Best Google Stadia Games You Should Ever Play

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Google Stadia didn’t exactly have a good start. We didn’t even have a high expectation about it, to begin with. At the time of its launch, cloud gaming was kind of an experiment, and although Google Stadia is sparking curiosity, not everyone took it seriously. The talks about the possible release of PlayStation 5 made it even worse, drowning Google Stadia games into the background.

From the beginning, Google Stadia was already an underdog to other gaming services. First, it doesn’t have an existing player base because it’s starting from scratch. Second, its compatibility with mobile devices is very limited to certain phone models and brands. But as Stadia adds improvement to its platform such as reducing the latency and including cross-platform games, its popularity surprisingly grew. Its free offer certainly helped grow its signups as well. Nowadays, there are at least two million members on the platform. That’s still far from the 200 million combined users of PlayStation and Xbox, but we can say it’s an impressive number for a starter.

The Stadia Game library initially started with 22 titles, but it now grew to at least 100. With games that are only previously available for PCs and consoles, Google Stadia is starting to be a go-to place for gamers. If you are new to the platform or just about to create an account, here are the best Google Stadia games so far that you should play.


10 Best Google Stadia Games

1. Destiny 2 6. Outriders
2. Crayta 7. Marvel’s Avengers
3. Little Nightmares 2 8. Doom (2016)
4. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 9. Spiritfarer
5. Everspace 10. Final Fantasy XV

Google Stadia has a good mix of games in its library. It has your favorite action role-playing games like the Assassin’s Creed series, hack and slash games like Attack on Titan, and first-person shooter like PUBG. Your selection in terms of genre is wide and the best thing is, you can get some of them for free.


1. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is Bungie’s reboot of the original sci-fi first-person shooter that was first released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PCs. It was initially a pay-to-play game until its arrival on Google Stadia in November 2019.

Similar to the past Destiny franchise, Destiny 2’s plot revolves around saving space from the looming threat of an alien invasion. Players have to choose from three Guardian classes (Titan, Warlock, and Hunter) and eventually build their skills by joining quests. Initially, you will be limited to playing the single-player mode, which allows you to roam on open-world zones and interact with non-player characters (NPCs), and battle with mini-bosses. This will be your best chance to hunt for weapons and armor and level your skills. Eventually, you will be able to join cooperative player versus environment (PvE) play and the competitive multiplayer, which allows you to play against your friends.

Bungie adds content across the game using expansion packs that players have to buy. If you are not a Stadia Pro member, the only way to get Destiny 2’s base game is to buy one of the expansion packs. Both the Destiny 2: The Collection, which includes all previous expansions, and Bright Light cost $39.99 on Stadia.


2. Crayta

animated people gesturing to a city
Photo by Unit 2 Games Google Stadia Store

Crayta is another interesting original title to ever hit the Stadia Store. This game is very fluid because it doesn’t have fixed gameplay or mechanics. Instead, it allows players to create games and eventually play them in a multiplayer mode. Crayta has several ready-to-use templates which you can use depending on what game you want to create. You can create time trial games, obstacle courses, team elimination, and even gun games just to mention a few. But if you want to be a true game developer or at least feel like one, you can create a game from a blank template and start from scratch.

Let’s say you don’t want to create a game and want to play Crayta right away. It also has some ready-to-play games created by the Crayta team like Crayta Cooking, Super Doom Wall, and Prop Hunt. Alternatively, you can also play games that were created and shared by the Crayta community. The biggest downside of Crayta, however, is its limited user base. Although it’s now also available for PC via Epic Game Store, reaching out to console gamers should have opened a huge potential for the game.

You can claim the Crayta: Starter Edition on Stadia Store for free even without a pro membership. You can also upgrade to Crayta: Premium Edition and Crayta: Deluxe Edition for $24.99 and $59.99, respectively, to get exclusive cosmetics and XP boosts.


3. Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2 is the best Google Stadia game if you are looking for something that will make your body hair raise. This modern horror game has a perfect balance of jump scares and an unsettling atmosphere that would build chills on you.

Set in a timeline before the original game, Little Nightmares 2 follows a little boy named Mono as he makes his way in the night full of monsters. He’d be accompanied by a familiar character — Six, the protagonist on the game’s first version. Occasionally, Mono would face bizarre puzzles, which players have to solve so the main character can continue with his journey. Platformer-like situations swarmed with tiny monsters will also go bump in dark, which our little boy has to fight and escape. However, Mono also has to avoid encounters with bigger foes that are impossible to defeat like the bend-neck lady. In these situations, using stealths and outrunning enemies is the only way to survive.

Little Nightmares 2 is free for Stadia Pro users for a limited time and costs $29.99 after.


4. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Two warriors fighting
Photo by Ubisoft on Google Stadia Store

There is a growing roster of action role-playing games on the Stadia Store and Assasin’s Creed Valhalla is among the newest and also one of the most prominent additions. The 12th installment of the highly-praised video game series follows the main character Eivor during the Dark Ages of England. Accompanied by his brother Sigurd, Eivor is set for the old Blighty in quest of wealth and power amidst the conflict between factions within the city.

Assasin’s Creed Valhalla follows the path that Odessey has taken with a full-fledged open-world design, more RPG mechanics, and a compelling story. Each story mission and side missions are grief-stricken and bloody given Eivor’s vengeful nature. During battles, he can wield two weapons at a time like greatswords and shields. He also a raven as a companion that scouts nearby areas before an attack. However, not all missions have to end with bloodstains and can be accomplished through diplomatic means. A familiar stealth ability returns to the game, which allows Eivor to go unnoticed in a crowd by pulling down his hood and eventually avoid unnecessary encounters.

The Assasin’s Creed Valhalla Standard Edition costs $59.99 while the Gold Edition and Ultimate Edition cost $99 and $119, respectively.


5. Everspace

Everspace is a modern space shooter game with an influence of roguelike elements. This could be the best game in Stadia in terms of graphics, but it has more on the table than its eye-candy visual elements.

The game follows a non-linear story starting with Adam Roslin, the player character, vaguely recalling he was injected with cytotoxin for unknown reasons. In search of answers, players have to accomplish missions as they uncover the story behind Adam Roslin piece by piece. However, the story is not the main aspect of the game as exciting as it may seem. The game still revolves around progression.

A huge part of the game involves jumping around different sectors of space and fighting enemies known as the Outlaws. Along the way, you can collect resources and credits you can use to add perks and buffs to your ship. Once you have successfully defeated enemies, you would eventually reach the Jumpgate to the next and more difficult sector. Everspace costs $29.99 on Stadia Store.


6. Outriders

Outriders is yet another multiplayer shooting game that was recently added to the Stadia Store. It has undeniably close similarities with other dystopian shooting games like Destiny and Gears of War, which combine role-playing elements with intense gameplay.

The premise of the game is simple: shoot as many enemies as you can, involving gigantic alien-like creatures and even people. Avoiding open fires is not an option here — in fact, you almost always have to engage for you to survive. Unlike in battle royale games, there are no healing kits within the Outriders’ battleground, and the only way you can maintain or restore your health is to get the right kills.

Upon starting the game, you have to choose a role between four classes. Each class has, obviously, unique skills. The Trickster can manipulate time and flit behind opponents to make surprise attacks. If you want to die less often, you can take the role of the Devastator, a tanky class that can unleash a hail of bullets. The Pyromancer, on the other hand, is a fiery class that can bend flames. Lastly, the Technomancer can summon weapons out of nowhere (e.g., turrets) to defeat enemies. Aside from each class’s skills, you can also use guns and other weapons, which you can get by finding loots in the Arena.

As of the moment, Outriders costs $59.99 on Stadia Store. There is no confirmation when or whether Pro users be able to claim it for free.


7. Marvel’s Avengers

There were already quite a few titles that attempt to bring Marvel characters into a game and the best title happens to be in Google Stadia, the Marvel’s Avengers. This action-role playing game took direct inspiration from Marvel cinematic story, bringing together your favorite characters in the franchise. You can play the game in solo mode, but you can also join co-op missions and form a superhero squad as you try you eliminate threats on already chaotic Earth.

The story starts after the destruction of New York City, an event that led to the disbandment of the Avengers and the advent of the Inhumans — a population of genetically altered individuals. One of these so-called Inhumans is our main character, Kamala Khan a.k.a Ms. Marvel. Her goal is to reunite the Avengers and prevent the Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) from completely taking over the world.

To accomplish your goal, you have to enter campaign missions such as destruction objectives and elimination. As you complete your goals, you get to unlock and use other Avenger characters along the way until you piece together all the greatest heroes of the world. Each hero, including Ms. Marvel, has a light and heavy attack, and like in many action games, you can weave these into combos. You may also be able to unlock additional skills in the long run, which can add additional combos or alter your attacks. Marvel’s Avengers also has an interesting Gear System for improving your physical appearance or even your combat effectiveness.

Marvel’s Avengers standard edition costs $59.99 on Stadia Store, while the deluxe edition sells at $79.99. You also need a free Square Enix Member account to play the game.


8. Doom (2016)

hell fire scene
Photo by Bethesda

Doom (2016) is easily one of the best Google Stadia games to play right now. After a long hibernation, the famous first-person shooter finally resurrected from the grave, only louder and faster. But the goal is still clear, slain demons whatever it takes.

The game’s single-player campaign is outrightly packed with action. The players have no time to play defense and have to push forward in order to survive. Similar to Outriders, the only way you can regain health is to kill your enemies. Of course, you can’t do that if you stay still so you have to constantly move to dodge your enemies’ projectile attacks, while also aiming for them or engaging in hand combat. Once you have killed an enemy, it will drop health packs or ammunition to keep you loaded. It is also a good thing that the game has no reload time, considering how fast-paced it is.

The game is also equally exciting in terms of multiplayer missions. It features several mission modes like Domination,  Freeze Tag, and Warpath. The Demon Rune also returns to the game, which transforms the player who will pick it up into a deadly demon. Each match would credit players with experience points that are needed in obtaining new weapons, skins, and armor. They can also instantly unlock new items by accomplishing challenges.

Doom (2016) costs $19.99 on Stadia Store. Its sequel, Doom Eternal is also available at $59.99 (Standard) and $89.99 (Deluxe).


9. Spiritfarer

We’ve had enough action-filled shooting games, so let’s try Spiritfarer, one of the best Stadia games that can warm your heart. Despite its cutesy animation and the adorable pet companion, this game touches upon the heavy theme of death.

The game follows the main character Stella who was chosen by Charon as her successor for being the Spiritfarer. Onboard a ship, Stella traverses through waters with her pet Daffodil to pick up spirits and lead them to Everdoor, the path to the afterlife. It may sound simple, but the task gets complex and emotional along the way. As their death came unexpectedly, each spirit has the final wishes that Stella has to fulfill. To do this, Stella has to know the spirits at a personal level, how they were when they were still living, what things they like, and how they died. By the time they reach the Everdoor, Stella has already befriended them, and letting go is already hard.

Gameplay-wise, Spiritfarer involves a lot of resource management. Along the way, Stella has to collect items she needs to fend for the spirits on board her ship. At all times, she has an item called the Everlight, which can transform into any tool she needs like a fishing rod, saw, or ax. As spirits gather, they also hand over Stella some items that she can use to improve her skill, adding progression elements to the game. The more spirits Stella sends to the afterlife, the more she also learns about her own fate, leaving an emotional punch to whoever playing it.

Spiritfarer costs $29.99 on the Google Stadia store.


10. Final Fantasy XV

We can’t end this list without including the best action role-playing game not just for Stadia but for all platforms as well, the Final Fantasy XV. Like the past installments, Final Fantasy XV takes hours and hours of travel across challenging environments. The goal? Seize a magical crystal from an ultimate evil force.

As the player, you can control the main hero Noctis Lucis Caelum as he travels across the fictional world of Eos. Our main hero is equipped with a complete ability to summon mighty swords, while also being able to wield magic. Noctis mainly travels by foot, but when traversing large landmasses, he can use “Regalia,” a car, and chocobos, the bird that we have repeatedly seen in the past Final Fantasies.

Accompanied by three other characters, Noctis has to retrieve the magical Crystal from Niflheim and bring it back to the custody of the Lucian royal family. But the journey to the crystal is ferocious and you often have to enter missions and side quests that can end up in dire situations. Surviving missions, however, will reward you with new skills and resources that you can use in the long run.

Final Fantasy XV shifts from the original titles in terms of battle mechanics. Instead of turn-based combat, Noctis can make real-time attacks — and so his opponents. His companions also act on their own, which is a distinction from other open-world RPGs like Genshin Impact.

Final Fantasy XV is worth $39.99 on Stadia Store.


Choose the Best Google Stadia Games

As you would notice, most of the best games on Stadia are also available on other platforms like PlayStation and Xbox. The only difference is that you will no longer have to invest in gaming hardware just to try them. Using Stadia, you can play these well-loved games from a browser and your mobile phone. What’s more, you can readily purchase these games on Stadia Store using a free account, although getting a Stadia Pro would give you a significant discount.

So, which of the games we have listed you want to try on Stadia? Let us know!