Hyper Front Released Globally; Here’s How to Get This FPS

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Hyper Front, the Valorant Mobile clone, is finally out globally following its limited release in Southeast Asia and Brazil. Game developer Netease announced that they are adding the 5v5 competitive first-person shooter game to more servers on July 20. On top of the existing servers, Hyper Front will now be available in Europe, Australia, North America, and the MENA Region.

Hyper Front’s global release coincides with the official launch of its new version called Outbreak. This brings new heroes, cosmetics, and competitions into the mix.

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Hyper Front: A New Title but All too Familiar Experience

Hyper Front global release announcement banner
Photo by Hyper Front on Twitter

If you have played other FPS games in the past, such as Valorant and Apex Legends Mobile, it won’t be difficult for you to immerse yourself in the game. Hyper Front may be the new kid on the block, but you’ll find it very familiar — mostly in a positive way.

The game doesn’t fail to provide exhilarating battles and gunfights every time. It has six different game modes at launch including versions of classic favorites like search and destroy, deathmatch, and the last man standing.

Each hero also carries unique abilities that can turn the tide of each match, something you’d find similar with Apex Legends. The current build for each hero contains two basic skills and an ultimate. In terms of weaponry, Hyper Front has 20+ guns to gear up with. Each weapon has varying stats, so players have to be tactical when picking.


Hyper Front Heroes List

The game had nine heroes until Outbreak was released, adding Cure Light, Veil, and Nemesis to the gang. Aside from carrying unique quirks, they are also grouped into classes so players would know how to properly position themselves in the game. Here’s the complete list of heroes you can carry in Hyper Front:

Hyper Front Heroes Blood Raider, Veil, Nemesis, Cure Light, Thunder (Left to right)
Photo by Hyper Front on Facebook
Class Hero Skills
Brawler Blast Tripple Shot, Jetpack, Mega Shark Rocket (Ultimate)
Nemesis Void Illusion, Dark Oblivion, Clone (Ultimate)
Thunder Lightning Dash, Plasma State, Ion Shock (Ultimate)
Blood Raider Blindness, Bloodthirst, Berserk (Ultimate)
Tactician Storm Tornado Burst, Cyclone Burst, Tornado (Ultimate)
Veil Shrouding Sandstorm, Quicksand Desert, Scorching Sand (Ultimate)
Blink Horizon Blocked, Spacetime Leap, Dimension Jump (Ultimate)
Scout Faith Arrow Scouting Arrow, Burning Arrow, Flaming Arrow (Ultimate)
Sentinel Drone, Stun Grenade, Homing Grenade (Ultimate)
Guardian Coldcast Icecore Trap, Ice Barrier, Freezing Storm (Ultimate)
Valkyrie Auto Turret, Shield of Perseverance, Area Explosion (Ultimate)
Supporter Cure Light Nano Treatment, Area Blockade, Body Reconstruction (Ultimate)


Weapons in the Game

Hyper Front’s weapons are what you’d also normally find in other tactical gunplay, albeit its collection is lacking. As of writing, there are only 23 guns available in the game plus a couple of melee weapons. Here’s the complete list of firearms you can use in Hyper Front:

Pistols M92, USP, Heavy Pistol, Sawed-off, CZ75
Assault Rifles AK, M4A1, MK14, QBZ, FAL, Scar
Submachine Gun Vector, UMP, UZI, P90
Shotgun M870, AA12
Light Machine Gun Knight, M249, UltiMax
Sniper Rifle R93, Barrett, SVD


Is Hyper Front Free to Play?

Hyper Front is a free-to-play 5v5 tactical shooter game. If you are living in the regions mentioned above, you can download the game for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The game offers in-app purchases for cosmetics like hero and weapon skins, but it’s completely free to play and rank in the game.