What Are the Best AT&T Phone Plans to Choose Now?

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There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing an AT&T monthly phone plan. It’s especially confusing with the overwhelmed choices made available for us to choose from the wireless plan, prepaid plan, and more.

Just as if you’ve finally settled down on a mobile network plan. AT&T rolls out its latest plan recently, and it now has three postpaid unlimited data plans, two AT&T prepaid unlimited data plans, and a bunch of prepaid limited data plans. The new plans AT&T introduced have resulted in price changes in plans, making them harder to understand than ever. Hence, in this article, we include all the best AT&T plans that are viable for you. We also list their price ranges and features to save you some time.


What Are AT&T Plans?

AT&T plans are phone plans that give you talk and text and various other features. AT&T also offers both limited and unlimited data plans. The prices may be expensive for some, but rest assured that AT&T lives up to those prices. AT&T plans can be summarized into three main categories. These are unlimited data plans, shared data plans, and prepaid data plans.


Unlimited Data Plans

As the name suggests, AT&T offers you all the data you could ever need. You also get unlimited talk and text regardless of which unlimited data plan you get. These plans also give you 5G access, and you can send texts to more than 120 countries from America.


Mobile Share Data Plans

Shared data plans give you a predetermined amount of data for you to use, unlike unlimited data plans. On the other hand, these plans allow you to share your data with multiple users on the same account. The speed of the data you get is also the same as the speed of the unlimited data plans. 


Prepaid Data Plans

Prepaid phone plans can either be unlimited data plans or shared data plans. They offer the same benefits as other phone plans. The only thing different with these AT&T plans is the payment methods. With regular data plans, you pay at the end of the month. But with prepaid phone plans, you pay at the beginning of every month. 


AT&T Benefits: Why Choose It?

AT&T Benefits Why Choose Them
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What’s in it for you? Why would you choose an expensive brand when you can opt for cheaper brands like Sprint and T-Mobile? Well, while AT&T is more expensive than the two, it certainly gives you the most bang for your buck. 

Although Verizon is deemed the best when it comes to network performance, AT&T is a close second. It has 68% 4G coverage. In comparison, T-Mobile and Sprint have 62% and 30% 4G coverage respectively. Meanwhile, Verizon has 70% coverage. AT&T is only 2% off from Verizon, which is honestly inconsequential. Compare the network coverage for these mobile carriers here.

What sets AT&T apart from other phone network providers has to be its versatile features. It sports excellent coverage, being unlimited in the majority of Mexico and Canada. Regardless of which plan you choose, you also get unlimited talk and text to different networks in various countries. AT&T also offers you a generous amount of hotspot data no matter which AT&T plans you go with.

AT&T is also praised for its excellent and convenient customer service. You have more than 2,000 AT&T stores to go to whenever you have a problem. Above all, they also provide discounts whenever you try out their family plans. For every line that you have in the family plan, the price for each line diminishes. Not to mention, you have free HBO and video streaming.

The only downside to AT&T plans is the fact that they’re expensive compared to brands like T-Mobile and Sprint. The prices for these phone plans don’t cover taxes either, so they’re pricier with tax. Other than that, they’re an excellent choice.


How Much Are Data Plans?

While not a premium brand, AT&T isn’t a budget brand either. Most of the plans are expensive and on average, the lowest costing plan is about $50. This is still without tax included, so it would be much higher after-tax.

It is also worth noting that the $50 is only for a single line. If you’re on a budget and want a data plan for just yourself, then consider something else. However, if you’re not skimping on money and want a good data plan, going for AT&T plans is your best bet.

AT&T phone plans are also the best choice if you’re looking for data plans with your family. This is because the more AT&T lines you have, the lesser the cost for each line. For instance, if you’re using the Unlimited Extra package, one line is $75 a month. But if you get the package with three other people, then the price drops to $40 per line. Hence, the price will become $160 a month for four lines.


AT&T Unlimited Data Plans

AT&T offers three different unlimited data plans. These plans give you the same basic features but vary with their additional features. Additionally, if you pay through AutoPay or use paperless billing, you can get a $10 discount on these data plans. These plans are the Unlimited Starter, Unlimited Extra, and Unlimited Elite. 

Plans Unlimited Starter Unlimited Extra Unlimited Elite
Cost $65/mo

$140/mo. for 4 lines


$160/mo. for 4 lines


$200/mo. for 4 lines

Talk & Text Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data 5G access included 5G access included 5G access included
International Service Unlimited texting from the U.S. to 120+ countries Unlimited in Mexico & Canada Unlimited in Mexico & Canada
Hotspot None 15 GB hotspot per line 30 GB Hotspot per line
Streaming Standard-definition streaming Standard-definition streaming High-definition streaming
Security Standard Mobile Security Advanced Mobile Security Advanced Mobile Security
Extra Plus HBO Max™ included


AT&T Unlimited Starter

There are common features for unlimited data plans. You get 5G access, unlimited talk and text, and access to all across Mexico and Canada, as well as texting to other countries. For $65, the Unlimited Starter grants you standard mobile security and standard quality streaming. 

You can also opt for a four-line bundle for $140. Keep in mind that this plan can get deprioritized at any time. This means that your 4G LTE data speed can be affected if the carrier is undergoing heavy traffic. 


AT&T Unlimited Extra

Like the Unlimited Starter, you get the same core features for purchasing the Unlimited Extra. Your 4G speed can also vary depending on traffic. The difference is that you have 15 GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data every month. You also get advanced mobile security on top of that.

AT&T Unlimited Extra is $75 per month for one line. However, if you opt for the four-line bundle, it’s $160 every month. That makes it $40 per line.


AT&T Unlimited Elite

The Unlimited Elite also has the basic features of the Starter and Extra, but it has so much more. You have advanced mobile security, HD streaming, 30 GB high-speed mobile hotspot, and free HBO Max. If you’re willing to spend the money, the Unlimited Elite is $85 per month for one line. But if you buy a family package with four lines, it’s only $50 per line per month.


AT&T Mobile Share Data Plans

AT&T only has two Mobile Share plans that it offers. These are the AT&T Mobile Share Plus 3 GB and AT&T Mobile Share Plus 9 GB. These are essentially the same thing, just that one offers more than the other. Similar to the unlimited data plans, these AT&T mobile share plans can also be shared between lines. Consequently, the cost per line becomes reduced the more lines you have.


Plan Mobile Share Plus (9 GB) Mobile Share Plus (3 GB)
Cost $60/mo. for 1 line $50/mo. for 1 line
Data 9 GB 3 GB
Mobile Hotspot ✔️ ✔️
SD Streaming ✔️ ✔️
Rollover Data Unused data rolls over for use in the next month Unused data rolls over for use in the next month
International Service ✔️ ✔️


AT&T Mobile Share Plus 3 GB

You can get 3 GB of high-speed data for $50 a month. You get 480p video, mobile hotspot features, and unlimited talk and text. Unused data may be rolled over to the next billing period as well. Your data never cuts off either after you use your data allotment, but your speed does decrease a marginal amount. 


AT&T Mobile Share Plus 9 GB

This one really isn’t so different from the 3 GB. It sports all of the same features, except it’s 9 instead of 3. The term plan is essentially the same, just that you get a higher allotment on your data. This plan is costly at $60, so it’s a good allotment to share between lines.


AT&T Prepaid Plans

AT&T Prepaid Plans
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When it comes to prepaid plans, you don’t really have packages, but rather price points. They give you a few options to choose from. These options come with prices ranging from $35 to $65 per month. Here are the AT&T best-prepaid plans to choose from:


Pricing $35 Monthly Plan

($30/mo. with AutoPay)

$50 Monthly Plan

($40/mo. with AutoPay)

$65 Monthly Plan

($55/mo. with AutoPay)

Data 2 GB 8 GB Unlimited
Rollover data ✔️ ✔️
Hotspot ✔️ ✔️ Add-On Available
International Service Pay-Per-Use ✔️ ✔️
HD Video ✔️ ✔️

AT&T Prepaid $35 Monthly Plan

The cheapest one is $35, which can go down to as low as $30 if you purchase with AutoPay. You get 2 GB of data with rollover data, and you also have a mobile hotspot that you can use. You can also watch HD videos, but you have to pay per use in Mexico and Canada. Similar to the unlimited plans, you can also text to over a hundred countries. 


AT&T Prepaid $50 Monthly Plan

Another option you can go with is the $50 package. With it, you get the same things as the $35 package, but you can use the features in Mexico and Canada. Additionally, you also get 8 GB in data at your disposal. If you use AutoPay or another paperless method, you can get the price down to $40. 

You also have the option of paying $300 upfront. This makes it so that you have already prepaid for twelve months. As opposed to the $600 total if you paid $50 per month for an entire year, this option is quite viable for saving. You also get the same features, so there’s no loss for you. Essentially, you save $300.


AT&T Prepaid $65 Monthly Plan

The most expensive option is the $60 option, which gives you essentially unlimited data. The network speed varies according to traffic, though. This time, you don’t get a hotspot. However, you can have the hotspot as an add-on by paying a bit more. Again, with AutoPay, you can get the price down to $55.


Which Data Plans Are the Cheapest?

Which Data Plans Are The Cheapest?
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AT&T isn’t exactly known for cheap phone plans, but rather for its extensive features and speed. Nevertheless, AT&T does have some affordable options you could get. For instance, the cheapest plan available that gives you data is the AT&T Prepaid $35 Monthly Plan. As we stated before, it gives you a wide variety of features at your disposal. 

Meanwhile, the cheapest plan that can offer you unlimited data is the AT&T Prepaid $65 Monthly Plan. These don’t really give you an allowance for 5G usage, though. You’re probably better off buying an unlimited data or mobile share plan than a prepaid one. But if you really want it, then we recommend you buy the AT&T Prepaid $50 Monthly Plan.

This plan gives you plenty of data and isn’t as expensive as the $60 package. You’ll also get a mobile hotspot, unlike that package. 8 GB of data isn’t unlimited, but it’s plenty for your internet browsing needs. Plus, you can dumb the price down to just $40 by using AutoPay. The $50 package most likely offers the best value out of the prepaid plans. 


What AT&T Plan Has the Most Offers?

  • Recommended: AT&T Unlimited Elite

Which AT&T wireless plans are the best? Which plan gives you the most? Well, when it comes to features, the AT&T Unlimited Elite definitely takes the cake. It’s one of the most expensive plans that allow you to have just about everything you’re looking for. 

Priced at $85 per month, you get 4G LTE unlimited data speed with additional access to 5G. You also get a 100 GB added premium data, high-quality video streaming, and a 30 GB mobile hotspot. As if that wasn’t enough, you even get an entirely free subscription to HBO Max, courtesy of AT&T. 

Currently, there is also a deal for it where, upon purchase, you get a $250 AT&T Visa Reward card. This includes a new line as well as number port-in but is available online only. If you’re the type who checks their smartphone a lot, whether it be for work, internet browsing, online gaming, or video streaming, then this package is for you.—provided you’re willing to spend the money, that is.


Which AT&T Plan Offers the Most Value?

  • Recommended: AT&T Unlimited Extra

Which AT&T plans are most valuable? Well, that’s hard to say, really. Most of the data plans that AT&T offers are worth the money. While the Unlimited Elite offers the most features, a lot of people don’t think it’s reasonable to buy it because its price is so high. 

One of the best phone plans out there is probably the AT&T Unlimited Extra. It has features comparable to that of the Unlimited Elite and has a cheaper price. Moreover, other carriers offer similar things to the Unlimited Elite at a cheaper price. It’s also better than the Unlimited Starter because it gives you advanced mobile security and a 15 GB hotspot per line. Although this pales in comparison to the Unlimited Elite’s 30 GB, it’s still plenty. 

You already have enough for a hotspot with the Unlimited Extra. If you don’t care about the high-definition streaming or HBO Max, then the Unlimited Extra is the better option. It’s cheaper by $10 and has most of the Unlimited Elite’s features. You’d be hard-pressed to go wrong with this plan.

The only problem with the Unlimited Extra is that it doesn’t have any additional perks included for its price point. It’s a plan that gives you the features that you need. No more, no less. Your video streaming is also capped at standard quality 480p. Nevertheless, it is still superior compared to the other plans.


Which One Should You Get?

If you’re on a budget and want to get decent quality for a little amount of money, then go for the AT&T Prepaid $35 Monthly Plan. This plan is by far the cheapest one to get. But if you can afford it, go for the $50 option. 


AT&T Prepaid $35 Monthly Plan
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Although it doesn’t give you unlimited data, it makes up for that in its 8 GB, which should be plenty for that price range. By comparison, T-Mobile offers a plan with similar features but charges $5 more but has less. You can also get a deal for the $50 option on a prepaid iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone.

If you want high quality for a reasonable price, then you can opt for the Unlimited Extra package. You get unlimited data as well as all the core features, and then some. The 15 GB for your mobile hotspot should be plenty already. Moreover, this plan is also an excellent choice for a family plan, since each line is given 15 GB.

However, if you’re willing to invest a large amount of money for the most features, then go for the Unlimited Elite. It gives you more than the features the Unlimited Extra does. It goes above and beyond in every way imaginable. When it comes to benefits, the Unlimited Elite is unbeatable. 


The Rest Is Up to You

Ultimately, the plans and recommendations outlined here mainly serve as a guide. Now that you are already aware of everything that AT&T offers, the next step is to consider your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle as you make the decision. At the end of the day, the choice is yours.