HTC U12 Plus: Everything You Need To Know About HTC’s New Phone

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The HTC U12 Plus is the latest flagship phone from HTC, and it’s loaded with features that will surely impress both tech enthusiasts and casual users alike. With a sleek design, powerful processor, and stunning display, this phone offers a premium experience for those seeking a top-of-the-line mobile device. But what sets the HTC U12 Plus apart from its competitors? In this article, we’ll dive into all the details, providing you with a comprehensive guide to HTC’s new phone. From its camera capabilities to its storage options and everything in between, we’ll cover it all so you can make an informed decision on whether the HTC U12 Plus is the right phone for you.

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  1. Overview of HTC U12 Plus
  2. Design and Display Features
  3. Performance and Hardware Specifications
  4. Camera Capabilities and Features
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Overview of HTC U12 Plus

HTC U12 Plus is the latest flagship smartphone from HTC, offering a powerful and feature-packed device for tech enthusiasts. With its sleek and modern design, impressive display and performance, outstanding camera capabilities, and unique features, the HTC U12 Plus stands out as a top contender in the mobile phone market.

The HTC U12 Plus sports a stunning glass body, giving it a premium and sophisticated look. The slim bezels on the front provide a more immersive viewing experience, while the curved edges offer a comfortable grip in the hand. This device is not only visually appealing but also durable, thanks to its Corning Gorilla Glass protection on the front and back.

When it comes to display and performance, the HTC U12 Plus doesn’t disappoint. It features a 6-inch Quad HD+ Super LCD 6 display, delivering vibrant colors and sharp details. Whether you’re watching videos, playing games, or browsing the web, the display offers an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Under the hood, the HTC U12 Plus is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, ensuring smooth performance and efficient multitasking. You can enjoy lag-free gaming, seamless app switching, and effortless multitasking without any slowdowns.

The camera capabilities of the HTC U12 Plus are truly impressive. It comes with a dual camera setup on the back, consisting of a 12-megapixel main sensor and a 16-megapixel telephoto lens. This combination allows you to capture stunning photos with enhanced depth and detail. Additionally, the U12 Plus supports 4K video recording, giving you the ability to create professional-quality videos on the go.

One of the standout features of the HTC U12 Plus is the Edge Sense 2 technology. This innovative feature allows you to perform various actions by simply squeezing the sides of the phone. You can customize the squeeze gestures to launch apps, open the camera, take screenshots, and more, providing a convenient and intuitive way to interact with your device.

In terms of durability, the HTC U12 Plus is IP68 certified, making it water and dust resistant. You can confidently take your phone with you wherever you go, without worrying about accidental spills, splashes, or dust damage.

Design and Display Features

The HTC U12 Plus is a stunning smartphone that combines a sleek and modern design with impressive display features. Its glass body gives it a premium look and feel, while the slim bezels maximize the screen real estate for an immersive viewing experience. The device exudes elegance with its smooth curves and glossy finish, making it a pleasure to hold and use.

When it comes to the display, the HTC U12 Plus boasts a 6-inch Quad HD+ Super LCD 6 panel. This means you can expect vibrant colors, sharp details, and excellent contrast. Whether you’re scrolling through social media, watching videos, or playing games, the U12 Plus offers a visually stunning experience that captivates your senses.

Furthermore, the HTC U12 Plus features HDR10 support, which enhances the dynamic range and color accuracy of compatible content. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows with greater depth and realism. The display is also equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass for added durability, protecting it from scratches and accidental drops.

One of the standout design elements of the HTC U12 Plus is its unique translucent back, which gives you a glimpse of the internal components. This not only adds an eye-catching visual element but also showcases the craftsmanship that went into designing the device. It’s a subtle touch that sets the U12 Plus apart from other smartphones on the market.

Additionally, the HTC U12 Plus incorporates an 18:9 aspect ratio, providing an elongated display that maximizes screen space. This aspect ratio is perfect for multitasking, allowing you to comfortably split the screen and use two apps simultaneously. Whether you’re browsing the web while watching a video or checking emails while taking notes, the U12 Plus makes it effortless.

In terms of ergonomics, the HTC U12 Plus is carefully designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The slim profile combined with the curved edges ensures a secure grip, reducing the risk of accidental drops. The power button and volume rocker are conveniently placed within reach, allowing for easy access and control.

Overall, the HTC U12 Plus excels in its design and display features. Its sleek aesthetics, stunning display, and thoughtful design elements make it a device that stands out in the crowd. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast who appreciates premium craftsmanship or a multimedia lover seeking immersive visual experiences, the U12 Plus delivers on all fronts.

Performance and Hardware Specifications

When it comes to performance, the HTC U12 Plus does not disappoint. Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, this smartphone delivers lightning-fast speed and seamless multitasking capabilities. Whether you’re browsing the web, streaming videos, or playing graphics-intensive games, the U12 Plus handles it all with ease.

The U12 Plus also comes with an impressive 6GB of RAM, ensuring smooth and efficient performance even when running multiple apps simultaneously. This ample amount of RAM allows you to switch between apps seamlessly and keeps the device running at optimal speeds.

Storage capacity is another important aspect to consider, and the U12 Plus offers plenty of space to store all your files, photos, and videos. With 64GB or 128GB options available, plus the ability to expand storage with a microSD card, you’ll never have to worry about running out of space.

The HTC U12 Plus features a large 6-inch Quad HD+ Super LCD 6 display, providing stunning visuals with vibrant colors and sharp details. Whether you’re watching movies or viewing photos, the display delivers an immersive experience that truly brings content to life.

Additionally, the U12 Plus supports HDR10, ensuring that compatible videos and content are displayed with enhanced contrast and colors for a more immersive viewing experience.

In terms of connectivity, the U12 Plus offers support for dual SIM cards, allowing you to conveniently switch between two phone numbers or use one for data while traveling. It also supports the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth standards for fast and reliable wireless connections.

The HTC U12 Plus is powered by a 3,500mAh battery, which provides ample power to keep you going throughout the day. With Quick Charge 3.0 technology, you can recharge your phone quickly and get back to using it in no time.

To ensure the best audio experience, the U12 Plus features HTC BoomSound Hi-Fi edition speakers with HTC USonic technology, delivering immersive sound with rich detail and clarity.

Overall, the HTC U12 Plus offers impressive performance and hardware specifications. From its powerful processor and ample RAM to its stunning display and long-lasting battery, this smartphone is designed to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Camera Capabilities and Features

The HTC U12 Plus is packed with impressive camera capabilities and features, making it a top choice for photography enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at what this phone has to offer in terms of its camera capabilities.

The device sports a dual camera setup, consisting of a 12MP wide-angle lens and a 16MP telephoto lens. This combination allows for stunning photos with excellent depth of field and optical zoom capabilities. Whether you’re capturing landscapes, portraits, or close-up shots, the HTC U12 Plus delivers exceptional image quality.

One standout feature of the HTC U12 Plus is its ability to capture photos with impressive detail even in low-light conditions. The camera utilizes HTC’s UltraPixel technology, which results in better performance in darker settings. This means you can rely on the HTC U12 Plus to capture clear and vibrant photos, no matter the lighting conditions.

In addition to its impressive photo capabilities, the HTC U12 Plus also excels in the video department. It supports 4K video recording, allowing you to capture footage with stunning clarity and detail. The device also offers features like optical image stabilization (OIS) and electronic image stabilization (EIS), which help ensure that your videos are smooth and steady, even when recording on the move.

Another noteworthy feature of the HTC U12 Plus is its pro mode, which gives you more control over your camera settings. With pro mode, you can manually adjust parameters such as ISO, shutter speed, and white balance, enabling you to customize your shots to your liking and experiment with different creative effects.

Furthermore, the camera app on the HTC U12 Plus is intuitive and easy to use. It offers a range of shooting modes, including panorama, HDR, and slow-motion, allowing you to unleash your creativity and capture unique moments in different ways. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned photographer, the HTC U12 Plus provides a user-friendly interface that makes capturing stunning photos a breeze.

Lastly, the HTC U12 Plus comes with a front-facing camera that packs a punch. With its 8MP sensor and wide-angle lens, you can take high-quality selfies and group photos effortlessly. The camera also supports features such as beauty mode and selfie panorama, enhancing your selfie-taking experience.


In conclusion, the HTC U12 Plus is a powerhouse of a smartphone that combines cutting-edge technology with stunning design. From its impressive dual cameras and sleek glass body to its powerful processor and generous storage capacity, the U12 Plus offers a premium mobile experience.

With its edge-to-edge display and intuitive Edge Sense technology, navigating the U12 Plus is a breeze, while its water and dust resistance ensure durability in any environment. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast capturing moments in stunning detail or a multitasker seeking seamless performance, the HTC U12 Plus delivers on all fronts.

With its impressive features, the HTC U12 Plus is a worthy contender in the competitive smartphone market. It offers a truly immersive and enjoyable user experience, making it a great choice for tech-savvy individuals who demand the best. If you’re in the market for a high-performance smartphone that doesn’t compromise on style or functionality, the HTC U12 Plus is definitely worth considering.


1. What are the key features of the HTC U12 Plus?
The HTC U12 Plus comes with a host of impressive features, including a 6-inch Quad HD+ Super LCD 6 display, powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor, and equipped with 6GB of RAM and up to 128GB of storage. It boasts a dual camera setup on both the front and back, featuring 12MP and 16MP sensors. Additionally, it offers IP68 water and dust resistance, Edge Sense 2 for intuitive interactions, and impressive audio capabilities with HTC BoomSound Hi-Fi edition speakers.

2. Does the HTC U12 Plus support wireless charging?
Yes, the HTC U12 Plus supports wireless charging. It features Qi wireless charging capabilities, allowing you to conveniently charge your device without the need for cables. Simply place it on a compatible wireless charging pad to start charging.

3. What operating system does the HTC U12 Plus run on?
The HTC U12 Plus runs on the Android operating system. It comes with the latest version of Android, providing a smooth and seamless user experience. Additionally, HTC’s Sense UI is layered on top of Android, offering a unique and customizable interface.

4. Does the HTC U12 Plus have expandable storage?
Yes, the HTC U12 Plus has expandable storage. It features a microSD card slot, allowing you to easily expand the storage capacity of the device. This is particularly useful if you need to store a large amount of media files, apps, or documents.

5. Is the HTC U12 Plus water-resistant?
Yes, the HTC U12 Plus is water-resistant. It has an IP68 rating, which means it can withstand being submerged in up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes. This makes it resistant to accidental splashes, spills, and even brief immersion in water.