Samsung Teases New Foldable Flip Smartphone Design


Exciting news smartphone geeks! Samsung has revealed a new foldable device concept of what appears to be a traditional flip smartphone. The tech giant gave a sneak peek to the device on its developer conference on October 29.

A short demo video of the phone shows the device folding horizontally to form a square. It can also be folded halfway in 90° to create a built-in stand. The feature is ideal so owners can perform tasks on their phones hands-free.

Samsung flip smartphone prototype.
Photo by Samsung on Twitter

This prototype of clamshell foldable smartphone can be the future of Galaxy Fold?-which after some bumps on the road has finally been out in the market last September. The clamshell smartphone and Galaxy Fold are quite similar in terms of the design. Fold only happened to appear like a tablet that can be folded like a narrow phone, while the clamshell phone prototype looks like a narrow phone that can be folded inward.

Apart from what the short video showed, Samsung did not discuss other aspects of the device such as the hardware involved. Although it said that it is exploring the idea of a flip smartphone, it did not commit to a production version.

But can we expect the device to be in the market soon? The answer is Yes.

Samsung Flip Smartphone Hints

Although Samsung did not expressly say they will pursue the project, there is certainly a precedent for a flip smartphone. After all, Samsung is one of the pioneers in foldable devices. For years, it has been exclusively providing flip phones for China. We could think that developing a flip smartphone is an extension of that work.

Rumors that Samsung is developing a battery for a device similar to Galaxy Fold also adds up to the flip smartphone excitement. GalaxyClub reported that Samsung is preparing two new batteries for the phone with the product codes EB-BF700ABY and EB-BF701ABY. In contrast to Galaxy Fold batteries, these two new batteries have different power capacities.

Motorola-Samsung Competition 

If Samsung is indeed secretly developing the next generation of Galaxy Fold?, competition with Motorola with surely spark. Motorola just a few weeks ago announced that it would be launching a foldable version of Moto Razr by the end of 2019.

Motorola’s foldable phone looks similar to Samsung’s prototype. Instead of there being a small screen and physical dial pad like the original Razr, there will likely be a screen that covers the top and bottom halves of the phone which can be folded inward.

Moto Razr’s foldable version original launch date was supposedly in summer this year. It suffered the same fate as Samsung and Huawei, postponing the launches of their folding phones.

As for when we will see Samsung’s new foldable phone out in the market, we are not quite sure. Maybe we will get more details about this news when they launch Galaxy S11 by mid-2020. Let’s just hope that it would be integrated by best features like a revolutionary camera, better memory, and a battery that does not explode.