The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Has A Permanently Folded Wrap-around Display

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The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is revolutionizing the smartphone industry with its cutting-edge technology and innovative design. Unlike traditional smartphones, the Mi Mix Alpha boasts a permanently folded wrap-around display that stretches from the front to the back of the device. This groundbreaking display offers an immersive viewing experience like no other, pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible in terms of screen-to-body ratio.

With its unique display, the Mi Mix Alpha eliminates the need for traditional bezels, resulting in a seamless and futuristic design. The wrap-around screen provides users with a stunning 360-degree view, enhancing their multimedia and gaming experiences. Additionally, this extraordinary device features high-end specifications, including a powerful processor, ample storage, and a high-resolution camera, making it a true flagship contender in the smartphone market.

In this article, we will delve into the exceptional features of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, exploring its design, display capabilities, performance, camera system, and more.

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  2. The Permanently Folded Wrap-around Display – Unique Design and Concept – Benefits and Limitations
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Overview of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha – Design and Display – Performance and Specifications

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is an innovative and groundbreaking smartphone that pushes the boundaries of design and display technology. With its unique wrap-around display, impressive performance, and cutting-edge specifications, this device truly stands out from the crowd.

When it comes to design, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is a marvel of engineering. The highlight of this device is its display, which wraps around the entire body of the phone. This “surround screen” design creates a truly immersive viewing experience, with no bezels or notches to distract from the content on the screen. The seamless integration of the display and the body gives the Mi Mix Alpha a futuristic and sleek appearance.

The display itself is a 7.92-inch OLED panel with a resolution of 2088 x 2250 pixels. This results in an impressive pixel density of 388 pixels per inch and vibrant colors with deep blacks. The wrap-around design allows for unique interaction possibilities, such as swiping or tapping on the sides of the phone to navigate between apps or access quick settings.

Under the hood, the Mi Mix Alpha is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ chipset, coupled with 12GB of RAM. This combination ensures smooth multitasking and lag-free performance, even when running demanding applications or games. With its Adreno 640 GPU, the device can handle graphics-intensive tasks with ease, providing an immersive gaming experience.

In terms of storage, the Mi Mix Alpha comes with 512GB of onboard storage, which should be more than enough to store all your apps, photos, and videos. However, it’s worth noting that the phone does not have expandable storage options, so you’ll have to rely on the internal storage alone.

When it comes to connectivity, the Mi Mix Alpha supports 5G networks, enabling blazing fast download and upload speeds. It also includes Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, and NFC for seamless wireless connectivity. The device is equipped with a USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer.

In terms of battery life, the Mi Mix Alpha packs a 4,050mAh battery, which should provide enough power to get you through a full day of usage. The device supports fast charging, allowing you to quickly top up the battery when needed.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha also boasts an impressive camera setup. It features a triple-camera system, consisting of a 108MP primary camera, a 20MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 12MP telephoto lens. With this combination, you can capture stunning photos with exceptional detail, whether it’s a wide landscape or a detailed close-up shot.

The Permanently Folded Wrap-around Display – Unique Design and Concept – Benefits and Limitations

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha introduces a groundbreaking innovation in smartphone design with its permanently folded wrap-around display. Unlike traditional smartphones with a flat or curved screen, the Mi Mix Alpha’s display extends seamlessly and continuously around the device, creating a uniquely immersive visual experience.

The concept of a wrap-around display is truly revolutionary, as it allows for an unprecedented level of screen-to-body ratio. With the Mi Mix Alpha, Xiaomi has been able to achieve an impressive 180.6% screen-to-body ratio, ensuring that users are fully immersed in their content, whether it be browsing the web, watching videos, or playing games.

One of the standout benefits of the permanently folded design is the elimination of side bezels. With the wrap-around display, there are no distracting black bars or wasted screen space, resulting in a truly edge-to-edge viewing experience. This not only enhances the visual appeal of the device but also maximizes the usability of the screen real estate.

In addition to the aesthetic advantages, the wrap-around display also offers practical benefits. For instance, users can access certain shortcuts or notifications on the sides of the device, without obstructing the main screen. This innovative approach to display design opens up new possibilities for interaction and multitasking.

However, it’s important to consider the limitations of the wrap-around display. The most obvious drawback is the potential for accidental touches. With the sides of the device being part of the touchscreen, there is a higher likelihood of unintended interactions. Xiaomi has implemented software solutions to mitigate this issue, such as palm rejection technology, but it remains an aspect that users need to be mindful of.

Another limitation is the durability of the wrap-around display. Given the unconventional design, the screen is more exposed and vulnerable to cracks or damage from accidental drops. Xiaomi has implemented measures such as a titanium frame and ceramic back to increase durability, but users should still exercise caution when handling the device.

Despite these limitations, the permanently folded wrap-around display of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha showcases a bold and innovative approach to smartphone design. It pushes the boundaries of what is possible with display technology and offers a truly immersive and futuristic user experience. As technology continues to evolve, it is exciting to see how other manufacturers will embrace and innovate upon this concept.

Features and Functionality

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is not just a phone with a futuristic design, but it also packs impressive features and functionality. Let’s dive into some of its standout aspects.

Camera Setup

One of the highlights of the Mi Mix Alpha is its camera setup. It boasts a triple camera system, which includes a whopping 108-megapixel main sensor. This ultra-high-resolution camera allows you to capture stunning details and produce sharp and vibrant images. Additionally, it features a 20-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 12-megapixel telephoto lens, enabling you to capture a wide range of subjects and perspectives with ease.

With such a powerful camera setup, you can expect professional-level photography capabilities from the Mi Mix Alpha. Whether you’re capturing landscapes, portraits, or close-ups, this device ensures exceptional image quality and clarity.

User Interface and Software

The Mi Mix Alpha runs on Xiaomi’s custom user interface, MIUI, which is based on the latest version of Android. MIUI offers a smooth and intuitive user experience, with a wide range of customization options. You can personalize your device’s layout, themes, and animations, making your Mi Mix Alpha truly unique.

In addition, MIUI provides a variety of useful features and software enhancements. From AI-powered optimizations to advanced security measures, the Mi Mix Alpha is equipped with everything you need for a seamless and secure smartphone experience.

Connectivity Options

The Mi Mix Alpha supports various connectivity options to ensure you stay connected wherever you go. It features 5G connectivity, enabling you to enjoy faster download and upload speeds, smoother streaming, and enhanced online gaming. Additionally, it supports Wi-Fi 6, the latest wireless standard, for even faster and more stable internet connections.

Furthermore, the Mi Mix Alpha supports NFC technology, allowing you to conveniently make payments and transfer files with a simple tap. This device also includes Bluetooth 5.0, enabling you to connect wirelessly to a wide range of accessories, such as headphones, speakers, and smartwatches.

With its advanced camera setup, user-friendly interface, and versatile connectivity options, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha offers a rich and immersive smartphone experience that is sure to impress.


With its groundbreaking design and futuristic display technology, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha has undoubtedly made its mark in the world of smartphones. The permanently folded wrap-around display not only offers a truly immersive viewing experience but also pushes the boundaries of what we thought was possible in terms of device design.

While the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha may not be for everyone due to its limited availability and high price point, it serves as a glimpse into the future of mobile phones. The innovative design opens up new possibilities for multitasking, content consumption, and user interaction.

As technology continues to advance and manufacturers explore new form factors, it’s exciting to think about the potential that lies ahead. The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha has proven that there are still groundbreaking ideas waiting to be discovered in the world of smartphones, and it’s a device that will leave a lasting impact on the industry.


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