The Best Unlimited Data Plan You Can Get in 2022

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The best unlimited data plan should also include unlimited calling and texting. With people spending most of their day surfing over the web, the need for a constantly accessible internet connection has shifted to become a necessity. While mobile network carriers are already providing internet data allowance on top of the usual talk and text plans, a mobile plan with a data cap is not always the way to go.

In this article, we are listing down the best unlimited data plans you can get now in terms of the price, data transfer speed, and plan inclusions. Our team has sifted through different carriers to determine the best mobile plans with unlimited data for different types of smartphone users. If you are using the latest 5G phones, signing up for a 5G network carrier might be of more value. But if you have multiple devices, a mobile hotspot plan on top of unlimited data could help you cut your bills for multiple mobile plans.

Anyhow, we have included the best unlimited data plans from large mobile networks such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, as well as those from mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) to help you ferret out your best choices. Here’s everything that made it to our list.


Best Unlimited Mobile Data Plans

  1. T-Mobile Magenta Max: Best Overall
  2. AT&T Unlimited Elite: Best 5G
  3. Verizon Unlimited: Best Unlimited Data With Hotspot
  4. Ultra Mobile: Best Temporary
  5. Walmart Family Mobile: Best Unlimited Data For Family
  6. Google Fi Unlimited for Three: Best Shared Unlimited Data
  7. Mint Mobile: Runner Up
  8. Spectrum Unlimited Data Plan: Runner Up
  9. Xfinity Mobile: Runner Up


1. T-Mobile Magenta Max — Overall Best Unlimited Data Plan

Photo By T-Mobile
Pricing: $85/month
Data Allowance: Unlimited 5G/4G LTE
Special Inclusion: Netflix (BAsic for Single Line, Standard for 2+ lines), 40GB highspeed and unlimited 3G hotspot, 4k UHD streaming

Now that T-Mobile has absorbed Sprint, one couldn’t be wrong for expecting more from the mobile carrier. T-Mobile has budget-friendly prepaid plans under its hood but if you demand a more stable unlimited data plan, the T-Mobile Magenta MAX could be your best choice.

This $85 mobile plan is the most expensive offering that T-Mobile has on its unlimited department, but it’s also the one that got everything you need. As far as the price is concerned, it doesn’t go far from other major mobile carriers. Nonetheless, its inclusion would determine that it’s one of the best unlimited data plans available. When other carriers would deliberately slow down your mobile internet after a consumable amount of highspeed data, T-Mobile claims that it can’t slow down data speed based on usage. Unless there is an internet traffic jam, you should experience a constant swift browsing speed with T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX.

On top of unlimited data, Magenta MAX comes with unlimited talk and text, a 40GB high-speed mobile hotspot, and an unlimited 3G hotspot after. As if those are not enough, you will also get Netflix Basic from T-Mobile for a single line Magenta MAX or Netflix Standard for two or more lines.

T-Mobile offers significant discounts for getting their plan for multiple lines. You can get Magenta Max for up to five accounts, which will cost you $40 per line. Aside from Magenta MAX, T-Mobile also offers cheaper unlimited data plan alternatives with Magenta and Essentials. These mobile plans come at $70 and $60 respectively, with a significant cut on the price for every line added.

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2. AT&T Unlimited Elite— Best 5G Unlimited Data Plan

The Best AT&T
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Pricing: $85/month
Data Allowance: 100GB of Premium Data, Unlimited Data After
Special Inclusion: 30GB Hotspot data, HBO Max, Stadia Pro, Advanced Mobile Security

If you are looking for the best-unlimited data plan that offers 5G access, AT&T should be on top of your list. Whereas some carriers still heavily rely on 4G networks, AT&T was among the firsts to roll out 5G on their cell towers that now cover at least 14,000 cities in the United States. AT&T has three unlimited data plans under its hood, namely the AT&T Unlimited Starter, Unlimited Extra, and Unlimited Elite. All of which include 5G data transfer speed, as well as unlimited talk and text in the US, Mexico, and Canada.

The Unlimited Starter, which costs $65/month per line, is the base unlimited data plan from AT&T. However, while AT&T guarantees 5G access where it’s available, they may temporarily slow data speeds during peak hours. The Unlimited Extra will guarantee 50GB of highspeed data for an additional 10 bucks, while Unlimited Elite has a 100GB highspeed data allowance for another 10 bucks. It also gives free access to HBO Max and a limited six-month free Stadia Pro.

At a first glance, AT&T’s unlimited data plans appear to be costly, but they offer pretty generous discounts the more you add lines to your plan. Just to give you an idea, getting an Unlimited Starter plan for five lines will cut its price by more than half to the tune of $45/month. You can check AT&T’s phone plan offerings on their website to learn how you can save more.

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3. Verizon Get More Unlimited — Best Unlimited Data Plan With Hotspot

Verizon best mobile hotspot plans
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Pricing:  $90/month
Data Allowance: Unlimited 5G/4G
Special Inclusion: 50GB 5G/4G Hotspot (unlimited after); Apple Music, Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, or Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass access; 600GB Verizon cloud storage

Verizon has packed something special for people who need internet access on multiple devices even when outdoors. Among its all-inclusive unlimited data plans, its Get More Unlimited offer is the best that you can get. This Verizon mobile plan offers unlimited 5G/4G data access around the USA, but it doesn’t stop there! On top of the unlimited access to mobile internet, it gives subscribers access to an unlimited mobile hotspot, of which 50GB is consumable in 5G/4G before it lowers the data transfer speed.

Now, if you love binging on movies online, you will no longer have to pull out extra cash for streaming platforms. The Get More Unlimited plan comes with free access to Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for six months — no hidden fees guaranteed. Verizon also gives out free Apple Music access for six months to all its unlimited plan subscribers. If you are a gamer, there’s also free access to Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass.

Verizon might not be the default choice when pricing is taken to account. It is known for rather premium unlimited mobile plans, of which the Get More Unlimited is the most expensive at $90 /mo. per line. To get an extra cut, you can downgrade your choice to Do More, Play More, or Start Unlimited — all still include unlimited data. You can also add more lines to your Verizon subscription to save more or opt for Verizon’s prepaid plans. If you can get it for a party of five or more, Get More Unlimited will only cost $50 per line.

Get More Unlimited on Verizon


4. Ultra Mobile — Best Temporary Unlimited Data Plan

Photo by Ultra Mobile on Logodix
Pricing: $49/month
Data Allowance: 40GB 5G/4G; unlimited after
Special Inclusion: 10GB highspeed hotspot, Unlimited Talk to 80+ countries, $5 international roaming credit

It’s not as if we always need an unlimited data plan and that is what Ultra Mobile is here for. It is a pretty straightforward, no-brainer mobile plan for those who are looking for a temporary unlimited data plan. Its base price starts at $49 for one month with a little discount when you get the three-month, six-month, or one-year plan.

When you subscribe to this mobile plan, you will get 40GB of mobile internet access at 5G or 4G and unlimited after. It also has an unlimited talk in the US, alongside 80+ international destinations, as well as an unlimited global text. Capping that is 10GB of mobile hotspot at high speeds, in case you have multiple devices to use. In terms of network coverage, Ultra Mobile is an MVNO that runs on T-Mobile cell towers. That said, you can expect a nationwide strong coverage, although T-Mobile may prioritize their subscribers during peak time.

Ultra Mobile might not be able to go head-to-head with other giant mobile carriers. But if you are looking for a no-contract unlimited data service, or just paying the US a short time visit, Ultra Mobile is definitely not a bad choice.

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5. Walmart Family Mobile — Best Unlimited Data For Family

Walmart Family Mobile logo
Photo by Walmart Family Mobile
Pricing: $49.88/month
Data Allowance: Unlimited 4G
Special Inclusion: 30GB data hotspot, Unlimited Call and Text, HD Video Streaming

Walmart Family Mobile lives up to its name for giving family-friendly mobile plans — unlimited data service included. Its entry to the best unlimited mobile data plans is the $49.88/month Truly Unlimited that gives subscribers limitless access to 4G mobile internet. It also has a 30GB data hotspot, unlimited call and text within the US, and international calls to Mexico and Canada.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. For just another $24.88 each, you can get the same Truly Unlimited perks for another four lines. So, for a five-line Truly Unlimited plan, you will only pay $149.40, $124.52 for four lines, $99.64 for three lines, and $74.76 for two lines. This is a great way to save up from your monthly bill if two or more in the family need constant access to mobile internet minus the data throttling.

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6. Google Fi Simply Unlimited for Three — Best Shared Unlimited Data Plan

Google Fi
Photo by xda developers
Pricing:  $30/month per line
Data Allowance: 22 GB high-speed, unlimited but slower after
Special Inclusion: Unlimited texts abroad and affordable calls to other countries

The great things in life are meant to be shared — and yes, even your unlimited data plan. Google Fi has put this mantra in the heart of their data service offering, starting with their three-line unlimited promo. At $30/month for each line, users will get unlimited data for the whole month with 22GB of guaranteed high-speed connection. Although it has no allocation for a hotspot, users can also share their data connection to different devices whose consumption will be deducted from the high-speed data allowance.

Depending on your needs, you can also add or remove lines from the promo. For example, if you want to save more, you can upgrade your plan to a maximum of six users. There will be no changes on the perks that you will get, but your monthly bill will be reduced by two dollars for each line. On the other hand, getting the promo for two or single lines will cost $45 and $65 for each user, respectively.

Get Simply Unlimited on Google Fi


7. Mint Mobile Three-Month Unlimited — Runner up

mint logo
© Photo by Mint Mobile from Play Store
Pricing: $30/month
Data Allowance: 35GB highspeed, unlimited after
Special Inclusion: 5GB hotspot, Free calls to Mexico and Canada

When most mobile carriers offer mobile plans that charge you on a month-by-month basis, Mint Mobile takes on a different route by allowing you to purchase months of service upfront in bulk. Instead of having to deal with your bills monthly, you can purchase their unlimited data plan with a three-month, four-month, or 12-month lock-in period.

Mint Mobile’s unlimited data plans, regardless of the lock-in period, include the same perks such as unlimited nationwide talk and text and a 5GB monthly mobile hotspot on top of unlimited data with 35GB highspeed. But we do recommend that you get the mobile plan with the three-month lock-in or the 12-month should you need more.

Both the three-month and the 12-month plans will cost you $30 monthly. Interestingly, the six-month plan costs a little bit higher at $35 all with the same perks. It may seem confusing, but signing up for a longer commitment with Mint Mobile won’t necessarily mean that you have saved up some penny.

Get Mint’s Three-Month Unlimited Plan


8. Spectrum Unlimited Data Plan — Runner Up

Pricing: $29.99/line per month for 2+ lines
Data Allowance: 20GB highspeed, unlimited after
Special Inclusion: 5GB hotspot (600kbs after)

Spectrum’s entry for the best unlimited data plan follows that of giant phone carriers such as AT&T and Verizon. It applies a 20GB data cap for its high-speed mobile internet before it slows down to 3G or LTE. Alongside the unlimited data access, the plan also includes nationwide unlimited call and text, all for only $45/line per month.

The Spectrum Unlimited Data Plan is very familiar, but it’s not at all a copycat. For an amount that is far from premium, it includes a 5GB hotspot data for every phone line — something that we didn’t see on AT&T and Verizon’s starter plans, which costs $65 and $70 respectively.

If you are looking for unlimited mobile data but are on a budget at the same time, the Spectrum Unlimited Data Plan will be a wise choice. Should you need more premium (5G) Internet, you can upgrade your data plan to Unlimited Plus which will add 10 more gigabytes to your Internet allowance for another 10 bucks.

However, you can only get this unlimited mobile data plan for two or more lines if you are already a Spectrum Internet subscriber.

Get Spectrum Unlimited Data Plan


9. Xfinity Mobile Unlimited — Runner up

Xfinity Mobile Logo
Photo by Business Wire
Pricing: $45/month
Data Allowance: 20GB Highspeed, unlimited after
Special Inclusion: Personal hotspot at 600 kbps, SD video streaming

If you already are a subscriber of Comcast’s Xfinity Internet service, you should look no further if you need unlimited mobile internet. Xfinity Mobile is an MVNO that exclusively serves shared mobile plans to Xfinity internet customers.

On the unlimited data department, they have the $45/line plan that includes 4G LTE data and 5G access. It will be reduced to a maximum of 1.5 Mbps download/750 kbps upload once you use up the 20GB monthly high-speed data. The plan also includes 600kbps of mobile hotspot.

If you have multiple lines in your subscription, you don’t have to enroll everything to unlimited data. Unless you need to, the other lines can stick to the by-the-gig plan while another one is on unlimited. For more of how this carrier work, you can check our review on Xfinity mobile here.

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Pick the Best Unlimited Data Plan for You

As you would notice, the best unlimited data plans are not entirely limitless — most of them will put a cap on how much high-speed data (5G and 4G) you can use. For example, AT&T gives you at most 100GB of 5G data before it slows down your connection. While T-Mobile and Verizon don’t give specific high-speed data caps on their respective unlimited plans, they do say that they may slow down your connection during peak hours, which is synonymous with anytime. The mobile virtual network operators also don’t make much of a difference.

With all that said, the best unlimited data plan boils down to the price, added perks such as mobile hotspot and free access to streaming apps, flexibility, and network coverage. Want a 5G connection with wide coverage? Pick AT&T. How about unlimited data for the family? Walmart is the way to go. Verizon has the best hotspot offer alongside unlimited data, though. But if you like that all in a single basket, T-Mobile is our first choice. Con, it is pricey.

Hopefully, this article helps you pick the unlimited data plan that could keep up with your internet connectivity needs.