Windjammers 2 Got a Release Date, But Not for Stadia Pro

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Windjammers 2 is set for release on January 20, 2022 on all gaming platforms except Stadia. Fans have been quick in pointing out how Windjammers developer Dotemu left out Stadia’s icon on its release trailer. Disappointment paints every fans’ day due to the announcement Windjammers 2 will come to Stadia at a later date.

The announcement, however, is a light at the end of a tunnel following delays in the game’s release in the past. Developer Dotemu initially set Windjammers for release back in early 2020 before moving the date to 2021. Finally, Windjammers 2 gets a release date this January 2022.

The game is expected to be released on the following platforms:

  1. PC
  2. PlayStation 4
  3. Xbox One
  4. Nintendo Switch
  5. Xbox Game Pass
  6. Xbox Game Pass for PC

Additionally, Dotemu says “Windjammers 2 will also host showdowns on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S via backward compatibility.”

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Windjammers 2 Stadia Release Got Delayed…Further

Dotemu confirms Windjammers 2 won’t come to Google Stadia on the same day the game lands on every gaming platform there are. The confirmation comes from a tweet reply by Dotemu stating the game will come to Google Stadia at a later date. However, Dotemu remains limited in giving out further details.

Considering the lack of details around the delay of release on Google Stadia, we can only assume Dotemu is working to seamlessly make the game playable on the Google Stadia platform. Common sense might dictate every gaming platform is different from one another — having its own sets of protocols for game developments.

Moreover, if we take a look at an announcement made by Dotemu in 2020, we can also safely assume the developers are working to fix and add what they consider as necessary to add value to the game on the said platform. Nonetheless, we can only wait for further words from Dotemu regarding this delay.

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Windjammers Marred With Delays

In relation to the delay on the Google Stadia platform, the game’s release, in general, has been delayed twice already.  Dotemu on December 10, 2020 reached out to fans on Twitter saying it has seen the feedback fans have given following the Steam Summer Festival where fans were able to play the beta version. In doing so, Dotemu says it is thankful for the fans and how they quickly answered the Windjammers 2 call.

Furthermore, Dotemu says they are actively considering making changes following opinion on the lack of rollback for the game’s online mode.

“We had to do something because Windjammers 2 online mode is also meant to encourage the competitive community to get into the game,” Dotemu added. Hence, the developer’s decision to postpone the 2020 release and move it to 2021.

“Windjammers 2 is an ambitious project that we love and that we cannot ruin with wrong decisions that could jeopardize its quality,” the developers said.


Windjammers 2 Physical Copies

Fans can expect a whole good deal out of Windjammers 2. With gameplay that involves frenetic matches of power disc-slinging action, developers say fans will love this game which combines everything people came to love about this classic. Additionally, it has hand-drawn 2D animations as a new feature.

However, hardcore fans can take advantage of limited-run physical copies of the game too! Nintendo Switch has announced a limited Collector’s Edition for $69.99. This package includes the following:

  1. Physical copy of Windjammers 2 for Switch
  2. MVS-Style Box with Limited Edition Art O-Sleeve
  3. 10 Character Art Cards
  4. Replica Of Klaus Wessel’s Mustache (Wearable)
  5. Windjammers 2 Original Soundtrack
  6. Trophy Keychain

Nintendo starts accepting pre-orders for this limited package come December 17, 2021 at 12 PM ET.