AT&T Prepaid Phones: The Best Ones to Get in 2020

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AT&T is one of the most recognizable telecommunications providers in the US. For years, it has been ramping up to provide the best mobile plans within the country. May it be for mobile internet or text and call plans, AT&T is someone you can rely on. But getting a mobile plan from AT&T can be painful if you are using a phone that is incompatible or network-locked with another provider. Thankfully, AT&T now offers prepaid phones so you can avail of their mobile plans with less hassle.

But just how competitive are they? In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best AT&T prepaid phones and what you should know before striking the deal with the mobile carrier.


Best AT&T Prepaid Phones

AT&T phone plans are some of the most affordable plans in the market today. By being flexible enough to accommodate any type of budget, they are easily the best choice when you’re looking for a plan.

Their prepaid phones are also easily the best choice if you’re looking for a phone along with your plan. Without further ado, here are the best AT&T prepaid phones that you can get.



Samsung Galaxy A01

Display 5.7 in (1520×720 pixels)
OS version Android 10
Memory Up to 16 GB
Storage Up to 512 GB
Rear camera 13 MP (Dual lens)
Front camera 5 MP
Battery capacity 3,000 mAh (removable) with up to 19 hours of use

This phone is one of the most affordable phones that AT&T has to offer. While it doesn’t have competitive specs, it’s a modest phone that’s ideal for those looking for something simple and affordable.

It sports a 5.7-inch display with a 13-MP rear camera and a 5-MP front camera. Further, the phone also boasts up to 16 GB of internal memory and up to 512 GB of external storage. It also has a very competitive battery life that can last you about 19 hours of talk time. Apart from that, the phone is already equipped with Android 10, which guarantees that you’re getting the most up-to-date OS features.

AT&T has this priced at around $64.99 but you can still lower the price by purchasing it along with a prepaid plan. Alternatively, you can purchase Samsung Galaxy A01 on Amazon.


iPhone SE 2020

Display 4.7-inch Retina HD display (1334 x 750 pixel resolution at 326 ppi)
OS version iOS 13
Storage Up to 256 GB
Rear camera 12 MP Wide
Front camera 7 MP
Battery capacity Built-in rechargeable lithium‑ion battery with up to 40 hours of use

Off the bat, the iPhone SE 2020 is one of the best phones available at AT&T. With a look similar and feel to the iPhone 8, it’s guaranteed to last you a long time. It’s equipped with the same processor as Apple’s iPhone 11 models which means that they’ll be exhibiting top tier performance. It also has premium features such as its wireless charging, 4K video recording, and a great Retina HD display. Moreover, the phone also has up to 40 hours of use, which makes it perfect for those who are always on the go.

You can get the iPhone SE 2020 from AT&T for $399.99. It is also available on Amazon.


iPhone 7

Display 4.7 Retina HD display with LED-backlit widescreen
OS version iOS 13
Storage Up to 32 GB
Rear camera 12 MP Wide
Front camera 7 MP
Battery capacity Built-in lithium‑ion battery with up to 18 hours of use

Next to the list of the best AT&T prepaid phones is the iPhone 7. It runs on iOS 13 and features a 12 MP camera with image stabilization and 4K video recording. Apart from that, it boasts really powerful features that are guaranteed to help you through your day-to-day hustle.

Moreover, you’ll get premium features like an IP67 rating, and an A10 Fusion chip among others. It’s a high performance and functional phone that you won’t regret purchasing. Coupled with an AT&T prepaid plan, there is nothing that can stop you from staying connected with the iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 is priced at $249.99. Unfortunately, it’s a phone that can’t be bundled with an unlimited plan; hence, you will have to pay for the full price. The iPhone 7 variant is also still available on Amazon.


Nokia 3.1 A

Display 5.45in HD+
OS version Android 9
Memory 2 GB
Storage up to 32 GB
Rear camera 8 MP
Front camera 5 MP
Battery capacity 2,990 mAh with up to two days of use

While it’s probably the least impressive phone on the list because of its specs, the Nokia 3.1A still makes it to the list of the best AT&T prepaid phones for its affordability. It’s one of the most affordable phones that you can get at AT&T that will have a decent set of specs.

It sports a 2,990 mAh battery that promises up to two days of usage and it runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 429. The phone runs on Android 9 but you can upgrade it to the latest OS versions. It’s safe to say that you really can’t expect much from this phone unless you intend to use it for basic functions such as texting, calling, etc.

The Nokia 3.1A is priced at $49.99 and can be bundled with an unlimited plan to get it at a much lower price.


AT&T Radiant Max

Display 6.5-in HD
OS version Android 10
Storage 32 GB + up to 128 GB expandable
Rear camera 13 MP/5 MP/2 MP
Front camera 2 MP
Battery capacity 4,000 mAh (non-removable) with up to two days of use

The AT&T Radiant Max is a budget-friendly Android phone made by AT&T. The device is pretty straightforward with a vibrant 6.5-in HD+ display that won’t disappoint. It features three rear cameras that allow you to take wide and macro photos among others. The device also promises rich DTS audio that’s perfect if you’re going to use the phone to stream videos.

Additionally, the phone runs on an octacore processor and Android 10. The phone claims to last up to two days of use but ultimately, it will depend on how much you use the phone and what you use it for. Further, the phone comes with a two-year warranty from AT&T that will protect your phone post-purchase.

Right, the phone is on sale for $79.99 from its original price of $129.99. Like other phones, you can save more on the phone price if you avail of an unlimited plan.


Payment Methods and Discounts 

Samsung pay vs apple pay for the best mobile payment platform
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AT&T provides some of the best and affordable mobile plans — this also reflects in their phone pricing. Despite being on the pricier side of the spectrum, AT&T gives back to its users by providing them with a lot of discounts and payment methods that will not only make their lives easier but also help them save some cash.

As far as payment methods go, there are several ways to make your payments for AT&T. If you’re purchasing a phone online, you can either check out with your checking or savings account, your debit card, or your credit card. You can also choose to pick up your phone and pay at your nearest AT&T store.

For discounts, AT&T offers a lot for its users. Such discounts include their bundle discounts for when you’re purchasing AT&T prepaid phones with a corresponding plan. You can get your phone cheaper this way.

AT&T also offers discounts for teachers, first responders, nurses, physicians, military personnel, and veterans. To know more, you can head to AT&T’s website to get complete details.


Why Should You Get AT&T Prepaid Phones?

Purchasing a prepaid phone from any mobile carrier can be a hard decision and a commitment. That said, there are a lot of factors that may affect your decision in purchasing AT&T prepaid phones. Here are a couple of reasons as to why you should get prepaid phones from AT&T.



As stated, AT&T offers a lot of discounts for its users. You can get your AT&T prepaid phones for a much cheaper price when you purchase them from the carrier because they usually bundle their phones with their unlimited plans. Not only will you get a cheaper phone but you’ll also be able to get great mobile plan choices that will increase your phone’s functionality tenfold. With AT&T, you can guarantee that you’re getting your money’s worth for the products that they sell.


Better Network Coverage

AT&T Coverage Map
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It’s no secret that AT&T is a carrier with one of the best coverages available. They cover at least 99% percent of the United States which guarantees that you’ll be able to stay connected wherever you go. It’s safe to say that you’ll have great coverage at your fingertips if you get an AT&T prepaid phone along with a mobile plan.


No Contracts

AT&T offers no-contract plans that will not tie you down to the carrier once your service plan is over. While most carriers will require you to use their services for years, AT&T won’t tie you down with their services. If you get a plan from them, you’re only required to use them for the number of months that are indicated in the service plan.

If your plan ends in 12 months, you won’t be required or asked to extend — you can opt to end your plan there and keep the phone.


Things to Consider Before You Buy AT&T Prepaid Phones

The Best AT&T
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Before you sign up with AT&T or any mobile carrier at that, there are a couple of things that you should consider before you avail of their services or buy a prepaid phone from them. Note that you will be stuck with the carrier for a couple of months so you should sign with one that will best suit your lifestyle.

With that, here’s what you should consider before purchasing AT&T Prepaid Phones.


Mobile Carrier

A very important thing to consider is your mobile carrier. There are many mobile carriers in the market and each of them is strikingly different from each other. Consider what you’re looking for in a mobile carrier before you choose where to get your prepaid phone from.

Some carriers are affordable, some have great connectivity, and some are great for traveling. You must choose the one that best fits your purpose for getting a prepaid phone. AT&T is one of the best carriers in the market but that doesn’t mean that it’s the perfect one for you. Consider looking at your other options before deciding which one to choose.


Service Plans

After choosing your preferred carrier, you’ll need to choose which service plan to get. Most mobile carriers will require you to purchase your prepaid phones with a corresponding service plan. You don’t have to get the most expensive plan if you don’t need it. You can still get your preferred prepaid phone regardless of the plan that you choose.

However, it’s also important to consider the service plan that will go with your phone because some mobile carriers might just ask you to upgrade or downgrade your phone selection depending on the plan that you choose and vice versa, so it helps to do a bit of research before you choose your service plan.


Device Selection

AT&T doesn’t exactly have the biggest device selection; however, this makes it easier to sort out which devices are the best and which ones are not. Having a small selection of devices makes it easier to choose and to compare phones with each other. On the contrary, a carrier with a bigger phone selection will give you more choices to choose from. But it will also be hard to compare phones which have almost the same features and specs.

Reading some reviews about the phones that you want in advance will help you shorten the list of what you need to look for when you go out to buy the phone.


Your Needs

Lastly, it’s important to consider your needs before purchasing AT&T prepaid phones. Figure out what you intend to use the phone for and what features and specs it should have. No one wants a phone that won’t match their lifestyle. That said, always remember to put your needs and lifestyle in mind when you’re out to buy your phone.

Reasons Not to Get AT&T Prepaid Phones

a person using a phone
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While there is a lot to love about AT&T, there are also factors where they aren’t exactly the best place to get your phones from. That said, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t get prepaid phones from AT&T.


Limited Selection

Despite being one of the biggest mobile carriers in the United States, AT&T has the least number of phones in their roster. As of September 2020, they only have around 14 prepaid phones available for purchase. If you’re looking for a carrier with more phone options, AT&T might not be the courier for you.

On the bright side, you can be sure that you’re getting only the best models in the market. AT&T carries phone models from brands such as Apple, LG, Samsung, and Nokia among others, which guarantees that you’ll be getting the best phones from the best brands.



Pricing is another reason why you shouldn’t get a prepaid phone from AT&T. Despite having a selection of low-cost phones, AT&T is known among users for having a rather high price mark that makes it expensive for those looking for cheap phone plans.

You can get the phones at a discounted price if you apply for an unlimited plan. However, if you’re not planning or looking to get that, you might want to consider looking elsewhere for cheaper prepaid phones.


Bring Your Own Phone

Having a Bring Your Own Phone or BYOP Program is another reason why you shouldn’t get a prepaid phone from AT&T. If you have a compatible phone or an unlocked phone, you can enroll them at AT&T without having to shell out too much.

With the BYOP Program, all you will have to do is to purchase an AT&T SIM Card and choose your mobile plan. It’s comparatively cheaper and more practical if you already have a phone and you don’t intend on getting a new one along with your plan.



Ultimately, the best AT&T prepaid phones will still depend on how you intend to use the phone. Finding the best is subject to the needs of the user and what they need from the phone.

There are a lot of factors that can affect this, but hopefully, this article will help you decide in choosing your AT&T prepaid phones. Remember that you will have to purchase this with an AT&T prepaid plan to use it to its full potential. Lastly, if you’re planning to purchase an iPhone — it’s worth noting that AT&T claims to be the best network for iPhones so keep that in mind the next time that you get a phone!