How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker Easily

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Water is among the worst enemies of smartphones because it can make the gadgets not function at all. Thankfully, there are phones nowadays that are waterproof to a certain degree. So, it is no longer alarming when they get soaked for a short while; chances are they will still work normally afterward. But when liquids seep into your phone’s speaker and stay there, that is something you will still want to avoid. Audio would not sound great as long as the tiny speaker grills are moist; therefore, it pays to know how to get water out of your phone speaker.

Learn how to get water out of your phone speaker to save on repair costs
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In this guide, you will see the quickest methods to get water out of a phone. With the fixes, you can save on speaker or phone repair costs.


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  1. Will the Popular Rice Grain Hack for Wet Phones Work?
  2. How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker in 7 Ways
    1. Let the Moisture Dry on Its Own
    2. Wipe the Speaker Grills
    3. Use a Mini Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
    4. Try Shaking the Gadget
    5. Use Siri ‘Water Eject’ Shortcut or Android Speaker Cleaner
    6. Try Speaker Cleaner Apps
      1. Speaker Cleaner (Android)
      2. Clear Wave (iOS)
    7. Let Silica Gel Absorb Moisture
  3. What if You Still Can’t Make Water Get Out of Your Phone?


Will the Popular Rice Grain Hack for Wet Phones Work?

The rice grain hack isn't really advisable to do
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Before finding this guide, you might have gone to YouTube and seen the rice grain drying method. The popular hack involves leaving your phone (ideally with the backplate detached) buried or lying on rice grains. The grains will supposedly absorb moisture from the gadget after some time. If you are unsure about whether the hack is useful or not, we will answer that here first.

So, yes — the unconventional method may work at times. However, it could take days, and you risk letting powder-like particles or even rice insects enter your gadget’s ports. Thus, we would rather put the said hack in a list of don’ts when trying to get water out of your phone. Remember, not everything that works is advisable.


How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker in 7 Ways

Putting the rice grain hack aside due to its drawbacks, we will be showing you the best solutions for your problem. Here’s how to get water out of your phone speaker safely and easily:

1. Let the Moisture Dry on Its Own

Leave your phone face down to let it dry
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Sometimes, it is best to let nature run its course instead of relying on unconventional methods. If you agree and want to know how to get water out of your phone naturally, you can let air (with a little help from gravity) dry the gadget’s speaker grills. While it may sound simple, it is one of the most effective methods mobile users like you found effective.


Before you proceed with any solution, let us just remind you to keep your phone unplugged (and switched off whenever possible). That is to avoid electricity-related damages while moisture is still present.

For this first method, you should leave your phone facing downward for a while. It is better if the handset is not directly lying on a surface because you need airflow underneath. The air around the gadget, provided that you are not in a cold environment, will dry the speaker grills. If there are bigger droplets inside, they will fall eventually due to the upside-down orientation of the gadget.


2. Wipe the Speaker Grills

While doing the previous method, you can try to wipe moisture or water droplets that are on your phone speaker’s grills.

This may be challenging to do if the recessed part where the grills are located is small. Thus, you may use a Q-tip and pinch its end to make it ultrathin. If the tip can fit the recessed speaker slot (not necessarily the speaker’s tiny holes), gently rub it on the said part. That will help absorb moisture faster, at least on the outside.


3. Use a Mini Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

If the first drying method is not feasible or the phone is not in a warm environment, try a mini vacuum cleaner (the compact desktop- or laptop-use variant) instead. Its suction power might help get water out of your phone speaker.

Make sure to use the lowest settings on the said item, though. Also, occasionally point the vacuum cleaner away from the speaker. Suction power that is too strong or applied too long won’t be good for the phone’s speaker.


4. Try Shaking the Gadget

Make water droplets come out by shaking the wet gadget
Image by guaxipo from Pixabay

Tried the previous solutions, and there is still weird or no sound on your iPhone or Android phone? If yes, you need to get more water out of your phone speaker. Proceed with this next simple fix: shaking the gadget.

When you shake your phone, fluids stuck on its speaker’s crevices might be able to move from the inside to the outside easily. It is worth trying, but be careful to prevent your gadget from slipping out of your hands.


5. Use Siri ‘Water Eject’ Shortcut or Android Speaker Cleaner

Many gadget owners interested in how to get water out of a phone speaker are unaware of this solution that may be present in their devices. If you are like them, check if your iPhone has the Siri “Water Eject” shortcut or if your Android phone has speaker-unclogging functions.

Get water out of your phone speaker via Siri Water Eject
Screenshot from

The Siri “Water Eject” shortcut and Android speaker-cleaning function make the phone emit a high-pitched sound. The intensity and vibration of the said audio can effectively “blow” fluids out of mobile speaker grills. The frequency it comes at is proven to work in many cases. That is why any other music would not be as effective as the said features.

If you have already confirmed that your phone has the said shortcut or function and want to use it, follow these instructions:

Add and Activate Siri Water Eject (iPhone)

1. Make sure you have the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.
2. Use a mobile browser to access this iCloud link for the Water Eject shortcut.
3. Wait for the Shortcuts app to boot up.
4. On the app’s Add Shortcut page for Water Eject, find the “Add Untrusted Shortcut” button.
5. Click on the button if you’re okay with adding an untrusted shortcut.
*If you do not prefer utilizing an untrusted shortcut, feel free to move on to another solution.
6. Once added, speak the command “Hey Siri, Water Eject” to get water out of your phone.
*Alternatively, you can add the shortcut to your gadget’s home interface and press its “Begin Water Ejection” option afterward.


Play Sound from Default Speaker Cleaner (Xiaomi or Other Android Phones)

1. Access your phone’s Settings interface.
2. Explore its audio or additional settings menu to find any clear speaker option.
*The exact location and availability depend on your device’s brand.
3. Take note of and do what the displayed prompts tell you to unclog your phone speaker properly.


6. Try Speaker Cleaner Apps

No Siri or water ejection features on your phone? Do not worry. You can try speaker cleaner apps instead. Needless to say, they function the same as the Siri “Water Eject” shortcut to get water out of your phone speaker as soon as possible. They may even help clear dust or lint buildup inside your mobile speaker’s grills.

When using speaker cleaner apps, follow what they require you to do. For example, keeping the phone face down for a better chance to get water out of the phone speaker. Also, be patient because it might take the apps more than one try before they get all the liquid out of your gadget. Still, using them is quicker than finding someone to repair your phone’s speaker. Here are options you can try on Android or iOS:

Speaker Cleaner by LuxDeLux

Speaker Cleaner app
Photo from LuxDeLux on Google Play Store

This app does exactly what it says on the tin; it helps clear speaker blockage whenever you need to get water out of your phone speaker or simply want to improve the gadget’s sound.

Additionally, this Speaker Cleaner app does its job in seconds. On one tap in automatic mode, it makes your phone emit sine waves that would shake moisture or dirt off its speaker. You can even toggle the frequency if you are on the app’s manual mode.

The free Android-exclusive app is effective on water-logged smartwatches too.

Download on Google Play Store


Clear Wave by Brilic Media

Clear Wave app
Photo from Brilic Media LLC on App Store

Clear Wave is for testing a phone’s sound level. However, it can also be a quick solution if you want to get water out of a phone speaker.

The app has nearly the same features as Speaker Cleaner, including the adjustable output frequency. Thus, you can use different sound levels to unclog your mobile speaker.

Clear Wave can be obtained on iOS for free. Some of the speaker-cleaning features are available as in-app purchases.

Download on App Store


7. Let Silica Gel Absorb Moisture

Get water to evaporate out of your speaker via silica gel packs
Image by benchtalks from Pixabay

Remember the rice grain hack we have discussed? There is a safer alternative to that: substitute the rice grains with silica gel (in packs). Silica gel pellets are transparent crystal-like substances commonly found within food packs or shoe boxes.

Silica gel packs can deal with humidity effectively, matching the moisture absorption rate of rice grains. Thus, they can work as effectively as the latter when drying your phone and its speaker. Just keep the packs away from kids, so they do not accidentally take one and eat it.


What If You Still Can’t Make Water Get Out of the Phone?

In this scenario, you already need to visit a service center so an expert can get water out of the phone speaker or replace the unit as needed. Since most fixes you can learn yourself did not work on your end, it might have been too late for those. Your gadget’s speaker might have already broken down, or it needs to be opened for thorough cleaning. Although the latter can still be done on your own if you are tech-savvy enough, it is still best to ask a professional for help. That way, you are sure to avoid further damages.



Finding out how to get water out of your phone speaker fast is as important as retrieving your gadget quickly when it gets soaked in water. The sooner you remedy the problem, the bigger the chances you can save your phone’s speaker and yourself from spending on repairs or replacement phone parts. Thankfully, the fixes here are spot-on, safe for your gadget, and easy to do. You no longer have to panic while “reviving” your water-logged gadget and its speaker.