Guardian Tales Tier List: The Best Heroes per Class Ranked

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If you are a Guardian Tales player, you would know that freeing Kanterbury from the clutches of the invaders is no easy task. You can’t rely on pure luck to rescue the realm’s princess knowing that there’s literally an army of goblins to vanquish. To begin your quest to escape, you would need to form the strongest team possible to help the Guardian Knight on its mission. In this Guardian Tales tier list, our goal is to help you pick a roster of heroes from four classes — including warrior, tanker, ranged, and support — that can eventually help free your Kingdom.

Each class will be segregated in a five-level tier system, which includes SS, S, A, B, and C. Those that are on the top tier are, of course, the high-graded heroes with three stars. They give you the highest win rate, but obtaining them will not be a walk in the park. Two-star heroes are also included on this list; they can also be a force to reckon with if equipped with unique builds. Heroes with one star, on the other hand, automatically fall below the ladder and are no longer included here. That is not to say that they are rendered useless as they can also be helpful early on in the game, despite their low rarity.


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  5. How to Obtain the Best Heroes in Guardian Tales?
  6. Guardian Tales Reroll Guide
  7. Building the Best Team in Guardian Tales



This tier list is not final. Like many mobile role-playing games, Guardian Tales continuously adds new characters to its roster of heroes, which may affect their ranking. Please check back on this page whenever there’s a new update to the game.


Guardian Tales Tier List: Warrior

Guardian Tales Warriors
Photos by Guardian Tales on Fandom
SS Beth, Future Knight, Lilith, Lupina, Sohee, Lifeguard Yuze
S Plitvice, Lynn, Rue, Lapice
A Scintilla, Lahn, Eugene, Vishuvac, Akayuki,
B Alef, Mei, Fei, Marvin, Neva,
C Adventurer Yuze, Shapira, Amy, White Beast

Warriors lead your team on battles, that’s why it’s important to select a warrior hero that is, if not the strongest, a flexible one. This class has the most number of heroes, including the Knight itself, making it even harder to choose. Beth, Future Knight, and the rest in the SS tier take the top row for their special ability, party buff, and just the insane amount of damage ability they have. Having them in your team will neatly give you a victory whatever mode you are playing.

Unfortunately, some fan-favorite warriors like Scintilla, Eugene, and Lynn fell on mid-tiers, but you should not be discouraged — they remain a pretty flexible unit that will give you explosive gameplay. Tier C warriors, on the other hand, are non-negotiable. They are not a good investment in our opinion.


Guardian Tales Tier List: Tanker

Guardian Tales Tanker
Photos by Guardian Tales on Fandom
SS Future Princess, Oghma
S Erina, Marina
A Craig, Ranpang
B Lavi

It’s a debate among players whether you need a tanker on Guardian Tales or not. Some opt to invest more in offense and build their way up in the late game. This sounds effective, especially if you know how to utilize damage for your Warriors and Ranged. However, for beginners, it can be a rookie mistake to entirely cross out Tankers from the list. Tankers can be very helpful in early games when most of your damage-dealing heroes are still squishy. They don’t matter much on raids, but it’s always better to have a line of defense when playing other categories.

Future Princess and Oghma are our top picks for Guardian Tales’s tank heroes. They are quite different heroes that you can use for quite different scenarios. While Future Princess can make your team tankier with her universal HP party buff, she can be a good lead, thanks to her shield and mix of ranged and melee damage. On the other hand, Oghma is a pure tanker that has an extreme sturdiness that toughens a squishy team. Tankers under S to C tiers are also equally good. However, they have a fair share of shortcomings that may doom your team.


Guardian Tales Tier List: Ranged

Guardian Tales Ranged
Photos by Guardian Tales on Fandom
SS Nari, Mk. 99, Garam, Bari, Mk. 2
S Tinia, Bianca, Lucy, Arabelle
A Hekate, Rachel, Elvira, Coco, Sohee, Gremory, Rie
B Marianne, Catherine
C Eva, Dolf, Girgas

It takes a lot to pull off ranged heroes, and that applies to any game that has this type of character. They are squishy by nature, but they also pack explosive damage ability that can put opponents to shame. As opposed to melee attacks, ranged heroes require a certain distance to launch an effective attack against their targets.

Guardian Tales ranged heroes are ideal in any gameplay mode, may it be single-player or multi-player. However, some are just naturally cut above the rest. It’s given that our top picks for Guardian Tales ranged characters can inflict extreme damages, but their high defense potential and survivability are what put them on top of the list. Those that are under the list, however, need more balance. While some of them, like Dolf, have a deadly offensive kit, there seems to be a huge trade-off on their defenses. You can slightly improve them through leveling, but it’s better to invest in ranged heroes on the higher tiers at the end of the day.


Guardian Tales Tier List: Support

Guardian Tales Support
Photo by Guardian Tales on Fandom
SS Kamael, Gabriel, Mayreel
S Veronica, Noxia, Eleanor, Miya, Eva
A Karina, Aisha, Aoba
B Favi
C Loraine

It’s always a good idea to carry support within your team to assist and heal your main DPS at the most crucial moment. Other support heroes in Guardian tales also provide party buffs that will enhance your team’s abilities. However, good supports don’t just heal their allies. They should also have a good offense and defense ability to fend for themselves.

Kamael, Gabriel, and Mayreel have a good mix of these abilities. They have the ideal healing and buff skills while also having DPS on their own. Favi and Aoba also deserve love, but both of them have a trade-off that puts them lower on our list. Aoba has the highest healing output out of the support characters, but her damage output is the worst. On the other hand, Favi is very effective at boosting his team’s damage but is lacking potency in terms of normal attacks.


How to Obtain the Best Heroes in Guardian Tales?

There are several ways to obtain heroes in Guardian Tales; some are easy to pull while some are hard—or should we say, expensive. The easiest way to get a hero is through progression. Whenever you complete a quest, you will get a unit to join your party with the exception of unique heroes.

You can also summon heroes using gacha system, similar to how you can obtain the best heroes in Genshin Impact. However, you should manage your expectations as the pull rate for the three and two stars heroes is very low.

If you manage to collect enough soul points (SP), you might as well exchange it for a unique hero in the Heavenhold. Lastly, you can buy unique heroes in the Mileage shop if you are not getting lucky at obtaining them using the other methods.


Guardian Tales Reroll Guide

We do not suggest rerolling on Guardian Tales because it’s a process that is time-consuming with too few benefits. First of all, your Summon ability will arrive only after you accomplish World 1-4 Forest Border. You also have to earn 2700 Gems for 10x hero and equipment summon by completing story stages and their sidequests. Once you have enough gems, you can start summoning heroes or equipment in the banner.

If you are unhappy with your pulls, you can reroll and start over by deleting your account. To do this:

Guardian Tales Rerolling
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  1. Access the game settings by tapping on the cog icon at the top-right corner of the main screen.
  2. Tap on “Account Settings” and select “Delete Account” at the bottom.
  3. Confirm the deletion of your account.
  4. Relaunch the game and create a new account.

As we said in the beginning, rerolling is not worth it as you have to start over from scratch. If you were not able to summon the hero you want, you can still get enough heroes even by just playing the story mode.


How to Build the Best Team in Guardian Tales?

Just because you have rare or unique heroes doesn’t mean you’d have an easy win. Likewise, just because you only have epic heroes doesn’t mean you are doomed forever. While getting the rarest heroes will give you an edge, it doesn’t always guarantee a victory. Everything will boil down to your team composition. Even if you just have epic heroes, you might still be able to defeat your pesky rivals on arena or colosseum as long as you pick the right team. But there are things to consider for you to do that.


1. Pick 1 Tanker, 2 DPS, and 1 Healer

You can’t have a team composed of heroes from a single class. Ideally, you would want to have the right mix of tank, warrior, ranged, and support. For this, our formula is 1 Tanker, 2 DPS (either warrior or ranged), and a Support healer. You may also switch to a support that provides party buff, but we favor a healer more to replenish your DPS.


2. Consider Your Team’s Attack Style

You should also consider the attack style of the team you are building, that is if you want to unlock the team skill. Are you building a melee team or a ranged team? Either way, you should build a team of heroes in a 3:1 ratio — three melees or ranged and one for another type of hero, e.g., tank. You don’t have all of your four heroes to be melees or ranged, but three of them should be five-star to activate the team skill. It can be hard to pull off but it pays off when it comes to playing higher in-game content.


3. Build Your Team Based on Character Elements

This is something you should already be doing if you have been playing Guardian Tales for a while now. If you are a newbie, however, it’s better to know this early on. The best way to maximize team buffs and get more attack bonuses is to build a team of heroes of the same element. So if you are new to the game, you should prioritize building around the character element of your first unique, or even epic, pull. For example, if you get Akayuki first, then start building a fire element team around her instead of wasting resources on other elements.



Obtaining the best heroes on Guardian Tales will not be very easy, not with the game’s gacha mechanics. Thankfully, you don’t necessarily need the top-tier unit to win the game. All you need is to understand how to form a complementing team. We have discussed the importance of having the right mix of character class and element on the squad you carry. You also learned how to reroll Guardian Tales when you need to. Hopefully, this guide helps you in your mission to save Kanterbury!