7 Best Virtual Phone Numbers You Can Try For Free

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Managing a business means managing the communication traffic you get on your mobile phone. And when the business grows, business phone calls start to blow out of proportion. This is the reason why the majority of, if not all, companies use virtual phone number apps to help them scale the traffic and manage them.

In this article, we are listing down some of the best virtual phone number apps you can get in 2021. Plus, we’ll give you insights on each option to guide you in making a choice.


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  1. What Is a Virtual Phone Number?
  2. Best Virtual Phone Number Apps To Get
    1. Grasshopper
    2. MightyCall
    3. Phone.com
    4. Hushed
    5. PhoneBurner
    6. VirtualPBX
    7. TalkRoute
  3. Drawbacks of Using Virtual Phone Numbers
  4. Virtual Phone Number vs VoIP
  5. Takeaways
  6. Virtual Phone Number FAQs


What Is a Virtual Phone Number?

restricted call on landline
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Big companies and businesses agree that getting a virtual phone number helps in managing their business phone calls traffic. The idea is that this direct access service allows anyone to use the same number across platforms (e.g. phone, laptops, desktop, and handsets to name some) and have calls forwarded or recorded. Since virtual phone numbers rely on the Internet instead of traditional landlines,  you can select which internet-capable devices can receive or make calls.

It is fairly easy to get a virtual phone line. Below is a quick rundown:

  1. Sign-up for an account with a virtual phone number provider.
  2. Once signed up, you will be granted access to a provider’s features.
  3. Choose a business location and a hotspot for major consumers.
  4. Your virtual phone number will then be activated.

It is safe to say that this service is pretty much a good tool to help eCommerce stores and small business websites manage their businesses and customer transactions without worrying about giving out your personal phone number around.


Best Virtual Phone Number Apps To Get

Below is our catalog of some of the best direct access lines to get in 2021 to help businesses maintain an open line for their customers.


1. Grasshopper

Grasshopper Virtual Phone Number screen
Photo from grasshopper.com

Trial Period: seven days free trial

Setup Fee: $25 

Grasshopper’s claim to fame is that it’s a virtual phone number for small businesses. The Grasshopper virtual phone system seamlessly integrates a cross-platform setup that requires no hardware and wires. It is perfect for small businesses as the app allows any user to manage his/her business’ phone system with any device. Moreover, this direct access line service allows you to choose your own number, toll-free number, and a local number. Of course, that depends on where you want to use the number for.

Below are Grasshopper’s pricing plan details:

Plan Solo For Business
Per Month $29 $89
Per Year $26 $80
Number and Extension One line number with three extensions Five line numbers with unlimited extensions

Grasshopper’s package includes call forwarding, voice mail, business texting, business VoIP and WiFi calling, and automated greeting among others.

Visit Grasshopper For More Details


2. MightyCall

Trial Period: seven days free trial

Setup Fee: free

MightyCall promises its customers control of their business wherever they are using their slick phone app and their direct access line reliability. With this virtual phone line, you can accept or reject phone calls. On top of that, you will also be able to control actions for voice mails. MightyCall is one of our top five picks because it allows you to control and have your business running for extended hours, plus it keeps a log of your communications.

Below are MightCall’s plan pricing details:

Plans Pricing Package Inclusions
Basic $29.99 1000 minutes with two toll-free or local numbers
Standard $49.99 unlimited minutes with five toll-free or local numbers
Ultimate $99.99 unlimited minutes with 10 toll-free or local numbers

Additionally, choosing toll-free or area code numbers will not incur additional charges. And finally, as an added perk, you can also record phone calls using MightyCall’s software.

Visit MightyCall For More Details


3. Phone.com

Virtual Phone Number App: Phone.com
Photo by photo.com from Google Play Store

Trial Period: 30 days free trial

Setup Fee: free

If you are looking for a virtual phone line that can easily be configured, Phone.com is the app for you. It is a service that offers some of the top-tier and modern features of big-enterprise phone lines but without the complexities of costs. It combines both customization and standard direct access line features in one app, which makes it appealing. For example, you can customize your calls with greetings and organize your extensions. It also supports call blocking, forwarding, and screening. On top of these features, Phone.com is a certified Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA-compliant service.

Below are Phone.com price plans and details:

Plans Pricing Package Inclusions
Basic Users $12.99 per month/per user 300 minutes / 1000 pooled SMS segments / one phone number per user
Plus Users $19.99 per month/per user unlimited minutes and texts / one phone number per user
Pro Users $29.99 per month/per user call recording and analytics / up to 100 video conference participants

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Visit Phone.com For More Details


4. Hushed

Virtual Phone Number Tool: Hushed
Photo from Hushed.com

Trial Period: 30 days free trial

Setup Fee: free

Hushed is another decent and prominent virtual phone number provider whose deals are pretty solid. This is quite true if you are considering a lifetime deal for a cheaper yearly cost. Hushed is perfect because you can use the line wherever you may be in the world, but you will only be provided with either a Canada or US phone number. Aside from the usual calling features, you will get the ability to send or receive SMS and MMS. It even has an option to auto-reply.

However, Hushed phone lines can’t be used in third-party verification systems. With that said, we do not advise you to buy this service just because of the verification purposes.

Below are the pricing plans for Hushed:

Plans Pricing Package Inclusions
Prepaid Plans Starts at $1.99/month Minutes and SMS for local calls and texts
Unlimited Subscriptions Starting at $3.99/month Unlimited minutes and SMS + auto-renew of subscription
Pay-As-You-Go International Plans Starts at $4.99 + $1.00 in credits/month Comes with deals for international transactions


Visit Hushed For More Details


5. PhoneBurner

Direct Line Service, PhoneBurner
Screenshot from PhoneBurner.com

Trial Period: seven days free trial

Setup Fee: $149/month

PhoneBurner is another virtual phone number that is cloud-based. That means there is no need to install hardware or equipment, although you may still keep phones for the job. The service is quite robust if we factor in features like call forwarding, call recording, getting a local caller ID, and email tracking among others. It claims that their service is the preferred one to engage and grow sales pipelines, making them palatable to any small business.

Below are the pricing schedules for PhoneBurner:

Plans Pricing Package Inclusions
Standard $149/user/month unlimited dialing minutes + 30 days call recording storage
Professional (best value) $179/user/month connect via softphone + 90 days call recording storage
Premium $199/user/month inbound number + SMS + unlimited call recording storage

PhoneBurner also offers yearly plan schedules with the Standard plan starting at $126/user/month.

Visit PhoneBurner For More Details


6. VirtualPBX

Virtual Phone Number provider, VirtualPBX
Screenshot from virtualpbx.com

VirtualPBX is a competitive virtual phone number system provider. It’s one of the preferred providers that allow you to monitor calls in real-time and monitor traffic through a feature called Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). Never mind showing your caller ID when making outbound calls; VirtualPBX gives you the ability to customize how it appears on the receiving numbers when you make calls.

Unlike the other providers we have listed, VirtualPBX has a wide range of plans and pricing schedules. The majority of its plans offer unlimited minutes, from its basic Flex Plan ($14.99/user/month) up to the high-end plan for $49.99/month. The Flex Plan offers video conferencing and business SMS as package inclusions.

Visit VirtualPBX For More Details


7. TalkRoute

Direct access line provider, Talkroute
Screenshot from talkroute.com

If you want a less complicated and easy-to-use virtual phone number system, TalkRoute offers you the ability to make inbound and outbound calls without effort. On top of that, TalkRoute is perfectly capable of making and receiving business SMS as well. In a similar way with other providers, users can customize their TalkRoute phone numbers that suit their business.

Below are TalkRoute’s plans and pricing schedules:

Plans Pricing Package Inclusions
Basic (for entrepreneurs) $19 per month one local and toll-free number + 500/month SMS + unlimited minutes
Plus (for growing teams) $39 per month two local and toll-free number + unlimited minutes and SMS
Pro (for organizations) $59 per month three local and toll-free number + unlimited minutes and SMS
Enterprise Starts at $99 per month five local and toll-free number + unlimited minutes and SMS

Other added features when getting the TalkRoute line include customizing welcome messages and setting up three to four digits direct-dial extensions.

Visit TalkRoute For More Details


Drawbacks of Using Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone number enables calls to be routed from a landline to a mobile phone, or any Internet-capable devices. Considering how it can save anyone from having to give away their personal phone number, it does make a good solution for business transactions. While virtual phone lines are really efficient to connect multiple employees and ensure the growth of a business, there are some drawbacks that we can’t ignore. For one, virtual phone numbers require a steady and constant connection to the Internet to receive and make calls.

In addition, reading the first sentence of this section, you are required to have a pre-existing phone line for the virtual phone line to be able to route calls. That seems to prove a little drawback given that instead of just maintaining a single line, you must have two. Some people find it hard to separate the business line from the personal as well.

Another issue cloud-based phone lines are experiencing is latency. While it is a natural occurrence to wireless networks, it does seem off-putting for cloud-based virtual numbers. It can result in choppy phone lines, delayed responses, and unnecessary echoes.


Virtual Phone Number vs VoIP

You might have heard of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIPs are often compared to virtual phone numbers. To put it simply, VoIPs are more preferred by medium-to-large companies because they can replace a company’s phone plan. In contrast, virtual phone lines still require a pre-existing line streamlined back-and-forth. However, virtual phone lines are cheaper compared to VoIPs. And that is why direct access lines are still in business. While they are limited in terms of robust features, they do offer affordable services that work.

VoIP also provides video conferencing, something virtual phone line doesn’t. VoIP is part of the virtual phone number system. Both are efficient in ensuring communication carries on in case of mitigating circumstances. For instance, communications failover in case of a severe storm to data centers who are on standby for such cases. This means the service does not cease to operate.



Businesses are always sprouting everywhere. While some remain small-to-medium size ones, others take the leap and evolve to a medium-to-large enterprise. Regardless of the situation, we all need to address our customers via phone call or SMS. And let’s admit that providing our personal phone numbers just doesn’t figure in this very need. This is why virtual phone numbers and even VoIPs are in business — to offer the needed support in terms of communications. Grasshopper remains to be a well-recognized provider with its affordable price schedules and features. At the end of the day, as we always say, choose one that best suit your considerations and business needs.


Virtual Phone Number FAQs

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