5 Best Mobile Networks In The USA: 2019 Edition

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Like any other industry, cell phone companies also witness aggressive competition in the market but do as much as they can to vie for business and maintain their brand loyalty among their clients. On the other hand, a customer has many options when it comes to choosing the best mobile networks for their needs. However, that is also often exasperating.

For this reason, we compared how some of the major cell phone companies fared when it came to the most important factors – network coverage, speed, reliability, customer service, and cost. These are the key factors that can make or break the reputation of a mobile network company.

Based on multiple studies and reports, here are the 5 best mobile networks in the USA.


5 Best Mobile Networks In The USA


1. Verizon

Verizon - one of the best mobile networks in the US
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Several independent studies have found Verizon to be the best mobile network in the US. The cell phone company ranks extremely well in all the different aspects ranging from reliability, network coverage to speed. But as we all know, quality comes for a price! It is also one of the most expensive cell phone services in the USA.

On a broad spectrum, the prices of Verizon are always on the higher end and it is definitely for the customer to decide if the increased cost is worth it or not. Its individual plan is a decent option, adding extra data can cost you more and there are no individual budget plans here.


  • Is the best among the competition
  • Inexpensive to add tablets or wearable to plan


  • Plans can be expensive
  • Activation fee is expensive
  • Expensive data top-up


Verdict: Verizon is the best overall choice in the USA.


2. Sprint

Sprint - one of the best mobile networks in the US
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If you are looking for a good deal, Sprint can be your best bet. The cell phone service provider is the best choice when it comes to low-priced plans. The company ranks as one of the best mobile networks in the USA. It is also rated as the more economical service provider, as opposed to Verizon.

Sprint is also known to consistently offer plans that are low-priced and deals that are exclusively the best value. Look out for their Unlimited Basic Plan and Unlimited Kick start plan for exceptional value. It is a great choice if you reside in the city but do not have reliable coverage in rural areas.


  • Low-priced plans
  • Offers value for money deals
  • Has improved coverage


  • Less reliable coverage in rural areas
  • Low video resolution

Verdict: Sprint is the best for low-priced plans and city dwellers.


3. T-Mobile

T-Mobile - one of the best mobile networks in the US

T-Mobile is almost synonymous with its unlimited 55+ plans that are specifically designed for seniors. Under the plan, individuals aged 55 and above are eligible to get a discount on the unlimited plan of the company for up to two lines. The network offered by the service provider is among the best mobile networks in the USA. It offers great value for money when compared with those offered by AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

Some of the cons associated with plans offered by them are lack of customization, ineligibility for discounts and additional expenses such as deposits and activation fees. Another point worth mentioning here is that you will have to shell out an additional $25 for a SIM card in case you are a new user of the network services.


  • Among the fastest networks
  • Is a great choice for seniors


  • Not too many options for plans
  • Extra cost of SIM card
  • Limited data plans are few


Verdict: T-mobile network is perfect for seniors.


4. AT&T

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AT&T makes it to the fourth rank in the list of the best mobile networks in the USA. And for good reason! Since the company owns a network of cell towers and is also responsible for operating them solely, the customers can be assured of better network coverage and that directly means better reliability as well. In most of the areas, it is often regarded as the best network, second to Verizon only.

AT&T offers the best plans for families but makes the individual plans a little pricey. They are best known for their friendly customer services and outstanding plans meant for veterans and military personnel. The benefits of plans for military personnel are extended to their family members as well.


  • Choosing an unlimited plan will get you a discount on DirecTV


  • Plans are expensive

Verdict: Meant well for military personnel and veterans


5. Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile
Photo by T-Mobile Official Website

Metro by T-Mobile is a subsidiary to the T-Mobile cellular provider that offers prepaid cellular services to its customers. When compared to T-mobile, the company has multiple options as well as lower prices. The company offers Music Unlimited Feature that lets customers stream music from more than 40 services that include names like Spotify and Pandora. And all of this does not affect the data allotment. The company, however, does not allow adding any extra data in the middle of a current cycle.


  • Offers cheapest family plans (unlimited)
  • No activation fees
  • Better high-speed data than others


  • Low video resolution
  • Data de-prioritization is a possibility
  • Extra data cannot be added in the middle of the cycle

Final Word: Metro by T-Mobile is the best network for families.


Final Words On The 5 Best Mobile Networks In The USA

Several cell phone companies and multiple data plans can spoil you for a choice as much as they can baffle you. In the simplest terms, all one is looking for is the best cell phone plan at the most economical rates but there’s a lot more to that. So know your priorities, your usage and then decide what the Best Mobile Network in the USA is…. for you. Our list of 5 companies that operate the best mobile network in the USA will definitely help you in choosing the best fit for your purpose.

Did you know that Sprint and Verizon use the CDMA mobile network standard, while T-Mobile and AT&T use GSM like the rest of the world? Learn about the differences between CDMA and GSM in our comprehensive guide!