PUBG New State Gets an Anti Cheat System Update

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PUBG New State updates its anti-cheat system anew due to an uptick in reported hacking, Krafton announced. The latest patch is already live to provide players with a fair play experience and punish those who violate the rules.

Krafton took to the game’s official Twitter page that they “do not condone the use of any unauthorized programs or unfair play in PUBG: NEW STATE”. The developer is encouraging all players to use the in-game report function should they encounter suspicious activities. This, according to them, will help cultivate and maintain a fair playing environment for everyone.

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What’s New in PUBG New State Anti-Cheat System

PUBG Anti Cheat Update
Photo by PUBG: New State

The latest patch on PUBG’s anti-cheat for New State focuses mainly on curbing the use of third-party programs to gain an advantage over others. Specifically, it works on the following:

  • Strengthening penalty criteria for usage of unauthorized programs
  • Strengthening measures against users who intentionally play in parties with other players who use unauthorized programs

Krafton also suggests that users who exhibit abusive behaviors towards other players may also gain penalties.

The game developer did not specify the exact punishments for these violations, but it may be as severe as permanently banning a device. It will not be the first time if ever Krafton permanently bans accounts in a game. Games like PUBG Mobile and other franchises have served as precedents.

Between December 20-26 alone, Krafton permanently banned over 58 thousand accounts in Battlegrounds Mobile India for cheating. If the situation gets out of control, we might also see this number on PUBG New State as it exceeds 10 million downloads.


PUBG New State’s Take on Cheating

PUBG New State has been proactively implementing preventive measures against cheating since its release. It first recorded a steep increase in the usage of unauthorized third-party programs in November, just a few weeks after its launching. Following the situation, they immediately implemented a more robust cheat detection system for such programs. The update also works to prevent the creation of unauthorized third-party programs such as an emulator.

PUBG New State has since pledged to increase the severity of restrictions implemented against cheaters and hackers.